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Mastery as a banner is not awarded

The current successful actions of the Russian Armed Forces in Syria in an operation against the formations of the Islamic State terrorist group banned in Russia are the qualitative cut that demonstrates their increased combat capability.

Of course, this test of combat is to a certain extent local. But if to take into account that during this operation, issues of transferring people and equipment over long distances were tied up to the long-range transport of people and equipment, organization of control and communications, logistics of the group, use of air and space reconnaissance equipment, and direct actions of the crews of the VKS and Navy to destroy goals, there is - a comprehensive test of the combat capabilities of our Armed Forces.

Here the level of professionalism of military personnel of various specialties and rank comes to the fore.

Today, the times when other officers managed to grow to the posts of regimental commanders, and even higher, without having the practice of conducting exercises even battalion level, seem not so far away. And the knowledge of some did not translate into the skills of others.

Between what was and what became now is a gigantic distance. Moreover, the Russian army has gone through most of this path in recent years, during which there has been a steady growth in such indicators of practical training for servicemen, such as the number of exercises at various levels, the consumption of ammunition, flying hours from pilots, etc.

So recently, the head of the National Center for Defense Management of Russia, Lieutenant General Mikhail Mizintsev, reported that in 2015, the number of trained flight crews increased by 38% and the total flight time by 20% compared to last year. During the same period, the number of exits of submarines and surface ships doubled, while crews built up by 117%.

But an increase in these indicators is by no means always an indisputable evidence of the actual combat capability of the troops. Therefore, the creation of interspecific groupings of troops has recently become one of the "attributes" of sudden inspections and large-scale exercises, which makes it possible in the complex to work out the whole range of issues of preparing and conducting combat operations in strategic areas. At the same time, the number of interspecific maneuvers in the troops in 2015 increased by 30%.

Moreover, the training of combat training tasks by the troops takes place with the use of new forms and methods of warfare. As, for example, during the strategic exercise "Center-2015", which actively used the latest automation tools, including drones.

But high-quality implementation of these combat training activities would hardly have been possible without the creation of a modern training and training base. And it is quite clearly seen that this important task is being solved not by the principle of “replacing the old with the new”, but with an eye to the future, with the introduction of innovative technical means of training and training of military personnel, the creation in the combat training centers of a unified system for modeling tactical situations constituents.

In addition, professional skill contests for military personnel that have grown to the scale of spectacular international competitions have become a powerful factor for cultivating the spirit of professionalism in the military. And who, after the recent events in Syria, will call the Aviadarts flight skills competition just a military “fun”?

As they say, one thing follows another. All this professional background is used today by the Russian army in the Middle East. And nobody hides the results of his contribution to the fight against ISIS in the military department, and certainly not ashamed of it.

Well, a vivid reflection of the perception in society of work to improve the combat capability of the Armed Forces of Russia were the results of a survey conducted by the All-Russian Public Opinion Research Center on 10 – 11 in October. According to them, while in 1990, 34% of respondents believed that the Soviet army was lagging behind the best armies in the world, today 32% call the Russian army the most effective and efficient in the world, and 49% are confident that it is among the best.

And, more importantly, those wishing to challenge this are becoming less and less abroad.
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  1. Vend
    Vend 1 November 2015 15: 17 New
    Yes, the measures taken by Shoigu brought positive results. And it pleases. There is something to be proud of.
    1. captain
      captain 1 November 2015 18: 53 New
      I do not want to offend you, but not Shoigu took the measures. He could not make an army out of nothing in a year. This is not a computer game to play. Even a regiment deployed on 2400 people is hard to bring to life in a year.
      1. Alex_Rarog
        Alex_Rarog 1 November 2015 19: 35 New
        А сколько за последние 2 года было учений? Да по 3-5 в месяц как минимум! С авиабазы "шагол" в Челябинске самолёты летают постоянно такого ещё 4-5 лет назад не было чего уж про 90е говорить!
        Yes, Shoigu and GDP were able to storm the army in 2-3 years that it began to look professional! And act just as efficiently!
        PySy Shoigu for 3 years as Minister of Defense.
        1. captain
          captain 1 November 2015 20: 45 New
          Не знал, что во время Великой Отечественной войны нам не хватало таких руководителе, как вы. Тот кто служил в Армии и кому пришлось в жизни командовать хотя бы полком, знает, что за три года нельзя подготовить ВС численностью около миллиона. Для подготовки хорошего командира отделения, необходимо минимум год. Не просто научить орать;" в атаку вперед", а уметь командовать отделением в бою. А подготовить хорошего комбата, надо как минимум 10 лет, считая училище. Хотя судя по некоторым комментариям, есть люди, которые не понимают почему у нас горела Сибирь все лето.Не смогли потушить, хотя МЧС в свое время руководил Шойгу. Или школы он не создал или сменщик уже все развалил, так получается. Человек, который даже срочную не служил в армии сделал по суворовски; пришел, увидел, победил.
          1. Zoldat_A
            Zoldat_A 2 November 2015 04: 49 New
            Quote: captain
            Тот кто служил в Армии и кому пришлось в жизни командовать хотя бы полком, знает, что за три года нельзя подготовить ВС численностью около миллиона. Для подготовки хорошего командира отделения, необходимо минимум год. Не просто научить орать;" в атаку вперед", а уметь командовать отделением в бою. А подготовить хорошего комбата, надо как минимум 10 лет, считая училище.

