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According to the laws of the information war

On Tuesday, on the holiday of the Russian police, in social networks, citing information from the Ministry of Internal Affairs, there were reports that a terrorist attack was possible in a large shopping center in Tatarstan. The head of the press service of the President of Tatarstan, Andrei Kuzmin, hastened to make an official statement in which he called these messages a provocation. Denied them in the regional Ministry of Internal Affairs: "This information is not true." The next day, TASS delivered a statement from the official representative of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Russia, Elena Alekseeva. She said that the police had identified individuals who were disseminating information about the allegedly preparing act of terrorism on social networks. According to Alekseeva, in the near future, these people "will be interviewed about the goals and objectives of the dissemination of such messages."

According to the laws of the information war

How the US Secretary of Defense guided the press

All this история It fits well into the fabric of the information war that the Western media have unleashed due to Russia's active involvement in the resolution of the Syrian conflict. The start of this campaign was given by US Secretary of Defense Ashton Carter. Dust has not yet settled after the first bombs dropped by Russian pilots on the position of Islamic terrorists, and Carter hastened to convene a press conference at which he called Russian air strikes on Syria a "fundamental mistake." But most of all, the American minister’s access to the press was remembered, either by threat or by warning: “Russia may soon suffer losses in Syria. They themselves have set themselves a target for all who oppose Assad - and those who are able to be part of Syria’s political future, and, naturally, for ISIS, ”said Ashton Carter.

Such a reaction of Carter is caused not only by the fact that Russia and the United States pursue different goals in Syria. The Americans are most annoyed by the fact that the Russian Aerospace Forces, by their operation against Islamic terrorists in Syria, seized the initiative from the United States. For the first time in recent years, the United States relegated to second roles in resolving international conflict.

With the filing of Carter, the Western media went all bad. With reference to the NATO leadership and sources in the coalition fighting against the Islamists, the leading publications of these countries began to frighten the Russians with possible ISIS terrorist attacks. They accused the Russian military that they were bombing not the militants of the Islamic State group, but the rebels of the free Syrian army and even the civilian population and civilian targets.

The latter statement became so widespread in the Western media that at the end of October, Russian Deputy Defense Minister Anatoly Antonov was forced to meet with military attaches of NATO member countries and Saudi Arabia. Antonov made them a demand: “Either confirm their“ informational throws ”about Russian airmen launching air strikes against the civilian population of Syria, or make an official denial of this information.” (I quote from RIA News.)

Two weeks passed. During this time there was no reaction to the demand of the Russian Deputy Minister of Defense. But the social networks were activated. Moreover, there are much more “foreign agents” than the Russian military who perform tasks in Syrian Latakia.

Now the network provocateurs have a new incentive. On the eve of false reports of terrorist attacks in Tatarstan, information flashed that in Germany they created the Boris Nemtsov Foundation for Freedom. The daughter of the politician killed in February, Jeanne, took an active role in this. She co-founded the foundation and promised to make her personal donations. It is easy to understand what kind of freedom we are talking about. After all, starting this August, Zhanna Nemtsova is a staff member of the Deutsche Welle (Deutsche Welle) state-oriented international audience and listeners.

According to the executive director of the foundation, Olga Shorina (a member of the political bureau of PARNAS party), the prize of ten thousand euros was established for the courage to defend democratic values. It will be awarded regardless of the type of activity of the future winners. So the network provocateurs have a chance to excel. And here we have to take note that a new entity has appeared in the ranks of the “fighters of the information war”.

When instead of shells - lies and provocations

The winds of this war are blowing from the West. So historically it has become a tradition. In November, 1853, right after the Battle of Sinop (where the Black Sea Fleet under Admiral Nakhimov defeated the Turkish squadron), English newspapers, in which only gentlemen worked, described how ruthless Russians put wounded Turks swimming in the sea. It was the first volley of struggle on the information front, which brought to the use of reputable publications a deliberate lie. The venerable British public was prepared for a hot war, which six months later the British, together with the French, would declare to Russia. Memorial to us the Crimean War then received a new tragic turn.

Admittedly, the petty lie in politics was used long before the Sinope battle. What are just standing in the public mind the stories about the Potemkin villages or the murder of his own son by Ivan the Terrible. Information manipulation during the Crimean War, perhaps, is the first example in modern history, when a military invasion was being prepared on false assumptions.

Since then, much water has flowed into the Thames. Now injections of false messages serve not only military conflicts. Information wars have become an arena of self-struggle. In the modern world, they were initiated by the creation in 1946 of the Russian service of the BBC. So civilized Great Britain responded to the speech of its ex-premier Winston Churchill at Westminster College of American Fulton.

There, Churchill called for the creation of a "fraternal association of English-speaking peoples" for confrontation with the Soviet Union. This speech of the future Nobel laureate in literature is considered to be the beginning of the Cold War. For its informational support, the British national television and radio broadcasting corporation will create a Russian service specifically. In February, 1947 will be broadcast on the Soviet Union by the Voice of America radio station. Later, Radio Liberty, Deutsche Welle and others will speak in Russian.

It seems to me that, like Bulgakov, the Muscovites spoiled the housing problem, and among Western journalists, the request for a lie for Soviet radio listeners became a daily habit and led to deception of their own citizens. There are no examples of this. Here are some.

Two different views on one event.

Back in the distant 2008, the bold 12-year-old girl Amanda Kokoeva live on the American television channel Fox News decisively told the whole world that Georgia bombed South Ossetia, not Russia, Georgia! The host of the program did not expect such a turn of topic: he deliberately coughed, interrupted Amanda with advertising, and then completely turned it off from the air, so as not to spoil the picture of the perception of the conflict, which the local TV channels thoroughly impressed on the Americans.

