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"Englishwoman shits ..." This time - America

"Englishwoman shits ..." This time - America

“As long as China remains a nation of drug addicts, we should not be afraid that this country will turn into a serious military power, since the use of opium sucks the life force out of the Chinese.”

Jeff Hearst, Consul of Great Britain in China (1895 year)

Syria, Ukraine ... Ukraine, Syria ... The beam of media attention is customarily focused on these points, although the main events usually take place not at all where it is "lighter". But sometimes the "corner of the eye" manages to notice something obviously unusual and incomprehensible. As in the famous Hollywood film “People in Black”, where the hero of Will Smith during the casting began to shoot not by monsters, but by a little girl, in which - “This is instinct!” - he recognized “danger number one”. Since she “looked suspicious: what should a little white girl do at night in the ghetto among monsters with a textbook of quantum physics in her hands? She is clearly not what she wants to appear. ”

Xi Jinping’s current visit, the first in stories visit of the head of the Chinese state to Albion. For almost a week, from 19 to 23 of October, the chairman of the People's Republic of China is a guest of the British Queen.

Interestingly, he was greeted not just “on the highest level”, not as the head of a foreign state — but as some kind of higher being, almost like the Lord God or his representative on earth. So that Queen Elizabeth II personally selected dishes for the holiday table and supervised the process of serving, the Duchess of Cambridge and Kate Middleton, the “style icon”, flaunted the colors of the PRC flag in a dress, and did all the members of the Windsor family gather at the reception? So in Buckingham Palace - with a horse parade and personal walk in the royal carriage - did not take anyone and never.

"Golden age"

What is the matter? Could it be that “Comrade Sy” brought about 150 contracts worth almost 40 billion dollars to London? Yes of course. And the amount as a whole is rather big, and nuclear energy should be developed. But for “Grandma Liza”, in whose personal property there are several world-class offshore companies with an annual turnover of tens of trillions of dollars, this is not the money for which it is worth trying so hard. And the most important thing is to cover the details of this visit in the mass media. Even the BBC, which always distanced itself from protocol events, this time led to almost a direct many hours of broadcasting “from the scene”, while the rest of the mass media of the “homeland of modern democracy” were crucified about the beginning of the “golden age” in relations between London and Beijing.

As for the “golden age,” we will remember and try to decipher further, but in official speeches both the host and guest parties did not say anything special that deserves attention. Well, except that the queen said about the “global partnership for the XXI century”, and the head of the PRC - that three generations of the Windsor family played a prominent role in the development of relations between the two countries. Perhaps the "special" was just the desire of the parties in every way to avoid the sharp corners of the "silence figure."

Of course, 24 Chinese sailor cadets who fought against Hitler in the ranks of the British forces, and Baron Michael Lindsay, who died in 1994, who helped the Chinese people’s national liberation struggle during World War II, died in World War II. But you must admit that “on the scales of history” they hardly mean more than those lost by China in the 19th century “Opium Wars” over 100 million population and 5 trillion dollars (in the equivalent of current prices). Not to mention all the vicissitudes of colonial humiliation, including more than a century and a half of Hong Kong under British sovereignty.

So with the unusually high level of reception of the Chairman of the People's Republic of China in London, everything is clear: he feels a cat ... But, as you know, "England has neither permanent allies, nor permanent enemies - England has only permanent interests." And, it turns out, today these interests are such that without a demonstration of a “global partnership” and almost a union with China, London cannot do?

To find out, you have to look at the background of the Chinese visit.

Global confrontation

October 5 in Atlanta (USA) 12 states in the Pacific region, including the United States and Japan, which account for about 40% of world GDP, signed an agreement on the Trans-Pacific Partnership (Trans-Pacific Partnership). Immediately after this, mass protests against the signing of a similar agreement on the Transatlantic Partnership (Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership - TTIP) took place in a number of countries of the European Union, primarily in Germany.

On October 7, a “Caspian salvo” took place - the launch of 26 Russian sea-launched Kalibr cruise missiles that hit targets over a distance of more than 1500 km.

October 8 China launched its own international payment system Chinese International Payment System (CIPS), an alternative to SWIFT.

