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Sputnik: Serbia will not be able to sit on two chairs at the same time

On the one hand, Serbia is negotiating with Moscow about buying a new weaponsand, on the other hand, its army is preparing to take part in NATO exercises. The Serbian government is balancing between Russia and NATO, but it will soon have to make a choice, Sputnik International writes.

According to Belgrade expert Zoran Drazisik, “military ties with Russia will not jeopardize the European perspective of Serbia, but it will not be able to build a long-term policy balancing between Moscow and the EU.”

“Serbia is not a member of the European Union at the moment and is trying to sit on two chairs at the same time. I don’t think it will be possible in the long run. ”- quotes an expert RIA News.

“Soon we will find ourselves in a situation where we will need to clearly choose one of the parties,” added Drazisik.

With the statement that Serbia should not be afraid of worsening with the EU, the Center for Euro-Atlantic Studies in Belgrade did not agree. His experts urged the president not to sign with Moscow any "economic agreements with Moscow that could violate anti-Russian sanctions."

The agency recalls that the military neutrality doctrine of Belgrade has been accepted at 2007, and at the moment the government sees no reason for changing it. According to the head of the Ministry of Defense of the country Bratislava Hasek, "the Serbian army is trying to conduct a balanced policy of military and international cooperation."
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  1. A-Sim
    A-Sim 3 November 2015 11: 02
    Vučić will speculate, and the EUs will land him. Will sit quietly. Like Tsipras.
    1. vovanpain
      vovanpain 3 November 2015 11: 07
      Quote: A-Sim
      Vučić will speculate, and the EUs will land him. Will sit quietly. Like Tsipras.

      Not only Tsipras, but also Yanukovoschosh signed the agreement on January 20, 2014, and flew out like a cork from a bottle of champagne on January 21, Caucasians and the USA will do everything so that there would be no union of Serbia and Russia. And they will have to decide anyway.
      1. Baikonur
        Baikonur 3 November 2015 11: 13
        Caucasians and the USA will do everything so that there is no union of Serbia and Russia
        Even the coup d'état and staging his "pig" do not disdain!
      2. Sasha 19871987
        Sasha 19871987 3 November 2015 11: 50
        I am only ashamed of the struggle of an alcoholic that did not protect the Serbs from NATO at the time ... from our omission they are moving closer to Europe ...
      3. g1v2
        g1v2 3 November 2015 13: 20
        Serbia has long been decided. She goes to NATO and the EU. All tales about the Slavic brotherhood - talk in favor of the poor. In my opinion, there is nothing in Serbia that could recoup any global measures to prevent it from going there. There is at least Montenegro access to the sea. But if there is any reason to fight for Serbia, which I did not see, then we need to organize a pro-Russian Maidan there. There is already a leader - Sheshel, if you connect the media, then he has a good chance of winning. If nothing is done, then the Serbs will be in an enemy trench and this is a fact.
        1. Vladivostok
          Vladivostok 5 November 2015 07: 24
          But if there is any reason to fight for Serbia, which I did not see

          Dear g1v2!
          And you did not get excited?
          With this logic, it is possible to hand over Central Asia to the world caliphate, and give the Yankees control of Siberia, and give Sakhalin to the Japanese ... It is easy to justify the reason "not to fight", but what next?
    2. Altona
      Altona 3 November 2015 11: 11
      Quote: A-Sim
      Vučić will speculate, and the EUs will land him. Will sit quietly. Like Tsipras.

      They will choose the EU, no one will have any business with Serbia, they will lose the Russians as consumers ... Montenegro has made a choice and incurs losses, the Russians have sold apartments and left ...
  2. Alexei
    Alexei 3 November 2015 11: 04
    We have to choose, and that’s how Ukraine’s ass can crack.
  3. Vik66
    Vik66 3 November 2015 11: 04
    But where will they go - how cute, they will fall under NATO! Who feeds the girl, he dances.
  4. Teberii
    Teberii 3 November 2015 11: 09
    Anyway, you have to choose with whom they are.
  5. The comment was deleted.
  6. Andrey Yuryevich
    Andrey Yuryevich 3 November 2015 11: 12
    Serbs are weird like their language ... pride in theirs-diarrhea ... burst-fart ... slowly-dispute! here they’re stupid ..request
  7. red_october
    red_october 3 November 2015 11: 16
    NATO bombed them with tactical nuclear weapons.
    And Russia has the best air defense weapon in the world.

