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The war with ISIS is for long

"Debriefing" from the former commander of the Russian Air Force

Already a month, as Russia entered the war with the armed groups of ISIS in Syria. Every day there are reports about the number of destroyed warehouses from weapons and ammunition, command posts, columns of cars ... But no one tells how long the operation lasts, what efforts will be needed to defeat the militants and what can ultimately turn it all for Russia. These and other questions in an interview with the "MIC" reflect Air Force Commander (1991 – 1998) Army General Peter Deynekin.

- Peter Stepanovich, do not you think that a rather strange war is going on in Syria? On the one hand, we see the heroic actions of our pilots, effective reconnaissance, accurate bombing, on the other - we hear strictly metered information, the volume and direction of which is determined, they say, almost in the presidential administration?

- This war goes far from Russia. And at the same time it’s close, because we are participating in it. It has its own characteristics, but let me start the answer to your question with a short historical digression. He is needed to understand the current role and significance of our military aviation.

At the beginning of the last century, Grand Duke Alexander Mikhailovich during the construction of the Imperial Russian Air fleet stated: “The air fleet of Russia should be stronger than the air fleet of our neighbors. This should be remembered by everyone who cherishes the independence of our country. ”

And Russian volunteer pilots in 1911 had already fought in the war against the Turks on the side of Bulgaria. At that time, their tasks were mainly limited to aerial reconnaissance, but the airplanes in this business successfully replaced cavalry patrols.

In 1912, the Russian aircraft designer Igor Sikorsky expressed industrialist Mikhail Shidlovsky (by the way, to a sailor in the past) that Russia, with its vast expanses, needs not kayaks, but air ships. Soon, with material support from Shydlouski, Sikorsky created the world's first four-engined airship, Ilya Muromets, which successfully fought the Germans in the skies of the First World War. Russia entered the slaughterhouse, having the same number of aircraft along with Germany and the Entente countries. However, the capabilities of Western industry allowed them to quickly increase the production of this new type of weapon. Ultimately, aviation played an important role in the crash of Austria-Hungary, Germany and the Russian Empire.

In subsequent years, aviation was even more in demand. The conflict on the CER in 1929, the war in Spain, the battles on Lake Hassan and on the Khalkhin Gol River - our pilots fought bravely everywhere.

During the Great Patriotic War, Stalin wrote to Zhukov at Stalingrad: “The war with the Germans shows that the success of ground operations can only be achieved with air supremacy. And if Novikov (commander of the Soviet Air Force) believes that we do not have enough aircraft, the operation must be postponed. ” The words of the Don Front Commander Konstantin Rokossovsky are also known: “The infantry does not rise, it does not go forward for tanksif there is no aviation. ”

You ask: what does this have to do with Syria? So in Syria, ground troops went ahead because they received powerful aviation support. The road was cleared by Russian aviation.

The war with ISIS is for long

- So what is the peculiarity and specificity of the war in Syria for us, how does it differ from all the others?

- This war goes far from our borders, it is not easy to transfer the grouping of our Aerospace forces with all the means of material and technical support there. And for our partners in the fight against international terrorism, air strikes against targets of ISIL were unexpected. So much so that they began to carry in the media fiction about strikes against groups of the moderate Syrian opposition, about the violation of the airspace of Turkey, etc. They also refuse to cooperate on the ground and in the air.

You mentioned that the amount and direction of information is determined almost in the presidential administration. This is not true.

The war, of course, goes on in the information space. However, the Office of the Press Service and Information of the Ministry of Defense of Russia through electronic media shows, and if you like, it reports to world public opinion how our aviation acted for every 30 – 50 sorties per day. The struggle for truth is not only in the air and on earth, but also on the air.

- How satisfied are you as an ex-commander-in-chief of the air force with the actions of our aviation? Why does the United States call us blunt-naked bombs?