October 9 in Lima (Peru) was the next summit of the IMF and the World Bank, at which the United States again refused to reform these international financial institutions.

In the first three quarters of 2015, the Chinese yuan came in first place among the currencies used in trading in the ASEAN zone.

In 2015, India and China continue to be the largest consumers of physical gold, cumulatively providing more than 80% of the global demand for yellow metal.

According to unofficial calculations, already in August 2015, the share of the BRICS countries accounted for over half of the world's gold reserves. In addition, they provide over 80% of the production of platinum and rare earth metals.

That is, the global confrontation in the modern world is not only evident, but continues to grow. At the same time, the main “battlefield” today is not Ukraine or Syria, but the European Union, and especially Germany, which, from the US point of view, it’s time to slaughter like a fed up pig. Of course, “slaughter” not literally, but metaphorically, through TTIP mechanisms (the “diesel” scandal with the Volkswagen concern, initiated by American “environmentalists”, is an obvious “attempt at writing” in this direction).

If Brussels and Berlin agree to sign the Transatlantic Partnership, we can congratulate America on a serious geo-strategic victory, since they will be able to take the Russian-Chinese heartland, in military terms, “into ticks” from both the Atlantic and Pacific. But so far this issue has not been resolved, and the “oscilloscope shooter” (in the immortal expression of Yulia Latynina) is still “tossing” one way or the other.

And at this moment, imagine, Great Britain - and in the person of the whole (!) Dynasty of the Windsor - in fact, it goes over to the side of China. In addition, openly stating that British banks will help turn the yuan into a global reserve currency ...

You can not hurt the old women!

In other words, the demonstrative design of the British-Chinese “global partnership for the 21st century” actually programs the transition of the entire continental Europe to the Russian-Chinese bloc (that’s Prime Minister David Cameron threatened Brussels with the UK leaving the EU and “broke” the Scotland independence referendum! ) ...

The “Atlantic” half of the American “geostrategic ticks” turned out to be broken - and if so, then the second, the “Pacific” half becomes useless. And who did it? A state that the United States for more than half a century considered its main ally!

The cry of betrayal, immediately coming from the other side of the Atlantic, could be dozens, hundreds of times stronger, but, firstly, not in American tradition to shout about their defeat, and secondly, what kind of betrayal can be talked about, if "England has no permanent allies and permanent enemies ..." and is this well known to all? The interests of England, where there is gold, and gold today in China ...

However, I personally consider the turning point in London-Washington relations to be March 2013 of the year when agents of the American Tax Service without any demand entered the British Virgin Islands (one of the above-mentioned global financial offshore companies and the personal property of Her Majesty Elizabeth II) in order to impose taxes and fines the assets that had escaped from the USA, dug out doubtful operations for almost $ 6 trillion - and wrap it all up ... It’s impossible to offend old women like that!

The already agreed invasion of Syria did not take place, but the brave Yankees were given good advice to "push" Russia through Ukraine, sanctions and lower world oil prices (which was not only beneficial for China, but also finally inclined Russia to "turn to the East") ... And today, with an unprecedented fanfare, accepting "Comrade C", the British Queen, apparently, is celebrating her "Victory Day".