Last May, the British agency Reuters described the tragedy in the Odessa Trade Union House: “After the confrontation on Cathedral Square, the clash moved to the tent camp of the pro-Russian separatists near the Trade Unions House. The police did not report who set the House of Trade Unions on fire, and what kind of people were there. ” And then she presented a comment by the deputy of the Odessa City Council, Dmitry Spivak: “The pro-Russian militants who planned this massacre were very well armed and prepared.” It is not difficult to understand that Russia was presented to the English consumers of information guilty of the tragedy, and the victims were citizens of Ukraine loyal to the current Kiev authorities.

A little earlier, when the Maidan still galloped, burned tires and threw “Molotov cocktails”, the German “Deutsche Welle” (which, I remind you, Zhanna Nemtsova now found her fate) to the police, she presented to her listeners a “revolution of dignity” and the reaction of Russia to the Ukrainian events: “A successful Ukraine as a democratic state that will create prosperity and economic stability for its citizens is unthinkable for Russia: it can undermine the credibility of Putin’s system. Therefore, Russia has every reason to behave as it behaves. ”

I remembered these examples because life refuted a published lie, and soon enough. Already in October, the European Commission, headed by Swiss diplomat Heidi Tagliavini, 2009, found Georgia guilty of initiating war against South Ossetia, and Russia's military response to Georgian aggression was “legitimate”, since Moscow’s actions were defensive in nature.

This fall, Council of Europe experts criticized the Ukrainian authorities for their one-sided investigation into the tragedy in the Odessa House of Trade Unions. “There is evidence of the complicity of Ukrainian police officers in the tragic events in Odessa 2 in May 2014 - this conclusion follows from the report of the international advisory group (ICG) of the Council of Europe released by 4 in November. “Given this evidence, it is required that the investigation into these riots is generally conducted by a body completely independent of the police.” And, although the CE document is not devoid of the delicacy of assessments and reservations, it gives a warm greeting to Reuters reporters who covered the tragedy in Odessa.

Finally, let us recall the strengthened Russian talent "Deutsche Welle". Her Kiev correspondent Frank Hofmann published a comment in October, the meaning of which is formulated in one phrase: “It has already been a year and a half after the coup on Maidan, but nothing has changed in Ukraine: the country is ruled by old forces, corruption is strong, the president is conspiring with the oligarchs, and reforms are not progressing . To become a democracy, Ukraine cannot do without a new Maidan. ”

It can not be said that noteworthy propagandists of the Western media at once saw the light. Just accumulated a critical amount of facts that can not be silent. It makes us dodge, play up, but recognize, reluctantly, the truth that they tried to hide in the streams of lies. And she, a lie, is reborn on new developments, and the end of this story is not visible.

... The current information campaign of the West on Russia is caused by the fact that Russian leaders have questioned the exclusive right of the United States - the leader of the “golden billion” states - to dictate its conditions to the world. The United States cannot agree with this, and their partners are still far from realizing that Russians are right. So this information war has great prospects, and homegrown “defenders of democratic values” will still receive their bonuses for the harm they are doing to our country today ...
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  1. venaya
    venaya 13 November 2015 06: 11
    The current Western information campaign on Russia is caused by the fact that Russian leaders have questioned the exclusive right of the United States, the leader of the Golden Billion states, to dictate terms to the world.
    a critical amount of facts has accumulated that cannot be silenced

    Well, well done, our strategists were able to at least slightly move such an elephant. Waiting tactics yielded some results. But for how long? What is the day ahead preparing for us?
  2. parusnik
    parusnik 13 November 2015 06: 40
    The current Western information campaign against Russia is caused by the fact that Russian leaders have questioned the exclusive right of the United States, the leader of the Golden Billion states, to dictate terms to the world.... Therefore, they rage ....
  3. rotmistr60
    rotmistr60 13 November 2015 07: 43
    In the information war against Russia, the German media manage to surpass their older brother, the United States. They often run ahead of an American steam locomotive, falsifying information and inventing "fried" facts. Not quite in unison, the "liberals" living in Russia sing along in a squeaky voice. And all this discordant chorus is harming our country, not realizing that soon they will have no time for Russia at all, because their internal problems will begin to stifle. But then they will not hesitate to ask us for help.
  4. Angro Magno
    Angro Magno 13 November 2015 09: 33
    Why is everyone silent about the mass mailing of 11 November SMS in Moscow, about 18 suicide bombers preparing terrorist attacks in the metro and shopping centers?
  5. Angro Magno
    Angro Magno 13 November 2015 09: 38
    Speaking of information war. The article mentions rumors after the Battle of Sinop. Does everyone know that the rumors about the heavy losses of the Black Sea Fleet, leveling the victory, were spread by Friedrich Engels?
  6. hotrod
    hotrod 13 November 2015 10: 20
    About the newsletters with panic rumors it is very correctly written - according to the laws of wartime execution, in peacetime - a suspended sentence.
  7. Belousov
    Belousov 13 November 2015 12: 42
    SMS mailings were not only in Moscow, we also launched such shnyaga in Samara. It is necessary to find sources and publicly punish so that the rest will not be disobedient to arrange provocations. And do not care about all the screams about "freedom of speech", etc.
    1. the villain
      the villain 13 November 2015 15: 46
      Quote: Belousov
      And do not care about all the screams about "freedom of speech" and so on.

      And that is true, every medal has two sides, and the reverse side of "freedom of speech" must certainly be: "And if you please answer for the bazaar" hi
  8. Yugra
    Yugra 13 November 2015 13: 48
    I believe that such mailings should be classified as terrorism. And plant mercilessly distributors of these fakes, according to the laws of wartime ...