- If we compare it with the former local conflicts (say, by forcing Georgia to peace), then the actions of Russian aviation in Syria are noticeably different for the better. This happened also because the leaders of the new type of the Armed Forces were appointed commanders who have personal combat experience. They understand what they are doing, from the inside.

First, space, optoelectronic, secret intelligence and unmanned aerial vehicles are involved in the precise definition of targets. This allows you to receive and recheck information from multiple sources. Therefore, we do not strike at bazaars, mosques, and hospitals, but only beat at important military targets on the territory of ISIS. At command posts, ammunition and ammunition depots, gangster training centers ... Accurate strikes, proven targets.

There are reports that even active ISIS fighters are running, shaving beards and dressing up in civilian clothes. By the way, in August 2008 of the year, some politicians during the raid of our aviation, scared their own neckties for fear.

Secondly, as you yourself rightly noticed, some American military reproach the Russian aviation for striking them with “stupid” bombs. I will say this: what goals, such and bombs.

We also have precision weapons. For example, missiles with radar, infrared homing heads, guided aerial bombs. But they are used on particularly important military facilities, which should be affected by “hitting the window”. And if you want, then in a mobile phone - we can do that too.

What is the purpose - is the means of destruction.

For example, the bomb, which the Americans call "blunt-eared", is a concrete-concrete. High-explosive, high-explosive, adjustable bombs and laser ammunition are also used. Space systems are used for navigation, determining the coordinates of the target and the point of discharge of the munition. The accuracy of the discharge is today a matter of war and peace.

Thirdly, it became not so easy for “partners” to invent new accusations, because our drones control and show the whole flight dynamics: before, at the time and after the attack. The destruction of each goal is documented by means of objective control.

- What can you say about our fleet in Syria? Su-24 bomber operated in Afghanistan. But since 35 years have passed - not obsolete?

- In fact, airplanes do not age, but grow up. In the United States, strategic aircraft of the type B-52, which were produced in the last century, are still in service. In aviation, there is such a thing as “state of airworthiness”. According to this criterion, the ability of a technology to operate in the sky is assessed.

As for the Su-24 bomber, in recent years modern navigation and aiming tools have been installed on it, which allow precise strikes.

The Su-25 attack aircraft is a vehicle with an armored defense of the pilot and the engine, which adequately went through Afghanistan.

The Mi-8 and Mi-24 helicopters provide combat operations across a wide range of their technical capabilities. Including on duty on search and rescue (evacuation) of our pilots who got into trouble. Both planes and helicopters are fighting well because our Aerospace Forces continue a reasonable course to modernize their aircraft and weapons. Of course, we still have new aircraft with thrust vectoring and other types of machines. So with military equipment everything is in order. The war in Syria is not the one in which we must disclose all our combat capabilities.

- Is it not excessive and not expensive to use Caliber cruise missiles from ships of the Caspian Flotilla in the presence of our aircraft in Latakia? The Western press did not fail to write here that, they say, not all of them flew to the goals.

- I bow to this in a military-bold operation, which was successfully conducted by our naval forces. The fleet remains a fleet, and its commanders are faithful to their glorious military traditions. When the Germans began bombing Moscow in July 1941, the fleet commander Semyon Zhavoronkov was the first to propose to strike back at Berlin. Stalin connected the crews of long-range bomber aircraft to this case, and in August the myth of the complete destruction of Soviet aviation was debunked.

And the fact that now our cruise missiles have flown to the specified targets, I have no doubts. I also dealt with this matter in my time and not without success.

Moreover, in this war we showed far from all our air power. We also have air-based cruise missiles, which are launched at more decent distances than the Caliber. Apparently, it makes no sense to use them. Until.

As for costs, there is no need to talk about expenses. The cruel enemy represented by the ISIS gangs, if not destroyed in its own lair, may soon be at our borders.

- It can be said that the launch of Calibrov has shown: is the time of the US technological hegemony coming to an end?

- Of course not. And I would warn you against such sentiments.

