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Military Scout Day

In 2006, in the Russian Federation, on the basis of a presidential decree (No. 549 of 31 in May), the Military Intelligence Day appeared on the calendar of professional holidays. The official date of the celebration was 5 November. The choice of this date is connected with the fact that in November of 1918 in Petrograd, the Registration Directorate was created to coordinate the efforts of all the intelligence agencies of the army. The Directorate was created as part of the Field Headquarters of the Red Army, and with time, the Registration Directorate got a more familiar name for the modern man - the Main Intelligence Directorate of the General Staff of the Armed Forces (GRU GS Armed Forces), which is the central authority of military intelligence.

Military Scout Day

Military intelligence as one of the elements of the national security system of the Russian Federation is engaged in the collection, analysis, synthesis of information from the military and military-political sphere, which is formed around Russia. The Military Intelligence Directorate is also called upon to forecast the vector of development of this situation, so that the General Staff of the RF Armed Forces can make decisions in a timely manner. The Directorate of Military Intelligence reports not only the highest military, but also the state leadership on all military and military-political threats (both real and potential) that the Russian Federation is facing or may face.

In fact, military intelligence, of course, is far from being in the full modern understanding of this military profession, existed even before 1918. None of the military campaign of the prince's squad could not do without the sentinel, who were to obtain information about the enemy without entering into battle with him. Military intelligence historiographers are inclined to believe that intelligence patrols, which were created not only from among the soldiers of the militia in Russia, but also, as is now commonly said, from civilians, included 2-5 people, and this tradition (according to the number of intelligence service representatives) actually saved to this day.

From the book of Oleg Tikhomirov's short stories “Alexander Nevsky” (M .: Drofa-Plus, - 2005), the story “The Marines” (about the summer of 1240):

Pelugia and Grishata sat on patrol until midnight. Their place was almost at the very water behind the first ridge of bushes that ran to the shore of the gulf. Behind, about a hundred steps away, a hut hid in a thicket, in which two more sentinels slept: Onfim and Ilya Krivoy. (...)

The sentinel saw that the ships one by one began to enter the Neva.

Long followed the sentinel, until the ships turned to the shore. In this place the river Izhora flowed into the Neva. The army began to disembark from the ships, unload some bales and crates.

“Stay here,” said Pelugius, and crawled toward the shore.

Getting closer, he hid in the bushes and began to count, since people leave the ship. He lay in the shelter until, while alien warriors did not cut down the trees that grew nearby. Pelugi crawled back to Ilya and Onfim.

“The camp is set,” he said. It's time to go.

Silently, one by one, the sentinels in the thickets disappeared ... Now, rather, you need to get to the village, take the horses there, and then too - to the fullest support of Novgorod.

The same story tells about the age of one of the sentinel ones - Grishate “hit only the fifteenth year”.

It is clear that this literary work is more artistic, but there are clearly some definite connections with the retrospective reality.

Military intelligence manifested itself during the Northern War, the Russian-Turkish wars, World War 1812, the First World War and World War II, other wars and conflicts.

During the Great Patriotic War, the successes of military intelligence officers were far from just collecting, analyzing and transferring to the General Staff of the Red Army and the Headquarters of the Supreme High Command and information about the Nazi troops. One of the successful intelligence operations concerned the activities of those who are called allies - the United States and Britain. Thus, in 1945, active activities including military intelligence led to receiving information about the Unthinkable plan developed in the West - the Unthinkable. According to the offensive version of this plan, developed with the direct participation of Winston Churchill, 1 July 1945, the Anglo-American forces together with the Polish-German formations could declare war on the USSR. Foundations (classic of the Anglo-American genre): The USSR "threatens the democracy of Europe and may not stay in Germany."

