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Poland after the election could be a hotbed of tension in Europe

At the elections to the Polish Sejm that took place on October 25, the national-conservative party Law and Justice won a convincing victory. This is the second success of the party this year. The first happened in May. Then the representative of "PiS" Andrzej Duda won the presidential company. Now the winning party fully controls the Polish Sejm, and for the first time in the post-socialist time it has the right to form a one-party government. The candidate for this position is called Beatu Shidlo. Among other things, she led the election campaign of the current president. So there is a certain tandem of politicians.

Information fake as a mirror of political goals

Not everyone in Poland was pleased with such election results. This is how their editor-in-chief of Gazeta Wyborcza, Adam Michnik, appreciated: “We have very difficult four years before us, I have no doubt that this power will not be like all previous ones. There will be provocations, eavesdropping. The policy will be superseded by the model of conducting operations by the special services. ”

Michnik is a very charismatic public figure for Poland. The world remembers him one of the most active representatives of the opposition 1968 — 1989. Now, a veteran of Polish politics predicts disastrous consequences for his country "due to Euroscepticism, xenophobic and nationalist views" of the leaders and activists of the victorious party.

“The Poles have woken up in another country,” the leading Polish publications now write. They imply above all the political domination of one party.

For the first time, the Law and Justice Party, led by the Kaczynski brothers, won the election ten years ago. Then she headed the country's coalition government, and its leader, Lech Kaczynski, became president of Poland.

“Law and Justice” will last only two years in power. It will be replaced by the "Civic Platform". After the tragic death in the plane crash of President Kaczynski, "PiS" will also lose its highest public office. Now she has regained political positions and even strengthened them.

Shortly before the election, 20 of October, the online edition of the Russian Spring (it, as the source indicates the portal published news with the title "President of Poland:" Ukraine must voluntarily return the Polish lands. " With reference to the broadcast of the program “Case for a Reporter” on the Polish TVP TV 1, a fragment of a speech by the President of Poland Andrzej Duda was given at a meeting of the Sejm in the message “The Russian Spring”. In it, Duda called on the Poles to be ready to fight for the return of the former Polish lands - Galicia, Volyn and Polesye (at present - Lviv, Ternopil, Ivano-Frankivsk, Volyn and Rivne regions of Ukraine). Literally, it turned out like this: “I urge all citizens of the Polish Republic to be ready to fight for the return of the former Polish lands, where our compatriots continue to be persecuted and humiliated by the new Ukrainian leadership. If modern Ukraine condemns the actions of the USSR, - and she condemns them, then this state should voluntarily return the lands of Poland that belonged to it before the 1939 year. ”

Serious editions ignored this news. First of all, because the last meeting of the Polish Sejm before the elections was already October 9. In addition, there is no mention of the speech of Andrzej Duda to the Polish parliamentarians on the website of the Presidential Administration of Poland. Such, as they say, one hundred percent fake, or in our opinion, in a simple way, is nonsense.

However, this stuffing was easily picked up by many online publications (,, DossierKIEV, Occupation.NET and others). It is unlikely that all of them were prompted by malicious intent. Just a fake about Duda's speech organically merged with the goals that the Law and Justice party sets itself. Even in the first coming to power she promised to build the so-called Fourth Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth (IV RP). In the new conditions, “PiS” diluted its political slogans with left-wing populism, such as an active state policy of social protection of the poor, reducing the tax burden, and liberalizing the economy. With that, she came to power.

But the fundamental goals of the party have not changed. This is how Jan Zharin, a well-known Polish historian, the newly elected senator from the now presidential party “Law and Justice” speaks about this: “There is no Polish people without Lviv, a city that has always been faithful to Poland. Today it is obvious. ” In an interview with Prawy, Zharin calls on the new Polish authorities to make their main task - custody of the Polish heritage abroad, including in Galicia.