For example, our "partners" have powerful carrier-based strike groups led by atomic multi-purpose aircraft carriers. They can be used for both conventional and more terrible war. At the same time, the time was gone when the main calibers of the battleship “New Jersey” rumbled off the shores of independent states with impunity.

When the unprecedented disarmament of the Soviet Union began on peaceful days, the Americans demanded, first of all, to destroy not strategic aircraft, not even intercontinental ballistic missiles, but land-based cruise missiles "Relief". These missiles changed their deployment so that it was impossible to keep track of them even from space. They instantly deployed from the march to the battle, flew unnoticed to the set targets (low above the ground) and were able to suddenly destroy control points and other important objects far in the West. That was a first-strike weapon, and the United States demanded that it be destroyed first.

As for building up our combat power, in recent years enterprises of the military-industrial complex have become more active. Bacchanalia ceased with the prices of military equipment. When the question concerns the national security of the country, it’s not up to market relations.

But the main thing is that the moral character of our Armed Forces has changed and the fighting spirit of the personnel has been restored. The selfless fighting work of our pilots in Syria is a clear confirmation of this.

- How complete and self-sufficient is the Russian air force in Syria and how long is it able to perform the assigned tasks in such a composition?

- If it is necessary to strengthen the aviation support of the ground forces, then it will not be ours. We can transfer there as much aviation as necessary to successfully complete the operation. In the meantime, the combat capabilities of our air group (Mi-8 helicopters, Mi-24 helicopters, Su-25 attack aircraft, Su-24 bomber aircraft, Su-34 fighter jets) are quite consistent with the tasks.

The interaction of our aviation with ground forces allows us to ensure the solution of the tasks of defeating ISIL gangs with minimal losses in the ground forces of the Syrian army.

But the most important thing is that all of our pilots return home in the same fighting composition as they arrived in Syria to fulfill their international duty.

- According to some sources, Stinger MANPADS appeared in the militants. What do crews of combat vehicles do in this situation? Maybe it makes sense to reduce the number of sorties?

- The appearance of ISIL MANPADS in the gangs is not a reason for reducing the number of combat sorties, especially for their termination. But this is a signal that we need to change the tactics of our aviation. Attack suddenly from different heights and directions. From the rear and from the side of the sun. Switch to night operations, more actively use electronic warfare to suppress the enemy’s communications system and interference to disrupt homing heads. Organize demonstrative distractions. Do you tell me everything? Our aviation commanders know these tactics and know how to use them.

- Do you think we will be there for long?

- You should not underestimate the enemy. As life shows, with all our political, diplomatic and military efforts, all this will not end quickly. But to strive for this is necessary.
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  1. Sansara
    Sansara 29 October 2015 14: 31
    Burning East
    What is happening on the planet
    People do not find peace
    An avalanche is flowing
    Behind them, the East burns.

    House of people burns flame
    In the midst of the fire the banner blackens
    A terrible beast with chains
    Burns countries and people.

    Dreaming of fire for centuries
    He tears apart flesh
    It’s a heavy step
    It shoots, cuts, burns people.

    No one can fight back
    Warriors fell asleep in the graves
    Some are serving the beast
    Vultures circling over the battlefield.

    There are probably no more fighters
    Who could give an answer to the beast
    Only loners here and there
    Destroy the temples do not give.

    The wave of fire was advancing
    In the fire, hope was dying
    The beast prepared for attack
    Heaven signs to people.

    Save the remnants of beauty
    Eagles descended from a height
    Shamefully the vultures retreated
    When the eagles and the beast fought.

    Downed by the beast, he crawls away
    The fire is dying down everywhere
    Let Victory Don't Come
    The world has returned to the East.