    And then attention (!): Serbia will refuse military-technical cooperation with Russia. Under pressure from the EU-NATO. I am sure
    1. Stirbjorn
      Stirbjorn 3 November 2015 11: 40
      Quote: red_october
      NATO bombed them with tactical nuclear weapons.

      What are tactical nuclear charges? Have you heard enough of Geletey? wassat
      1. The comment was deleted.
      2. red_october
        red_october 4 November 2015 16: 46
        Wrong and incorrectly formulated the idea.
        The United States used depleted uranium ammunition - shells containing radioactive and highly toxic depleted uranium. What triggered the outbreak of cancer in the region, radiation pollution of water, etc. - The UN investigated this in detail.

        In general, it’s not quite a conventional weapon, if radiation remains after it.

        I am not familiar with Geletey, judging by the Internet he has no relation to the war in Yugoslavia.
      3. The comment was deleted.
    2. Maksus
      Maksus 3 November 2015 13: 43
      Tactical nuclear? Not those with whom the airport was demolished in front of Geletey?
      1. red_october
        red_october 4 November 2015 17: 00
        No, these are those after which radiation contamination remains and for a number of years the population has been dying of cancer, which was not the case before. UN experts on this topic prepared a report, that is, the question exists both in the legal field and in the media space, you can find.

        And my post, from which you deftly pulled out a phrase about tactical nuclear weapons (incorrectly formulated, true) had the basic idea that after NATO ironed Yugoslavia in the 99, including with the use of depleted uranium weapons, which provoked consequences for the health of the population to this day, most likely under pressure from Europe it will not be able to cooperate with Russia in military technically or economically. US and EU will eat it anyway
      2. The comment was deleted.
    3. IGS
      IGS 3 November 2015 18: 48
      I don't want to offend you ... but you are not a victim of EG? NATO used depleted uranium cores, mainly, to destroy armored vehicles, due to its physical properties (density, ability to "self-sharpen" when passing through an armor plate). Depleted uranium is related to a nuclear charge, just as a piece of wood is to explosives. For information, the 30mm gun of the A-10 attack aircraft is usually loaded with 4 + 1, 1 depleted uranium shell at 4.
      Based on your "knowledge", you can imagine how much Hiroshim would arrange in one line. laughing
      1. red_october
        red_october 4 November 2015 17: 16
        I appreciate your concern for my education.
        The problem is that there were still consequences in the form of radiation and an outbreak of cancer. Regardless of what kind of charges NATO used. But you're right, depleted uranium shells were primarily used.
        Although I read about fragments of bombs found, at the time, the IAEA and the UN investigated this problem.
      2. The comment was deleted.
  8. Same lech
    Same lech 3 November 2015 11: 16
    Center for Euro-Atlantic Studies in Belgrade.

    A foreign agent funded knows where ... why the Serbs do not close these sharashkin offices.
    It is clear that with this position, SERBIA will be in the position of BULGARIA ... and will carry out everything that is ordered from Brussels and WASHINGTON.
  9. venaya
    venaya 3 November 2015 11: 17
    “The Serbian army is trying to maintain a balanced policy of military and international cooperation”

