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Battle Questionnaire-5: PRB VKZ (applied hand-to-hand fighting, version of Kolotov-Zaichikov)

Speaking about the service-applied systems of the Soviet era, one can not fail to mention the original direction, which is represented by Igor Vasilievich Zaichikov, well-known to the fans of the "man-made". His tough system (like a number of others) was designed to train front-line "illegal immigrants", but today he teaches in the mainstream of civil self-defense. Moreover, he teaches as rarely as anyone, without forgetting about the psychological and legal side of a street fight (and not only that).

General issues:

1. Characteristic style (school, direction) in one sentence

- Applied hand-to-hand combat. Intended for solving service and combat tasks, as well as for civil self-defense.

2. Style motto (schools, directions)

- "I am always right"

3. The origins (beginning) of the direction (when and who founded)

- There was a team. According to my trainer (N.I. Kolotova), they created somewhere between the middle of 20x and the middle of 30x, in the pre-war period.

4. The ultimate goal of the class (the ideal to which the student is going), the physical and mental qualities that he must acquire

- In the sense of "physics", first of all, a person should be well coordinated, have good reaction and endurance. Functional strength training is very important, but strength alone does not play a decisive role. Although exceptions are found. In the sense of the psyche, there must be an attacking type of character, combining rigidity and flexibility, cunning. Have the initiative. If the initiative is not for you, it must be intercepted. And even if you lose, you have to put pressure. And not only in battle, always. Well, and observation in combination with a functional psychological reaction. All note and use in their favor. Understand when to press and when to cheat. When to work the first number, when the second. Again, not only in battle, but always and everywhere. This type of character is purposefully formed here.

5. Teaching methods

- Perhaps, I will say this - imitation with constant complication. At all stages of the training process there is an imitation of a real fight. Naturally, with varying degrees of difficulty. We have a certain group of basic movements, which are included in almost all techniques. The cadet first becomes acquainted with these basic movements. Then he improves them when mastering the techniques. Improvement of basic movements in turn leads to the improvement of basic techniques.

No technique is studied in isolation - always studied in various bundles. Everything goes against the background of complication. Because when complicating factors appear, a person loses his technique. We are constantly introducing these factors - in the form of introductory ones. For example, first you perform reception from a place, then you move, or the object moves, or both move, and so on. This is the simplest, there are more complex ways of complication. This leads to the fact that even in unfamiliar conditions, with a lack of time and psychological strain, the technique remains at a decent level.

And yet - the technique can not be studied in isolation from the tactics.

6. Used equipment (shock, wrestling, zalomnaya, etc.)

- All sorts of. Beats with different parts of the legs and arms (for example, a biceps stroke), head. Traumatic and suffocating grips not only in combat on the ground, that is, on the ground, but also in the rack. In the stand, they are practically unaware, but they are very effective. Traumatic seizure, not brought to injury - painful hold. Different degrees of impact - I want to, or rather, what is needed, I will do it: it is necessary - I will break it, there is no such need - I will suppress it with pain. Retention and escorting techniques. Throws are different from sports, but, in general, are similar. There are several throws with a detachment of the object from the ground and a coup, they look like old throws from free-style wrestling, now I have not seen them used. But, basically, these are not throws in their pure form, but various options for collapsing, followed by finishing moves. By the way, laying down is an old Sambo term. Moreover, the collapse is not due to physical strength or dexterity, but due to pain. If we are talking about self-defense or arrest by law enforcement officers, this is a “painful collapse,” without a goal to cause injury, if about hostilities, it is a “traumatic debilitation,” causing injury. We widely use bites, there is a special technique of this business.
Movements in our system consist of a lash and rigid construction. Hlest, conditionally speaking, is the sequential inclusion of the kinematic links of the bio-kinetic chain of the body and limbs, with emphasis on the last stage. At the same time it is necessary that only agonist muscles work at each moment, i.e. providing movement in the right direction, and antagonists, ensuring movement in the opposite direction and thus slowing down and weakening the main movement, were turned off. Moreover, agonists should work in synergy, that is, together with the muscles in the movement itself, not participating, but ensuring its effectiveness, for example, fixing some parts of the biokinematic chain, giving it an effective configuration, and so on. Without this, not only the movements are slowed down and weakened, but the direction of movement of different parts of the body may not coincide with the main, predetermined impulse, reduce it.
At the end of each movement, you need to create a rigid structure from your bio-kinematic chain so that there is no damping and amortization. To the spine basically worked in compression, not bending. To the joints that should be straightened, straightened to the end. And again, with the full use of agonists and disabling antagonists. Due to the rigid construction, we involve in the movement practically the entire body mass. If the structure is not rigid, then the body does not become monolithic, succumbs to the passive resistance of the target, some parts of the body continue to move after it has already been completed. In motion, all parts of the body must work to increase inertia. At the final moment, they should reach the peak and the body should be as rigid as possible. And then the created effort increases much.