    Failed bloody feast
    Eagles keep the peace left.
    1. Vend
      Vend 29 October 2015 14: 32
      If not strangled in Syria, then for a long time. Spread across countries like spiders.
      1. Finches
        Finches 29 October 2015 14: 45
        The USA and Saudi Arabia have too much money to support ISIS, and ISIS has its own significant sources of funding! Plus, there is no common understanding among countries how to fight ISIS ... Audits have their own interests, the Turks have their own, the Americans have their own .. All this is not conducive to great optimism. There is one positive moment, if a full-fledged coalition is created: Iran, Syria, Russia, Iraq, the Kurds, Hezbollah ... in spite of the shouts from the outside they begin to jointly kill terrorists, then the sense will probably be faster!
      2. viktorrymar
        viktorrymar 29 October 2015 14: 45
        In fact, airplanes do not age, but grow up.

        well said, just for those who want the sixth generation all the time wink
        1. Throw
          Throw 29 October 2015 15: 18
          And even better said about good goals! laughing
      3. EGOrkka
        EGOrkka 29 October 2015 16: 02
        .... if everything works out in Syria and Iraq ... then the turn of the "Arab world" will be coordinated. This is what the PSSH are afraid of ...... They had an idea ... decent .... "Аslave black Дyra ".... and oil and raw materials and endless terrorism. And europium is in good shape and Russia is a problem ... bully
  2. venaya
    venaya 29 October 2015 14: 32
    The war with ISIS is for long

    If ISIS was located in only one country, then there would be no problems. This is a transnational organization and one country will not be able to solve this problem.
    1. gladcu2
      gladcu2 29 October 2015 17: 45

      Do not be pessimistic.

      Frankly, I did not like the interview. Somehow spatial. We went from far away. They recalled, added some water. And nothing concrete.

      In this regard, it is better to listen to Jacob Kedmi. YouTube to help.
      He said clearly. The end of the war with the Syrian army reaching the northern borders in order to block the supply of ISIS from Turkish territory. He said that they won’t be busy with this for a long time. A month or two.

      True, apparently there is a dependence on the control of already conquered territories. Yes, and preparing to move forward takes time. I mean logistics, and regrouping.
      1. INTER
        INTER 29 October 2015 22: 02
        Quote: venaya
        If ISIS was located in only one country, then there would be no problems. This is a transnational organization and one country will not be able to solve this problem.

        First of all, you need to work with this problem on the ideological field and, above all, on the territory of your country. Because many members of ISIS (banned from us) come from Russia and the CIS countries. Many do not understand and do not know what Islam is. And if you knew, you would not have signed that meat grinder. It is necessary to educate and teach your people, if not you, then for you.
  3. Alexstrigin
    Alexstrigin 29 October 2015 14: 37
    Quote: Wend
    If not strangled in Syria, then for a long time.

    ISIS is like a chronic disease, it cannot be cured, but it is possible to drown
    1. Vita vko
      Vita vko 29 October 2015 16: 08
      It is impossible to defeat terrorism while its financing is underway. There will always be scumbags and lunatics ready to join gangs. And here are two options or long negotiations at the UN Security Council to create a mechanism to counter the financing of terrorism, or to conduct special operations on the territory of countries where financiers of terrorist organizations are hiding.
      The only hope is that due to the continuous bombing of the infrastructure of the IS terrorists, their sponsors will be forced to activate the supply system, which means it will be easier to open and destroy.
  4. Basarev
    Basarev 29 October 2015 14: 46
    And yet, whoever says anything, the Mi-8, Su-24 and Mi-24 are outdated. The Mi-24, for example, was outdated in the twentieth century, when the Americans created the Apache. After all, the Mi-24 was the answer to the Cobra and was a helicopter of the same generation - the first. Apache is a second generation helicopter. The main difference between the second generation and the first is the standard nad-sleeve radar and fired-and-forget guided missiles. And then, with all of this, the Americans themselves admit that for almost thirty years of operation, the Apache has grown very old and therefore they are preparing a replacement for him, and we ... So we are stuck in the first generation, while the Americans are already torn into the third.
    1. Engineer
      Engineer 29 October 2015 15: 16
      you would at least read Wikivracy, otherwise you get confused in the programs at all.
    2. science fiction writer
      science fiction writer 29 October 2015 15: 21
      Mi-24, for example, became outdated in the twentieth century, when the Americans created Apache. After all, the Mi-24 was the answer to the Cobra

      Dear, do not tell nonsense at MI-24 a bunch of records not broken by anyone, like
      MI-8, no one has created machines equal to them, and the rest is just the modernization potential that APAC does not have.
      In fact, airplanes do not age, but grow up.