There is a public demand for such a policy in Poland. In mid-October, a map of the country in the colors of the national flag was displayed in the Polish Ministry of Foreign Affairs, where Ukrainian Lviv and Lithuanian Vilnius, a part of Belarus and Lithuania belong to Polish territory. Such an advertising banner was made by the organizers of the charity Run of Independence. These include the public organization Aktywna Warszava, the mayor of the Polish capital, Hanna Gronkiewicz-Waltz, Gazeta Wyborcza and PKO BP Bank, which, by the way, has its branches in Ukraine.

Banners hung all over Warsaw. In response to timid protests of the Ukrainian authorities, the Polish Foreign Ministry explained that this is not a state position, but a private point of view. Just to advertise the run in honor of the national holiday of Poland were used the contours of its pre-war territory.

This example is not unique. The movement of the Poles, who want to take their lands from Ukraine, is gaining strength in the country. So far, there are only 600 of them, but 100 of thousands more people are already ready to prove that they are the heirs of the owners of land and houses in the territory of East Crees.

Poland has not yet grown to leadership in Europe

The reality of these goals raises great doubts. It is appropriate to assess in general the talk about the accession of the Ukrainian territories to various European states, including Poland. Serious analysts do not even pose the question. There are geopolitical reasons in it, until the realization of which the self-confident Polish politician has not yet risen either by forces or opportunities. But more economic obstacles. Let's see them on the example of Germany. In early October, she celebrated the anniversary of her association.

Twenty-five years ago, Germany had the third largest technological economy of the world after the United States and Japan. She was not stingy. From 1990 to 2014, the Germans invested more than two trillion euros in the economy of the five eastern lands. (Over these years, the east of Germany spent a half trillion more than it earned itself. Direct financial transfers amounted to 560 billion euros.) So in Germany they tried to raise the welfare of the population of the former GDR to the German level. The result is, but not quite the one that was sought by a quarter of a century. This is how his analyst Joachim Ragnitz assesses his analyst at the Dresden Institute of Economics: “In the foreseeable future, the standard of living of a statistical resident in the east of the country will be only two thirds of the standard of living in western Germany.”

It is worth adding that now the FRG has moved to the fifth position among the world economies. Forward missed China and India. Close to Germany, in terms of gross domestic product (calculated at purchasing power parity), Russia and Brazil approached in 2014. Such is the price of the Germans for the unification of the country.

The economy of Poland takes a modest place 23. Even at this stage, it rose with the strong support of the European Union. In March, the Ministry of Infrastructure and Development of Poland published an analysis of the implementation of EU programs for 2007-2013. The goal of the programs is to make the economy of the Republic of Poland competitive. They are financed by the European Commission in the amount of 68 billion euros. Another 100 billion came into the country as an investment. This has reduced the gap in the level of economic development between Poland and the EU. Before joining the Union, the Poles had it with less than 50% of the average European. Now - 63%. As you can see, the comparison is given to the average value for the European Union, and not to its leaders.

On the 2014-2020 years, the EU allocated another 82,5 billion euros for Polish state needs. The money will be spent on research, public transport, the construction of roads and railways, development of entrepreneurship, etc. Local government authorities will receive more than 41 billion euros from this amount.

Meanwhile, more than seven million people live in Galicia, Volyn and Polesye - 18,7% of the Polish population. Poland-sponsored Poland to raise the welfare of such a mass of people is clearly not under force.

But these are internal problems of Poland. Exterior manifest themselves in the territory claimed by the Poles. Its area is almost 90 000 The accession of such a region makes the Polish Republic more than the Federal Republic of Germany for the whole of Denmark. Europe is clearly not ready for such a geopolitical plot. This is evident from the nervousness with which the policies of the continent perceived the results of the Sunday elections in Poland.

