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Matvey Ganapolsky as "Echo of Moscow"

Many are surprised that the Moscow radio Echo always looks in one direction, like the OSCE in Donetsk. And now the secret has been revealed: in reality, this is “Echo of Bandera” in Moscow, which Matvey Ganapolsky, a recent employee of “Echo”, is very talented and respected, told us from Bandera Kiev. They are all talented there.

Matvey Ganapolsky as "Echo of Moscow"

And they constantly complain that they lack freedom in Russia. And here Ganapolsky said from Kiev what freedom they lack: to send obscene all and silence everyone, according to their wishes, who do not share their free opinion. For a different point of view, Ganapolsky:

- Go to ** poo, creature, I personally say this to you! How can you, cattle, call on the air?

Here in Bandera’s Ukraine - “freedom”, and Matvey uses it to the remnants of his conscience. But Ganapolsky, thank God, is already far away, but the “Echo” is near, this, one might say, Bandera column. With a few exceptions. But what instances of supporters of Bandera and Shukhevych are found there!

For example, echostar Yulia Latynina, a political scientist and columnist for Echo. Long before the Nazis invented “Colorado” and “Separs,” she invented “anchovies” from Uralvagonzavod. The discoverer, one might say, of a new kind of inhumanity and the newest "lower." And nothing, completely shaking hands with all Echo and liberal Moscow democracy. Tell me who your friend is, as they say ...

But Latynina is not the biggest echostar, the biggest “not anchovy” - the editor of Venedicts, who deftly pretends to be an untouchable pillar, although he is just an ordinary roof. The editorial opinion of his always Pharisees and can "do not coincide." However, the “does not coincide” is always in the same direction as the OSCE.

Ehhovtsy just consider the question: are Bandera neo-fascists - debatable. And here, allegedly, the liberal resource publishes without comment the revelations of the Russian Nazis from the battalion, I remember, “Azov”, because they, perhaps, are not Nazis, but some nationalists. They do not understand “Echo” in shades of brown, but they give the tribune, consider it important ... Did they give the word to the militia from Donetsk? I do not remember such a case ...

Now it’s clear why in Ukraine local liberals and outspoken Nazis like Yarosh, Bereza and Mosiychuk became colleagues, sit in the same parliament, debate ... Hitler was led to power by liberal-oligarchic circles through democratic means, remember? And in Ukraine everything goes this way, and our liberals are already “participating”, with Ganapolsky ...

Hitler's fascism also had liberal "cultural" roots: the fascists not only grasped the pistol at the word "culture", but also collected pictures of great masters. Ganapolsky know about this relationship, it is their secret, which, however, comes out in one-sided interviews, anchovies and scandalous ethers ...

The secret of our "not anchovies" is small: they are for American-style democracy, why? Yes, because behind this democracy is progress, that is, strength: military, monetary and comfortable. Therefore, the West is always good, even when clearly not good, as in Vietnam, Yugoslavia and Donbas. Because he is progressive, that is stronger! They pray for the right of the strong, and are hurt that Washington will not extend its right of force to Russia.

They can not understand why, and fall into cognitive dissonance, and then into hysterics, even Nazism. They do not believe that in Russia “God is not in force, but in truth”, it is above liberal secular understanding ... And this is so, therefore Russia will never be America! But there is a way out: they have to leave, following Ganapolsky. And it will be their homegrown, and we are calmer ...

Democracy eagles

Efremov flies on Orlush,
Save our souls!
Cover up democracy ass
Nuland herself sent!

Sent them cookies,
A whole barrel of jam,
Condom pack,
And Michael Bohm to boot!

To the Kremlin, the eagles are ringing
I ask to call Vova ...
They are politely told:
- Tell me your address,
They will send you a gauge ...

At the UN, the eagles call:
- They want to knock us down with caliber!
Collect soon Security Council
Otherwise, we will end!

The UN grumbled in response:
- There is no objective data,
Wait for you to be shot down
And we'll be right there ...

Eagles are ringing in Washington
Call, scream, Nuland:
- Save the eagles of democracy,
We rocket ass are flying!