      And why all "experts" like to say that we are always catching up with someone and catching up
      After all, the Mi-24 was the answer to the Cobra

      Or maybe our designers just do their job perfectly.
    3. The comment was deleted.
  5. Mountain shooter
    Mountain shooter 29 October 2015 14: 58
    Most likely, our aviation capabilities are sufficient, and it is not required to strengthen the group in Syria. The Syrian army is slowly breaking the situation. They will block the Turkish border, and the front will roll to the Iraqi border. Everything is not clear with the Kurds, the mattress is actively playing the Kurdish card, regardless of anything. They are in trouble with the Kurds, is it really not clear?
    1. Stirbjorn
      Stirbjorn 30 October 2015 10: 41
      The Syrian army can be blown away at any moment, because it is already a month of heavy fighting, and concrete results are not visible at all. And the reserves are not unlimited, alas. hi
  6. samarin1969
    samarin1969 29 October 2015 15: 16
    Instead of "seligers" - fighting wings!
  7. V.ic
    V.ic 29 October 2015 15: 22
    They say that Napoleon said (can they attribute it to him?) That three things are needed for war: money, money, money. ISIS sponsors have money above the roof (therefore, it tears it off), so this war will go on for a long time.
  8. Engineer
    Engineer 29 October 2015 15: 22
    Su-24 means a bomber, and Su-34 - suddenly a fighter. In fact, the Su-34 is a larger bomber than the Su-24, it has more bomb load and a significantly larger combat radius. In the Su-24, the combat radius is generally small, and the bomb load is small. Here he is even inferior to his American counterpart F-111, although he is older. Good thing the F-111 has a long history.
    1. Dart2027
      Dart2027 29 October 2015 21: 56
      Quote: Engineer
      Su-24 means a bomber, and Su-34 - suddenly a fighter

      The Su-34 is a multifunctional fighter-bomber, and unlike pure bombers, it can equally well bomb and conduct air combat.
  9. Max_Bauder
    Max_Bauder 29 October 2015 15: 24
    I may be an optimist, but it seems to me that everything will end in 2016-17, everything in the sense of not only the war in Syria, but also maybe the hegemony of the United States will come to an end, there will be a split and the spread of Europe, the collapse of the dollar, in short The world will change. Where does infa come from? Well, there one grandmother said ... smile well, in the sense of grandmother Vanga, also Edgar Cayce, and the monk Ranyo Nero, and their predictions about the type "Syria will fall - the winner is not the one", "the last black president, whose big country does not exist", "cold Europe", "hope in Russia " etc. Wait and see.
    1. Dimon19661
      Dimon19661 29 October 2015 15: 46
      By the way, in 2012, the end of the world was ... I slept alone?
      1. EvgNik
        EvgNik 29 October 2015 17: 15
        Quote: Dimon19661
        ... I overslept alone?

