Military Review

Tactics action in the city. About serious in comics. Part of 3

Part three is devoted to the actions of the troika: moving, using weapons, moving through the streets, passage openings.

Tactics action in the city. About serious in comics. Part of 3

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  1. Owl
    Owl 7 November 2015 07: 19
    dignified and intelligible
    1. witch
      witch 9 November 2015 02: 48
      Is this what peaceful librarians and librosecs are preparing for a coup?
  2. LEX SU
    LEX SU 7 November 2015 07: 39
    cool. saved. thank

    where to get the first 2 parts?
    1. Slobber
      Slobber 7 November 2015 09: 00
      Look, the site should be everything.
      1. PSih2097
        PSih2097 7 November 2015 21: 48
        Quote: razgildyay
        Look, the site should be everything.

        it is necessary to save in pdf (* .pdf) ...
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    3. The comment was deleted.
    4. A.Gulynin
      A.Gulynin 7 November 2015 09: 50

      Print and put home in the farthest drawer until better times?
      1. Mwg
        Mwg 7 November 2015 11: 53
        That's exactly what I did ))
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    5. free
      free 8 November 2015 08: 22
      look in the archive
  3. Support
    Support 7 November 2015 09: 08
    All is correct good
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  5. Pushyk
    Pushyk 7 November 2015 10: 26
    The French automaton FAMAS clearly says who these "comics" are made for.
    Thank you.
    1. Spnsr
      Spnsr 7 November 2015 11: 50
      Quote: Fluff
      The French automaton FAMAS clearly says who these "comics" are made for.
      Thank you.

      and some things cause questions, for example
      the first occupies the doorway sector of the house! in his sector is clean, the second went went went - left ...
      the third went, went went, went ...
      first went went came looked around the second part of the visible sector in the opening ...
      either it is redundant or late ...
      and moving forward, they should stand at the back of the head in the back of the head, otherwise when moving to the front, a too elegant target turns out .... bold, oh how bold, let me shoot though ...
      here, the opposing side divorced at least a meter more likely to ...
      and about the accuracy of fire, this is good, but each soldier should have his own sector of fire, otherwise ....
  6. saygon66
    saygon66 7 November 2015 15: 34
    - Work in troikas ... It seems that this is how they taught (and maybe they teach) to work in the US Marine Corps ... Our fighters were "steamed" ...
    1. Archon
      Archon 8 November 2015 16: 15
      Our marine corps was also taught by triples to move through the forest and along the roads. Only there the situation changed all the time (1,2 and 3 constantly changed numbers) and NEVER they didn’t stand nearby - only at a certain distance so that a triangle always formed.
  7. Abrekkos
    Abrekkos 7 November 2015 16: 39
    Why is it interesting here laid out?
    Who needs to be taught where necessary. Other mine in the top three is better not to work.

    In my humble opinion. Three is needed to give tactical flexibility to the unit. Density of fire is from the evil one. You can work in it only in the presence of reflex coherence, which is given only by years of training. In a combat situation, while you will build the top three and all these cards will crush you to remember. Yes, this three will either get confused or destroy itself.
    Wash if you do not learn this all your life with your troika, then you need to work only in pairs. Here reflection works fine and you constantly feel a partner.
    Ours, even when you are escorted to where, if the escort is armed, then the rest one goes with him to stay at a distance in pairs so that you do not accidentally crush them in a fever. And this despite the fact that everyone is not the first time.
    1. saygon66
      saygon66 7 November 2015 20: 20
      - The manual can be used to train the police ... Army methods are not very suitable ... and there is an opportunity to train "for life" ... smile
    2. dokusib
      dokusib 8 November 2015 07: 14
      A pair easily turns into one. Or in one with a wounded man in his arms. Pictures are drawn for the French Legion where there are many foreigners. In the first issue, the author explained this. Legionnaires seem to have enough time for training. And the trio does not seem to me to be constant. Well, in the sense that if everyone is trained the same way, you can assign any fighters. And in the three of three pairs of eyes, respectively, each has a narrower sector of observation, which means that it will respond faster to the appearance of danger.
    3. free
      free 8 November 2015 08: 25
      you will work together for a couple of months to a minimum level, I went through this
      1. igorka357
        igorka357 8 November 2015 08: 37
        Where did you go ... at the training ground? Remember that the training ground is not real bd, it’s not known how your coordination will work in the bd, I saw trained guys from SOBR, everyone is good, but when the first brick crumb flew into the face from a bullet about fifteen centimeters from the person sat down, and they didn’t understand what to do next, the group leader stood like a wooden stump until they threw a large piece of brick around his sphere! I also saw a couple of people who understood each other's eyes, and they did not study in polygon conditions!
  8. botuala
    botuala 7 November 2015 18: 19
    What audience are these pictures intended for? A simple reader will not appreciate it, the army team was reported in the order of service, and those who are "airsoft" or "paintball players" have done it.
    APASUS 7 November 2015 21: 45
    I look this French hat has already been translated into Russian?
    The poor soldiers who learn from it, at the end of each copy you need to draw an order - let them cut it out as a visual aid laughing laughing laughingI represent a doctor trained in such benefits
  10. lucdrakon2015
    lucdrakon2015 8 November 2015 17: 19
    ... great !!! more continued ...)))
  11. intsurfer
    intsurfer 9 November 2015 00: 28
    and on medical sites, probably, they post cardiac surgery in pictures :)