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On the creation of the Russian school movement

October 29 in Russia, a new organization of children and youth, called the Russian schoolchildren movement. The corresponding decree was signed by Russian President Vladimir Putin. It is emphasized that the new organization will be a public-state.

On the creation of the Russian school movement

Decree No. 536 of October 29 2015 of the Year “On the creation of the All-Russian Public-State Organization Russian Movement of Schoolchildren”.

From the text of the presidential decree:

In order to improve the state policy in the field of education of the younger generation, to promote the formation of personality on the basis of the system of values ​​inherent in Russian society, I decide:

1. Consider it expedient to create, with the participation of public associations and citizens (...), the “Russian schoolchildren movement”.

2. Establish that the founder of the Russian Schoolchildren Movement on behalf of the Russian Federation is the Federal Agency for Youth Affairs.

3. Provide in the charter of the organization (...), in particular, that
a) the supreme governing body of the organization “Russian School Movement” is the congress, which is convened by decision of the coordinating council of the organization,
b) the coordination council of the Russian School Movement organization is chaired by its chairman and two co-chairs elected by the congress for a term of 3 of the year,
c) The Federal Agency for Youth Affairs ensures the representation of the Russian Federation in the coordinating council of the organization (...), participates through the coordinating council of the organization Russian Movement of Schoolchildren in forming the main directions of its activity, provides support in realizing the goals of the organization and monitors the implementation of its tasks .

The full text of presidential decree No. 536 of October 29 2015 can be found at President’s website.

As soon as Russian President Vladimir Putin signed the decree, the journalists asked the head of the Kremlin press service, Dmitry Peskov, what the conditions for the admission of children to RDSH would be, and who at the first stage would be the creators of, if one may say so, the general line of the Russian school movement. Dmitry Peskov found it difficult to answer these questions, saying only that there is a lot of work ahead for all these tasks to be completed in the near future.

And this is a comment of the creation of the Russian Schoolchildren Movement from the Minister of Education and Science of the Russian Federation, Dmitry Livanov (quoted Interfax):
The Russian Schoolchildren Movement will have an obvious positive aspect, playing a crucial role in one of the main tasks of the education system - the education and socialization of students. This is a necessary initiative, and the ministry is ready to provide all the necessary preparatory and methodological assistance in organizing such a movement in all regions of Russia.

It was noted that the “Russian School Movement” is a non-partisan organization and it is “not quite right” to associate it exclusively with the Soviet pioneering.

By and large, it is not so important whether the RDSH will be a Russian variation of the Soviet pioneer movement or not, the main thing is different. The main thing is that it is, in fact, the first children's and youth organization since the collapse of the USSR, capable of covering hundreds of thousands (if not millions) of schoolchildren, starting work in Russia. And if the work will be carried out, as stated in the presidential decree, on the basis of the value system inherent in Russian society, the positive results are unlikely to take long to wait. The main thing that is called, without the "five-year plan for two weeks" and other excesses, which in our country, the commanding person can strangle even the most good idea.

So, de jure, the Russian schoolchildren movement has been created in our country. And if, as stated in the presidential decree, it is created “with the participation of public associations and citizens”, then you can allow yourself from a civic position to reflect on what the youth organization should be protected from at least at the stage of its formation.

In addition to the above-mentioned bureaucratic hyper-initiatives, which can be directed not so much to the development of the RDSH as to self-PR, the organization will have to protect and, as they say, from another front. What are we talking about? Speaking about the fact that the very attempt to create a workable and large-scale children's and youth organization in Russia is a frank click on the nose of those structures that in recent years have only been busy so that the younger generation suddenly does not acquire a strong rod that allows everyone at the time of these, grow into a full-fledged person and citizen. This is all about the countless “human rights” and pseudo-educational structures that have grown up like mushrooms after the rain, such as the hypothetical “Parental Committee Against Teacher's Abuses”, “Sexual Education from the Diaper”, “Teenager! Know the rights, cut the responsibilities "or" The Association of psychologically injured eleventh-graders in the Russian stories».

For some time now, the educational environment itself in Russia is built in such a way that, as you see, individuality is paramount. God forbid, one of the teachers in the school will declare some kind of a spirit of collectivism, mutual aid or a comradely shoulder - this is a clear violation of the ultra-liberal principle "Think of yourself and only of yourself." A whole generation managed to grow up, with which, with young nails, it was not without the help of the so-called Soros literature that they instilled the notion “You are the crown of creation, the surrounding is shit”. Forgive generously for such a harsh expression, but in reality this is the veiled slogan of neoliberalism, which was pushed through in every way and continues to be pushed in places among young people in our country.

A whole generation has also managed to grow up, for many of whose representatives the most important task is to get two diplomas of higher education (one certainly is a lawyer, the other is, of course, an economist), and the main idea is that “everyone around me should,” for the fact that "I make people happy with my look and presence." School “must”, parents “must”, the state “must”, and “I” ... and that “I” - “I don’t owe anything to anyone - found a sucker” to work hard at the factory or work on engineering drawings ...