        Overslept all. The end of the world happens every year - January 1 (or rather from 31 to 1). Well noted. If you have not overslept for 3 years already. But +
  10. Dimon19661
    Dimon19661 29 October 2015 15: 44
    It's nice to read an interview with a regular military officer, everything is clear and to the point.
  11. gladysheff2010
    gladysheff2010 29 October 2015 15: 53
    Kurds are also people who have their own reasons for mistakes and errors. And on the other hand: who condemns a person who seeks help and who has ceased to distinguish friends and enemies from despair, on the one hand ISIS, on the other: Turkish genocide.
  12. MATROSKIN-53
    MATROSKIN-53 29 October 2015 16: 08
    It is nice to read the answers of a knowledgeable person. A professional in his field and a patriot of Russia. The war will certainly be long, but not in Syria, but on the entire planet. It is very difficult to uproot such a spawn that is related to a cancerous tumor. But how much rope do not curl, but there is an end!
  13. Strezhevchanin
    Strezhevchanin 29 October 2015 17: 03
    And even so, we have done more things in a month than our partners in a year.
  14. swan
    swan 29 October 2015 17: 12
    Why is the war far from Russia? From the Krasnodar Territory (Black Sea coast) or Dagestan to the territories controlled by ISIS, the distance is from Moscow to St. Petersburg.
    By Russian standards, this is, literally, behind the hill ... the Air Force general should know that there the fighter will fly for half an hour in a straight line. Very far away ... yeah ...
  15. EvgNik
    EvgNik 29 October 2015 17: 19
    And who said it would be easy? Or is patience over? The states have grown this tumor for many years. And the cavalry charge does not destroy her.
    1. voyaka uh
      voyaka uh 29 October 2015 17: 48
      IG was born in 2006, not so long ago.
      Former Saddam Army officers wounded
      the fact that the Shiites got power in Iraq, created
      on the territory of the "Sunni triangle" in Iraq
      religious military organization to fight
      with Shiites, Americans and all "infidels".
      1. Asadullah
        Asadullah 30 October 2015 00: 54
        IG was born in 2006, not so long ago.
        Former Saddam Army officers wounded

        IS was born in Qatar as an alternative to the Saudi "Muslim Brotherhood". In order to defend their part of the interests after the partition of Syria, or maybe not part, but half or more. "Former officers", joined, and became the catalyst for the transfer of the base to Iraq.
  16. 31rus
    31rus 29 October 2015 19: 08
    Dear, just not long ago in the shopping center, they talked about ISIS and there was a good question, "why the Americans do not hit the oil rigs, thereby depriving the militants of funding," and so why do we Russia do not strike at the same towers, why in the operational rear is not clear who and we do not react to this, why the territories adjacent to Iraq and Saudi Arabia are controlled by the coalition ayahiats, and not by us and Iran, Syria, I do not understand, explain clearly that we are actually pursuing in Syria
    1. DHA
      DHA 29 October 2015 20: 09
      You think what Putin and Obama agreed on, this is a war of oligarchic interests, only everything is veiled ...
    2. Dart2027
      Dart2027 29 October 2015 23: 01
      Quote: 31rus
      thereby depriving the militants of funding

      Will not work. In this case, they will still be financed. Well, they will print another trillion, unpleasantly, but not difficult. But the Syrians and we will have to restore for their money.
      Quote: 31rus
      why territories adjacent to Iraq and Saudi Arabia are controlled by the coalition ayah

      Not all at once. Now there is an offensive aimed at cutting off ISIS from Turkey. By the way, we also helped Iraq with weapons.
  17. Steppe
    Steppe 29 October 2015 22: 11
    And now what i can do? There is no other way. All the same, I would have to fight with them.
  18. Asadullah
    Asadullah 30 October 2015 00: 43
    Honor to the commander, a real soldier. It will always remain a statesman, no offense to the situation.
  19. narval20
    narval20 30 October 2015 02: 41
    No comments soldier
  20. Yak28
    Yak28 30 October 2015 07: 24
    If Syria continues to work on the wear and tear of about 40 aircraft, then the war will last a long time, and if you increase the group by at least another 60-100 aircraft, then not for long
    1. PSih2097
      PSih2097 30 October 2015 23: 10
      Quote: Yak28
      , and if you increase the group by at least another 60-100 aircraft, then not for long

      and if you send the 1st Tank and 58th Combined Armies there, then right away ...