Volodya takes the tube:
- What are you so yelling?
While you were distracted by the State Department,
We took Washington!
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  1. olimpiada15
    olimpiada15 2 November 2015 06: 33
    Of course, I am against censorship and closing my mouths, I am for freedom of speech.
    But freedom of speech must be distinguished from paid propaganda, which ECHO actually deals with.
    There are services in the country that can take up this campaign, control the sources of financing and prohibit state companies from financing it. It’s time to close, but evaluate its activities.
    1. Observer2014
      Observer2014 2 November 2015 07: 36
      Matvey Ganapolsky
      And there’s a whole herd of representatives of the most oppressed and offended people. I won’t list names, you already know them perfectly. Are you responsible for the relationship between the Ukrainian and Russian people ?!
      Yes, they do not care about these relations! They are like a cancer tumor crawling into power and politics. They "teach" us democracy. country? And about Ukraine, I generally keep quiet. If there are the main ideologists of that abomination, you can see very well who.
      1. Now we are free
        Now we are free 2 November 2015 08: 20
        Pay attention to the photo of someone in the studio of the go ... Polish, Dugin and Dorenko! If they had been in his studio after the broadcast where Matvey had "Bombanul Fart" (and he showed his true essence to the whole world) I think both Dorenko and Dugin would have made the meeting with Go ... Polish unforgettable for the latter.

        P.S. Thank you .... Polish, now when dealing with the "Liverals" I can calmly speak to their faces -Now you very strongly reminded me of ... Polish ... wassat
      2. Bobxnumx
        Bobxnumx 2 November 2015 08: 25
        M. Ganapolsky, as well as Venediktov from "This Moscow" - SCOM! Licks the Americans everything he can get.
      3. tracer
        tracer 2 November 2015 11: 59
        I, too, am not at all an anti-Semite, but I have not forgotten how to read the names and who (or rather what) behind these names. And it would be complete idiocy for anyone not to admit the obvious. I do not want to offend anyone, but for some reason the bulk of the "whites" are entirely Ganopolian ..... So there are some common qualities of this nation that unite them all. So there is .. And if there are such and they are clearly not acting for the good of the country in which they live and on which they themselves crap. So we need some kind of mechanisms to stop their "negative impact" like pigeons on monuments. How many of them have accumulated in the media ... And they supposedly express the "will of the people", maybe that's the case. That's just the question of whose people? Why, in percentage terms, a very small people in Russia have become a "volunteer" of each and every one? It is their problem that all these "men", all as one, are united by the injured left hemisphere of the brain when circumcised on the 8th day of life. They are offended for life, at everyone and everything, and moreover by their own fellow tribesmen. Since this is their custom, for God's sake let them cut whatever they want .. But just don't need them to be the "Echo of Moscow" and take them off like that. They do not need to be the "voice" of the capital of my homeland. For which I will give everything that I have without hesitation. And what and how is going on in my country I will figure it out myself without their "sympathetic" rains and "State Department echoes".
    2. Ded_smerch
      Ded_smerch 2 November 2015 07: 39
      how will you define whether it is freedom or payment? "There are services in the country that can engage in this campaign, control the sources of funding," so exactly the main sponsor of "Moscow ears" is TADAM !!! this is GazProm.
    3. Ded_smerch
      Ded_smerch 2 November 2015 07: 41
      a free journalist (in the sense of not paid by anyone) is the same mythical creature as Santa Claus, unicorn and elves.
    4. Ded_smerch
      Ded_smerch 2 November 2015 09: 32
      it's also probably freedom of speech
    5. Vend
      Vend 2 November 2015 10: 07
      Quote: olimpiada15
      Of course, I am against censorship and closing my mouths, I am for freedom of speech.
      But freedom of speech must be distinguished from paid propaganda, which ECHO actually deals with.
      There are services in the country that can take up this campaign, control the sources of financing and prohibit state companies from financing it. It’s time to close, but evaluate its activities.

