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Who is Yarosh?

The resignation of Dmitry Yarosh from the post of the head of the Right Sector was unexpected for outside observers. Informed persons said in this connection that the positions of Yarosh in the Nazi movement had long been fragile. Semenchenko shouted about the long arm of President Poroshenko, who threw off Yarosh, others about a coup within the Right Sector, and still others about regrouping within the movement and the beginning of a new phase of the Nazi revolution.

Who is Yarosh?

A number of reviewers consider Yarosh’s resignation a precursor to the sweeping of the ultra-Nazi Poroshenko as having done his dirty work, and now it’s time to throw these dirty ends into the water.

Since Yarosh did not attend the “Right Sector” conference on November 8 in Kiev, the version of the revolution within the PS looks more significant. If the question of resignation was already predetermined, then his presence would be a humiliation for him.

In general, a feature of ukronatsizma is that it is fascism without the Fuhrer, pronounced. Yarosh didn’t become one, although he was long considered candidate No. 1. He became only the leader of the movement, because behind his back were the money of Kolomoisky and the roof of the SBU-CIA in the person of his old friend Nalyvaychenko.

UkroSMI put down the heroic image of Yarosh as it were, but there are no special feats behind him except for getting injured, and in special evil deeds he is not noticed, judging by the press. I remember one of his actions - he saved Oleg Tsarev after television on the way out of a studio in Kiev from the massacre of his militants.

By the way, Tsarev wrote an article about the resignation of Yarosh, in which he appears to be a tragic revolutionary: “I have always treated Yarosh negatively because I do not accept the mythical essence of Ukrainian nationalism, but I also cannot disrespect him. Let him be incompetent, but consistent and tremendously stable in his, albeit erroneous, views. For Euromaidan, Yarosh is such a Lenin 2.0. ”. Who knows, maybe Tsarev knows better ...

Perhaps Yarosh tried to keep a lot of his pravoseki from excesses, as he kept them from killing Tsarev. He restrained his militants and further under the pretext of committing rash acts ...

The fact that the Svoboda militants have shown themselves to be great scumbags, completely uncontrollable, they threw grenades under the walls of the Rada on August 31. But the PS militants, in any case, organized, were not there at all.

Yarosh expressed Poroshenko's verbal threats, called him bad words, but never followed them. A philologist by education, and the author of the treatise “The Ukrainian Revolution,” he probably saw its poverty better than others, experienced cognitive dissonance, a split personality, from his theoretical heroic constructions, when they were faced with the looting essence of the Nazi battalions.

In fact, Yarosh stabilized and controlled his pravosek, they did not undertake any real actions against the “regime of internal occupation” of Poroshenko. It is known that Nalyvaichenko is a CIA agent with experience, and it would be logical to assume that Yarosh is also an agent. And just follow the orders of Payette. He even tried to pour his dogs into the SBU! Albeit on a voluntary basis, but still it is the initiation from above of a split in the “Right Sector”.

This terrible secret is probably guessed by many in the Right Sector, but cannot be said out loud, the language does not turn. And further svidomye masses, after all experienced, can no longer tolerate this situation. Therefore, there was a real split, or a coup, in the “Right Sector” ...

However, we are not worried about these national perturbations, but the question: what to expect from them? Obviously, the movement for the leadership will go on in the Nazi movement: who will replace Yarosh formally and informally. If the Nazi masses were set in motion, then new leaders somehow would be found, these would be the masses. And they today in Krajina with combat experience and a considerable number weapons on hands.

With the resignation of Yarosh, the Right Sector leaves for free navigation, it is exempt from the explicit guardianship of the SBU-CIA. And US Ambassador Jeffrey Payette disclaims formal responsibility for pravosekov. Whatever the Right Sector does now, Yarosh will be on the sidelines, and with him Nalyvaychenko and Jeffrey Payette.

For Poroshenko, it is rather worse than better. It is very difficult to clean up the Nazis, this whole conglomerate of Trident and White Hammers, the KGB could not cope with it for a long time, there were too many caches and experience to be buried with. The leader of the DPR Purgin believes that ukronatsii without Yarosh will be radicalized. And Payette, most likely, has other channels of influence on pravosekov, in order to create unforeseen troubles for President Poroshenko.

Note that the conflict between Payette and Poroshenko around Prosecutor General Shokin continues, the latter still retains its post, despite the ambitious request of Ambassador Payette to remove him to hell. However, the General Prosecutor’s Office did not make any other arrests after Korban, the oligarch Kolomoisky’s right hand, although Poroshenko promised, and Korban was released under house arrest in his native Dnipropetrovsk.