This time - over America.
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  1. Zomanus
    Zomanus 30 October 2015 06: 08
    China, too, probably is not just going to rapprochement with England.
    It is most likely connected with the renunciation of the yuan as a reserve currency.
    And England provides support for this.
    And that this is a blow to America, I do not agree.
    1. Polovec
      Polovec 30 October 2015 16: 12
      It seems to me that the author greatly simplifies the situation. England depends on amers vitally! If support from overseas disappears, then this scum from the British Isles will simply be erased into powder, primarily France and Germany. And arrogant Saxons know this very well. Nor can there even be talk of betrayal! The roles are simply divided and the performance has begun. Amers have too many negative positions in relations with China. Rapprochements with Russia cannot be allowed. So England comes into play! And by order from Washington, the queen in front of Xi and the cancan on the table would dance!
      But who actually twists the situation in their interests is China!
      1. Ria
        Ria 30 October 2015 20: 09
        It is England that represents the secretly hidden supranational "world" government that decides the fate of the powers of the whole world. All these Obama, Merkel, Hollande and so on are faceless and powerless puppets who carry out the orders of those who are not spoken of. But China has acquired a powerful influence, it must be reckoned with, so the Windsors are bowling over, making contacts, exploring the possibilities of further interaction with the new giant player. Visible and hidden politics are completely different things. The publication is very serious, it deserves understanding. And I think, whoever needs it, is already studying all the existing texture.
        1. Karlovar
          Karlovar 30 October 2015 21: 41
          The world shadow government (which includes Elizabeth) quite often changed the location of its main office .... First it was the Venetian Republic (with world money ducat), then the Spanish Empire (ducats and dzhenovins were in use), then the Dutch Republic (with a guldon ), then the United Kingdom (with the world currency pound), then the United States (with the dollar) ..... Now the next step is the transfer of the main office to China (with the yuan as world money) .... This transfer was conceived for a long time, quiet the glanders went on and preparations are underway ...... That's just to the US national elites very much, right up to the insult, I don’t want to lose the fat post of the chief manager in the office !!! Up to the threat, they say, I’ll blow up the office with the nearby buildings in the bathhouse! Even in ordinary life, when a person is fired from a fat post, say, the director general of a large company, how much stench, hysteria, inadequate happens, how much shit falls out .....
  2. misljachii
    misljachii 30 October 2015 06: 09
    Yes, the Old Lady paid to America))))
    1. kartalovkolya
      kartalovkolya 30 October 2015 13: 03
      To be serious to the end, you should remember that your so-called "old lady" is "the tail that twirls the dog"! And everything else is just a demonstration by the United States of being so cool, but no, there is an "old woman" many times cooler than them! And in fact, this "old woman" from the "shadows reigns the ball", in the sense of building the world financial policy for the future! And it is very rightly said that Great Britain has no allies, but has interests and, most importantly, BENEFITS, and here they will give the "stars and stripes" a decent head start (and they seem to have freed themselves from the dominion of the kings of England, but in fact they were slaves and remained )!
      1. ava09
        ava09 30 October 2015 13: 40
        What is happening illustrates the opposition of financial elites on both sides of the Atlantic. The "Centers of Geopolitical Power" is being transferred from the Atlantic region to the Pacific, where the main representatives of this power, China and Australia, are identified.
  3. EFA
    EFA 30 October 2015 06: 09
    Perhaps the author is wishful thinking, but the economic geostrategic pincers against Europe are not broken. On the contrary, rather, Britain is trying to hedge against unforeseen economic situations. China, on the other hand, is happy with any "kopeck" in the current situation, and rightly so - there will be a shirt with the world.

    And even more so, this does not mean that Europe is falling under Russian-Chinese influence. Why such a conclusion? In this particular case, it is exclusively business. And China was the last thing China thought about when it entered into contracts.
    1. viktorrymar
      viktorrymar 30 October 2015 09: 20
      We’ll wait and see, today events are unfolding at a frantic speed, and we are witnesses of truly global-scale processes, the consumer world is going to decline, I hope to see the spiritual growth of our planet during my life.
    2. Karlovar
      Karlovar 30 October 2015 21: 46
      The author writes that ticks are not against Europe, and Europe is one of the halves of ticks ... against the Heartland ...
  4. s.melioxin
    s.melioxin 30 October 2015 06: 20
    And today, with unprecedented fanfare, accepting "Comrade C", the British queen, apparently, is celebrating her "Victory Day."
    This time over the Americas
    The serpentarium stirred, which means they will soon feed. Now each for himself, someone will get more, and someone less, and they will trample someone.
  5. BLOND
    BLOND 30 October 2015 06: 38
    "... And at this moment, imagine, Great Britain - and even in the person of the entire (!) Windsor dynasty - actually goes over to the side of China. In addition, openly declaring that British banks will facilitate the transformation of the yuan into a global reserve currency ... "
    But because the GDP is right! And Britain understands this - if there is no "multipolar world", then the United States "devoured" its rivals will begin to eat its "friends"
  6. Manage
    Manage 30 October 2015 06: 40
    The Chinese love ceremonies ... And we know this Anglo-Saxon breed: both "ours" and "yours" will be zealous. "Our" - ceremonies, and "your" - military assistance.
  7. aszzz888
    aszzz888 30 October 2015 06: 42
    You can’t offend old women like that!

