Military Review

Our memory. Vadim Zadorozhny Museum. Part of 3

Not only military vehicles can show a museum to a visitor, but also retro cars of many popular (and not so) brands.
The first floor is devoted to foreign technology:
Dalehaye 135 MS 1938-39Y

Delahaye 135 1936 of the year

Variety of Horch options

Retro BMW

Not only powerful and sporty, but also such BMW ISETTA

Messerschmitt kr200 (they say that also howls when diving)

Opel admiral

Cadillac vxnumx

The second floor is mostly given to motorcycles:

And .... complete java collection

-1 The floor is completely given to the Soviet transport:


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  1. bulat
    bulat 11 November 2015 07: 24
    Class! Java, I took Java for free))
  2. Samy
    Samy 11 November 2015 07: 50
    freebie is written with the letter "a". Write correctly, otherwise she will never come to you. And the museum is cool, there is no equal in Russia.
  3. parusnik
    parusnik 11 November 2015 08: 01
    There are also cars .. just a class .. Thank you ..
  4. Hubun
    Hubun 11 November 2015 08: 12
    with each part the impression only intensifies
  5. tolancop
    tolancop 11 November 2015 09: 39
    Unfortunately, the author did not show a row with SOVIET motorcycles. And there was something to see: the experimental models made a good impression.
    I do not criticize the author, I just state. Many wonderful photos have been posted, and to photograph and post images of all exhibits on the site, IMHO, is simply physically impossible.
    And no review can replace a real visit.
    Many thanks to the author.
    1. Felix1
      Felix1 11 November 2015 11: 50
      to tell you the truth, the Soviet models had nothing but the advantage and unsuccessful copies of the Western ones, with the exception of non-serial models prepared for the competition. look at these cars and you see the variety, the thoroughness of the fitted parts, the elegance of the lines, which has never been distinguished by the secular auto industry. all with an ax.
      1. Vasek
        Vasek 17 November 2015 17: 23
        Quote: Felix1
        truth be told, soviet models just nothing in advantage unsuccessful copies of western except not serial samples prepared for the competition. watch on these cars and you see diversity, thoroughness fitted details, the elegance of lines than never been different secular auto industry. all with an ax.

        Felix, and the word "tail" you probably write through "Yu"? laughing
  6. alex-cn
    alex-cn 11 November 2015 11: 55
    All3 articles +++. And in this I liked ISETTA. Bring to mind and in modern traffic jams and parking lots, that's it.
  7. marshes
    marshes 11 November 2015 12: 40
    What's in Drive 2.Ru site is turning.
    Of course I love cars, but the site is Military Review. Although it is no longer clear, everything is changing. New columns have appeared which are thrown to another resource.
    By car.
    The cars are beautiful no doubt. But keeping them expensive.
    There was a Ural motorcycle in 1988, replaced by rams due to lack of tires, or rather roads. Already all rare.
    And hunting from the Urals is cool, at the expense of the cradle. Then, instead of golf-1, the roof was cut off. Now Niva in 1986, the same roof cut with amplifiers from water pipes.
    And on foot or on horseback, 50 km is a bit much.
    Quadrics are not comfortable for a passenger with a gun. smile
    1. Vasek
      Vasek 17 November 2015 17: 30
      Quote: marshes
      And hunting from the Urals is cool, due to the cradle.

      I remember that from Aktyubinsk to Turkestan sazhachniks Izh-Planet 3 loved, other than just a single-cylinder and without a stroller.
  8. 0255
    0255 11 November 2015 13: 19
    Chic Museum good
  9. marshes
    marshes 11 November 2015 15: 38
    Yes, I remember 90 e.
    it was possible to buy gelding in 114 body or BMW-38, similar to Muscovite-400. And that’s all from 4-6 tons of killed raccoons. There were odnushki at that price. Who knew? Although the apartments have risen in price.
    Of the "rarities" I respect those cars that were driven from Germany in the 90s, broken roads and bad petrol survived. These are Merens in 126 bodies and audyuhi, herring C-3, C-4. They still roam.
    sadly, I have not met 21 Volga, victory and Zaza.
    1. Glot
      Glot 11 November 2015 16: 17
      They still romp.
      sadly, I have not met 21 Volga, victory and Zaza.

