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Great Encyclopedic Scientist and True Russian Peasant 300 Years

Great Encyclopedic Scientist and True Russian Peasant 300 YearsIn debates about the role of the individual in stories many copies were broken. Some historians and philosophers say that technological development makes history, others attribute a special role to social processes, class warfare, economic development and, finally, Providence. No matter how challenging the role of the individual in the development of mankind, it is impossible to recognize the obvious merits of such outstanding people as Leonardo da Vinci, Newton, Einstein. By their very existence, such people have proved the greatness of man, his inexhaustible intellectual and creative potential, and most importantly, the ability of one person to become a symbol of his era, a locomotive of development, a pioneer and an idol of millions.

For Russia, such a pioneer and a symbol of the country's transformation into an enlightened state was M. V. Lomonosov. We remembered him not by chance, because on November 20 our country celebrates the 300 anniversary of the birth of its main scientific genius.

It is customary to think of Lomonosov as an inquisitive guy whose thirst for knowledge was so strong that he left the house on foot, following the fish transporter heading to Moscow, after which he became a universal scientist who invented for Russia possible at that time.

However, in the biography of Lomonosov there are quite a few very interesting little-known episodes that, for obvious reasons, did not indulge in wide publicity.

It turns out that during his studies in Germany, the young Lomonosov showed himself to be a squander, a brawler and a drunk who, among other things, had the reputation of being a real womanizer.

Schoolchildren, of course, will never be told that one day after a big drunk, Lomonosov awoke in the form of a Prussian soldier and realized with horror that he thundered into the recruits of the Prussian army. And only thanks to a desperate escape from the fortress with the overcoming of the defensive wall and the subsequent swimming through the moat he managed to escape from the chase. Once Lomonosov even perpetrated a drunken scuffle, for which he spent seven months.

We will disappoint or please the reader, who thought that we want to blacken Mikhail Vasilievich. Unfortunately, Lomonosov, like all classics, froze in his textbook majesty, and yet he was not only the greatest scientist, but also an original person, with his weaknesses and virtues, and just a very interesting person.

Comparing the unfavorable facts of Lomonosov’s biography with the admiring memories of him by contemporaries and relatives, the conclusion suggests itself that he had an extremely extraordinary and controversial character that is characteristic of all geniuses. So Lomonosov was remembered by his niece Matryona Evseevna: “It happened so that it will be recorded and read out that she does not eat for a week, does not drink anything except for March (beer) with bread and butter.” According to the testimony of friends and relatives, Lomonosov was extremely scattered, especially under old age. This feature also distinguishes many brilliant people. Sometimes during dinner, instead of a feather, which, according to its old habit, Mikhail Vasilievich liked to put it by the ear, put a dinner spoon in it, and also used his famous wig instead of napkins.

However, Lomonosov was not a typical scattered eccentric. Large, and even old in his old age, he was nevertheless sharp and strong and, despite his natural kindness and gaiety, was famous for his cool temper. Once, on the Vasilyevsky Island, three sailors took it into their head to rob him, but their attempt to carry out his plan led Mikhail Vasilyevich to such indignation that he put one of the unfortunate thugs on the spot unconscious, forced the second to flee, breaking his face, and the third robbed, stripped him to the linen, took home things.

By the end of his life, Lomonosov, as a scientist, gained worldwide recognition, but even at the zenith of fame, he did not change his habits, continuing to remain a simple Russian peasant. Casually dressed, in a blouse with an open collar and a simple dressing gown, he could both meet an important dignitary and drink a cold beer with his fellow countryman.

