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Armored car "Federal-42590"

Working in hot spots, the fighters of internal troops and other power structures are faced with a number of threats. They regularly run the risk of being ambushed or blown up by an improvised explosive device on the route. To counter such threats, units of the Ministry of Internal Affairs require appropriate equipment. Previously, for the protection of personnel used trucks equipped with improvised booking and known under the general title "Pokemon". Over time, they were replaced by armored cars built by industry based on production vehicles using factory-made armored modules. One of the latest models of such technology is a protected car "Federal-42590".

Armored car "Federal-42590" is another representative of the same-name family of vehicles built on the basis of trucks brand "Ural". As before, the project involves equipping the base chassis with a number of new units, including protective equipment and a special armored van module for transporting personnel or cargo. For several years, the equipment of the “Federal” family has undergone a number of major changes aimed at improving the protection performance and improving ergonomics. As a result, different machines of the family have some differences in terms of used units, layout, etc.

Armored car "Federal-42590"
Armored car "Federal-42590" riot police of the Republic of Mordovia. Photo

Like other cars of the family, the Federal-42590 was developed by the Institute of Special Equipment (Moscow) and is being built on the basis of the Ural truck. This time Ural-55571 chassis was taken as the basis. This all-wheel drive triaxial chassis has a lifting capacity of 12-14 t, which is enough to install all the necessary equipment and maintain the required mobility characteristics. According to the developer, the curb weight of the armored car reaches 16 T. The maximum payload weight is 5,3 T. Thus, the chassis characteristics are used with maximum efficiency.

During the conversion into an armored car, the base chassis receives a set of booking elements. Reinforced shutters are installed in front of the grille, the side and top of the engine is covered with armor plates. Similarly, cockpit protection is performed. All elements of the cabin, including doors and roof, are equipped with armor. Cabin glazing is made of bulletproof glass. There are several loopholes for shooting from personal weapons. In the roof of the cabin provides hatch. The level of protection is determined by the customer. It is possible to protect the driver according to 6 / 6A class of standard GOST R 50963-96.

Front door armored module. Photos

The front deck and side door are covered with an awning. Photo

In place of the cargo area of ​​the base vehicle, a special armored module is mounted with places for transporting personnel or cargo. It is noteworthy that such equipment armored car may have a different architecture. Known machines, armored module which is combined with the "classic" side body. In the promotional materials of the manufacturer there are images of cars equipped with additional armor in the form of relatively high sides.

The armored module of the landing of all the armored vehicles of the “Federal” family is a van-KUNG made of armored steel. The sides are provided with several windows and an embrasure with flaps. This equipment allows fighters to fire from personal weapons. The armor module is equipped with several doors, the number of which depends on the modification. So, in all variants one or two stern doors are provided. It is also possible to install doors in the front sheet. The layout of the door affects some features of embarkation and disembarkation.

Guards, providing additional protection units of the chassis and the bottom of the armored module. Photo

The design of the armored module uses sheets that provide protection for 6 / 6А class. In addition, in the case of the machine “Federal-42590”, personnel protection was declared against the detonation of an explosive device weighing up to 10 kg (according to other data, up to 6 kg). To do this, use some of the design features, as well as special chairs for the landing. To increase the survivability of the vehicle and reduce the risks for the crew / assault force, fuel tanks of the original design are used to prevent the fuel from splashing during detonation, thereby reducing the likelihood of a fire.

Armored cars of the “Federal” family have a different design of the armored module and its internal equipment. In this case, projects use some common solutions. For example, the length of the armor module is noticeably less than the length of the body of the base machine. Because of this, it is mounted in the center of the body or shifted back, which is why a small platform is left in front of the module or behind it. Armored "Federal-42591", in particular, has two platforms, in front of and behind the module, as well as two sets of doors of the module itself. All these features to some extent facilitate the landing and disembarkation.

The back of the armored vehicle "Federal-42591". One can see the body area and benches for the landing. Photo author

This layout of the Federal-42591 allows the assault force to leave the vehicle through the front or rear doors. In this case, the soldiers, landing in front, dismount through a small opening with a door in the side of the body. Coming through the rear doors, the fighters must descend through the bodywork. For the convenience of fighters provide small steps.

Armored car "Federal-42590" has a slightly different layout. In his case, the armored module of increased length is installed with a shift back, and its stern part does not protrude beyond the body. This arrangement still allows you to land through the front doors and the opening in the board. Two doors are kept in the hull's stern sheet, and disembarkation is carried out with the help of a small step at their openings and a descending ladder. At the request of the customer, the armored module can receive only one door. In this case, the device for the transport of the spare wheel is mounted on the remaining part of the stern sheet.