      I agree, moreover. Freedom of speech is one thing, and rudeness and lack of principle is another. Of course, they’ll ban me right now, but I only perceive this speaker as Govnopolskiy.
    6. GAF
      GAF 2 November 2015 14: 49
      From childhood, in Altai. There was a place with amazing acoustics. When there were no girls around, the chants were unlimited. For example, who cannot sleep on a deaf night. Received a multiple response emphasized on the last syllable. But "Echo", both Moscow and St. Petersburg, are not concerned with the rules of decency, and, unlike a pure echo, they not only filter information, but also generate themselves more than disgusting.
    7. marinier
      marinier 2 November 2015 19: 10
      Dobroe vremia sutok.Uvazaemij gaspodin {ja}, proshu sorry, ja na znati Vash gender.A teper po suti, svoboda slova podruzmevat prezde vsevo uvazenie i respekt k oponent! Svoboda slov ne kodruzmevov et zem ne podruzmevov zov ne land podruzmevov zov ne land podruzmevov adres} .Po moem vozmojn subektiv mnenij in RUSSLAND zloupotreblat demokrati 5 kolon, russishe narot nado bud koncetriren.
      PSs respekt voor.jij sucses RUSSLAND hi
    8. aksakal
      aksakal 2 November 2015 23: 31
      Quote: olimpiada15
      control the sources of financing and prohibit state companies from financing it.
      - Gazprom finances))). Keep your friend close, and the voroga - even closer)))). In this situation, Echo has long become a place of misfortune, I sometimes go there neighing, they cannot be taken seriously. But to strangle this "Echo", holding the financial stranglehold in the hand of a national company - two fingers on the asphalt. Why do they contain "Echo"? There will always be a protest electorate in any society and state, even in prosperous Norway, their number does not fall below 5%. With a population of millions of people, 5% is actually a lot, comparable to the number of the Armed Forces of the same country. They need to hear, believe and listen to what they want to hear, believe and listen to. And they will do it in any case. In my youth, even the powerful jamming of Radio Liberty did not stop me, I found a way out by love laughing Well, if so, wouldn't it be better to use your hands on a radio station that sits on your leash? For to destroy "Echo" is not a problem, the problem is when such an "Echo", due to the demand from this very protest electorate, appears on other people's money and on foreign territory. What, jamming again? Have you already gone through that, is the rake your favorite tool? It is even better to quietly pay Echo's journalists so that they would be swept away at turns, while condescendingly forgiving them this skid, without starting a criminal case ... But adequate people who have not yet decided on their political preferences and are just starting to listen, such skidding is real repelled. The trick described above by Ganapolsky, if it happened on Radio Liberty in those days, would really have pushed me away and disappointed me. That's my version, IMHO, of course. May there always be "Echo" laughing in the form as it is now
  2. Alexy
    Alexy 2 November 2015 06: 35
    ganapolsky still that pig
  3. subbtin.725
    subbtin.725 2 November 2015 06: 35
    Ganapolsky, we write - Excrementopolsky, in mind.
  4. Russian Uzbek
    Russian Uzbek 2 November 2015 06: 37
    people like Ganapolsky sincerely consider themselves "elite" ... like we are the best and all the rest are wool
    most of them have been shitting since Soviet times - then they fought "against communism" but now, as often happens, "anti-communists" turned out to be ordinary Russophobes ...
    1. Alexey Lobanov
      Alexey Lobanov 2 November 2015 06: 51
      What is characteristic of this coprobomond - the guy who called the broadcast was immediately disconnected from the broadcast, and only then did the sheetfield begin to extract insults against him from his mouth ... So they understand freedom of speech. am
      1. Vladimir 1964
        Vladimir 1964 2 November 2015 10: 06
        Quote: Alexey Lobanov
        What is characteristic of this coprobomond - the guy who called the broadcast was immediately disconnected from the broadcast, and only then did the sheetfield begin to extract insults against him from his mouth ... So they understand freedom of speech.