That is, the score in the game Poroshenko-Kolomoisky, you can say, 1: 1, and the whole game ahead ... under the referee Payette and the new stand-alone player on the field - “Right Sector” without Dmitry Yarosh.

Bandera Kraina seems to boil. Or Poroshenko will be the dictator-Pinochet, or ukronatsii still give birth to his Fuhrer. Yarosh did not fit this role. Chances of the applicant number 2 in the Fuhrers of the ex-commander of “Azov” Andrei Biletsky are increasing.
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  1. Bath
    Bath 17 November 2015 05: 56
    Insolent Russophobian face, he and you didn’t know, now our sheep will be bleached and put into politics
    1. Vladimir.z.
      Vladimir.z. 17 November 2015 09: 25
      Quote: Bath
      Insolent Russophobian face, he and you didn’t know, now our sheep will be bleached and put into politics

      He realized that it was time to reel in the fishing rods "the blitzkrieg did not work out" .... I don’t want to substitute my stupidity for the pig either .... he looks where to attach his ass, the cunning one feels that everything is coming to an end ...
      1. nadezhiva
        nadezhiva 17 November 2015 11: 41
        Quote: Vladimir.z.
        ... he looks where to build his ass ...

        I think he has already attached it. At least - I received guarantees. The name of the guarantor will become known when it clears up with Kolomoisky’s money.
        Quieter water, lower grass. So you can characterize the behavior of Yarosh over the past months. Occasional yapping at the alcoholic does not count. On Krajina, only already sitting does not snarl at him.
        Bargaining is the only guess.
      2. g1v2
        g1v2 17 November 2015 11: 47
        Yarosh is a man of Nalyvaychenko and amers, appointed to lead gangs of scumbags united in the right sector. Now the dog turned out to be unnecessary and even harmful, so it was divided. Yarosh left, taking essentially the weapons and trained fighters, creating essentially PMCs under the auspices of the right sector. The rest are stupid radicals, football fans and just gangsters, to whom the head of PMC Yarosh is no longer involved. In the future, part ps will join freedom, and some will become just organized crime groups. Both those and those will be quietly cleaned up, and Yarosh will regret that without his wise leadership of the DUK, ps has slipped into crime. Yarosh will go to politics, but under the control of nalivaychenko and mattresses, and not under ours.
    2. Petrol
      Petrol 17 November 2015 09: 37
      Yarosh Russophobe ???)))))
      personally Menachem Begin at the age of 12 called him "the future Maccabee"
      as Rabbi Bakai's ancestor broadcast
      “Just as you can kill a wild beast and take control of its forest with a clear conscience, you can also KILL or drive out a goy (NOT A JEWISH) and take possession of his property. The property of a non-Jew is like an abandoned thing, its real owner is a Jew, who is the first to seize it. ”
      source - (Baba Bathra, folio 54, b; Choschen Michpot, 156, 1)
      what is happening in the Donbass and Lugansk doesn’t resemble anything ????
      as the old people said - THE TRUTH IS EXPRESSLY!
      1. The comment was deleted.
      2. Turkir
        Turkir 17 November 2015 16: 23
        Yes, Yarosh Russophobe, he is not Russophile.
  2. noWAR
    noWAR 17 November 2015 06: 03
    This is a real enemy, albeit ideological. If the enemy does not surrender ... further it is clear. In general, Ukraine is also a terrarium bank.
    1. Petrol
      Petrol 17 November 2015 09: 47
      Yarosh, consumed with a thirst for biblical glory, Joshua, who destroyed all living things in Jericho and its environs, went to the Donbass to realize the words spoken personally by Menachem Begin to him at the age of 12, who then called Yarosh "the future Maccabee" after reciting Shulkhan Arukha and the works of Zeev Zhabotinsky!
  3. Same lech
    Same lech 17 November 2015 06: 15
    it would be logical to assume that Yarosh is also an agent. And he simply followed Payette’s orders.

    I agree .... in UKRAINE an agent sits on an agent.
    Ukraine is stuffed with agents of foreign states like a barrel with a herring.
    One OSCE mission is worth its drones ... it is not for nothing that the American general complained that the militias did not allow them to spy very much.
  4. dmitrich
    dmitrich 17 November 2015 06: 44
    Who is Yarosh?
    H M Oh!
    1. Boris55
      Boris55 17 November 2015 08: 00
      Quote: Dmitry
      Who is Yarosh?
      H M Oh!