    It is not at all clear how this can be realized, desire is one thing, possibilities are quite another. I want to see how this will happen in the process. More reminiscent of a PR campaign to calm the inhabitants of Serbia, or something else, we'll see.
  10. ilija93
    ilija93 3 November 2015 11: 19
    This is not him, you can see everyone, this is not looking at him.
  11. EvgNik
    EvgNik 3 November 2015 11: 24
    “Soon we will find ourselves in a situation where we will need to clearly choose one of the parties”
    You need to choose now. And no matter how bitter, they will make a choice for them. Lukashenko is also trying to balance, and how it all ends - who knows. You also have to make the final choice.
  12. AlexTires
    AlexTires 3 November 2015 11: 24
    Sitting on two chairs always ends badly, because both chairs are unhappy, so you will soon have to choose ... I’m sure that Serbia will choose NATO .....
  13. pts-m
    pts-m 3 November 2015 11: 32
    Well, the Serbs can be understood. As in a popular proverb ... to live among wolves, you have to howl like a wolf ... and then there is the Islamization of geyrops. Russia is far away. Time will certainly show its grin of history. The choice is not easy.
  14. JonnyT
    JonnyT 3 November 2015 11: 43
    The Serbs understand everything perfectly and have not forgotten the old grievances ... so NATO and the EU will in fact go through the forest, it is simply not time for "sharp" maneuvers in foreign policy
  15. sabakina
    sabakina 3 November 2015 11: 50
    Maybe not everything is lost yet .....
  16. Riv
    Riv 3 November 2015 12: 04
    Why can't sit still? It can if desired. But there is a nuance: if the ass fits on two chairs, then a pair of well-known objects can easily fit in it.
  17. Corsair0304
    Corsair0304 3 November 2015 12: 18
    By the way, not so long ago, and soldiers of the Russian army took part. Let not in such large-scale - but here in all airborne special forces - please. They gave potential partners a light. So Serbia’s participation in NATO exercises does not mean anything. And joining this self-discredited office is unlikely. As for the EU, the Serbs probably see what ... Europe is now with these refugee affairs, and if the Serbian government has even a bit of common sense, they definitely will not go there in the next 3-5 years. If Germany is moaning that it is unprofitable and not comme il faut at all, then what about such a small and industrially undeveloped country like Serbia?
    So I see no particular reason for excitement.
  18. roskot
    roskot 3 November 2015 12: 35
    “Military ties with Russia will not jeopardize Serbia’s European perspective,

    This does not happen in our time. The West will not allow you to use two chairs.
  19. Raptor_RB
    Raptor_RB 3 November 2015 13: 06
    Despite the desire (possible) of simple Serbs to be with Russia, unfortunately, this country has no political choice. It is in complete isolation, in a hostile and EU-integrated environment. So, sooner or later (or rather sooner) they will be forced to join the EU first, and then NATO. After that, the Balkans will be lost by us strategically completely and for a long period of time. Alas, for the miscalculations of the Yeltsin leadership, we continue to pay so far, giving figure after figure. Hold on to the essentials ..
    1. Corsair0304
      Corsair0304 3 November 2015 13: 30
      I do not think so. Time will tell. Serbs are a very proud and ardent people. They are not used to throwing off an objectionable government. As for isolation, no one in the EU will now go to direct armed capture (well, or whatever they call it harmoniously) of Serbia. It's like cutting a cat. Big, wild cat.
  20. Maksus
    Maksus 3 November 2015 13: 49
    Quote: Maksus
    Tactical nuclear? Not those with whom the airport was demolished in front of Geletey? Or those with which Tymoshenko proposed to shoot Russians?
  21. unsinkable
    unsinkable 3 November 2015 14: 16
    Russia is only gaining strength, and they would have been bought all of them long ago. As in the days of the Union. Therefore, they will be bought by the EU and the Americans. Perhaps even with just promises. The desire of the people to be with Russia will not play any role.
  22. Blackmokona
    Blackmokona 3 November 2015 15: 11
    The EU, under the Lisbon agreement, has a defense union clause. Joining the EU is already half a step into NATO.
    The Reform Treaty prescribes mandatory collective responsibility of the EU member states. If the state has become a victim of aggression, other states are “obligated” to provide assistance and support “by all possible means”.
  23. samarin1969
    samarin1969 3 November 2015 17: 46
    The stronger Russia (economy + Army) is, the more friends it will make ... 70 years ago, only the Serbs did not imitate the struggle against Nazi Germany ... Serbs are funny, beautiful, courageous people, like Russians, who can enjoy life and hate enemies.
  24. Siberian
    Siberian 4 November 2015 13: 05
    As political scientists say: no one will ask the Serbs. It is worth admitting - when the putsch was "formed" in Moscow, the shooting of our White House - that all of Russia came together? Or did someone really understand something? Our conscripts served as tankmen and did not understand anything. They say that there was an order to come to the square, but there was no shooting. They were at a loss, not understanding who they stood for and what had happened. This is now being written and told a lot. And then there is no request for this information, ask, so no one really knows, but who was right?
    Serbs cannot be lost. The minor strategic task of the moment is to fuse as many Albanians from Kosovo to Germany as possible, they will not be announced back.