7. Direction tactics

- Attack and counter attack. We have no defense or counterattack. Psychological setting first protection, and then a counterattack - a loss of time and pace. Our defense is always a counter attack. You must not be allowed to be hit first - it is not known who will beat you, if you can defend yourself, and after a missed first strike, you may no longer need self-defense skills. Therefore, one must be able to read the intentions of the enemy before the fight, during it - according to the peculiarities of speech, non-jerk, micromotoric of the face and body, direction and character of the gaze. There are many signs that indicate that the object will attack you, what movement it is preparing. And it is necessary to preempt him.
The easiest way to protect yourself is to break the distance. And the enemy will not get you. In principle, this is a passive defense, but it can help avoid a fight. In the fight, it is also used, the maneuver is called "rebound - swoop." The enemy rushed at me, I jumped back, he failed, and I immediately rush at him. It looks like a side step in boxing, but more effective.

8. The presence of training battles (sparring). In what form, according to what rules are held?

- It is the training fights we have. UTB differ from sparring in that each time each fighter gets his own task. For example, one gets the task to act first number. Another must seize the initiative and act first number himself. Or work only the second number. Also, the task is how to end the fight - neutralization of varying degrees of rigidity or retention. Before a fight, or even during a fight, one of the fighters may suddenly get a task to use some kind of weapon. Depending on the degree of preparation: the better prepared can get the task to act on 25% effort, less prepared - on 50%. This is more beneficial to someone who is weaker, as he gets more opportunities to act. Experienced guys work with intensity up to 95%. In this case, blows to the head are applied only with a soft hand. The helmet does not protect against our blows.
There may be introductory during the fight. For example, work only with your left hand. This is useful, because in the course of a real fight, you can hurt your hand, and then this skill is more than useful. By the way, I recommend to come to workouts despite minor injuries - learn to work without engaging your injured limb so that your elbow or ankle is not loaded.
Maybe the task is to stop the object and run away. Fight can begin in different conditions. For example, both fighters stand with their backs to each other. Or one is behind the other. Or both lie.
Fight is up to three strokes in a row in the knockout zone, mainly in the head, neck. Or it could be a traumatic or suffocating grip. The term "painful hold" we do not have.
And all this should be within the framework of a combat mission. The winner is who performed the combat mission. If I set the task for the fighter to carry out a gentle neutralization, and he firmly knocked down the enemy, and began kicking his head - he lost. Because the task is not completed.
Or there is a task to neutralize the enemy and run away, and he instead takes the object for escort, but he also did not complete the task. If there is a task to detain, and you instead beat him so that you cause injuries - you lost the fight.
This is mandatory for civil self-defense, because a person must understand what he is doing. To be able to measure the degree of exposure. Even now, somewhere in 60% of cases with self-defense, a person gets punished by a court. In Soviet times, the probability of entering the zone was about 100%. Therefore, you should learn to work within the legal field. At each training session I give mini-lectures on psychology and legal issues.

At the same time, it is necessary to "fudge" try to deceive the enemy by acting on his psyche in various ways. For example, in our fights, when hit by a traumatic painful grip, they do not clap their hands, but scream. The guys are specially learning this, as there is a chance that in a real situation, the enemy might somewhat relax the grip by surprise and you will be able to break free. And you yourself learn not to be led to screams, and the capture is not to weaken.
“Dummy” is a complex of techniques and means aimed at disorienting an object before a fight, during a fight.