It is known from military archives that information about the development of the Unthinkable Plan was obtained in Britain by the Cambridge Five Soviet agent group, as well as military intelligence operating in Germany and Poland, where the "allies" found contacts with representatives of the military, industrial and scientific spheres. As a result, the Anglo-American documents and information about the "secret" talks of representatives of the "allies" in Germany and Poland ended up in Moscow, and after the end of the Great Patriotic War - in June 1945 - the command gave the order to regroup the forces in Europe and prepare for a possible "Meeting on the Elbe-2" (as some modern historians call the hypothetical "meeting" of the Anglo-American and Soviet troops already as military opponents in Germany - in battles on the European continent). As a result, Operation Unthinkable was not started, Churchill lost the election, and all subsequent "allied plans" against the USSR were prepared in the format of the North Atlantic military bloc, the formation of which began in 1949 year.

Returning to stories Of the Great Patriotic War and military intelligence, it is impossible not to note that the Victory Banner over the Reichstag, as the official chronicle says, was erected by military intelligence officers Mikhail Egorov and Meliton Kantaria.

Yes, and a symbol of the end of the Second World War was the participation in the signing by Japan of the 2 Surrender Act of September 1945 of the military intelligence officer, Lieutenant General Kuzma Derevianko (as a representative of the USSR).

In modern conditions, Russian military intelligence officers, relying on the richest experience of their predecessors, as well as on the experience gained during their own service, continue to carry out tasks to protect Russia's national interests. Statistics of the Ministry of Defense says that for courage and heroism shown in the performance of the tasks assigned, more than 700 military intelligence officers were awarded the title Hero of the Soviet Union and Hero of the Russian Federation.

Happy holiday, military intelligence!
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  1. parusnik
    parusnik 5 November 2015 05: 41
    Intelligence ... Eyes and ears of the army. Happy Holiday! drinks
    1. Andrey Yuryevich
      Andrey Yuryevich 5 November 2015 05: 58
      I personally, I will obey the muller ... drinks
      1. DDR
        DDR 5 November 2015 07: 29
        I'll drink a glass for you guys
        I’ll drink two glasses for Russia
        I’ll drink a bottle for a soldier,
        and get drunk for the Scout !!!
        Happy holiday men! drinks
    2. trenitron
      trenitron 5 November 2015 07: 31
      Quote: parusnik
      Intelligence ... Eyes and ears of the army. Happy Holiday! drinks

      Well, not only the army, sometimes industry and the country's leadership, etc.
      1. Oleg Sobol
        Oleg Sobol 5 November 2015 10: 22
        Happy Holiday Intelligence!

        People rarely remember
        In everyday life hectic
        What do we have military intelligence
        It should always be on top.
        And people also serve in intelligence
        And their name is short - EAS;
        Every day is not just everyday for them,
        Daily - combat order.

        92 ORTBR EQUIPMENT soldier drinks
        1. Asadullah
          Asadullah 5 November 2015 14: 42

          Happy Rex Day! military unit pp 44585 "T" 3 dshb, 56ODShBr, call sign "Paseka".
    3. Timeout
      Timeout 5 November 2015 10: 55
      Happy colleagues! All health and fewer combat exits! drinks
      1. Mairos
        Mairos 5 November 2015 14: 31
        Mutually!! )))
    4. 222222
      222222 5 November 2015 12: 08
      Happy Holiday !!!
      1. 222222
        222222 5 November 2015 14: 12
        Russian Minister of Defense General of the Army Sergey Shoigu presented state decorations to military intelligence officers on the day of their professional holiday.

        “I am sincerely glad to congratulate you on Military Intelligence Day. The General Staff General Directorate plays, without exaggeration, a unique role in the national security system, ”the head of the military department emphasized at the award ceremony.

        Army General Sergei Shoigu noted that providing the state leadership with the necessary intelligence information, the fight against international terrorism, and counteracting any attempts to destabilize the situation in the country is far from a complete list of tasks that the General Directorate is solving today.

        “Selfless and principled people work here, ready to fulfill the most responsible and dangerous tasks. The stability of the development of Russia and the calmness of civilians largely depend on the effectiveness of your actions. The brilliantly performed operations by you have become a standard of quality work, a synonym for the highest professional skills, ”the Minister of Defense emphasized.

