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Country 404. How to wean a girl constantly fall face down in the dirt. Consilium of Ukrainian "doctors"

There are people who speak only the truth. No matter how unpleasant it is. And there are those that are always something there embellish. Like my dentist after another tooth pulled out. Nothing to get sick, you still have a few left. Optimist, Christmas tree winder. So it is in the Ukrainian economy.

It is about this, on her Gilyak, wayward girl, and will be discussed today. Moreover, this speech will be held by those who understand its vile nature. How many premiers and all sorts of Ukrainian ministers were courting, but she still can. I mean, does not. Do not think something indecent. The economy does not give this, as his, increase.

The normal economy differs from the capricious one, that, like a good pig, that not a day, then a hundred grams. And even a hundred and fifty. As comrade Dynin used to say in the old Soviet movie. And for some reason, the Ukrainian vice versa. Every day, losing weight. No, I, of course, understand everything. At the wife himself periodically "after 18 hours I do not eat." This is sort of a secondary female sex trait. But over the winter, these kilograms are always gaining ...

So the leading Ukrainian doctors, more precisely, the leading Ukrainian economists, gathered and decided to make a diagnosis. And only then determine the "treatment tactics" and the forecast for the next year. And then, God forbid, die the maiden. What is this terrible disease called there? Anorexia, in my opinion. Minutes of the consultation were provided by Vesti Business Ukraine (

“The delay in reforms, the lack of investment, political risks and the negative world market situation all do not allow the Ukrainian economy to grow, and the world’s financial institutions are making their forecasts worse, according to economists surveyed by Vesti.

At the end of last week, the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development did it, which revised its forecast for Ukraine's economy to fall by 2015 from 9% to 11,5%. But at the same time, his analysts expressed a cautious hope that 11,5% would become the bottom, and below this level our GDP will not fall already. "

In principle, such a diagnosis and I would put it. You know, it's like trauma station. The patient has his left hand cut as a result of exposure to a knife while cutting sausage as a snack. It seems that the girl does not eat because no one gives her the products she wants. You want, you know, Peking duck, and she is fed Ukrainian borsch. Of course not. Duck she already brought like. Only then she wanted borscht. I tell you, wayward.

"And they noticed that as the reform, which the EBRD did not see in Ukraine this year, in the first half of 2016, our production volumes will start to recover. Moreover, the European Bank did not become the first to worsen expectations for the Ukrainian economy for the current year : before it was done by the international rating agency Standard & Poor's, which revised its forecast from 7,5% to 15%, as well as the IMF - from 9% to 11%. "

It is very difficult to understand these "doctors". This year, the lady seems to be even slimmer. In the sense of - lose weight to bony. But in the next for some reason it will become fat. It seems that the body itself will start the struggle for vitality. As a submarine crew in an extreme situation. Why did it happen? Is industry recovering? Agriculture does not know what to do with a crop?

"Less investment from the IMF - less investment." At the beginning of the year, everyone expected the reforms to go faster, that the country would receive investments. In the spring, the IMF itself planned to allocate Ukraine four tranches, and now the third is in question, "the head said Analytical Department of Concorde Capital Alexander Paraschiy ".

So that's where they buried that same dog. The one that is to blame. IMF to blame. Money does not give. And why? They give it to everyone, namely, Ukraine is not given. And require, require, require. That one reform, the other, the third. Well, Ukraine does not have time for these requirements. Democracy interferes, her mother. Ukraine has to think about it. Then in the Parliament to discuss. And given the multipolarity of opinion, find this consensus, like his. Then it is necessary to take into account the specifics. A lot of people need to distribute kickbacks.

And further. The country is still fighting. What, from Europe full is not visible? So you do not need to see. Enough that the Ukrainians at the front checkpoint. It can be said that European democracy is protected by breasts and other parts of the body.

“The sharp drop in business activity is due to a large number of factors, including military, a fall in prices for Ukrainian exports, a crisis in the banking sector,” Vitaly Shapran, chief financial analyst at RA Expert Rating, explained to Vesti.

At the same time, in September, high rates of decline were preserved. As a result, according to Shevchishin's forecasts, the fourth quarter will also be marked by near-zero GDP dynamics in relation to the previous period. One of the risks will be the energy supply of the winter period: in the case of another wave of power outages, it will not be possible to support production.