    Something especially mericatos and do not scream. Or in a stupor, or in a manner peculiar to them, this fact is discussed.
    But it seems that soon a fan of saliva and foam, from the company of the State Department will burst out like a fan! laughing
  8. afdjhbn67
    afdjhbn67 30 October 2015 06: 50
    Temporary cooling in relations took place before .. they mean nothing at all .. But an attempt to pull China to its side is more dangerous than Russia, rather than petty insults of a grandmother whose life is left for two sneezes. I doubt that someone in the states generally got confused on this ... early citizens rejoice
    This is just pulling the blanket over ourselves, because "against whom we are friends" Ranevskaya is a phrase for all times
  9. Wolka
    Wolka 30 October 2015 06: 52
    the British in their repertoire, and it’s time for the Yankees to also understand that friendship is friendship, and tobacco is apart, in which case the British definitely will not miss their fried and you can’t tear someone else out of your mouth ...
  10. fsps
    fsps 30 October 2015 07: 08
    Wouldn't any "color revolution" or even "democratizing bombardment" begin in London now? Yet the "bloody monarchy", "human rights", etc.
  11. allexgordeev
    allexgordeev 30 October 2015 07: 19
    Yes, everything is simple, the long-awaited event is the relocation of one of the world control centers. The post has passed, the post has accepted.
    Now you can forget about Wb-i, but usa is still ahead.
  12. Volzhanin
    Volzhanin 30 October 2015 07: 45
    The Englishwoman will sell and throw all more than once.
    Yes, and to hell with them.
    We need to deal with our economy - it’s time to change the entire political and economic system.
    And then all this d-mo, which surfaced in the 90s and is now floating in power, will bring the country to the zugunder.
  13. andrew42
    andrew42 30 October 2015 10: 16
    Absolute nonsense. The states and the British Commonwealth are ruled by the same "elite" - the banking clans of the famous "chosen by God" and the lower-level members of the British aristocracy / American establishment who are accepted as a share. And therefore, one can speak of the States and Britain as STATES only conditionally. In real life, there are no such states, only skins-signs. If there was any intention on the part of the Jewish-Britons, it was to pull China closer to them, a small step to derail the course of interaction with Russia and the BRICS. Since 1949, the question "How did we lose China ?? !!" haunted Truman / Obama's curators and grandmother Lisa's partners.
    1. Ria
      Ria 30 October 2015 20: 13
      That's right, I completely join.
    2. Straight
      Straight 30 October 2015 21: 09
      They think that they are "chosen by God", but in fact they are "chosen by the devil."
    3. Karlovar
      Karlovar 30 October 2015 21: 55
      The fact of the matter is that there are disagreements between global clans, there is no unity, even confrontation takes place (they lack all of them there, everyone wants to grab more) .... That is generally good for the world. In full agreement between these clans would have torn more skins from humanity ...
  14. X Y Z
    X Y Z 30 October 2015 10: 24
    Another confirmation of the long-standing truth that Britain has no friends, but many interests. It is not easy for an outdated empire to survive in modern conditions, and that's it, they go into all serious ways. Sorry, Washington, we are also Anglo-Saxons, but I want to eat every day, and not a stale hump.
  15. Altona
    Altona 30 October 2015 10: 30
    The already agreed invasion of Syria did not take place, but the brave Yankees were given good advice to "push" Russia through Ukraine, sanctions and lower world oil prices (which was not only beneficial for China, but also finally inclined Russia to "turn to the East") ... And today, with an unprecedented fanfare, accepting "Comrade C", the British Queen, apparently, is celebrating her "Victory Day".
    How many such pressers have already been ... Let's hang our flag on Big Ben somehow, wait ...
  16. dog1965
    dog1965 30 October 2015 11: 41
    Quote: viktorrymar
    We’ll wait and see, today events are unfolding at a frantic speed, and we are witnesses of truly global-scale processes, the consumer world is going to decline, I hope to see the spiritual growth of our planet during my life.