On the continent, remember the first arrival in the power of the party "Law and Justice." Then the Kaczynski brothers pretty nerves of the leaders of the European Union. Promoting the interests of Americans in Europe, they actively used the right of "veto". Made confusion in the agreements reached. In 2007, Lech Kaczynski, for example, blocked the adoption of the founding document of the European Union - the Lisbon Treaty. The President of Poland did not like the fact that the possibilities of his country under the terms of the new agreement differ from those provided to the leading countries of the Union. For almost two years, Kaczynski did not sign the treaty, but he failed to equate the Poles with the French and Italians.

A sign of that time was the constant quarrels of Polish leaders with German partners, as they say now, partners. Lech Kaczynski, whose father fought against the Nazis in the Regional Army and was a participant in the Warsaw Uprising, constantly presented to Germany historical claim.

Jaroslav did not lag behind his twin brother. He did not hesitate to personally criticize Chancellor Angela Merkel. From her, Kaczynski demanded to stop financing the organizations of the resettled Germans - the Union of the Expelled and Prussian Guardianship. According to him, “the termination of this practice would prove that Germany is part of the European Union.”

But the Polish National Conservatives helped the Americans as best they could. They even invited the United States to deploy its antimissile system in Poland weapon. The development of these systems, the Europeans are not very supported. Polish policy and this time went against the interests of the continent.

After the current election, the leader of the Law and Justice Party, Jaroslav Kaczynski, made two landmark statements. He noted that now no European problem will be solved without a Polish vote, as if claiming a blocking role in the EU. And in an interview with the British The Guardian, Kaczynski expressed his willingness to extradite in the United States the world-famous Polish director Roman Polanski, who was accused of a sex offense 38-year-old. At one time, the authorities of France and Switzerland did not dare to take this step, but the leader of PiS is ready to sacrifice even sovereignty, if only to make a curtsey to the United States. On October 30, a Krakow court rejected Washington’s request for the extradition of Polanski. However, the final decision on the fate of a famous director will be taken by the new Minister of Justice of Poland, and Jaroslaw Kaczynski has a chance to push his promise to the Americans in this department.

In short, the post-election background in Warsaw does not bode well for Europe. She can only hope that the President and Prime Minister of Poland will be more compliant and even those tens of billions of euros that the Poles have been promised to level their wealth to the average European.
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  1. Senior manager
    Senior manager 2 November 2015 06: 50
    The leadership of Poland has been very consistent in its territorial ambitions already from the first half of the 20th century, this is alarming. With the support of the FSA, the berries can ripen very poisonous, and problems with Poland grow to world.
    1. CTEPX
      CTEPX 2 November 2015 07: 08
      Quote: St. Propulsion
      berries can ripen very poisonous, and problems with Poland grow to world.