9. Physical training (general and special) - including work with weights, free weights, your weight

- We have no general physical training. All physical training is strictly functional.

There are 3 complex exercises:
- Tempo-power complex without burdening
- Tempo-power complex with the burden (sandbag, which made the basic movement)
- Isometric complex

10. Work against the group

“Working against a group is basically a tactic.” I learn to work as standard against two and three opponents. Older and most talented guys can work against more.

11. Work against weapons / with weapons

- Of course have. We learn to work with a knife, a stick, an ax (sapper shovel), a machine gun and a pistol as cold steel, as well as an improvised weapon. And, accordingly, against all this.

12. Work on the ground (in the stalls)

- There is a tough job in the stalls, which is distinguished from the sports traumatic effect.

13. Work in non-standard conditions, from non-standard opponents (in water, in darkness, confined space, from a dog, etc.)

- For example, there is work in water and under water, there is a difference, in a limited space, there are features of work on a slope, on slippery ground, and so on. There is work against the dog, but I do not teach it - the animal dies after that, but the risk of serious bites is great.

14. Mental training

- We have mental and psychological training. Mental training is work on yourself. Psychological is the ability to influence another.

15. Other effects from occupations (improving, developing and etc.)

- There is. For example, I stopped participating in UTB only 7 years ago, and I’m 75 years. And further. Wife is younger than me on 22 of the year and is completely pleased with me. This is me to the fact that we have a special set of exercises aimed at increasing sexual opportunities. There are lectures and consultations on the technique and psychology of sex. The use of female "contingent" is a mandatory illegal skill. Well, the type of character that we form is pure development. At individual seminars, I introduce cadets to the peculiarities of relations in different spheres of life, depending on the type of contactee's character, and so on.

16. Unique features of the direction (style, school)

- Said above.

17. Application in life (a case of self-defense, when the student was able to protect himself with the help of this direction).

- There were many cases and I wrote them down before. It is more interesting when the weak could defeat the strong. For example, a guy somehow came to me, and his girlfriend came with him. Thin, low. She studied at the Surikov College. Somehow at recess she saw a man in the yard who was running away from a screaming girl. The girl screamed that he stole her bag. My student ran up to him and held a reception with exposure to the eyes. The thief fell, and he was detained.

The second case. I spent two weeks intensively one woman. Somewhere a year after that in the evening, going up to my car, I saw that some guy was trying to open it. According to her, above her half a head. She struck the robber two “rammers” (we have such a blow with our hands) on the head. Could not dump. He flew off, stunned, apparently, in Groggy. She immediately put her foot in his groin. He fell, she got into the car and drove away.

Usually missing a pair of kicks or hands. The man then lies down.

Add. questions:

18. Are there written instructions for the Soviet system?

- My teacher N.I. Kolotov said that there were even kinograms, which could be viewed on the editing table. Perhaps, and now preserved. But for this you need access to departmental archives.

19. Do you have a student whom you can call your successor?

- There are successors, but nobody took the system in its full form. And I myself do not really want to give all non-professionals. The society has changed, its orientations and priorities have changed. Apparently, I'll take the complete system with me.
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  1. Oladushkin
    Oladushkin 9 November 2015 08: 26
    This is what every man should know and be able to.
    1. Same lech
      Same lech 9 November 2015 09: 19
      This is what every man should know and be able to.

      I must of course .... but after three liters of beer and a bottle of vodka, not everyone can ...

      alas, many men who come home are not engaged in hand-to-hand training, but stuff their stomach with any food and then lie on the couch, clicking on the TV remote control.
      And when you have to engage in a fight with hooligans, you regret what you missed.

      But seriously, you have to deal with hand-to-hand combat constantly in order to be in shape and an ordinary peasant burdened with a bunch of current affairs and worries often lacks willpower and the desire to crawl to the tatami and wave his fists.
      1. Glot
        Glot 9 November 2015 10: 19
        I must of course .... but after three liters of beer and a bottle of vodka, not everyone can ...