        Duc, Dear Alexei, I won’t give the studio in the face, but an insulted person can. The ushulki-like pathological underpants. All without exception. yes
  5. ImPerts
    ImPerts 2 November 2015 06: 49
    This is the problem of all liberals. They stand for diversity of opinion, but the former oppose dissent. Just like Ganapolsky on the air ...
    They do not like the Bolsheviks, because they did not tolerate other people's opinions, but they did it and listened to it. And the adherents of "democracy" do not want to do this and at the same time want pure and bright love from the people (or the plebs by their standards).
  6. Military Builder
    Military Builder 2 November 2015 07: 18
    gonopolsky der m about the highest test
  7. iv-nord
    iv-nord 2 November 2015 07: 35
    In Russia, Ganopolsky did not allow himself such words, although there were many provocative ones in the programs. But in Ukraine it was ... And what can you expect from a traitor.
    1. Darkoff
      Darkoff 2 November 2015 08: 05
      It's just that the whole point is the fear that in a democratic Ukraine the broadcast will be closed and he will be fired if he allows such incidents and gives the floor to such opponents. And he already burned bridges to Russia. Well, and I hope that our case has already been brought against him for extremist statements.
    2. Cap.Morgan
      Cap.Morgan 2 November 2015 09: 05
      He is not a traitor.
      He is an enemy. And he has always been like that. Interestingly, my Jewish friends listen to echoes or television from morning to night, the benefit of technology allows. And this is in Russia. Brains are gradually shifting.
      That is sad.
      1. Turkir
        Turkir 2 November 2015 11: 58
        Our opinions coincide.
        The Guanopol enemy, as well as all those who mutilate our language, our history, and therefore our consciousness.
    3. Altona
      Altona 2 November 2015 09: 38
      Quote: iv-nord
      In Russia, Ganopolsky did not allow himself such words, although there were many provocative ones in the programs. But in Ukraine it was ... And what can you expect from a traitor.

      Motya Margolis is a native of Lviv. What is the betrayal? He left for his historical homeland. The usual ingratitude towards the country that has nourished and still nourishes him. Matvey Ganapolsky writes for Moskovsky Komsomolets and still works for Echo of Moscow radio ...
  8. Support
    Support 2 November 2015 07: 47
    Quote: ImPerts
    This is the problem of all liberals. They stand for diversity of opinion, but the former oppose dissent. Just like Ganapolsky on the air ...

    This is not a liberal problem. Liberals - this is the problem. The very presence of this cynical, hypocritical, cosmopolitan tribe, giving birth only to betrayal and collaboration, is the grief of all countries, all states interested in their well-being and tranquility. This tribe must be treated to a complete cure, or as with the plague. Forever.
  9. Same lech
    Same lech 2 November 2015 07: 52
    Matvey Ganapolsky, a recent employee of Echo, is very talented and respected. After all, they are all talented there.

    The talent of swearing the radio listener does not agree with his opinion ..... yeah ECHO MATS great spoiled his image of cultural and independent journalists .... or rather GANAPOLSKY all of them put it in his language lowered to w ... pu.
  10. rotmistr60
    rotmistr60 2 November 2015 08: 00
    They are all talented there