Aft door of the armored vehicle "Federal-42590". Photo

The early modifications of the Feds had fairly simple landing sites, made in the form of ordinary benches. Due to the use of three shops (two at the sides and one in the center), it was possible to place up to 16 people in the module. Modern machine "Federal-42590", taking into account the new threats, is equipped with special "anti-mine" seats, absorbing part of the energy of the explosion. This feature significantly reduces the risks for the landing, although it affects the capacity of the armor module. With such seats, an armored car can carry no more than 10-12 fighters with weapons.

The front side of the body, which houses the armor module, is equipped with an arc for installing an awning. Armored vehicles with a rear platform have a second arc behind the module. If necessary, the armored module can be closed with an awning that provides masking. An armored car with an awning looks almost the same as a conventional truck on a similar chassis and can be confused with it when viewed from a long distance.

Different options for equipping the armored module. Photo (above) and (below)

Armored cars of the “Federal” family, including the “Federal-42590” model, have been massively produced over the past years on the order of the Ministry of the Interior. Such equipment is transferred to the formations of internal troops, riot police units and other structures of the Ministry of Internal Affairs, which need protected equipment for the transport of personnel and cargo.

Having replaced the improvised “Pokémon”, which was a response to new threats, armored vehicles of the “Federal” family are actively used by various structures of the Ministry of the Interior and successfully solve assigned tasks, protecting people from mines and ambushes. Using the experience of operating old cars of the family, the authors of the projects create new equipment with enhanced characteristics, which comes into service. Thanks to this, the risks for the security forces fighters are reduced, and they can safely get to the place where the task is to be performed.

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  1. SashOK
    SashOK 12 November 2015 07: 22
    and yet, the location of the landing with its back to the board is probably not the best solution. Visibility is zero, the use of personal weapons is difficult. Be that as it may, the old hard worker the Urals rescued more than once and, God forbid, will help save the lives of children
  2. Dimon-chik-79
    Dimon-chik-79 12 November 2015 08: 57
    and yet, the location of the landing with its back to the board is probably not the best solution. Visibility is zero, the use of personal weapons is difficult
    Yes, what visibility, stealth, camouflage and good reservation in case of an ambush are what is put at the forefront.
    Other cars have good visibility and loopholes on the sides, and their purpose is different.
    1. Bayonet
      Bayonet 12 November 2015 09: 34
      Quote: Dimon-chik-79
      stealth camouflage and good reservation in case of an ambush is what is put at the forefront.

      What camouflage (tent threw), from whom? Only full d eb and l will not distinguish the reserved car from the usual one, but such ambushes do not sit - they play with candy wrappers! request
      1. Throw
        Throw 12 November 2015 16: 53
        "Disguising" with an awning is half the trouble, I wonder that the fighters under it see where they are shooting and, most importantly, what they breathe)) I did not consider the air intakes and internal air ducts ... laughing
      2. hghg
        hghg 13 November 2015 22: 00
        Quote: Bayonet
        Quote: Dimon-chik-79
        stealth camouflage and good reservation in case of an ambush is what is put at the forefront.

        What camouflage (tent threw), from whom? Only full d eb and l will not distinguish the reserved car from the usual one, but such ambushes do not sit - they play with candy wrappers! request
        the machine is designed to be confused with the Urals equipped only with an armored cab, therefore, in the Ministry of Internal Affairs.
  3. ICT
    ICT 12 November 2015 09: 09
    Quote: Dimon-chik-79
    ambush drop that's what is put

    perhaps with this body it is worth adding a call room with a cabin
    1. cosmos111
      cosmos111 12 November 2015 16: 55
      Quote: TIT
      perhaps with this body it is worth adding a call room with a cabin

      better already, the single-shell armored hull (by bus) that invent any *****

      URAL-4320ВВ: the armored hull is single-volume, armored, with two side doors in the control module, with a side door of the inhabited compartment on the right side and two hinged doors located at the rear.
      seats (including driver) - at least 15
      armor protection - according to GOST R 50963-96:
      perimeter and roof of the armored module - class 5;
      (front and glazing - 6 class);
      engine compartment - class 3;
      windshield - class 6;
      underbody protection - 2 kg ((DO NOT need 8-10-ty))))
  4. Bayonet
    Bayonet 12 November 2015 09: 38
    And without rust it doesn’t work ...
    1. maxbaxg61
      maxbaxg61 12 November 2015 09: 49
      Well, it's not a beauty machine, it is operated along the way and does not stand in the garage)))
      1. Bayonet
        Bayonet 12 November 2015 18: 04
        Quote: maxbaxg61
        Well, this is not a beauty machine; it is operated along the way and does not stand in the garage