      If you read this in Russian, without translation and put an exclamation mark in the place of the question, then it will be so laughing
      1. Petrol
        Petrol 17 November 2015 09: 49
        among the people of Yarosh, this is called "God's chosenness"

        personally Menachem Begin at the age of 12 then called Yarosh "the future Maccabee"!
  5. rotmistr60
    rotmistr60 17 November 2015 06: 55
    stripping ultra-nazi Poroshenko, as having done their dirty work, and now it's time to throw these dirty ends into the water

    Well-established and proven practice. But Poroshenko is not suitable for the role of a dictator - he is weak morally, does not enjoy the "love" of the people, and is even prone to binges. Therefore, in all likelihood, it will not cope with this task (clearing).
  6. Mountain shooter
    Mountain shooter 17 November 2015 07: 00
    We stock up on popcorn. Approaching December. It has snowed. It is getting cold. The right sector is headless. Dill without coal. Without money. Without electricity. For gas pays in advance. Waiting for spring.
  7. Kaccad
    Kaccad 17 November 2015 07: 18
    ... he probably better than others saw her poverty, experienced cognitive dissonance, a split personality, from his theoretical heroic constructions when they faced the marauding essence of the Nazi battalions

    And when he fought in Chechnya, did he manage normally, without dissonance? That Yarosh was a cynic, it was evident that there was no ideology, it was banal - a Mercenary.
  8. AlNikolaich
    AlNikolaich 17 November 2015 07: 23
    The main postulates of the article:
    Yarosh is non-negotiable!
    The big game has begun!
    Hu from Hu Biletsky? The new Fuhrer, or a pawn on the field?
    Dancing on the ruins of the country continues!
  9. parusnik
    parusnik 17 November 2015 07: 36
    Or Poroshenko will become a Pinochet dictator,.. In this case, he will need "death squads" .. without them in any way .. or ukronatsi still give birth to their Fuhrer... The birth will take place .. but obviously there will be a miscarriage .. not even a nefarious .. Yarosh did not fit this role...Not something that didn’t come up, they didn’t go out .. Now, while in the incubator, moved .. for nursing .. this is Mr. G. will still pop up .. The chances of candidate No. 2 in the Fuhrer of the ex-commander of the "Azov" Andrei Biletsky are increasing...Increase ... but there will be no sharp jump .. either up or down .. soon such a movement will begin ..
    1. podpolkovnik
      podpolkovnik 17 November 2015 10: 57
      Quote: parusnik
      ... will become a dictator-Pinochet .. In this case, he will need "death squads" ..

      Pinochet It never happened death squads ...
      The term appeared in Latin America in the 1960's. It was originally used as a generic name for the organizations White Hand, Death Squad, Salvadoran Anti-Communist Brigade, Caribbean Legion, Central American Anti-Communist Front, Eye for Eye, Purple Rose, New Anti-Communist Organization, The Argentinean Anti-Communist Alliance and several others, most of which operated in Guatemala and El Salvador. In these countries, non-state (at least officially) armed groups were created to counter partisans and underground workers at a time when the left-wing revolutionary movement intensified and a civil war broke out. The leading role was played by the latifundists, against whom guerrilla terror was directed.

      Learn the materiel ...
      1. parusnik
        parusnik 17 November 2015 11: 34
        Come on .. learn the materiel .. You seem to like Pinochet? .. The term Death Squads, I brought for the image .. especially for you, I put it in quotation marks .. What difference does it make who will play the role of death squads, special forces of the SBU, dogs battalion "Azov", the function will be that one destruction of those who disagree .. About Pinochet .. yes .. that's the way you interpret, he did not have death squads .. But they killed those who disagreed and sometimes massively, as evidenced by the massive burials .. in different regions of Chile .. and how many were missing .. during the dictatorship .. Probably it was mass parties, and then mass suicides .. and the missing .. this is of course .. aliens .. kidnapped, and not actions of special forces, no matter how they are called ..
        1. podpolkovnik
          podpolkovnik 17 November 2015 12: 22
          Quote: parusnik
          Do you like Pinochet apparently ?.