        Duc, this will already be a man only by sex, and so ... drunk and no more.

        alas, many men who come home are not engaged in hand-to-hand training, but stuff their stomach with any food and then lie on the couch, clicking on the TV remote control.
        And when you have to engage in a fight with hooligans, you regret what you missed.

        So do not flop on a sofa with a remote control and a bottle of beer. Go to the hall. Who is bothering? No one except himself. So then blame yourself. request
        1. Same lech
          Same lech 9 November 2015 11: 35
          Go to the hall. Who is bothering? No one except himself. So then blame yourself.

          That's right .... that's right. smile
      2. The comment was deleted.
    2. would
      would 9 November 2015 21: 37
      No, first every man should be able to run fast and long. Without any jokes, for running is the most reliable means of self-defense.

      And all these blows, throws, grabs are used only in the case when it is impossible to escape and "special technical means" are not with you.
  2. teacher
    teacher 9 November 2015 09: 31
    to train behind-the-front "illegal immigrants"
    another clowning
  3. mishastich
    mishastich 9 November 2015 10: 40
    Of course, I wildly apologize, but this is in my unenlightened view of the under-Krav-Mag.
    1. iAi
      iAi 25 November 2015 11: 36
      Quote: mishastich
      Of course, I wildly apologize, but this is in my unenlightened view of the under-Krav-Mag.

      Yes, you are right. Authors of this technique also want to eat.
  4. Nazaroff
    Nazaroff 9 November 2015 10: 49
    Solid Application System
    1. Major_Vortex
      Major_Vortex 9 November 2015 12: 35
      Quote: NAZAROFF
      Solid Application System

      I agree. This time the author tried and laid out the real melee.
  5. Kopeikin
    Kopeikin 9 November 2015 11: 16
    I'm wondering: why is it generally accepted that the adversary is always less prepared than the author of the style, for example? The fight against equal is not considered in principle! This leads to a break with reality and, as a consequence, not the effectiveness of the style.
    Truly effective fighting techniques are rarely advertised or generally classified (here I probably turned down laughing ), because they are not for display!
    1. Greenhorn
      Greenhorn 10 November 2015 06: 45
      Truly effective fighting techniques are rarely advertised or generally classified (here I probably turned down laughing), because they are not for display!

      The most effective techniques are the simplest and most famous. A blow with a knee on a man's household, with a fist (with the edge of the palm) in the throat, with an elbow in the back of the head, with a heavy boot or boot in the knee. What's the secret? The problem is that "at the exit" we will get a cripple or a corpse. Therefore, such techniques are not taught in sports. And one more thing - it is necessary to select methods and techniques "for oneself" and, on the basis of this, develop one's own individual tactics. What is good at the "hulk" is not suitable for the skinny "nerd". But technology is half the battle. The main thing is the spirit. Are you ready to kill and maim? Are you ready to be mutilated and killed yourself? And what is it for you?
      The coach (teacher, instructor) can show the way, but you will have to go it yourself. This is what I understood from personal experience.
  6. waiting in
    waiting in 9 November 2015 12: 57
    "Better an old TT than kung fu da karate!" Or a knife in your pocket ...
    1. Glot
      Glot 9 November 2015 13: 11
      Well, or a knife in your pocket ....

      It depends on who you run into. And even a knife can drive flat in the ass. laughing
    2. The comment was deleted.
  7. The comment was deleted.
  8. revnagan
    revnagan 9 November 2015 13: 11
    Quote: Kopeikin
    Truly effective fighting techniques are rarely advertised or generally classified.

