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CIDAF students learn to shoot on 3D simulator

Far Eastern Combined Arms School (PALES) received a modern 3D simulator for rifle weaponstransmits RIA News Post BBO.

"Training electronic 3D simulator for small arms and melee weapons" Vega-SV "entered the PALA to train students. It is planned to use it for training at the stage of obtaining initial skills in handling small arms, ”the release says.

According to the press service, the “Vega-SV simulator” was created on the basis of domestic electronic technologies and creates a complete imitation of real shooting from small arms, it allows you to simulate combat operations using computer graphics, computational geometry and artificial intelligence. ”

It is reported that “the cadets of the child’s training department have already started training on the simulator, they can use it individually or as part of a unit, you can work on individual or six-lane virtual rifle lanes and get real-time shooting results.” The shooter also "can go into 3D mode and perform the exercise in a single virtual battlefield."

"A distinctive feature of the simulator is the use of unique simulators of small arms, which fully comply with the weight and size characteristics of real samples and on 70% create a recoil effect when fired," the press service clarified.
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  1. fregina1
    fregina1 9 November 2015 12: 28
    This preparation should begin in all schools! This is exactly what China does! Every graduate should be able to shoot ....... one might say, it is necessary to restore the "Voroshilov shooter" in modern realities
    1. Appraiser
      Appraiser 9 November 2015 16: 07
      A very sensible proposal, it is necessary to raise in the schools of the patriots of your country and conduct compulsory fees of 10-14 days for students of grades 9-11 annually and all this should be included in the curriculum. soldier
    2. Shuttle
      Shuttle 9 November 2015 16: 22
      Quote: fregina1
      Such training must begin in all schools!

      Give Virtual BattleSpace to every PC!

      And it's not a joke.

      Although we already have Armed Assault.

  2. Andrey Yuryevich
    Andrey Yuryevich 9 November 2015 12: 28
    it is useful to "fill" your eyes and hands, but "the field" will not replace ... after playing "tanks", you will hardly become a tank ace, although it develops thinking ...
    1. Finches
      Finches 9 November 2015 13: 18
      The field will not replace anything! A 3D shooting range simulator, compared to the real one, is like the most perfect rubber doll compared to an ordinary, lively woman ...! laughing