      Poland is the first in line for chaotization.
      1. tolian
        tolian 2 November 2015 09: 54
        Poland will be divided again. Fourth. It will be so.
        1. alovrov
          alovrov 2 November 2015 16: 33
          Actually, in the seventh. Where there are six, there will certainly be seven. Moreover, this is fair.
        2. The comment was deleted.
    2. Ded_smerch
      Ded_smerch 2 November 2015 07: 36
      Poland’s territorial ambitions were always overpriced, which is why they were sawn to reduce the FWM. For the SGA, Psheki is an important partner in order to harm the Russian Federation and the EU.
      1. stalkerwalker
        stalkerwalker 2 November 2015 08: 43
        Adam Michnik: “Before us is a very difficult four years, I have no doubt that this power will not be like all the previous ones. There will be provocations, eavesdropping. The politics will be supplanted by the special services operations model. ”.
        This is an inside look. True enough.
        It was from the hobbit brothers that the sharp increase in anti-Russian sentiment in Polish foreign policy began, the spirit of Y. Pilsudsky, the most ardent opponent of Soviet Russia in the period between the two world wars, was called from oblivion.
        Today, the Law and Justice party will use ALL opportunities to escalate Russophobic sentiments in Europe.
        1. yushch
          yushch 2 November 2015 09: 36
          Honestly, the news from this "country" is not interesting at all.
        2. The comment was deleted.
      2. victor
        victor 2 November 2015 21: 32
        The appetite of partners is better than digestion ... It is treated with ordinary diarrhea, which has always happened.
    3. marlin1203
      marlin1203 2 November 2015 10: 35
      Let them not look at Kaliningrad, but let them "tense up the hearth" as much as they want with the Germans and Ukrainians ... laughing
    4. Will
      Will 2 November 2015 13: 46
      While "politicians", without people, ie rerendums on the ground, will decide who and where will be "good", everything will be decided through a war, i.e. through violence and precisely in "f" - perverted. Politics for the sake of a politician, who has a "pocket" and nothing else, will not bring benefits to the people, although any politician hangs noodles on his ears quite successfully. Is it not for this reason that politicians do not need smart and educated peoples and an obedient herd is preferable?
    5. rasputin17
      rasputin17 2 November 2015 15: 14
      And I want to light a new spring there !!!! That they would experience the fruits of Maidan on their corrupt skin !!! winked
    6. Andrey Petrov47
      Andrey Petrov47 2 November 2015 22: 33
      Psheks will try not to miss their.
  2. action
    action 2 November 2015 07: 11
    Not surprisingly, as they were under everyone, they will be so.
  3. Egoza
    Egoza 2 November 2015 07: 14
    Well, the return of land will not be required, but the return of property - already. And there are not only cafes, breweries and houses there. There are farms with zemlyatse. And it will not be necessary to attach de jure. They will de facto join, and there you look and create autonomy. Although this case is not fast and I do not think that the return of property will take place bloodlessly.
    1. victor
      victor 2 November 2015 21: 35
      Less houses than land, believe me.
  4. Egoza
    Egoza 2 November 2015 07: 18
    And why only Poland "will become a hotbed of tension"?
    Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban announced the country's readiness to intervene in the situation in the historical lands of Hungary, which are unfairly located on the territory of Ukraine, "- reports the Hungarian state television company Magyar Televízió.

    Speaking to parliamentarians, Viktor Orban noted that ethnic Hungarians and Ruthenians living in Transcarpathia (Ugric Rus) experience enormous humiliation and oppression by the current Ukrainian government, which literally robs the Hungarian population in this territory.

    "We must remember that Ugrian Rus from the 1944th century belonged to Hungary and that the majority of its population is still made up of ethnic Hungarians and Transcarpathian Rusyns, who, more than ever, need our protection from the essentially criminal regime that reigned in Kiev. - noted the Prime Minister. - If earlier we were confident that the European orientation of Ukraine would improve the life of Hungarians and Rusyns in Transcarpathia, annexed by the Soviet Union in XNUMX, then today we have all got rid of these illusions ...
    In no case should we forget about the Dumen concentration camp, in which the crimes of Ukrainians against the Hungarian people are officially documented. In this concentration camp, tens of thousands of Hungarians were destroyed, who remained faithful to Hungary and who did not want to Ukrainize, which Ukrainian criminals wanted to do. And, mind you, this was done by the Soviet Union, namely the Ukrainians, led by the Nazi Voloshin, to whom modern Ukraine has officially awarded the title of Hero. Do we want a repetition of those events?

    Now, ethnic Hungarians and Transcarpathian Rusyns are most acutely subjected to humiliation and persecution by the current Ukrainian government, and we must stop this. We will raise the issue of restoring historical justice and reuniting our lands. We are ready for any struggle for clear and fair goals. Our compatriots should have a decent life and a bright future, and not drag out a miserable and humiliated existence under the yoke of the Ukrainian state, "concluded Viktor Orban.
    1. Vladimir 1964
      Vladimir 1964 2 November 2015 11: 46
      Quote: Egoza
      And why only Poland "will become a hotbed of tension"?
      Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban announced the country's readiness to intervene in the situation in the historical lands of Hungary, which are unfairly located on the territory of Ukraine, "- reports the Hungarian state television company Magyar Televízió.

