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Electroshaft paper

In addition to the recent Gatling note, we can recall another interesting version of this famous mitraleza, which, unlike the previous ones, did not gain popularity and was not mass-produced, and its images remained only on patent drawings.
In 1893, George Gatling decided to combine it with an electric motor that rotates a block of barrels to increase the rate of fire of his buckshot. According to calculations, it allowed to increase the rate of fire to a fantastic value for those times - 3000 shots per minute. Regulating amperage, rate of fire weapons could be changed within wide limits.

Realizing at the same time that the power source can be found far from everywhere (and at the end of the 19th century there were few places to find it), Gatling envisaged the possibility of quickly dismantling the engine compartment and installing a handle with a simple bevel gear instead. Thus, the electric machine gun turned into a normal hand-operated mitraleza.
25 July 1893 of the year Guttling received a patent for his invention. Soon reports about him appeared in the press, but they did not arouse any interest. Electromitraleuza was perceived as something useless and absolutely unnecessary, since its rate of fire was considered to be clearly excessive. Especially since she had the usual for the Gatling power from the vertical cage, and at the maximum rate of fire the whole cage had to “fly out” in a couple of seconds.
It is not known whether the prototype was made and tested, in any case, I did not find any photos of it. Perhaps, the forerunner of the current “Volcanoes”, “Minigans” and the GSH-6, which was far ahead of its time, remained on paper.

In fairness, it should be noted that Gatling was not the first to come up with the idea of ​​electromitrallase. Back in 1890, the American firm Crocker-Wheeler and Company offered an electric tool for the portable Gatling Bulldog. The weapon was intended for use on warships, which by that time were already mostly electrified, and therefore the power problem was removed.
According to the company, the electric bullet fire rate was 1500 shots per minute. In the event of a power cut, it could also work from the handle, without even having to remove the engine, just the coupling was opened.
As it is easy to guess, the fate of this weapon turned out to be the same as that of the slightly later development of Gatling himself: it did not interest anyone and was not launched into the series.

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  1. S-cream
    S-cream 15 November 2015 00: 35
    What just was not, it turns out. Interesting note.
    1. AUL
      AUL 15 November 2015 11: 48
      An idea ahead of its time. It was realized only in the 50s of the 20th century.
      Such a talent - but for peaceful purposes!
      1. The comment was deleted.
      2. Mister X
        Mister X 15 November 2015 14: 15
        I was a little late, but a couple of pictures to help the author.

        Colt Gatling US Navy Model - .45 - .70 cal.

        1. Mister X
          Mister X 15 November 2015 14: 35
          Regarding the speed of the Gatling electric machine gun, there is another opinion:
          tests showed that it did not exceed 1500 rounds per minute.

          Clipping from Shooter's Bible Guide to Extreme Iron
          Posted by Stan Skinner
          1. gross kaput
            gross kaput 15 November 2015 18: 49
            Quote: Mister X
            Clipping from Shooter's Bible Guide to Extreme Iron
            Posted by Stan Skinner

            It is not strange, but the opinion of specially trained officials of the armament service of the American army of that period seems to me much more authoritative.
            1. Mister X
              Mister X 15 November 2015 20: 00
              Quote: gross kaput
              the opinion of specially trained officers of the American Army service of that period seems to me much more authoritative.

              I will not argue.
              I propose to agree that the Gatling electric machine gun was considered impractical for use in the field.
              1. gross kaput
                gross kaput 15 November 2015 21: 01
                I highly recommend "The machine gun" for reading - a very voluminous work, and the first volume was written by US Marine Lt. George M. Chinn in 1951, and the fifth was sent to print in 1987 by Colonel Chinn smile... There is no more voluminous work devoted to firearms in the world, and the information in it is essentially first-hand. hi
                1. Mister X
                  Mister X 16 November 2015 03: 13
                  Quote: gross kaput
                  I highly recommend reading "The machine gun"

                  Thanks, it turns out a lot of people refer to his works.
  2. marinier
    marinier 15 November 2015 01: 52
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    And I would crawl through your mind. 4 The human mind is quirky and treacherous.
    superfluous evidence of this, as the best minds of 4 humanities
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  3. Nikolaevich I
    Nikolaevich I 15 November 2015 03: 59
    Thanks to the author of the article for the "electric broom." ".... it would be nice to find out about this too
  4. dvg79
    dvg79 15 November 2015 05: 16
    But I’m wondering if anyone was trying to make a real model, using the technology of that time. When increasing the caliber, it would be nice to think that I destroy the destroyers of that time.
  5. Bersaglieri
    Bersaglieri 15 November 2015 10: 20
    More than 230 years left before the Vulcan and AK-60
  6. HaKim
    HaKim 15 November 2015 11: 01
    I did not know that such a thing was sales)
  7. gross kaput
    gross kaput 15 November 2015 11: 45
    It is not known whether a prototype was made and tested, in any case, I did not find photographs of it. Was, under the cartridge 30-40 gaiters, on tests, he showed a rate of 3000 m.
    In 1946, comrades from the General Electric pushed for a 1903 gatling chambered for a 45-70 electric motor and already received 5000 v / m.
    PS There is such a wonderful five-volume work "The machine gun" intended for specialists in the armament of the American army, what I like about it is that, unlike our similar publications, it tells in detail about the history and the creation of certain samples.
    1. heretic
      heretic 21 November 2015 01: 18
      Give, plz, a link where to find "The machine gun"
  8. voyaka uh
    voyaka uh 15 November 2015 16: 13
    M242 Bushmaster - the main American 25 mm gun
    Bradley also runs on an electric motor with a chain drive.