“Of course, the situation in the anti-terrorist operation zone and the restoration of cooperation with an uncontrolled region, at least within large holdings, will have a significant impact. The economy is also hampered by a weak consumer sector and companies' losses, ”the expert noted.

That's it. What business activity can there be where war is going on? What kind of cooperation? There are separatists and padded jackets. Moreover, such terrible that it is impossible to agree with them. They do not understand everything. Give them coal, you bastards! And they-buy ... Hu, certainly not Ukrainians. Buy and fool can. Unless of course there is money. And here you just beg. Yes, even a hurt face, give a little. And they asked for a long time.

In short, Ukrainian doctors have disappointed me ... economists. Linden experts some. Would ask me. I think their diagnosis would not be much different from mine. Vaughn, a neighbor asks me in the morning. Like, hear, my head hurts with a hangover. How to treat? And once I, as a real doctor, drink citramonchik a couple of pills. Head and pass. But for some reason he does not really follow the advice. Beer runs to the nearest store.

So what about the treatment proposal?

“In order to improve its performance, Ukraine, as the analyst at Adamant Capital Inna Zvyagintseva notes, is in dire need of economic liberalization, improved business conditions and attracting foreign investment.

At the same time, economists consider tax reform to be one of the main conditions for growth. The revenue side of the 2016 state budget will depend on which option of changes to the Tax Code the authorities choose (the Ministry of Finance or the relevant committee of the Verkhovna Rada - Nina Southerner). "

Well, okay. I, as a homegrown doctor, also say so. In order to be cured, the girl needs to start treatment. And the rest of the pill she get it. Or there, some potions. But most importantly, the neighbors should give money for all this treatment. Will not treat for free. Flat as a deposit to leave the bank. Or something else.

“Tax reform is designed to stimulate business to come out of the shadows. The Southerner’s option is considered to be more radical, but the IMF has taken a conservative stance and believes that a drastic easing of the tax burden will not lead to a dramatic way out of the shadow of the business, since business’s trust in the government has been eroded, ”says Andrey Shevchishin. As a result, experts note that the Ministry of Finance’s project has more chances to be taken as a basis. "Most likely, the version of the Ministry of Finance will be adopted as the one supported by the IMF, but with amendments."

Goon-neighbor, of course, will not forgive debts as a former "elder brother." He is a goon. Just where to go? The elder is now generally squeezed money. Does not understand that ...

Yes. Wayward girl stays sick. And falls, falls, falls. I certainly understand the breakdown and everything else. But it is indecent. Around other states. Well, fall, of course. Only then get up. Some fast. Some long relying on the cane. But get up and go. And this ... Whatever step, then face in another puddle.

Yes, and doctors, I think, need to change. We need not those who make a diagnosis depending on the requirements of the head physician, but those who understand something in medicine, ugh, in economics. And the chief doctor, no, the president and the prime minister, let them know that the economy is not treated by neighbor’s handouts, but by the development of its own production, the rise of agriculture and good relations with all its neighbors. Especially with those who can buy what you are rich with.
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  1. olhon
    olhon 12 November 2015 05: 51 New
    "And you, my friends, no matter how you sit down, everyone is not good at musicians."
    1. Berthan
      Berthan 12 November 2015 06: 57 New
      And don’t say straight - an island of bad luck somehow ...)
      1. Tatyana
        Tatyana 12 November 2015 07: 04 New
        From the text of the article
        So the leading Ukrainian doctors gathered, or rather, the leading Ukrainian economists and decided to make a diagnosis.
        These Ukrainian economists reminded me of a case when the academician in cardiology Chazov, once in defense of diplomas from doctors, asked one “doctor” graduate as an additional question to diagnose the patient with the following clinical picture:
        there is no pulse, no breathing, body temperature drops - did not answer! belay
        I still thought that the patient was still LITTLE LITTLE! laughing
        So it is with the "patient" Ukraine and its "doctors" -economists! crying
      2. The comment was deleted.
      3. crumb
        crumb 12 November 2015 08: 09 New
        the patient is more likely dead than alive winked
      4. GRAY
        GRAY 12 November 2015 09: 13 New
        Quote: BERTRAN
        And don’t say straight - an island of bad luck somehow ...)
        1. PAM
          PAM 12 November 2015 09: 54 New
          spoon for lowered
      5. EGOrkka
        EGOrkka 12 November 2015 14: 22 New
        Author Alexander Staver

        I, as a homegrown doctor, will also say so. To, therefore, recover, the girl must begin to be treated ....

