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The attacks in Beirut claimed the lives of at least 43 people

On the eve of two terrorist attacks occurred in the Lebanese capital Beirut. At intervals of approximately 7 minutes, suicide bombers blew themselves up on one of the busiest streets of the southern suburb of Burj al-Barajne. According to the Ministry of Health of Lebanon, at least 43 people died as a result of the explosions, about 250 were injured of varying degrees of severity. Responsibility for carrying out the attacks took the militants of the IG.

Information Agency Rider reports that the second explosion in the suburbs of Beirut thundered at the moment when people began to approach the site of the first explosion to help the wounded.

The attacks in Beirut claimed the lives of at least 43 people

According to the latest data, at least 200 people are in Beirut hospitals, many of whom need urgent operations.

On the eve of the militants of the so-called "Islamic State" claimed responsibility for the commission of several terrorist acts in the north of the Sinai Peninsula (Egypt). The terrorists exploded several buildings and shot 10 people, 8 of whom were members of the same family. The militants declared this family to cooperate with the police. Among those killed was a three-year-old child.
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  1. Same lech
    Same lech 13 November 2015 07: 05
    Two dodgers killed 43 people and injured 200 .... too unequal exchange with ISIS.
    When will this arithmetic take the opposite character?

    The authorities of LEBANON should respond to ISIS in a more sophisticated way.
    1. mirag2
      mirag2 13 November 2015 07: 39
      In my opinion, Lebanon is the only country from the Muslim world that is closest to Europe in terms of "secularity".
      1. miru mir
        miru mir 13 November 2015 13: 15
        Despite the fact that Alahababahnite Islamic military from Hezbollah rule there?
    2. insafufa
      insafufa 13 November 2015 07: 59
      Lebanon has long been unable to answer anyone else, so a Jew bombed Lebanon except Hezbollah, no one defended the Lebanese people, but this attack was an answer from Igil Hezbollah
      1. miru mir
        miru mir 13 November 2015 13: 17
        Bgyyy ... hezbala unleashed this war. Whom and from whom did they protect there?
  2. perm23
    perm23 13 November 2015 08: 13
    And not one European did not come out with a poster, I - Beirut, did not condemn the attack
  3. Darkoff
    Darkoff 13 November 2015 08: 14
    I express my condolences!
    The West scares us at the high cost of our participation in the fight against terrorism. And this is a payment for their actions or inaction. And, after all, not only Russia pays a bloody tribute. Someone has to stop it. If no one else itches, then it will be Russia. Again.
  4. miru mir
    miru mir 13 November 2015 13: 17
    Ordinary tactics of terrorists.