      Elena, well, apparently in the near future it will be quite possible to talk about creating a coalition to divide Ukraine. Before the October Revolution, there was no such state formation - Ukraine. So the joke is a joke, but in each there is some truth. yes

      PS By the way, why not, the decision would be quite a compromise for everyone. The point of view is certainly subjective, a colleague. hi
    2. The comment was deleted.
    3. lukke
      lukke 2 November 2015 12: 42
      "If earlier we were confident that the European orientation of Ukraine would improve the life of Hungarians and Rusyns in Transcarpathia, annexed by the Soviet Union in 1944"

      Well, Vitya Orban, of course, is right in some ways, but about the "annexation" of Transcarpathia by the USSR, I would be silent in his place. And then I will stand up for Ukraine. What was the valiant Hungarian army doing there in the USSR during the war? What was the difference between her valiant soldiers in the Voronezh (and not only) steppes in relation to the civilian population, that they were not taken prisoner later? So, Vitya, filter the market. Nobody will give you Transcarpathia. Raise the topic of Rusyns and Hungarians in the EU and protect against Nazism coming out, but armed intervention can cause such consequences that it will not seem like little.
    4. victor
      victor 2 November 2015 21: 34
      So who is against - forward. Or is Banderstitism better?
  5. parusnik
    parusnik 2 November 2015 07: 25
    Poland has not yet grown to leadership in Europe
    ..Yes, how can I say ... Poland, according to the French, pressed France to stop selling the Mistral to Russia, its position was decisive ..
  6. Shiva83483
    Shiva83483 2 November 2015 08: 02
    Quote: parusnik
    Poland has not yet grown to leadership in Europe
    ..Yes, how can I say ... Poland, according to the French, pressed France to stop selling the Mistral to Russia, its position was decisive ..

    Well, yes, well, yes-ischo Poland did not anger? Nu-nu, Poland is very rickshaw (unrest) -and this is believable ....
    1. Amurets
      Amurets 2 November 2015 09: 34
      Quote: Shiva83483
      Well, yes, well, yes-ischo Poland did not anger? Nu-nu, Poland is very rickshaw (unrest) -and this is believable ...

      The truth is what Sailor said. The Polish leadership 1,5 years ago told France that if the French give the Mistral to Russia, Poland will refuse to order light helicopters in France and I don’t remember any orders by electronics, I remember that the total transaction amount is about 5 billion rubles .Tusk, at the request of the Americans, put pressure on Hollande and the transfer of the Mistral fell through. Then Poland refused helicopters, India from Rafale, there are still indirect losses and as a result, according to unconfirmed reports, France suffered losses on the Mistral about 30 billion EUR.
    2. Bagatur
      Bagatur 2 November 2015 10: 57
      Thanks Poles thanks! Why did you ate the carcasses I do not understand. Now a billion will go for more useful things for the Navy.
  7. askort154
    askort154 2 November 2015 08: 04
    Anglo-Saxons want to make a bull terrier out of the Polish lapdog, who will look after the German shepherd.
  8. 31rus
    31rus 2 November 2015 08: 09
    All this is interesting, but what is Russia's position? Or again, “Ukraine is a sovereign state and we have no right to interfere?” For me, this is actual, not the ambitions of Polish politicians
  9. rotmistr60
    rotmistr60 2 November 2015 08: 25
    that now, without a Polish vote, not a single European problem can be solved, as if claiming a blocking role in the EU

    This does not remind you of a statement by one president of a country that is still neighboring us - Europe cannot exist without Ukraine? Where ambitions surpass realities (and in Poland they never complained about their absence) wait for troubles.
  10. Wolka
    Wolka 2 November 2015 08: 42
    curious, hypothetically, of course, but if, nevertheless, Poland dares to take Western "its lands" from Svidomo Ukraine, where Svidomo will rush for help, and how the EU and NATO will behave ...
  11. Severomor
    Severomor 2 November 2015 09: 09
    The time for Poland "neither before nor after the elections" does not change. Poland has always been (and will be) a hotbed of tension.
    "Stupidity, absolute stupidity. Where have you seen it - to lead such a people for twenty years, to suffer with you." Jozef Pilsudski.