        .... Moses how old for years .... he healed ??? .... alas, the ministry of the present ..... so many will not cure fellow
    2. The comment was deleted.
    3. APASUS
      APASUS 12 November 2015 07: 53 New
      Quote: olhon
      "And you, my friends, no matter how you sit down, everyone is not good at musicians."

      This text on a modern maneuver looks like this:
    4. marlin1203
      marlin1203 12 November 2015 14: 42 New
      Like it or not, but for a large country, the economic law is one: "as far as you produce products and sell for export, you will live so." That is, if you are Monte Carlo or Cayman, you can gamble on income from the gaming business or international offshore operations. But this is clearly not about Ukraine. And since these svidomye with revolutionary frenzy destroyed their own real sector of the economy, now they can’t count on anything else except for the “IMF” ova handouts. And the IMF is not a charitable organization at all, we already know ...
  2. rotmistr60
    rotmistr60 12 November 2015 06: 43 New
    the economy is treated not by the handouts of a neighbor, but by the development of own production, the rise of agriculture and good relations with all neighbors

    The trouble is that the Ukrainian political "elite" got hooked on handouts from over the hill, like a drug. And you don’t need to do anything and you can steal a lot. And to engage in their own economy, which has collapsed to the ground, and consciously, is more expensive for itself. So they live for now.
    1. Goga101
      Goga101 12 November 2015 06: 59 New
      rotmistr60 - Colleague, what you wrote is 100% related to our economic "elite" ... recourse
      1. Pers314
        Pers314 12 November 2015 17: 02 New
        "Inna Zvyagintseva, an analyst with Adamant Capital Investment Group, needs Ukraine to improve its performance in terms of economic liberalization, improving the business environment and attracting foreign investment." XM, it feels like she works as a consultant to our Prime Minister DAM. Or is he just quoting her?
  3. tuts
    tuts 12 November 2015 06: 44 New
    Yes, and figs with them, enough of their problems!
    1. Lelek
      Lelek 12 November 2015 12: 15 New
      Quote: tots
      Yes, and figs with them, enough of their problems!

      This is how to give a drink. At the current level of theft in the "upper echelons" we are not much different from the former Ukraine.
      1. anip
        anip 12 November 2015 13: 26 New
        Quote: Lelek
        At the current level of theft in the "upper echelons" we are not much different from the former Ukraine.

        Exactly. Tired already with this Ukraine. They would look at themselves.
        1. EGOrkka
          EGOrkka 12 November 2015 14: 27 New

          Lelek-et how to drink to give
          anip-just about

          ... hi "whistle" -show again ..... about him ... himself ??? wassat
      2. APASUS
        APASUS 12 November 2015 17: 59 New
        Quote: Lelek
        This is how to give a drink. At the current level of theft in the "upper echelons" we are not much different from the former Ukraine. (Click.)

        At the moment I have only one comment on your text.
        the concepts of SHAME and CONSCIENCE are confused.
        Conscience - the ability of an individual to independently formulate moral duties and realize moral self-control, to require them to perform them and to evaluate their actions; one of the expressions of the moral identity of the individual.
        Shame is a negatively colored feeling whose object is an act or quality of the subject.
  4. Goga101
    Goga101 12 November 2015 06: 57 New
    Everything is so clear with the Ukrainian economy - it will order a long life ... but who will prescribe a “potion” to our economy? We don’t have a civil war, but the processes in the economy are the same as for ukrov - the currency falls down, inflation goes up, real incomes go down, industrial production falls, housing and communal services grows, etc. ... the difference between us only in the amount of interest by which these indicators change, and the processes themselves and their direction are what they have, what we have ...
    In this regard, that - our ministers-economists and our Central Bank on their impact on the economy can be equated to a civil war ??? request
    1. domokl
      domokl 12 November 2015 07: 06 New
      Quote: Goga101
      but for our economy, who will prescribe “potion” -

