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American special forces conducted exercises in Latvia to capture people?

I visited the photo album of the Latvian army: As in Wonderland, together with Alice failed.

It seems that everything is nothing, the people admire the communities of "Abrams", which are simply obliged to scare the death of all Russians and reach Moscow. There are, however, those who are sure that the Abrashek and the ten "Bradley" heels are purely neighing, because every meter of the border is fixed at us. And at least "Caliber". Or "Iskander".

What I suffered for the Balts, I did not find right away. But at the same time received pleasure. And from what he saw (photos of good quality), and from reading. I concluded: half of the inhabitants of Latvia soberly look at the current situation, calling it another occupation, the second joyfully and defiantly jumps. Say, Khan to the aggressor, now for sure ours will take. Who theirs will take, however, is not entirely clear. The only thing that came to mind was that these Latvians would overcome the tanks after the maneuvers. Then it is clear what and how this "our" will take them.

Well, now directly to the topic.

"American special forces conducted exercises to capture people in Latvia." And a lot of beautiful photos in which I confess, I was slightly stuck. And there were many questions.

Thank God, in one of the photos I saw a real American. Because in the first few pictures there were these ... soldiers of the Latvian armed forces. In flight suits.

Having strayed on photographic pages, I found out that the soldiers of the Latvian army were nevertheless wearing camouflage. And the wonder-warriors depicted in the photo have nothing to do with the army. Logically, flight overalls (similar to shtatovskiy), black SWAT helmet, which police attack planes adore, that in the USA, in Europe, G36C, which is also in service with police units, because there is nothing to do in the field with it. Strange equipment for the army.

Then I saw what a real Latvian army looks like.

So, under the guise of Latvian soldiers training under the supervision of American special colleagues, I got a slip of something completely different. Not an army for equipment and armament, what for goals and objectives.

Probably, too, some Latvian special forces. SUV or OMEGA. Otherwise, how can one frankly explain the police action of detention, which was practiced?

In general, the purpose of the maneuvers was strange: to find and detain the rebels. This is so written under the photo in the original, I did not invent. A strange task, more suitable for the police. Well, or internal troops. Because whatever one may say, the rebels (the separatists, the militia) are like one of their own. Fellow citizens.

This raises the question: are we going to be friends against whom, and, the Latvians? Against your own? And why would it?

What could have prompted the Latvian authorities to frank lies about the exercises? And why did you suddenly need to work out the tasks of capturing some of the rebels?

Hint I found the answer from a doctor of political science, a lecturer in the department of political science at the Faculty of European Studies, Riga University. Stradynya Ilze Ostrovska.

"This is who Russians, who live in Latvia, will shoot at, if they put the question very tough and even unpleasant somewhere? Will they shoot Russians from Russia or not? Once I asked this question to my students at the University of Latvia, among whom were there are many Russian-speaking people. And they answered me: our generation will not shoot Russians from Russia, but will shoot here, in place ... Well, you know, in whom. But the next generation may already be. I, Maybe the first one uttered this question out loud, but he is sitting in Latvians. And it is the poet moo there is this fear of Latvians to Russian-speaking Latvians ".

But is there a case in Russian-speaking Latvians? Or in non-citizens of Latvia? The question, as they say, is still the same.

And American equipment continues to arrive in Liepaja. For the teachings, of course. And Latvians are closely watching this. Naturally, discussing this on Latvian sites. And, it must be said, the opinions are not only diametrically opposed, they also divide roughly in half.

The first half seriously considers that this technique will not only ensure the safety of the citizens of Latvia in the event of Russian aggression (and for some reason they will not have such aggression), but also allow them to take active steps.

The second half believes that 5 aircraft, 5 tanks and 10 infantry fighting vehicles are only suitable for clearing a bridgehead, on which it (equipment) will be cut into metal. One of the users even expressed the hope that all this would not happen next to his farm. That is a little less optimistic.

But both among the first and among the second there are those who seriously believe that the equipment is delivered and maneuvers are maneuvered in the run-up to the elections. Just in case. And the case, as they say, happens to everyone. Moreover, separate phrases are skipped over on the theme of another occupation being prepared. And very many agree with this.

Strange things are happening now in Latvia. And, I must say, the population gradually begins to strain. Teaching is good. But the fact that they are constantly going on lately is annoying. The Germans have not had time to leave - here are the Americans. Learn, train. Who will win. But actively and with a twinkle.

But why?
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  1. parusnik
    parusnik 28 October 2015 06: 32
    equipment is imported and maneuvers are maneuvered in anticipation of the election. Just in case. ... They understand that they will not be able to cope on their own if something happens ... but the Americans ... will help ... defend the gains of "democracy" they have a lot of experience ... Grenada, Vietnam ... etc ..
    1. Zoldat_A
      Zoldat_A 28 October 2015 07: 25
      Quote: parusnik
      equipment is imported and maneuvers are maneuvered on the eve of the elections. Just in case. ... They understand that they will not be able to cope on their own if something happens ... but the Americans ... will help ... defend the gains of "democracy" they have a lot of experience ... Grenada, Vietnam ... etc ..