    Ukraine hasn’t died yet, Poland hasn’t become rotten, the depression is continuous.
    1. Orionvit
      Orionvit 2 November 2015 16: 00
      I recall Ilf and Petrov, where they compare the crow's settlement with the Polish Sejm, which is always torn by contradictions. Nothing changes.
    2. Orionvit
      Orionvit 2 November 2015 16: 26
      And where did you hear about the great Poland? I’m nowhere except from the Poles. Well, let yourself cheeks swell with importance, who cares. And for me, you want Lviv and the whole of Galicia, so take it. Let your head hurt. In Russia and Ukraine, people will only breathe more freely. I understand that this is not a recipe, but let them rake their own hands.
  12. driver
    driver 2 November 2015 09: 22
    So to take "their territories"? And give Germany its territory? Oh, and there will be a swara ...
  13. kare
    kare 2 November 2015 09: 45
    Hmm damn, no luck to the descendants of ancient ukrov. Neither horseradish nor a penny put merit in front of humanity. No matter how, as the leaders of the human race. From time immemorial, they have been hunting mammoths on these lands, and then give you back Poland, Hungary. That's because the creatures are not grateful

    Yes, I almost forgot
    glory to Ukraine
    1. Orionvit
      Orionvit 2 November 2015 16: 33
      In Ukrainian history textbooks it is written that- "When the first Neanderthal descended from the mountains, from there and began Ukraine." This quote. In all seriousness, he was stunned. The truth is not said from which mountains, and what's the difference. The main thing is that all this is taught at school.
      1. victor
        victor 2 November 2015 21: 42
        And what about the history textbook for the 1st grade - and there was a Ukrainian ... and he dug up the Black Sea ... and poured the Caucasus ... (maybe the Himalayas) ... and GOD appeared ... And looked at it , and created e ... shinkarya ... Further on the bible.
  14. Alexl
    Alexl 2 November 2015 09: 48
    The Poles are right in one thing - if present-day Ukraine condemns its Soviet and Russian past - let it return what Russia and the USSR presented to it. Crimea returned. Let now return and Galicia, and Transcarpathia, and New Russia, and Kiev itself.
  15. akudr48
    akudr48 2 November 2015 10: 10
    Of course, Poland is a hyena of Eastern Europe, as Churchill defined by the capture of the Tesinsky region of Czechoslovakia. She remains so.

    But, under certain circumstances, Poland’s historical rival and foe can play the role of a situational partner for Russia precisely because of its hyenotic nature, seeking to bite and take away something from its neighbors.

    Let it bite, now such a Ukraine is not a pity. Having regained the territories of Galicia, Volhynia, it means Poland itself legitimizes not only certain regions of the Donbass, but also the entire historical New Russia.

    Go Poland!

    Until it rotted ....
  16. Basil50
    Basil50 2 November 2015 10: 23
    Poles have always been leaders of various fakes and counterfeiters. Framing property certificates is easier than faking banknotes, and more profit. And the experts will be Polish, so that all certificates and certificates will be recognized as real. The only thing is that all this * Kresovskaya * property arose after the war of the 20th year, when the previous owners were simply destroyed, will not be taken into account. All Polish documents do not clarify anything about the emergence of property of the Poles. Property and everything. Perhaps the law on * polonization * of that of pre-war Poland is recognized as sufficient to recognize the property of the Poles.
  17. knn54
    knn54 2 November 2015 10: 40
    Poland is hopelessly ill with megalomania.
  18. Bagatur
    Bagatur 2 November 2015 10: 54
    “I urge all citizens of the Polish Republic to be ready to fight for the return of the former Polish lands, where our compatriots continue to be persecuted and humiliated by the new Ukrainian leadership. If modern Ukraine condemns the actions of the USSR - and she condemns them, then this state should voluntarily return the lands of Poland that belonged to it until 1939. "