      "Dear editor, maybe it’s better about the reactor, about the beloved lunar tractor ..." The article is not about our economy, but about the Ukrainian. It will be about ours, we will discuss ... tongue
      1. Goga101
        Goga101 12 November 2015 07: 37 New
        domokl - Hi!)), Of course, the article is not about our economy ... but it painfully seems fellow
        1. Lelek
          Lelek 12 November 2015 12: 18 New
          Quote: Goga101
          Of course the article is not about our economy ... but it painfully seems

          And the level of theft is leveled at "0".
  5. Wolka
    Wolka 12 November 2015 07: 12 New
    but it seems that Ukraine is diligently playing the role of a "street hero of a disabled beggar" in the hope that those around him (the USA, the EU, the IMF, Russia, etc.) will anyway "give" for a rainy day ...
  6. mamont5
    mamont5 12 November 2015 07: 35 New
    “This year, the lady will seem to be even slimmer. I mean, she’ll lose weight until bony. But next year, for some reason, she’s become fat.”

    Most likely, swell with hunger.
  7. parusnik
    parusnik 12 November 2015 07: 36 New
    We are joking here .. But it seems to me that over time, "Wild Steppe", that is. Little Russia will turn into this soon .. Russia will have to raise it ..
  8. The comment was deleted.
    1. magician
      magician 12 November 2015 07: 56 New
      it won’t work, there are ditches and fences (Poroshenko’s defensive line), we won’t climb,
      we are tired people, exhausted by the crisis, sanctions, the Syrian issue, and our own GDP is closer to the body))).
  9. anfil
    anfil 12 November 2015 07: 48 New
    It is very difficult to understand these "doctors." This year, the lady will seem to be even slimmer. In the sense - lose weight to bony. But in the next one, for some reason it will become fat. It seems that the body itself will begin the struggle for vitality. As a submarine crew in an emergency.

    Yes ... it’s hard to understand Dokhtur, or maybe Europe will advise, she likes to give out “advice” and she has well-fed Dokhtur.

  10. The comment was deleted.
  11. The comment was deleted.
  12. isker
    isker 12 November 2015 09: 08 New
    Put a minus article ...
    When it comes to Ukraine, you need to add the prefix “pseudo” to everything: pseudo-reforms, pseudo-construction of the state, pseudo-economics, etc.
    but this is not even the point, but the fact that Ukrainians are physically incapable of state building! to no one! the strength of its various capabilities is a moot point, but it exists, but desire is absent at the genetic level! Some weak cries about this come for some reason exclusively from the Russian-speaking electorate.
    summing up - the process of formation of statehood among Ukrainians - resembles an attempt to build Armata from plasticine - outwardly 1 to 1, but in essence? therefore, one cannot consider their economy, culture, or industry seriously, bearing in mind the basic principle of the impossibility of the existence of a “country” without external infusions and subsidies ... the patient is rather dead and with a complete lack of desire to come to life!
  13. Your friend
    Your friend 12 November 2015 12: 42 New
    “And they noticed that with the reform that the EBRD did not see in Ukraine this year, in the first half of 2016, our production volumes will nevertheless begin to recover. Moreover, the European Bank was not the first to worsen expectations for the Ukrainian economy this year “Before him, it was done by Standard & Poor's international rating agency, which revised its forecast from 7,5% to 15%, and the IMF from 9% to 11%."
    This is what analysts are sitting in rating agencies, they were mistaken with the fall of the economy by only 2 times ... gods (((
  14. Belousov
    Belousov 12 November 2015 12: 50 New
    Well, as usual, they all owe them investments, take the business out of the shadows, give gas for free, etc.
  15. wow
    wow 12 November 2015 14: 10 New
    And what is bad, big bastard. And why the wretched - more evil ...!
  16. v.yegorov
    v.yegorov 12 November 2015 14: 11 New
    They won’t let her die, they will feed her so that she bites us and bites us.
  17. Rich-ksy
    Rich-ksy 13 November 2015 01: 37 New
    About our "voluntarily left", the decision should be only one, as with Trotsky. So that at night x ... they slept in and waited for "they knock on the door"
  18. Balagan
    Balagan 13 November 2015 02: 38 New
    Yeah, it's too late to drink Borjomi, however ...