    The author correctly noted one of the properties of this "liberal" pack, which considers itself superior, smarter, education of others who have every right (as they believe) to teach and humiliate others. Yesterday, on the program, I listened to Gozman on Solovyov's program - the fact that he mutters with a clever air does not go into any gates. And now you look and listen to such people, and they are 98% of a certain nationality, and the thought creeps in that such by their behavior will turn any internationalist into an anti-Semite. Perhaps it is at their genetic level - to instill in normal people anger towards their nationality, otherwise it is difficult for them to be not persecuted in life.
  11. Zomanus
    Zomanus 2 November 2015 08: 01
    Well, nothing to say about Ukraine,
    there is one diagnosis at all.
    Well, ours live well this way,
    plus regularly glow at parties with the presence of
    big people from power.
    In general, I wrote more than once that these ... people are nothing else,
    as a test for the situation in society.
    Type of vaccination.
    If the society is healthy, then it either attacks this rubbish,
    or does not notice, leveling its effects.
    But when the society begins to listen, and even nod approvingly,
    it’s already worth the alarm. So in some ways they are useful ...
  12. Alexandr2637
    Alexandr2637 2 November 2015 08: 14
    This radio station is high time to close!
  13. The comment was deleted.
  14. NewDoctor
    NewDoctor 2 November 2015 08: 37
    I’m wondering when we will seriously take up people like this demshiz?
    1. Cap.Morgan
      Cap.Morgan 2 November 2015 09: 10
      Fortunately, they were removed from the central channels.
      I remember the times when there was one program per week for 40 minutes, the Russian world or an hour, I don’t remember, with Krutov, the rest of the time - 24 hours a day, all the same Ganopolsky, Latynina, Albats, through all the channels ...
  15. Swag
    Swag 2 November 2015 08: 46
    I think that the "echo" is left in case "when we all start scurvy" lol namely, when it will be necessary to maintain a rating of power.
  16. Votyak
    Votyak 2 November 2015 09: 12
    In difficult and troubled times, "it" always pops up ...
  17. nekot
    nekot 2 November 2015 09: 14
    This is another example of what is becoming clearer: liberalism in its extreme forms is fascism, while in the more moderate it is a system of values ​​that is destructive for a person. Just do not confuse liberalism with democracy, these are still not synonyms.
  18. Belgorod
    Belgorod 2 November 2015 09: 54
    But there is a solution: they need to leave after Ganapolsky. And it will be their homosexual happiness, and we are calmer ...

    I am against the departure of the Leberast from Russia
    1. Where else will Putin and EdRo find such agitators. I don’t know about you, but my speech by the Leberasts provokes only one desire- to rush to the polling station and vote, vote for the GDP and EdRO. At first I thought how much they were paid for campaigning, and then I realized it was impossible to play like that.
    2. Well, they will leave or be imprisoned, God forbid (they will make martyrs of them), but what if the Americans find smart ones? Now, Khuzman or the Red Masturbator say, “Deceks are immediately understandable.”
    No, they need to be cherished, fed. Well, where else do we find such clowns?
  19. akudr48
    akudr48 2 November 2015 10: 25
    Good article!

    All these Ksyusha, Matyusha, Alyosha, and other Beni Diktovs at the ECE are just an informational - ideological support and a horn of the 5th column.

    If you don’t ask questions, like

    1. Who owns this echo-mouthpiece, not the most popular Russian company "Gazprom"

    2. Who is the honorary and priority in the Kremlin journalistic pool, if not ECHO

    3. Whom does Benya Diktov meet and talk wisely, is it not the High Rower himself

    4. Who is a friend of the ECA, is it not the secretary of the rower, sand with a watch for 30 million rubles. and an estate for 20 million not rubles

    And if you take these issues into account, then another one arises, the main one, where the very 5th column is located under such conditions, really right behind the teeth ...
  20. provincial
    provincial 2 November 2015 10: 56
    over time, the political climate in Ukraine will change, this thing .... will return to Russia and will again broadcast on Echo, and what will we do? A bay at VO is one thing, and who should make a decision? another. Here it is. Our democracy is more democratic than all democracies. We will find excuse for any shit.
    1. Alexander Tot
      Alexander Tot 2 November 2015 11: 37
      It seems to me that "justification" will be replaced by an explanation, and there will be no more justification. It's time to pass judgment.
  21. natakor1949
    natakor1949 2 November 2015 11: 30
    I didn’t want to "dirty my pen" about this gentleman, but nevertheless decided to give him a description of his ilk. Here, on VO, people express their thoughts, their acceptance or rejection of something, but for FREE. And this corrupt guy, here in Russia "plowed in sweat" for money and carried his delirium to the detriment of the state, but apparently it seemed a little, now muddy the waters in the suburbs. Pan Ganapolsky, take with you all the corrupt "echo", all the corrupt liberals, so that there is no smell in Russia of ksyusha, macars and other scum, the Russians will be very grateful to you, and it will be more fun for you too. Citizenship should be deprived of those like him, kayaks, etc.
  22. Alexander Tot
    Alexander Tot 2 November 2015 11: 30
    The echo of Moscow is an echo in Moscow. Moreover, it reflects only the voice of the employer. Well, on air, the echo mold without delay issued from the subcortex.
  23. kirgudu
    kirgudu 2 November 2015 11: 35
    Only a new shock socialist construction will cleanse the country of this and that scum.
  24. RoTTor
    RoTTor 2 November 2015 14: 02
    place of birth - Lviv = life-long diagnosis of an incurable mental illness: "ragulizm"
  25. The comment was deleted.
  26. Victor Kamenev
    2 November 2015 15: 12
    Forewarned, they say, forearmed. "Echo of Bandera" in Moscow is a reality, Bandera supporters like Orlusha are a dime a dozen. There is a difficult ideological and educational work ahead to pluck Orlush, undress all the echo stars and show their neo-Nazi underwear.
  27. mr.vasilievich
    mr.vasilievich 2 November 2015 16: 12
    And who pays for the work of Echo Moskvy and Dozhd? If this is at the expense of the taxpayer, then I congratulate you Russians. You must fight these Bandera and fascists. By the way, Lukashenka has already distanced himself from the struggle and wants to wait it out.
    1. Rivares
      Rivares 2 November 2015 16: 43
      Not at the expense of us. Stupidly business project. Your congratulations did not come in handy)
      And what about Lukashenko? If I’m not mistaken, you are already Europe, and Old Man is calm with us in the customs union.
    2. kirgudu
      kirgudu 3 November 2015 13: 40
      Echo Matzah lives on advertising revenue. And the ads there are continuous dietary supplements, stimulants and other heresies. More like legitimate bribery.