    Well done! And for the return of Silesia and Pomerania Germany, ready?
    1. Turkir
      Turkir 2 November 2015 11: 10
      Poland at first drinks, only then asks for money from a soberbird from others.
      With the return of the Westerners of Ukraine to the hot embrace of Polish priests and lords, Silesia and Pomerania will have to be returned to Germany.
      A hangover will be severe. Katzenjammer - as the Germans say.
  19. Belousov
    Belousov 2 November 2015 10: 55
    Well, let them tear the Ruin apart, we all remember that "Ukraine is tse Europa!" laughing
  20. _KM_
    _KM_ 2 November 2015 11: 10
    Recall the letter of Durovo to the king. Anglo-Saxons need working hands to implement their policies. So Poland will become such free hands. Well, domestic politics will become the same as in the United States, when the opinion of citizens themselves does not bother anyone. The policy will be replaced by an administrative resource.
  21. andrew42
    andrew42 2 November 2015 12: 11
    Yes, everything is clear as daylight. The enemies of Russia had 2 options, from whom to grow a new "shock column" against Russia: from Poland, or from Ukraine. Well, it’s not the Germans to use - these people are still shouting "Holocaust!" hiding under a bench - you can't cook porridge with the Germans, and venerable neighbors in the form of France, Belgium, etc. will say "Stop!" , if the Germans start to unwind for the third time. And then there are 3 goy people, Poles and mutant Ukrainians - some are arrogant, others are greedy, and for both it borders on stupidity. Moreover, the leaders of both compete in front of the customer "Drang Nach Osten", and do not like each other. I have a feeling that the owners of the States themselves did not expect that the Ukrainians in Kiev would turn around like that. Then they staked on them, Poland was slightly "pushed aside" - no longer "the most beloved wife" - a hysterical woman. Just during the period of the domination of the Ukrainians in Kiev, the Polish leadership went out of their way to designate their importance in the European Union, what pearls and gestures they did not give out! Now the "Reich of the Great Ukrov" has stalled, threatening to collapse. Exit? - Yes, elementary! Feed him Poland, move the stakes to Greater Poland. In the end, it doesn't matter who will control Western Ukraine and Odessa - the Kiev Gauleiter or the Polish Seim. The main thing is that there should be no Russian influence there, only anti-Russian! Russophobia is important to them in these territories, but what they will call it, East Kresy or Independent Ukraine, is a drum for the "chosen" masters of the elves. In general, the rate is transferred from Ukraine to Poland. and Poland, as always, is right there, since the 2th century, - they begin to tear up the Slavic lands, - Poland is in the wings.
  22. The comment was deleted.
  23. alovrov
    alovrov 2 November 2015 16: 37
    Be sure to start discussing the transfer of Germany to the original German lands - Pomerania, West Prussia, Silesia and Danzig. The transfer of these lands to the Poles was Stalin's terrible mistake.
  24. X Y Z
    X Y Z 2 November 2015 19: 01
    Yaroslav did not lag behind his twin brother.

    Author! Everyone immersed in Polish affairs knows quite well that it was precisely Yaroslav who was the leading and guiding personality in this pair, even despite Lech's presidential status. Therefore, the above phrase is either incorrectly worded, or evokes thoughts of ignorance of the materiel.
  25. Stelth1985
    Stelth1985 3 November 2015 06: 05
    These simple * tutki already got everyone. They forgot that they are Slavs. What are related to us, as well as what runs through the territory of western Ukraine. Consequently, they are nobody and there is no way to call them. It will be necessary to soak them all - soak. The hand does not flinch. Traitors must not live!