          I will not hide - Pinochet, personally I like it.
          And I am sure that I am not alone. hi
  10. Belousov
    Belousov 17 November 2015 08: 19
    The second article of the day where they try to put Yarosh white and fluffy. What kind of new trend is this? At this pace, can we also begin to pray soon for portraits of Bandera? Enemy he is an enemy, ideological, ideological no matter, he always remains an enemy. And then they just painted some kind of romance.
    1. Victor Kamenev
      17 November 2015 10: 16
      Enemies must be studied so that with "the least sacrifice and little blood." Without understanding the logic of the enemy, and without trying to understand it, you will eventually have to pay for this misunderstanding, and sometimes break through the walls with your forehead.
  11. korvin1976
    korvin1976 17 November 2015 08: 32
    My last post about Yarosh is already starting to come true:
    volyucii.html # comment-id-4770616
  12. walrus-a
    walrus-a 17 November 2015 08: 44
    The story moves in a spiral: first, like a tragedy, then like a farce. In Nazi Germany, Rohm and members of the SA saw themselves as the vanguard of the "National Socialist Revolution." After Hitler came to power, they expected cardinal changes in the life of Germany, including privileges for themselves. They had no idea that Hitler no longer needed stormtroopers with their experience of street violence. Hitler decided to sacrifice Rohm, he accused him of conspiracy and took personal part in his arrest (June 30, 1934). Simultaneously with the arrest of Ryom, a large group of SA leaders was shot without trial. The most surprising thing is that for these half-educated people, History is "not an authority", but it will skate through their destinies. Here Yarosh and "drains" his militants.
  13. igorka357
    igorka357 17 November 2015 08: 52
    YAROSH IS THE !!!! Che there is not clear then?
  14. Patriot 771
    Patriot 771 17 November 2015 08: 54
    Yarosh and this whole ps - a bunch of criminals, idleness, which became necessary for those creatures that knead all this disgusting performance - Eurocropia. And do not even give anyone a hint of some kind of human face such as this.
  15. evil partisan
    evil partisan 17 November 2015 09: 26
    Hu from Yarosh? Elementary: a man who does not see his grandchildren. Living Dead. And he knows that. Of all the juntas, he seems to me the most brainy. But this will not save him ... Inflammation of the lungs or a car accident ... In general: something like that ...
  16. Victor Kamenev
    17 November 2015 10: 21
    By the way, Yarosh did not leave the game, he headed a part of the battalions loyal to him, with the center in Dnepropetrovsk. This, in fact, split the Bandera movement to the west and east. The process, as they say, went ...
  17. Barmal
    Barmal 17 November 2015 10: 50
    The actions of the Russian Federation in Syria clearly coincide with the subsequent (in time) departure of Yarosh.
  18. Mahal Makhalych
    Mahal Makhalych 17 November 2015 15: 11
    Quote: Benzin
    Yarosh, consumed with a thirst for biblical glory, Joshua, who destroyed all living things in Jericho and its environs, went to the Donbass to realize the words spoken personally by Menachem Begin to him at the age of 12, who then called Yarosh "the future Maccabee" after reciting Shulkhan Arukha and the works of Zeev Zhabotinsky!