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  1. Anatoly
    Anatoly 19 November 2011 08: 05
    These "little-known episodes" of the great man are of no interest to anyone. It looks like a bazaar of grandmothers, at the entrance. Each of us had our darkest moments in life.
    And the man was great. And on such examples more than one generation of worthy people has grown. Real Russian man with a capital letter.
    1. J_silver
      J_silver 19 November 2011 20: 52
      It was possible for the author to watch a serial film about Lomonosov! These discoveries have long been known to everyone ...
  2. Tyumen
    Tyumen 19 November 2011 10: 26
    So these are our * dark moments * that are of no interest to anyone, as great people among us are not yet visible. And episodes of life such as Lomonosov are interesting to everyone. Another thing is that in the article essentially nothing is said, except for a couple of well-known facts. Why they wrote - it is not clear. Took, so collect enough material.
  3. Bob
    Bob 19 November 2011 10: 31
    Lomonosov predicted Russia a great future. The fact that in the Russian Empire in the 20th century 500 million people will live comfortably. The forecast is justified by the material wealth that is still in the country, in its depths. However, numerous revolutions, wars in which Russia lost people, time, resources for development, did not allow these forecasts to materialize.
    The next century for Russia may once again turn out to be either GOLD or black (this depends on many factors, but there is also the main one - the art and quality of state administration of the country, the ability to integrate into a more powerful economic, political and military education (UNION))
    I don’t want to talk about the black age, but it is necessary. It’s just the moment when clouds gather around the Motherland. And to stand aside nobody will succeed. To prevent a negative scenario, will and faith are required. If we do not elect (overthrow) Putin, the state will become weaker from this, and it will stand on clay feet anyway, will crumble if the wind blows from the West and South directions.
    History repeats itself. The choice is ours.
  4. sir
    sir 19 November 2011 11: 00
    Bob, well, why campaign here. Isn’t it better to say: yes there was such a man LOMONOSOV who knew how to drink and work. Well, respect and glory to him.
  5. Bob
    Bob 19 November 2011 11: 10
    The contribution of Lomonosov to the development of Russia is difficult to overestimate. This is not a simple person, but a husband - a state, scientific. A lot of respect to him! Sorry did not live up to his hopes.
  6. Vitaliy Fedorovich
    Vitaliy Fedorovich 19 November 2011 11: 56
    “The greatness, power and wealth of the whole state consists in the preservation and propagation of the Russian people” - MV Lomonosov, Russian scientist-naturalist.
    ESCANDER 19 November 2011 13: 33
    Well, since such a booze started, the author forgot to mention that Lomonosov fully justified his name when he pushed his nose into the face of a court historian (German), for distortion and pro-Western falsification of the History of the Russian State.
    Lomonosov is our Golden Fund.
    1. SeregaKep
      SeregaKep 19 November 2011 20: 22
      do not forget that after the fighting, this German historian sued Mikhailo
      it is true that in court the people turned out to be with humor and the fact that Lomonosov broke his nose to a German historian was not accepted for consideration)))
  8. maksim
    maksim 19 November 2011 14: 44
    a scientist with a capital letter, Russia was built on such people until the Jews appeared
  9. fellow misha
    fellow misha 19 November 2011 17: 40
    I have long known that the world is moved forward by buoys, womanizer and drunkards. Well, not nerds, pimply masturbating under the table will do this. Only the person in whom life is in full swing is capable of great things.
    1. Uhalus
      Uhalus 19 November 2011 23: 14
      Yes, a really talented person is talented in everything! And in different sciences, and in boozy women, and even a brave man - he was not shy, if that :) and he was not shy in all areas!
      wink What are the sailors! They wanted to clean the Arkhangelsk peasant! I didn’t know that! wink
    2. Justme
      Justme 20 November 2011 10: 18
      At the expense of nerds.
      Yes - we can agree that their fighting qualities leave much to be desired ..
      But for some reason, it is not mentioned anywhere that Euler was the same age as Lomonosov (mathematician N 1 of the eighteenth century) .. And he put half his life on Russia .. and was buried with us .. And he was a nerd ..
      And without unnecessary massacre, he laid the foundations of our mathematical school ..
      The question is diplomatically circumvented in the article above - after all, the era of descriptive science by that time was already ending.
      And why it is desirable to know these.
      Here at the last showdown with my boss at the research institute about my initiative development (I spat and made electronic models of a measuring system for rocket engines with my money - compared - it turned out - this is the best that Russia has in this area) .. And my boss admitted - transferring this project to someone from the young is impossible. Totally - no one has the required knowledge - there are no nerds who are ready to spend 5-7 years on learning the basics of analog electronics, which dominated in the years 50-80.
      .. And where are these nerds now?
      Here I go into an unobtrusive private company and after all the passes I walk through the premises - and around - only crowds of nerds and inscriptions in English - these guys work for the States ...
      1. Andrey77
        Andrey77 20 November 2011 17: 26
        You confuse warm with soft. An outstanding person in his field has never been obsessed with his field. If there are reverse examples - bring! Euler, certainly a great mathematician, but where did you get that he was a nerd ?! You all his prostitutes (then there wasn’t such a word, really) do you know?
      2. fellow misha
        fellow misha 20 November 2011 20: 32
        Yes, he was not a nerd, he was just born in a pastor’s family, and that’s the appropriate upbringing, and it looks like he was a naughty kid - 13 children born.
  10. _arbit
    _arbit 19 November 2011 18: 42
    heh) was sentenced to death for the "history of Russia" from the Germans, he did not break it under Anna, it seems like more)
  11. Dmitry_24rus
    Dmitry_24rus 19 November 2011 19: 28
    Man. Scientist. Genius.
  12. Rashid
    Rashid 20 November 2011 19: 08
    If now there was a competition "Name of Russia", Lomonosov, as they say, would have made it to the final.
  13. APASUS
    APASUS 20 November 2011 21: 15
    Mathematician, physicist, chemist, poet and just smart. You can only admire the stubbornness of this person. A man dedicated to the prosperity of the Russian State, not a couple to current officials!
  14. Rico1977
    Rico1977 21 November 2011 03: 05
    There was a rumor in historical circles that Lomonosov was the illegitimate son of Peter the Great, and that all his life he received a secret pension from the government, not a small one. according to the will of the king. Plus - and appearance, and enormous growth and strengths, and violent temper - was, they say, very similar to Peter .... The jester knows him - true or fiction ...
    1. J_silver
      J_silver 21 November 2011 18: 55
      This is unlikely, of course ...
      You’ll laugh, but according to my estimates, my ancestors lived in the same region a hundred and fifty years earlier, so it is possible that MV is a very distant relative of mine ... So the hero of the occasion said to questions about famous ancestors that he himself and there is a great ancestor ...