      Volga 21st come across so far. We have two driving around the area, from time to time I see it, and one beautiful, two-colored with a deer has been rusting for the third year by the forest ... Whose HZ? Another Zhigul "treshka" is rolling around the area with a Dedka behind the wheel, in very excellent condition, even the numbers on it are still Soviet - white numbers / letters on a black background. Grandfather keeps her warm in the garage. Also a rarity. There have been no victories for a long time. BMW 38 drove alone, came across in the first half of the nineties, then disappeared. ZIM was also in someone's area, it was also glowing in the nineties, now everything, seemingly left.
      1. marshes
        marshes 11 November 2015 16: 33
        Quote: Glot
        Volga 21th come across so far

        We, in Almaty, are rare.
        Quote: Glot
        Another Zhiguli "treshka" is driving around the area with a grandfather behind the wheel, in very excellent condition, even the numbers on it are still Soviet - white numbers / letters on a black background

        there are already no three rubles, in the 90s it was 76 years old, changed for a penny, with their surcharge 79 g. surprisingly, on a three rubles mileage of only 23 tons. was ,, changed with mileage of 68 tons, when 123t. there was a run, a complete overhaul of the engine was done. Then a penny on the Mazda 323, 90g coupe. changed, that another nine years retreated to sale, 410t. mileage at the time of sale was. Hereafter, I Yapov, I respect but those who were released before 98. Then, iron, foil.
        1. marshes
          marshes 11 November 2015 16: 49
          By the way, I’ll add, the older brother then lived with us 8 87g. It was, a hundred times better than golf-2, and the Citroen BH-16 and Saab 9000 were generally complete. Then he acquired it. Successful was 126 and audyuha s-4/5.
          So of the Soviet Auto available for non-partisans, it is Moskvich-412, the sharp-nosed one is still alive. Vaz-2101,08 and Niva.
          Kent has Gas-24, export oregenal, mileage 45t, year 1983. He stands in the garage, sometimes drives out. His uncle was a former Air Defense Officer, he was in Cuba, he bought for checks in Moscow. Well, the car is in perfect condition, on the go, even with a radio tape recorder, etc. disfigured. Offered him to give up on LEKHO, R X 330 American, refused.
    2. The comment was deleted.
    3. cast iron
      cast iron 11 November 2015 17: 58
      Have you forgotten that 90% of the population stupidly had no money to buy the same "cheap" apartments or used foreign cars.
      1. marshes
        marshes 11 November 2015 18: 19
        Quote: cast iron
        Have you forgotten that 90% of the population stupidly had no money to buy the same "cheap" apartments or used foreign cars.

        We were a little lucky, the "Germans" drove cars from Germany to relatives - there was a big choice, but mostly BMW 316 ... At the beginning. "restored." By the way, in the Russian Federation now, the engines and the interior are being thrown over and that's it ... either the cars on the credit, the credit institution should take away or the insurance fraud.
        And so it was a "full fillet" in life but spun as they could. And in Kazakhstan, without a horse, a car, full of mess-the distance between settlements is large, plus medicine and food, far away. Without Auto, no where. smile
        1. cast iron
          cast iron 15 November 2015 22: 05
          In Russia, there will be more distances))) You do not think that all of Russia is Moscow and St. Petersburg? ))) Yes, the 90s were awful. Not dashing, but scary. And with nosatlgia they are remembered only by the criminal element and 1% of the lucky ones who managed to grab their piece of the plundered Homeland.
    4. Vasek
      Vasek 17 November 2015 17: 33
      Quote: marshes
      BMW-38, a Muscovite-400 similar

      It was an Opel Cadet.
  10. Bassman
    Bassman 11 November 2015 17: 05
    Was in this museum. Indescribable impressions. I advise everyone !!! You will not regret
  11. Komanch
    Komanch 11 November 2015 19: 53
    The museum is wonderful! All day examined the exhibits in the building and on the territory. He was impressed with military equipment for at least 30 years. Captured in photos and videos. Going again with the whole family and grandchildren.
  12. Bersaglieri
    Bersaglieri 11 November 2015 22: 24
    "gallop across Europe" ... Eh ... why did the author not pay attention to the fact that in the center of the 1st floor there was recreated a full court of the General Secretary of the late 80s, with full escort? And in motoexpozmtsii - a bunch of unique domestic samples ... where are they in the selection? Ay, yay;)
  13. Cap.Morgan
    Cap.Morgan 12 November 2015 02: 10
    Cool article. Just super.
  14. Alex_59
    Alex_59 12 November 2015 09: 59
    Photos are cool. I’ll be in Moscow - I’ll definitely go. To the author - there would still be a space museum. How many times I have not tried, so I did not have time to completely get around it.
    Messerschmitt kr200 (they say that also howls when diving)
    when diving, the Junkers howled, not the Messerschmitt.
  15. moskowit
    moskowit 12 November 2015 20: 34
    Quote: bulat
    Class! Java, I took Java for free))

    Java is a very elegant motorcycle ... And what success was enjoyed among young people in 60-70 years ... Dream!