Military Review

Tactical-special exercises of military intelligence officers of the Western Military District


Field exits with reconnaissance units of combined-arms formations are conducted at the ranges of the Western Military District (ZVO). Military intelligence officers learn to silently take the "language", disrupt the control and communication of the conditional enemy, arrange ambushes and raids, set up a base camp, work out other special tasks.

Mouth sniper couples sharpen the art of camouflage on rough terrain using the natural landscape, improvised means and standard camouflage means, they are trained in the search and destruction of enemy snipers. The testing of these issues is carried out by the so-called sniper duels. Specialists of engineering units learn to make passes in minefields and wire obstacles encountered on the routes of reconnaissance groups.

Classes are held in conditions as close as possible to combat, intelligence units operate in isolation from the main forces, in the rear of the conditional enemy, relying only on their own skills and abilities. During the field exits, the scouts also perform shooting practice exercises. weapons and regular armament of combat vehicles, they conduct classes on special tactical, airborne training and driving combat vehicles.

During field work, special attention is paid to the issues of individual training of intelligence officers, improving the skills of skillful use of weapons and military equipment, reconnaissance equipment and special means, mastering techniques of life support and camouflage when performing combat tasks in modern all-arms combat both offensive and defensive. When training intelligence officers, they actively use the experience of using intelligence units in local wars and armed conflicts of recent decades.
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  1. Ka-52
    Ka-52 13 November 2015 12: 38 New
    Хм, обувь похоже "Фарадеевская" (на мой дилетантский взгляд), а вот от "ратника" взяли только сбрую, рюкзак, шлем, наколенники и налокотники, а форма чем-то "Горку" напоминает.
    1. igorka357
      igorka357 15 November 2015 13: 44 New
      Чем же она вам "горку" то напомнила,вообще никаких сходств!Вы вообще "горку" видели в глаза,знаете хоть почему она так называется?
  2. ivanovbg
    ivanovbg 13 November 2015 14: 36 New
    And in real combat do scouts also go with knapsacks on their backs? When I served, our scouts rolled up their knapsacks before the raid and then took them away when they left.
    1. Astrey
      Astrey 13 November 2015 16: 02 New
      Quote: ivanovbg
      And in real combat do scouts also go with knapsacks on their backs?

      Самое крайнее предложение поста прочтите. Это наши любимые "стандарты НАТО", возможно называются по другому, но "штурмовой шаг" и манера удержания оружия вопият... Ранцы в бою не снимать, шлемы и кепки не носить. "опыт применения разведподразделений в локальных войнах и вооруженных конфликтах последних десятилетий", опять же...
  3. 31rus
    31rus 13 November 2015 20: 10 New
    Intelligence, a serious matter, you won’t learn in a year. Interesting as a language training? In general, it’s interesting how intelligence groups are taught how to overcome modern electronic security, reconnaissance, anti-sabotage systems? Is there such training in general?
    1. igorka357
      igorka357 15 November 2015 13: 53 New
      Unfortunately, for the most part, scouts do not teach such things, but I hasten to please that even the GRU troops have their own special forces to overcome and capture / un. the object ... these guys are being dragged around the security systems! An ordinary scout will not overcome a specialized high-tech security device, but you won’t train everyone, so they assemble groups and train them to overcome! I’ll say that we had two groups in the regiment in the military district platoon of deep reconnaissance, here they were introduced by comrades from the SVR with all sorts of bells and whistles of the adversary, they did not even show the rest, because there was no need!
  4. saygon66
    saygon66 13 November 2015 20: 16 New
    - One collimator from Eotech ... And what about photo No. 7?
    1. buzzard
      buzzard 14 November 2015 01: 38 New
      Quote: saygon66
      - One collimator from Eotech ... And what about photo No. 7?

      Reflex Sight 1P63
  5. marinier
    marinier 13 November 2015 20: 32 New
    Good day Dear!
    Everything is fine, everything is 4 awesome. 4 professionals are visible, by facial expression !!!
    Yes, here 4, no offense, my brothers, but I have to cover my faces, or so-so with wax
    4 Mother wouldn’t know.
    Once again, no offense brother, but the enemy is not asleep, then we need extra troubles.

    P.S. Pro menia will understand well and the amateur will laugh. Everything is excellent.
    1. saygon66
      saygon66 13 November 2015 20: 52 New
      - Something like this, approximately? smile
    2. BDRM 667
      BDRM 667 13 November 2015 22: 55 New
      Quote: marinier
      Yes, here 4, no offense, my brothers, but I have to cover my faces, or so-so with wax
      4 Mother wouldn’t know.

      It's you, Mazuriki, rub the muzzle with a wax. We, traditionally, clean our boots so that we don’t get wet when we have to wash them in the Indian Ocean.

      And for the face, we have makeup, special yes .