      Simply, comrades, so many shooting ranges sold for giving to the unforgettable Serdyukov that it’s even scary to speak as an acting officer, I won’t say this publicly, but ... The court said that Tolyan is an angel! But no and no court .....
      1. Uncle VasyaSayapin
        Uncle VasyaSayapin 9 November 2015 19: 57
        Well, in Amurka you can easily walk forty kilometers through the former fields that have become virgin lands and not meet the results of economic activity. Cottages farther than 20 km from Blagoveshchensk are nafig to no one there.
    2. ZKB
      ZKB 9 November 2015 14: 24
      In addition, officers are trained at the school, and it is important for an officer to be able to shoot weapons, to lead to normal combat, to be able to eliminate delays in firing, make adjustments for weather conditions and poor visibility, adjust the unit’s fire and give instructions to the target when solving fire tasks. This is only possible with real shooting. and, as practice shows, all imitation by trainees is perceived differently and does not provide psychological certainty when acting with real weapons. For example, by throwing a training grenade, the unit shows a solid 5 when they throw an educational simulation (with a small charge simulating a gap) the result is already 4-3, but when throwing a combat trainee is lost and may not fulfill the standard.
      Also when shooting, the awareness that you have in your hands a military weapon that can kill and the awareness that in your hands an imitation, even the most perfect, are two different things. Such complexes are well used for training pre-conscription youth, or, for example, for practicing the training of complex fire missions by a person who has solid skills in fighting weapons.
      Such simulators are also good for training military specialists on expensive systems, for example, MANPADS, where one shot costs more than ten thousand rubles, where targets are also not cheap, or ATGM operators for the same reasons. but you can only train in small arms shooting at a shooting range or at a shooting range.
      1. Finches
        Finches 9 November 2015 14: 34
        I absolutely agree! hi
  3. 75 hammer
    75 hammer 9 November 2015 12: 29
    Cool, but what ammunition savings !!!
    1. ZKB
      ZKB 9 November 2015 13: 20
      THESE SYSTEMS IN THE MILITARY ARE ALREADY YEARS 7. NOTHING NOTHING. Imitation will never replace live firing, no matter how realistic it is. And there is no need to save on ammunition. It is another matter to use this complex in schools and at civil enterprises, but in the army it is rather a toy than a real assistant.
    2. The comment was deleted.
  4. albai
    albai 9 November 2015 12: 30
    TWO steers! All the best in real military schools!
  5. Amurets
    Amurets 9 November 2015 12: 31
    My tribe is studying in the DVOKU, I hope to share my impressions.
  6. A-Sim
    A-Sim 9 November 2015 12: 33
    this is where they teach to expose the elbow?
  7. vit
    vit 9 November 2015 12: 33
    A thing of course cool, but should not replace real shooting! in my purely amateurish opinion, without traveling to the landfill, crawling on my belly and digging the trenches of a real soldier you cannot bring up. a shooting range like addition to the landfill, a useful thing!
  8. Peterhof 73
    Peterhof 73 9 November 2015 12: 36
    I remembered how the Ukrainian national gadget trained at the training grounds before being sent to Donbass. The handles (krivoruchki) were folded with a "pestle", ran out from behind the shelter and with their lip-slaps like this: "POOH-POOH" towards the imaginary "wizards". Here is such a simulator they have. Uha ha!
    1. roskot
      roskot 9 November 2015 13: 30
      Which state, such and simulators.
  9. Evgeniy30
    Evgeniy30 9 November 2015 12: 38
    Learns to shoot in the field, at the training grounds, in reality ....
  10. kit-kat
    kit-kat 9 November 2015 12: 38
    For general initial shooting training, it will do. The "field" is irreplaceable to hone skills.
  11. GRAY
    GRAY 9 November 2015 12: 42
    A serious apparatus, however.
    1. 33 Watcher
      33 Watcher 9 November 2015 12: 50
      Itself would drive on such a simulator. With great pleasure yes
  12. Heart
    Heart 9 November 2015 12: 48
    Still for students and schoolchildren such simulators for military training.
  13. Yellow white
    Yellow white 9 November 2015 12: 55
    Shot in such or similar, back in 2008, in the suburbs, by the way by the NATO standards made.
    Well, of course, safety is again, but AK in real life will not replace anything! hi
  14. Maksus
    Maksus 9 November 2015 12: 56
    Good simulator, it seems. It is very useful precisely for practicing weapons handling skills, but real shooting, of course, will not replace. The simulator has no recoil)
    1. GRAY
      GRAY 9 November 2015 13: 08
      Quote: Maksus
      The simulator has no recoil)

      It has one. The article is written.
  15. reklats34
    reklats34 9 November 2015 14: 05
    ARMA 2 recalls
  16. Mestny
    Mestny 9 November 2015 14: 11
    Quote: roskot
    Which state, such and simulators.

    Great, extremely useful simulator.
  17. Zomanus
    Zomanus 9 November 2015 16: 44
    Good stuff. There would be more of these and not only in the troops.
    It’s clear that working with real weapons will not replace
    but at least you don’t shake for shooting each other.
    And in principle, you can go to such a "shooting range" at any time of the day
    and in any weather, which is also a plus.
  18. Svetovod
    Svetovod 9 November 2015 19: 06
    I want this. Everything is known in the game (simulation).

    And by the way, Czech ARMA / 2/3 is an excellent constructor of combat situations (the Editor there). Defense, attack, survival, retention, ambush, hunting, all kinds of skirmishes. This is where fear can be endured with trembling legs and a heartbeat at the moments when you do not know - they will shoot you in the back until you have run around the corner, or will manage, and will repulse the NATO infection. There and the terrain - you can admire - the whole city of Iraqi El-Fallujah, everything is built up there for urban battles. Well, a couple of mods for realism (ACE2 and SLX together). Recommendation.
  19. mamont5
    mamont5 10 November 2015 06: 57
    Quote: Finches
    The field will not replace anything! 3D shooting range simulator, compared to real - this is like the most advanced rubber doll in comparison with an ordinary, lively woman ...! laughing

    How the initial preparation will go. Hone still need to be on the battlefield.