    And where is it that the consumer world is heading towards sunset? Have another idea? And in what country is this visible? Not yet, the IDEA OF CONSUMPTION lives and thrives. Not all the wealth has been plundered, not all resources have been consumed yet. Russia is on a liberal course, China is also walking along the edge between the liberal market and state capitalism. In India, Bollywood also glorifies non-scientists and workers.
    So all together we stomp into a world that is shown in "Obvilion", "Time" and other similar inventions of science fiction writers.
  17. Urri
    Urri 30 October 2015 13: 37
    For the first time I hear about the call to the Virgin Islands for the loot. Probably slept soundly ...
    There is something to squirm about. Is it not in April 2013, Prince William, who will be the future king of Britain, who oversees the royal family of MI-6, went to California with his wife?
  18. zakamsk1971
    zakamsk1971 30 October 2015 13: 39
    But will Russia remain the forage base for leading players? Our leader is not welcomed like that. Either they are so weak that they ignore them, or they are so strong that they want to cooperate with China on the division of tidbits.
    1. andrew42
      andrew42 30 October 2015 14: 50
      Everything is much simpler. As the saying goes, "... it's no wonder to understand him, great sovereign." The masters of the United States have chosen the British "platform" to pull up and degrade the modern Chinese elite. Since in the absence of overwhelming military superiority, they have no other moves. All other things being constant, the Chinese consider themselves to be the foremost "moneymakers." Therefore, if the latent Chinese National Socialism is preserved, and if the direct military suppression of China is impossible, nothing will come of the "West". It makes us neither cold nor hot. It just is, and it will be for a long time.
    2. valentber
      valentber 30 October 2015 19: 44
      Western media compare China to a banker's wallet, and Russia to a gun. So - "food supply". At best, a cannon.
  19. mikh-korsakov
    mikh-korsakov 30 October 2015 14: 56
    Against the backdrop of the practical termination of relations between Russia and Great Britain, the triumphal meeting of Comrade Xi, in addition to all the benefits voiced here, for both sides is a slap in the face of Russia. Like, and you, Russia, we will not talk. Comrade Xi talked with our president, received from Russia everything that he needed from Russia, and Russia showed a big cookie in the form of loans and assistance. This is a business, nothing more, there is simply nothing for Russia to even puff up her cheeks. It’s just that there is no need to be friends with China now, as with a poor relative.
    1. valentber
      valentber 30 October 2015 19: 48
      Correctly! China refers to Russia with the arrogance of mandarin. More than one generation of Chinese people has grown up, confident that Russia is the northern territories of China, which can be appropriated at any time.
  20. marline
    marline 30 October 2015 15: 08
    Do not tell my slippers, the 51st state of the USA, decided to be friends with China bypassing the Washington regional committee ??? belay
  21. sigdoc
    sigdoc 30 October 2015 15: 40
    Two of the most cunning ... x people in the world in one photo.
  22. Vsevolod M.
    Vsevolod M. 30 October 2015 18: 54
    Global Relocation of Civilization. Let's look beyond the horizon.
  23. sanyavolhv
    sanyavolhv 30 October 2015 22: 55
    I love in battle by retreating a little, pull the cat by uh, tail ... and then kick it. to create the impression of a weakling, to study the enemy. China is certainly strong in something. Russia is certainly weak, in some .... Anglicans with Americans are of course in the subject, sometimes. the question is different. Who will laugh last? it seems to me it will be Volodka Putin. because a fool does not need a knife, he will kill himself. his pouting cheeks and slaughter. let it be measured by anyone more .... have a fight, fight.
    sit on the shore, wait. the corpses of enemies will soon sail. protect yourself? Yes, of course it is necessary, by the river which is in the song, and not only.
    1. family tree
      family tree 30 October 2015 23: 18
      Quote: sanyavolhv
      Anglicas with Americans of course in the subject

      Not in the subject, population around the edge. They are being told that they are exceptional. Only everything is in a spiral, we remember the beginning of World War II, but do they remember Dunkirk? Or was it just like in Reims that they signed autographs? what
      sit on the shore

      Dover Strait.
      wait at that river
      Let's see how the Tin Islands drown beautifully ...
  24. generatorbred
    generatorbred 31 October 2015 15: 12
    "To" press "on Russia through Ukraine, sanctions and a decrease in world oil prices" - I wonder if this nonsense will be thrust into every article ???