        General of the Army Sergei Shoigu especially thanked the veterans (!!!!) - those who with dignity overcame the hardest trials that befell the Motherland, who for many years created the authority of the national military intelligence. "[email protected]
    5. Lord of the Sith
      Lord of the Sith 5 November 2015 16: 57
      I heartily congratulate the scouts! drinks
  2. svp67
    svp67 5 November 2015 05: 46
    To the keen "eyes" and sensitive "ears" of the Army - HAPPY HOLIDAY !!!
    1. Andrey Yuryevich
      Andrey Yuryevich 5 November 2015 06: 06
      here is such a difficult job for the Scout: to drink with the muller, to break the head off of Hitler ... bully
      1. marinier
        marinier 5 November 2015 11: 55
        Da ne drognet ruka, ne podvedet, glas v lico etot gospodin kotorij svershat akt gumanizm, ja privetstvi en respekt alles sekurit-officer, Russische Militeri.Zelat s4asti v zizni, i uspex v nelegkij, no o4en lazen

        PS hi
  3. domokl
    domokl 5 November 2015 05: 52
    Everyone related to the holiday! Only stars above us!
    1. yugan
      yugan 5 November 2015 06: 46
      Happy holiday! Separate congratulations to 98 VDD intelligence.
      1. Garik444
        Garik444 5 November 2015 08: 15
        I join, 98 VDD 217 reconnaissance reconnaissance regiment!
        "Nothing but victory"
  4. Andrey Yuryevich
    Andrey Yuryevich 5 November 2015 05: 52
    scouts are born! Happy Holiday! soldier
  5. rn6lle
    rn6lle 5 November 2015 06: 05
    Happy holiday to all involved !!!
    1. Kunar
      Kunar 5 November 2015 07: 52
      That war - do not forget, do not erase, do not discard.
      This time, like a burden, is always behind.
      The white snow, in those mountains, will again sweep everything.
      Well, but the Memory, all the same, remains with you.
      I, I’d like to forget, it’s just that I’m not able to
      That hot afghan and expensive serpentine.
      In our life, they simply were
      And stay with us, until deep gray hair ...

      These verses are dedicated to the heroic 334th Separate Special Forces Unit of the GRU, its soldiers and officers who passed the crucible of the Afghan war.

      To the dead - eternal memory,
      Alive is an honor
      Glory to Russian weapons!

      Well, who should be - For intelligence ... !! drinks soldier
  6. Summer resident
    Summer resident 5 November 2015 06: 06
    Happy holiday, our military intelligence!
  7. fail8219
    fail8219 5 November 2015 06: 17
    Happy holiday, brothers!
  8. mamont5
    mamont5 5 November 2015 06: 39
    Happy Bats! Hurray for our intelligence!
  9. Wolka
    Wolka 5 November 2015 06: 40
    Happy Holidays! soldier
  10. Romeohihnic
    Romeohihnic 5 November 2015 06: 46
    Happy holiday brothers
  11. Bayonet
    Bayonet 5 November 2015 06: 48
    Happy holiday guys! soldier
    1. Zavr
      Zavr 5 November 2015 10: 00
      Happy holiday guys! soldier

      Efremova and Alexandrova also congratulated? Or Russians do not remember their long?
  12. S_V_Anatolich
    S_V_Anatolich 5 November 2015 06: 53
    There is also a Ship Reconnaissance Division! WITH HOLIDAY OF NAVIGATORS! Seven Feet Under Keel and Clear Sky!
  13. svu93
    svu93 5 November 2015 06: 58
    Happy holiday, intelligence !!!
    Separate congratulations to the Berd Brigade !!! soldier
    1. domokl
      domokl 5 November 2015 08: 05
      laughing And I still remember the Byrd separate company. They say that somewhere ... relocated. Happy holiday!
  14. Same lech
    Same lech 5 November 2015 07: 16
    Separate congratulations to the Berd Brigade !!!

    I join in congratulations to my fellow countrymen and to all scouts.