            The whole army, of course, cannot be trained in three years. But the company, the battalion, the regiment - you can. И комбата не с детского сада надо выращивать, а выбирать того, у кого это лучше получится из того, кто есть и правильно руководить. А вот когда в каждой роте и батальоне за 3 года будет наведён порядок, тогда и армия, состоящая из этих "рот", изменится за 3 года. I myself saw how cool males grow out of mom-nanny boys in a year and a half.

            “These guys in blue berets can’t be broken, scared mentally and physically. Although I’m 68, I’ll go anywhere with them. We’ll cut out half of Romania in a night, take Europe in a week. It’s only a pity that we serve them all 2 of the year, otherwise I would make of them real thugs "
            And more
            "Любое задание - в любое время!"
            I hope there is no need to remind whose words?
        2. tolancop
          tolancop 1 November 2015 21: 32 New
          Any drill does not replace modern weapons in the army. And in order for a new plane to appear at the airport (tank, cannon, rocket, ship, etc. .. the list is long), a few years before that someone had to order it. And order not anyhow what, but what you need. And at a price that suits both MO and the manufacturer ... with all due respect to Shoigu, the main merits in the rearmament of the army are still not his.
      2. tolancop
        tolancop 1 November 2015 21: 29 New
        I support. Paying tribute to Shoigu, for the sake of justice, one should recall his predecessor, who did a lot of good things, but obviously also brought benefits. Is it because he was forgiven ...
        1. Turkir
          Turkir 1 November 2015 21: 42 New
          A natural question arises, and the officers below the rank that they are already doing nothing?
          Maybe this is their merit?
          Как-то вспоминается выражение: "Если не благодаря ему, то вопреки."
          In the modern world, not units are decided, but teams of professionals. Not only in military affairs.
  2. ava09
    ava09 1 November 2015 15: 59 New
    The level of the videoconferencing group in Syria is just a sample. An example of how all military personnel of the developing Armed Forces of Russia should be trained. When everyone reaches this level of mastery in their VUS, you can be calm. (Given the sufficient mob. Reserve)
  3. theodore rasp
    theodore rasp 1 November 2015 16: 05 New
    Remembering the 80s, when all the airborne officers were, albeit behind the scenes, but had to go through Afghanistan, I think that now the time has come for the pilots. Yes, now there are selected pilots, but I hope that others will also receive combat practice, which will become selective.
    1. tolancop
      tolancop 1 November 2015 21: 34 New
      And those who did not get to Syria will share their experiences there.
  4. andrewkor
    andrewkor 1 November 2015 17: 18 New
    I think that the rotation is already underway, and maybe the strengthening of our group in Syria!
  5. Vladimir 1964
    Vladimir 1964 1 November 2015 17: 22 New
    In general, a positive article, and the direction of the author’s thoughts is competent. But I can’t call the article interesting, with all due respect to the work of the author. hi
  6. jaroff
    jaroff 1 November 2015 18: 12 New
    А мне сейчас интересны были бы подробности и опыт организации всей этой экспедиции в Сирию. Зная,сколько бардака и неразберихи творится в нашей стране,организовать всё это "хозяйство", даже собрать всё это ко времени "Ч",скоординировать действия военных и гражданских,с выделением средств и т.д. и т.п. По моим подсчётам от момента принятия решения о проведении операции в Сирии до официального вылета первой авиагруппы должен быть пройти ,по меньшей мере,год!Да и сейчас очень интересна схема обеспечения нашего контингента.Пока,я "снимаю шляпу" перед мастерством.
    I hope someday find out the details.
  7. Michael easily
    Michael easily 2 November 2015 00: 37 New
    SPIRIT, he, too (it seems) is not transmitted, but the RUSSIAN SPIRIT is a fact, and the LORD GOD is with him ...
  8. Wolka
    Wolka 2 November 2015 07: 25 New
    Obviously, soldiers are not born, they become ...