And now, at the legislative level, the state is trying to change what is called the key educational vector. Change to the one that can allow a child to undergo socialization, given that his peers are undergoing socialization, given that your freedom of action must be commensurate with the freedom of action of others.

Who were the first to howl from such an initiative? Yes, all the same liberal "partners." Certain groups in social networks and elements of the liberal press are overwhelmed with cries for “returning the scoop”, “walking in the line”, “Juche ideas” and similar things. It is understandable. Those who, as they say, have never been seen in creation, can not afford to have from them under their nose they increase the material that is fertile for the sowing of liberal ideology - children.

In general, if the Russian schoolchildren movement is a project that is not being created for a tick, and from which the “liberal human rights activists” will drive away with forks, then there is a chance for the development of a youth organization. Will hope…
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  1. Uncle lee
    Uncle lee 2 November 2015 06: 27
    They would call them immediately pioneers, and not philosophically crafty!
    1. Misha Honest
      Misha Honest 2 November 2015 07: 48
      Aha - Chubais and Medvedev will personally come to beat GDP to call the organization Pioneers! wassat I think that the current Russian government is likely to be called some kind of boy scouts or cubs ...
    2. CTEPX
      CTEPX 2 November 2015 08: 31
      Quote: From the article
      The youth organization has a chance for development. Let's hope…

      The chance is vanishingly small. As an example, we can consider such a public-state organization as DOSAAF of Russia. The curator is the Ministry of Defense, the tasks are the best. We can see the result for ourselves; they are unsatisfactory. Is it only about officials? No, not only. It seems to me that the very structure of the public-state organization DOSAAF of Russia is incompetent for two main reasons. The first is the inclusion of economic entities in the structure of the organization and the second is the presence in the organization of the institution of collective membership. I am afraid that the same "pitfalls" will be laid in this newly created organization.
    3. Klibanophoros
      Klibanophoros 3 November 2015 03: 24
      Information about this was back in May, and the idea was initiated by the New Eurasia Foundation, a subsidiary of the American Eurasia Foundation (patronized by the group JP Morgan Chase & Co Foundation), which "by a strange coincidence" is not a foreign object.
      The same fund developed recommendations for the reform of education and the introduction of the exam.
      Draw your own conclusions.
      In general, the path of the final enslavement of the consciousness of the population of Russia has already been completed by 3/4, it’s approximately like Ukraine in 2003: they still live by the soviet mentality, but Yushchenko has already come to power.
  2. sa-ag
    sa-ag 2 November 2015 07: 16
    Well, they created Rosmolodezh earlier, they also wrote that it was like replacing the Komsomol, etc., just one more organization, there is no ideological base, there is no foundation, on what to build? "... on the basis of the system of values ​​inherent in Russian society," this is what is in mind, such a streamlined wording, you can fit anything here.
    1. 31rus
      31rus 2 November 2015 07: 21
      It is quite rightly noted, and if you add that the new organization will be under the "wing" of the Department of Youth Affairs, then there are zero prospects, they will all lump it together, on schools and educational institutions. Who developed it? That even Peskov does not know what and where, and most importantly the goal
  3. parusnik
    parusnik 2 November 2015 07: 37
    This initiative from above can be called so -We will make you love the Motherland! .. I note that in the Republic of Ingushetia and the USSR, scout organizations, pioneer organizations were initially created on the initiative from below .. RDSH, of course, this is a good thing, but I'm afraid that they will organize it .. .
  4. fa2998
    fa2998 2 November 2015 07: 45
    Quote: Uncle Lee
    They would call them immediately pioneers, and not philosophically crafty!

    I would call it "Yedirosiyankami" - one country, one party! Poor children, so many have already been dumped on them, let's impose some other responsibilities! We are driving us to school with a stick! sad hi
  5. Aksakal_07
    Aksakal_07 2 November 2015 07: 54
    Without a great idea, there will be no viable organization of schoolchildren, even if it is established by decree of the President of Russia, and even on the birthday of the Komsomol - October 29. The closest idea for our primordially Russian mentality is freedom, equality and internationalism. Only internationalism should not be the same as under the USSR, when any country that declared that it would build socialism, we began to actively help with technology and currency, sometimes giving away the "last shirt". And the newly-minted "builders" of socialism in yet another third world cleverly pocketed our aid, discrediting both socialism and internationalism, causing economic and reputational damage to our country.
  6. Gray 43
    Gray 43 2 November 2015 08: 04
    They would call them pioneers, then at least their parents had an idea about the new organization, and so, I think, a good idea will die over time without carrying out the bureaucratic burden
    1. KBR109
      KBR109 2 November 2015 08: 32
      She will not die over time - she really cannot be born, this organization. There is too much dissonance between what they will preach to the new "pioneers" and what they see in life. Is that the type of scouts ... request
  7. akudr48
    akudr48 2 November 2015 09: 45
    The Russian schoolchildren’s movement is a project that is created not for show, and from which “liberal human rights activists” will be driven away by pitchforks, the youth organization has a chance for development. Let's hope…

    In Ukraine, there is already one forklift, Lyashko with a non-traditional orientation.