    I have always followed their affairs with interest and I consider this profession one of the most dangerous and at the same time very interesting ... requiring a person to display extraordinary abilities.
    1. Same lech
      Same lech 5 November 2015 07: 20

      On October 14, 1999, a group of eleven Berd commandos under the command of senior lieutenant Mikhail Bezginov performed a combat mission, moving along the Sunzhensky ridge, not far from the village Sernovodsk.
      The task included: reconnaissance and ensuring the unhindered advancement of military units in the direction of Ordzhonikidze - Grozny; determination of the coordinates of targets for striking by aircraft and artillery.
      4 kilometers north-east of Sernovodsk, the group discovered a fortified area of ​​the illegal armed formation: concrete dugouts, trenches, underground passageways.
      During the inspection of the fortified area, at about 7 a.m. on October 15, the group was discovered by militants. A battle ensued in which a battalion in the amount of about three hundred men took part from the side of the IAF.
      The head patrol consisting of Andrei Kataev and Sergei Suraev managed to warn the main forces of the group about the danger, and immediately after that was destroyed by militants. The group took refuge in the old trenches left after the first Chechen campaign. The militants, using overwhelming superiority in forces, opened heavy fire.
      In the first minutes of the battle, group sniper Oleg Kuyanov destroyed four militants, enabling the group to organize defense and also to pull out wounded warrant officers Bakhnov and Zarubin from the zone of shelling.
      Signalman Ivan Anureev received a concussion, but continued to establish communication. He managed to secure the antenna under fire and begin a communication session. The militants, using modern communications equipment, tried to drown out the operation of the special forces radio station.
      The group, taking up a circular defense, began the battle: seven against several hundred.
      The fight goes on for several hours. Special forces beat off attack after attack. Under massive fire, the commander of the Bezginov group dies. The radio operator finally manages to get in touch and ask for help.
      To the rescue group send a unit of special forces in the APC. Aviation cannot operate yet due to low cloud cover. Sniper Kuyanov acted a little away from the group, in the bush, controlling the main direction of attacks of the militants. Disguising himself and changing his position, he shoots everyone who is trying to get closer to the group in his area.
      The machine gunner Yuri Travnikov dies, then Nikolai Klychkov. The group continues to hold on, but strength is running out. Anureev keeps in touch, periodically reports on the situation, while participating in repelling attacks.
      Sergey Ilenzeer is wounded. Ammunition coming to an end. It was decided to withdraw. To give the survivors the opportunity to move away, Oleg Kuyanov voluntarily remains in the position of the group.
      The group moves towards the meeting point with the unit going to the rescue. Soon “turntables” appear, followed by reinforcements - a group of Sergey Mozerov, who arrived in armored personnel carriers. The militants begin to retreat.
      By 14 o’clock the battle subsides ...
      The soldiers who came to the aid find the corpses of the dead comrades and militants, Oleg Kuyanov was not found. After a few days, the militants get in touch and offer to exchange Kuyanov’s body for the bodies of the dead militants.
      After the exchange, it turns out that Kuyanov’s body is riddled with bullets, his head is cut off.
      1. Same lech
        Same lech 5 November 2015 07: 21
        Results of the battle: six out of eleven commandos. Losses of militants: about 60 people were destroyed by the Bezginov group, another 20-30 were destroyed by helicopters and reinforcements.
        According to various estimates, Oleg Kuyanov personally killed from 35 to 45 militants. Among those killed by Kuyanov is a field commander of militants and several foreign mercenaries.
        The fighters of the Berdsky Special Forces, Oleg Viktorovich Kuyanov (posthumously) and Ivan Valerievich Anureyev, were awarded the title of Hero of the Russian Federation for this fight, the rest of the fighters of the group were awarded orders.
        ... Oleg Kuyanov was considered one of the best snipers of the Berd special forces. He shot perfectly, masterfully disguised himself, had all the skills and moral and psychological qualities necessary for a sniper. In his free time he was fond of hunting.