    Because they (effective) are intended to maim and kill. And this is an article in any case: defended, forced to apply, the judge will not care. Fight and battle are different things. Allow yourself to fight with the enemy "for destruction" in a modern fight (just a fight) is impossible, and with the enemy's weight advantage by 10-15%, all other things being equal, there is no chance of winning without the use of extremely traumatic techniques.
  9. otto meer
    otto meer 9 November 2015 14: 04
    ^ My student ran up to him and had a reception with eye contact. The thief fell and was detained. ^
    ^ Second case. One woman took my two-week intensive course. About a year later, in the evening, going up to her car, I saw that some guy was trying to open it. According to her, she is half a head taller than her. She struck the robber with two "rams" (we have such a blow with our hands) in the head. I couldn't get out. He flew off, stunned, apparently into the groggy. She immediately kicked him in the groin. He fell, she got into the car and drove away. ^
    That in the first, that in the second case, in the realities of our legislation and our courts, both madams have very real terms. And with normal lawyers and lawyers on the injured party, the deadlines become simply reinforced concrete.
    ^ Usually a couple of kicks or punches are enough. The person then lies down. ^ Here it is the real power of secret knowledge! Only to the girl that the auto driver (unproven) "rams" that it did not succeed. Probably sorry for the poor fellow.
  10. Nazaroff
    Nazaroff 9 November 2015 14: 47
    Quote: Mayor_Vikhr
    Quote: NAZAROFF
    Solid Application System

    I agree. This time the author tried and laid out the real melee.

    Now sofa experts will come in and say that Zaychikov is simply obliged to go into the MM-shnoy to prove the effectiveness of this System laughing
  11. The comment was deleted.
  12. s.melioxin
    s.melioxin 9 November 2015 17: 54
    Attack and counter attack. We have no defense or counterattack. The psychological setting is defense first, and then a counterattack - loss of time and pace. Our defense is always a counter attack
    I am a little familiar with these concepts. From the age of 6 my son was engaged in "rukapashkoy", won everything that is possible in Voronezh, and in almost all types of martial arts. Won the RUSSIAN championship. MS from the age of 18. Until then, the CCM. I mean, nothing brings up, teaches, makes me work on myself, like martial arts. To be a MAN. Russia is famous for its heroes, not for fools and drunks.
    1. Tanysh
      Tanysh 17 November 2015 14: 54
      I applaud the Parents of such wonderful boys!
  13. Bosk
    Bosk 9 November 2015 19: 14
    For me, the same boxing for the street is enough, but if your opponent has serious special training ... then this is a topic for a separate article.
  14. SlavaP
    SlavaP 9 November 2015 21: 41
    I already wrote on this topic - no matter what you do, it’s important how. And in any martial art there are three components - sports, demonstration and martial. They are always present in different proportions and at different steps. And different systems just interfere in different ways. If you go to combat sambo or krav magu, then the combat element is present from the very beginning. In karate, taekwang-do and jitsu, combat elements are introduced later, from about the brown belt. So, only labor and patience.
  15. SIT
    SIT 10 November 2015 00: 15
    There are no super secret hits and throws for a long time. Hand-to-hand combat only the last 150 years has ceased to be the prevailing type of combined arms combat. For thousands of years, humanity has tried everything that is possible and selected the most effective. The problem is how to teach this. Moreover, the initial stage - setting the base, debugged in all schools. Somewhere it is worked out and formalized, and somewhere it is conveyed in its own words. Here in the article, the system designer mentions that the spine should work for extension, joints are assembled, etc. In principle, he sets out in his own words the principle of 3 external correspondences, used for thousands of years in martial arts. But training specifically for the combat use of techniques is a difficult question. I am sure that in the framework of self-defense courses it is impossible to prepare a person for battle for destruction. But the person who went through such a battle, then not everyone can be taught to control and dose the equipment. The shutter in the brain falls and works hollowed out - behind either its own or corpses. On the other hand, the people received a black belt in which thread of the section and even if in battle he correctly performed all the techniques and pushed the knife behind the enemy’s collarbone between the neck and the armor. But only after that he can choke in his own vomit and leave the battle for ten seconds. This time is enough to drive his butt into the back of his head. How to prepare a normal person for something that is absolutely abnormal in ordinary life - killing? Of course there are scumbags in life for which this is not a problem, but now frostbite alone is not enough. You still have to be a specialist in technology, weapons, communications, satellite navigation and much more, otherwise you are of little use. Here with this scumbags have problems. Of course, there are methods for preparing people for hand-to-hand combat. As I said, humanity has been fighting for thousands of years. But it is unlikely that they will be stated on the pages of this forum and used in self-defense groups. And in general, the application of these methods in peacetime is almost impossible. Well, thank God.