    The author hopes that all of a sudden this new pioneer will flourish in the midst of theft, looting, lies and deceit and other vices, which are planted by adult bosses uncles, if only the liberals are driven away by pitchforks ...

    If the author seriously hopes, it remains only to recall

    1. The hopes of young men feed

    2. Blessed is he who believes

    3. Hope dies last


    Of course, the pioneer is an example to all the guys.

    But who is an example for a pioneer, that’s the question ...
  8. kirgudu
    kirgudu 2 November 2015 11: 20
    One fig no matter how you call it - there won’t be any sense. The state has neither a clear state ideology, nor a clear road to where and why we are going, nor a patriotic education. Young people must understand what it is for. For the sake of current predatory policies, aimed at even greater separation of the population?

    In the meantime, the cult of the golden calf is being invested in virgin brains. "Love yourself, sneeze at everyone and success awaits you in life."
  9. alicante11
    alicante11 2 November 2015 15: 51
    Of course, the beginning is good, but the main question is WHO will be PRESSED. If we speak in pioneer terms. Because a counselor in a pioneer squad was the alpha and omega of his success. In my pioneer "age" I saw two counselors. I don’t even remember the first one, I saw it occasionally on the lines, on carrying the banner to the beat of the drums, and on the pioneer activists. Nothing interesting happened, the circles that were there were closed, initiatives were drowning in "no money". Moreover, the catastrophe has begun. Such "counseling" led to the fact that a couple of years after the ceremonial admission to the pioneers and the tears of the C-grade students, who were not accepted "in the first wave", ties began to be torn off. From the house they wore a tie, as soon as they left the threshold - down with the school threshold, again around the neck, so that the teachers and the attendants would not be gunning. And now, literally a year before the complete cancellation of the pioneer organization, a new counselor came. Lyudmila, I don't remember the patronymic, I repent and execute. And during this year she managed to do so much that she had enough groundwork until the very end of her studies. The circles, of course, were not restored, but for the first time they held a "lightning". Revived amateur performances. I still remember "oh-pancakes-pancakes" and "light". Mutual educational assistance received a new impetus. There was such a sector - SUP - an ambulance training aid, for the first time they began to really help comrades. There were many plans, but, most importantly, even the notorious hooligans again believed in the pioneer. They stopped tearing ties and when they had to take them off completely, no one was happy. Of course, they did not have time to do much, but the groundwork was good, and the former counselor did not stop. So to speak, on a voluntary basis, being just a teacher of history. Literally three years later, though without her, we entered the city intellectual contests, KVN. And this despite the fact that our school was small, only two classes, was considered not at all prestigious, "Bichevskaya".
    So, I have, in connection with this question, WHERE do we get SUCH ADVICE? Yes there are good creative young people. But, damn it, we do not have socialism, people need to live on something. What does a good job have to pay well. Otherwise they will leave, a good employee will always be torn off with his hands. Plus, in order to realize creativity, you need money. Where to get them? These are the main problems, and not officials to drive away with a pitchfork. After all, if these fundamental problems are not solved, it will turn out, as we have with the first counselor. And if you start to solve these problems in the usual way for our government, as with the army - pouring money, then doesn’t it happen that instead of counselors come those who want to get some easy money to meet you? Or another bubble in the style of Taburetkin-Vasilyeva? And how to protect the organization from this, I’ll put my mind to sleep. IMHO, with capitalism there are simply no recipes.
  10. chunga-changa
    chunga-changa 2 November 2015 16: 01
    Imitation of violent activity. But serious money will be mastered under this business. Someone will become much richer than they were, this will be the only significant result of the undertaking.
  11. Balagan
    Balagan 2 November 2015 18: 07
    Pioneering is reborn, however. If smart teachers get down to business, there will be benefits. And if the next campaign - something sorry for the children ...
  12. Amper
    Amper 2 November 2015 20: 26
    Looks like the author lives in the Looking Glass, in the world of pink bubbles.
    Modern children are surrounded on all sides, and especially on TV and on adored PCs, prosperous thieves with whom Uncle POLICY fights daily unsuccessfully, pretty girls who fight to pop out for prosperous thieves, while girls are constantly ..... for nothing , as well as vulgar screaming, horror movies, iPhones, voltaren, gaskets, wook-wook and other hell ... her, which is the main component of the life of our society. The children sleep and see when they again sit at the PC and water everyone in a row on the screen or build a ghostly world of magic and power. And at school, someone’s dad’s boasting a car is cooler.
    How can the counselor uncle instill in the young people human morality amid the revelry and tricks of wild capitalism everywhere and everywhere !?
    It makes sense to organize such a movement only for forging future EP personnel from young nails, so that everything needed for a successful career would be in the blood.
    DECORATOR 2 November 2015 22: 12
    Here, in my opinion, there’s nothing to even comment on.
  14. grandfather_Kostya
    grandfather_Kostya 3 November 2015 22: 10
    No matter what you call it, "movement" means the direction to go. And with this question there is no clarity! If the direction of movement is known to the organizers, but classified, then it is better to stand still.