    an ordinary Nazi in my opinion, something pulls you into Jewish philosophy?
    1. Litsvin
      Litsvin 24 November 2015 00: 07
      Dear Mahal Makhalych, Arosh is a Nazi like us (Belarusians) - blacks. Zhidomason is who he is. And the point with all its conclusions.
  19. Makarov
    Makarov 17 November 2015 19: 30
    Terrarium of like-minded ... (c)
  20. The comment was deleted.
  21. Balagan
    Balagan 18 November 2015 02: 42
    And who benefits from Yarosh leaving? And Parasus, and the mattresses received a bit of a distanced pan, as it were, from which it would be possible to hang all the dogs in any provocation, they say not us. A wonderful candidate for dirty work.
  22. SergeyIV
    SergeyIV 18 November 2015 13: 33
    I believe that the discussion of such "heroes" should be accompanied by a FULL list of their "heroic" accomplishments. Straight on the points: 1,2,3 ... article of the Criminal Code - deadline.
  23. Litsvin
    Litsvin 24 November 2015 00: 02
    I am very surprised by people who think and live in soviet "clichés" - for example, everywhere they pop the word "fascist", period. Here and there "Baderist", "Nazi", "Fascist", "there he deserves" and the like ... Gentlemen, you see at the root of such yaroshes. He is the same "Ukrainian nationalist" as the Papuans and I are. This is a Jewish poz, the real Jewish surname is Arosh. He is a Jew by nationality: in Ukrainian - zhyd, in Belarusian - zhyd, in Polish zyd, in Czech - zid, in German - judе. I don’t know any other languages, so I don’t know how the Jews are called in other languages. There is as much of a Ukrainian in it as there is in an average Russian from representatives of the Negroid race. He got into the Ukrainian nationalists "by order" of his Jewish masters from England / USA. The very ones who killed the Lawful Emperor Paul 1, the very ones who started the Crimean War to oust Russia from trade in the Middle East, the very ones who set the Japanese against Russia in 1904 to oust Russia from trade in the Asia-Pacific region (just think - Japan fought "on credit" - its entire fleet was equipped with weapons, the metallurgical industry belonged to Anglo-American "corporations", a kind of "lend-lease" against Russia, history has never known such a war on full credit), those who made a coup in Russia in 1917, the very ones who committed the ritual murder of the Royal family with the participation of a Jewish rabbi (who is not in the subject - read at your leisure, the Jews Yurovsky and Voikov were pawns there), the very ones who robbed Russia during the time of Trotsky-Bronstein (for example, 93% of the gold concessions in Russia belonged to American Jewish masons), those who, in November 1922, began to sponsor the NSDAP and Hitler - for 1/4 of a Jew (who is Gelfstinge r even you know - the connecting thread between the American Jew-masons and Hitler. Where did Hitler get money abruptly in 1923, if in 1922 he could afford to "drink beer once a week" - a quote from the "memoirs-memories" of Adolf himself. And he came to power in order to do for the American Jewish Masons what they failed to do from 1917 to 1925 - to destroy Russia and throw its resources and goyim (slaves - that is, you and me) at the feet of the Anglo-American Zhidomasnov - Rothschilds / Kuns / Leeb / Rockefellers / Schiffo
    in, etc. This was prevented by the Great Stalin, who in time "usurped" the power and "cut off the head of the Jewish-Masonic-Trotskyist gang" ... And you water that Arosh-Yarosh. By the way, half-Jew Stepan Bandera is also a project of the Americans.
  24. Litsvin
    Litsvin 24 November 2015 00: 03
    CONTINUED. Arosh has nothing to do with real Ukrainian nationalists and their ideas. This poz, having large funding from the United States, simply "clinging" to the idea of ​​real Ukrainian patriots (just as Bandera once did). Just like that, "the chest opens". This is who played off the two fraternal Slavic Orthodox peoples - Ukraine and Russia, who is the real enemy, and not these semi-mythical "Bandera", "fascists", "Pravoseks", etc. nonsense. Do not judge by the tip of the iceberg - the danger lies in its invisible underwater part. And then many on the forums shout "Yarosh-Yarosh", "Fascist", "Banderaites" - yes, "Nobody" he is, an ordinary "Jewish Mason gopnik." Had the will of the corresponding Russian structures, this Arosh would have long been "the devils, together with the scumbag Sashko Bilym, would have fried in hell in a frying pan." And then it’s all arosh-arosh - it’s not worth attention, like all these frottmans, small capitals, bakai, waltzmans, ethinzons, kalomoyshi, who seized power in Ukraine and milk this country, which is not offended by human and natural resources. This "Jewish-Masonic problem" in Ukraine must be solved by the Ukrainians themselves, with the help of Russia. There is simply no other way. If Russia gives slack, gives Ukraine into the clutches of the United States, Russia will also receive check and checkmate in the next 50 years, as in 1917. None of us wants this scenario? Никто. So help the brothers Ukrainians open their eyes and take on the forks of all these kosher aroshi. And as for the Ukrainian nationalists - this is mostly nonsense, which is poured into the ears of the media. I live a stone's throw from Western Ukraine. There are a lot of contacts - these Zapadents are adequate people, former USSR citizens who grew up in this Mighty Country, their nationalism is just a healthy sense of pride in their Ukrainian, a desire to be masters on their land and a reluctance to be "milked" by different Poles, Austrians, Germans, Jews, Americans, as happened more than once in history. They have no Russophobia. In the summer I took my Russian naval friends (from the "former fleet" of the "former USSR") with their families to Lviv, Ivano-Frankovsk, Chernivtsi on an excursion. They were simply discouraged by the attitude of Western Ukrainians towards them and by what they show in your media. They stayed for 2 weeks in private houses - the attitude was the most respectful, as they put it themselves - they returned to the former USSR, no nonsense a la "Bandera is our hero", "Moskol ... go to hell", etc. n This is despite the fact that in the host families they spoke Ukrainian, in an honorable corner (a tradition in Ukraine and Belarus) there were frames with photographs of their ancestors - there, under one glass, there were grandfathers in the uniforms of the UPA and in the military uniform of the Red Army. Western Ukrainians are the same Ukrainians as the Eastern ones, and they have the same values ​​- life, health, work, etc. They just want to work on their land and use the fruits of their labor, and not so that others will use the fruits of their labor. But Aroshi must be taken to Palestine and given into the hands of the Arab descendants of there, Yasser Arafat, and even better - right into the hands of ISIS militants - they know what you need to do with these “pseudo-Ukrainians with a six-pointed star in their foreheads”.