      Rain is a paid channel.
  28. tank64rus
    tank64rus 2 November 2015 17: 24
    It's time to close this garbage bin stinks. Only that State is only worth something, if it knows how to defend itself, you can add and protect your People from such ... creatures.
  29. Reptiloid
    Reptiloid 2 November 2015 17: 43
    I read everything, I agree +++ with everyone. I’m absolutely unanimous and I can’t find anything to add.
  30. win
    win 2 November 2015 18: 10
    This one has bred fifth column.
    Did not see on time.
    And it’s necessary as in a joke:
    - A man fell under a steam locomotive, lost his leg, but survived.
    - And then a kettle is whistling in his kitchen. And the man grabs the sledgehammer and with all the dope this teapot flatters.
    - His son got scared and asks: "Dad, what are you doing?"
    - And the man answers him: "Remember sonny. They must be killed while they are small! .. "
  31. Wii
    Wii 2 November 2015 18: 12
    Hamlo it is everywhere hamlo .....
  32. marinier
    marinier 2 November 2015 19: 17
    Gospoda, pozvolt Vam een ​​sovet.V vopros naveden poradok, i presekat vsiakij miatez, budte reshitelen, menshe vsevo VAS dolzen bespokoit mirovoj mnenij.Vas dolzen bespokoit celost land RUSSIA en narod, ostalamovi novat

    PSv mire kak u djungli prav tot kto silen en brutal.
  33. Farvil
    Farvil 2 November 2015 19: 47
    Gavnopolsky is a Jew, throw him into dill, let him bark there.
  34. Nzn
    Nzn 3 November 2015 07: 40
    From the first hearing, the pseudonym Ganapolsky is associated with the song of KVNschikov "Milk b, yes cucumbers, toilet paper - and then I do not advise looking for me in the field"
  35. Basil50
    Basil50 3 November 2015 17: 35
    With such a surname, and so * substituted *. * Guano ... * and other variations on the theme of the name of the protagonist cannot be an insult. These are just different angles of the vision of the manifestation of the representative of * democracy *, as well as his * comrades in struggle *, and nothing else.
  36. Nubia2
    Nubia2 4 November 2015 10: 27
    The fact that the Ekhovites only CONSIDER themselves irreconcilable opposition makes the situation funny.
    In fact, they are part of the official media. as part of GAZPROM MEDIA.
    can bark as much as they want Bark whatever they want ...
    firstly, this will be a proof of democracy in Russia (they are not closed, they go on the air and have the opportunity to speak out)
    secondly, each time declaring their opposition they are hypocrites. and slowly accept government funding