        Here are the characters on which you must always be equal!
  15. Kinsman
    Kinsman 5 November 2015 07: 16
    Happy holiday guys !!!!! Heartily!
  16. Volga Cossack
    Volga Cossack 5 November 2015 07: 20
    Happy Holidays! GOOD BROTHER SERVICE!
  17. Reptiloid
    Reptiloid 5 November 2015 07: 21
    Happy Holiday Military Intelligence!
  18. Vityok
    Vityok 5 November 2015 07: 22
    Happy holiday military intelligence! love All our Russian people know that our military intelligence will never let us down in battle !!! drinks
  19. warrior1979
    warrior1979 5 November 2015 07: 30
    The greatness of the motherland in your glorious deeds !!! Happy holiday, a separate congratulation to the parts of the CDS !!! drinks drinks
    Well, happy me !!!
  20. Shiva83483
    Shiva83483 5 November 2015 07: 55
    Who flies above the roof? That bat special forces .... Happy SFy, happy holiday !!!!!!!!!!!!!! drinks soldier hi drinks
    1. domokl
      domokl 5 November 2015 08: 07
      laughing The emblem was changed ... Now the carnation on the emblem bully So pretty ... five leaves
  21. Yar Ga
    Yar Ga 5 November 2015 08: 12
    Happy Holiday !!! All related))) Strong Spirit, Health. Reliable rear.
    And ALWAYS how many have gone - so many have come !!!
  22. Geser
    Geser 5 November 2015 08: 14
    I heartily congratulate all military intelligence officers and GRU personnel! Vivat and once again vivat military intelligence, which is always at the forefront of the defense of our country!
  23. Watchdog
    Watchdog 5 November 2015 08: 18
    Happy holiday guys. They all wanted to be in intelligence, their soul of romance is full! soldier
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    maikl50jrij 5 November 2015 08: 27
    Happy holiday, gentlemen, intelligence! drinks soldier
  25. vladimirvn
    vladimirvn 5 November 2015 08: 29
    My father’s brother was an observer intelligence officer. He died on 28.02.1945/XNUMX/XNUMX during the liberation of Breslau. I remember proud. In my service, I often had to suppress military intelligence. Standing guys, the elite of the army. Happy holiday to you!
  26. alexvdv78
    alexvdv78 5 November 2015 08: 50
    Happy holiday, intelligence !!! We took the oath that day. 282 OOSpN 14 OBrSpN. Happy Holidays !!! All who are involved !!!
  27. Skif83
    Skif83 5 November 2015 08: 55
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    yawa63 5 November 2015 09: 01
    All scouts - a happy holiday! To the dead - Eternal Memory!
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    Lissyara 5 November 2015 09: 19
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    lunoxod 5 November 2015 09: 24
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    bear 5 November 2015 09: 58
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    aleks63PAY 5 November 2015 10: 13
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    Roy 5 November 2015 10: 35
    Glory to our military intelligence is eyes, ears, and instant reaction to enemy actions. Happy Holidays, dear comrades!
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    Dad Uassia 5 November 2015 10: 36
    Happy holiday.
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    KareL1978 5 November 2015 10: 52
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  37. Dmitry 2246
    Dmitry 2246 5 November 2015 11: 10
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    Happy holiday to all who have the eyes and ears of the army!
  38. nva8
    nva8 5 November 2015 11: 32
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    Belousov 5 November 2015 11: 41
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    Dragon-y 5 November 2015 11: 43
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    Mairos 5 November 2015 14: 36
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  45. infantry76
    infantry76 5 November 2015 16: 00
    Military intelligence. All the subtleties of service
    Known to those who served us once.
    May the great friendship of men grow stronger!
    Let every order be executed!
    Happy holiday to all veterans and those who now serve in intelligence!
    I have the honor! soldier
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  49. tank64rus
    tank64rus 5 November 2015 20: 22
    My father was a scout reconnaissance commander from 1941-1945. Eternal Memory to those who are not with us. Glory to those who live. Happy Holiday Intelligence! Good luck to all!
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    win 5 November 2015 21: 28
    Happy professional fellow workers!
    Some are no longer with us ...

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