        Are you at the wrong factory? smile
    2. max702
      max702 12 November 2015 10: 46
      Yes, how they are painted and what it is not at all understandable for they start to rust right on the conveyor belt. Painting in the factory and with a less normal paint will not give rust a 3-5 years minimum! And if you paint as it is necessary 5-7 layers with the endurance of thicknesses and according to the painting scheme and 10-15 years easily! Sea containers and paint so there if the coating is not damaged a 25 year warranty is given! And the price of the unit is not the biggest money if 0.5% of the cost will be very surprised .. I myself was engaged in industrial painting so a little bit in the subject, even expensive imported materials will go to this truck with the right technology, a maximum of 35-40 t / rub.
      rs: And it was done somehow wretchedly, a little better than the handicrafts of Euro-Gabon .. it should be a shame for the plant ..
      1. dima mzk
        dima mzk 12 November 2015 13: 54
        Well, actually this is a car from the Ministry of Internal Affairs since 2010, they painted more or less. And about how it was done, it’s the Ural 5557. They covered the armor, threw back the armored capsule and voila, you don’t really need to develop anything, cheap and cheerful, but protects from bullets, and not under an awning you sit, as in the palm of your hand
  5. SashOK
    SashOK 12 November 2015 11: 27
    What kind of disguise can we talk about? this transport is intended for movement in a convoy; cases of single movement are practically eliminated by departmental orders
    you are fundamentally wrong about the review, because the sooner the enemy is detected, the direction of the shelling is revealed, etc. the more chances to get out of the battle with minimal losses.
    the surprise factor has not been canceled.
    1. S-cream
      S-cream 12 November 2015 21: 46
      competent ambush when moving in the column (and outside the column), you can’t make out without special equipment such as infrared. At least be in a convertible. Oh, there is excellent visibility.
  6. Massik
    Massik 12 November 2015 13: 14
    A kind of chest on the truck. If you make windows and loopholes, then please provide protection from a grenade launcher. Already on the front doors put viewing devices with a panoramic view, what can we say about cars ...
    1. cosmos111
      cosmos111 12 November 2015 16: 26
      Quote: Marssik
      , then please provide protection from the grenade launcher.

      this is true !!!!
      MaxxPro, with RPG protection .....

      Quote: Marssik
      Well, observation devices with a panoramic view are put on the front doors, what can we say about cars ...

      situational awareness devices ....
      British Army Mastiff equipped with Selex Galileo Road Marshall ...
      when B **** we have such systems ??? instead of the naked Urals .....
      1. Lapkonium
        Lapkonium 12 November 2015 17: 27
        Now they will tell you that the "Federal" is a police car, from hooligans with a rifleman. But still, for the BB-shniks, it is true that something more serious may be needed - not to mention the means for the initial sweeps for the army guys. And your Mastiff is a great candidate for these applications.
  7. senima56
    senima56 12 November 2015 18: 01
    Quote: Bayonet
    And without rust it doesn’t work ...

    Note this is a melting full-time sample! It has not yet been operated properly! And what will happen in a year? A SHAME!!!!
  8. bav2222
    bav2222 12 November 2015 18: 48
    Interestingly, but the bottom of the body and roof are armored or not? And then maybe as they did before - the roof is made of plywood, the bottom is the native tin of the body:
    1. The comment was deleted.
  9. bav2222
    bav2222 12 November 2015 18: 52
    Still (for some reason I can’t insert more than one photo)
    1. ICT
      ICT 12 November 2015 19: 28
      Quote: bav2222
      (for some reason I can’t insert more than one photo)

      if the photo is not on your computer, then after adding the first comment, click change and insert the link to the photo.
  10. bav2222
    bav2222 12 November 2015 18: 55
    This is after a blast in a land mine in Chechnya
    1. Sam-07
      Sam-07 13 November 2015 01: 18
      It looks like a shelling, undermining WU does not even smell. bullet holes in the sides, including large caliber. armored glass loopholes were shot, shot at the rear of the body, there the gunner was usually located ...
      1. S-cream
        S-cream 13 November 2015 10: 36
        Undermining followed by shelling.
  11. The comment was deleted.
  12. SashOK
    SashOK 12 November 2015 21: 32
    strange, the numbers are not changed, for black and white for some reason
    how many Pokémon I have not met in the Czech Republic, all are "rebooted" to local civilians 95 of the region
    1. S-cream
      S-cream 13 November 2015 10: 38
      These are military numbers. They were black, they are.
  13. akshor
    akshor 13 November 2015 13: 27
    Damn ... well, something like this ... already rust = (I hope that they will take this matter more seriously
  14. podgornovea
    podgornovea 17 November 2015 20: 48
    Being in the module to fire at the enemy, it is more efficient to lead while being with your back to the center - facing the embrasures, mine arms could be set up like that. Ergonomics inside the module are worse, but this is significant in non-combat conditions. During the battle, there are unlikely to be many who want to sit with their backs to the enemy.
    1. ProkletyiPirat
      ProkletyiPirat 10 May 2017 11: 59
      for firing there are combat modules on the roof, which have equipment for stabilization, day and night surveillance. And through your embrasures, and even find, and even in the forest, Nichrome is invisible, and if you see then you will get horseradish ...