      Do we also need to be afraid to start? If yes, then let them not forget to warn exactly when. In Washington, they probably think that fighting with Russia is about the same as with Grenada? Will five Abrams be enough? And in the first photo are they training to take prisoners?

      Oh well... am
    2. sergeybulkin
      sergeybulkin 28 October 2015 08: 02
      Whom theirs will take, however, is not entirely clear. The only thing it occurred to me that these Latvians will wring out the tanks after the maneuvers... Then it is clear what and how this "our" will take them.

      I thought, thought, and remembered the "abrAms" really eat fuel like a tank - in tons, you won't go to the general store for vodka, maybe something else will do for this ... wassat wassat wassat
      All equipment is yellow in color under the sand, the Balts on the paint will go bankrupt all this stuff to repaint from sand to swamp. lol
      "americans" so as not to drag all this old stuff they no longer need, they decided to drop it in Europe... lol
  2. morpogr
    morpogr 28 October 2015 06: 52
    Apparently it was decided to look after Latvia in turn on a rotational basis. The Germans will come to train and then look after the Americans, and then the British and so on. And the most important thing is that the local authorities are happy and ready for everything, any whim of the supervisors' gentlemen is carried out on the run and with zeal, and they are ready to spend the last euros on this just to please.
  3. Support
    Support 28 October 2015 07: 02
    And to me, honestly, it's funny. Satisfaction of a part of Latvians in the fact that the above amount of military equipment will be able to protect .... what to protect? Latvia? But she didn’t fall to anyone, and if she fell, then this technique, in my opinion, is on one tooth of one of our company. Where I served (in Primorye 1983-1985) we have 4 SPG-9, AGS (flame) in one company — well, this is for the infantry, well, RPG-9 (-7) in each platoon and not one at a time.
    Abrams? Bradley? Straight children. And not just children - imbeciles .....
    1. Moore
      Moore 28 October 2015 12: 04
      Quote: Prop
      what to protect? Latvia?

      One more circumstance must be understood here: the mentality of a small nation. Farmer mentality, if in a simple way.
      The last time they saw tanks was in Adazi, when the PribVO was still there.
      "Humvees" for cancellation, transferred to the military, caused a storm of delight in the press and simply in the heads of the Nazis. And then there are WHOLE (!) FIVE (!) LEGENDARY (!) ABRAMS (!) And a whole bunch of "Bradley". Apart from the British scrap metal, utilized in the most original way - by sending it to the Baltic States for further service.
      Farmers sincerely believe in the defense of Big Brother, as they believe in rusty Russian pieces of iron, flightless planes and other Russian nightmares.
      And if something does not fit into their farm template, the brain simply does not perceive it. Therefore, here that brought that is enough for internal use.
  4. dvg79
    dvg79 28 October 2015 08: 22
    Laurels "at war with Russia" Ukraine do not give rest?
  5. twincam
    twincam 28 October 2015 08: 42
    the servants must tremble before the power of the white masters under the flag of the mattress state.
  6. cniza
    cniza 28 October 2015 08: 53
    But both among the first and among the second there are those who seriously believe that the equipment is delivered and maneuvers are maneuvered in the run-up to the elections. Just in case. And the case, as they say, happens to everyone. Moreover, separate phrases are skipped over on the theme of another occupation being prepared. And very many agree with this.

    They think correctly, but not the next but the final occupation and slavery.
  7. Volzhanin
    Volzhanin 28 October 2015 09: 16
    Nothing works with Russia, so the former republics of the USSR will suck on mattresses until they finally "move their horses."
  8. Yun Klob
    Yun Klob 28 October 2015 09: 30
    Pedantic-lazy Latvians all are waiting for when they start to feed them for nothing. Well, just like the Ukrainians.
  9. lexx2038
    lexx2038 28 October 2015 11: 02
    Yes, a bad case. And soon life in general can radically change, or end ingloriously, because from the policies pursued by your bosses, you will surely fall between a rock and a hard place, and the latter will not even notice it. In the meantime, admire the foreign tanks.
  10. Bator
    Bator 28 October 2015 11: 17
    Well, I think it's all fog (according to old scenarios). Intimidate anyone with a threat from a neighbor and he will forget all his problems out of fear. He will be afraid and give the "foreign brother" whatever he asks for. As in the famous song: "Lie to him with three boxes and do what you want with him."
    1. denis02135
      denis02135 28 October 2015 15: 42
      Dear Batar

      Are you talking about Channel One and other NTVs right now?
      1. kotvov
        kotvov 28 October 2015 19: 35
        Are you talking about the first channel and other NTVs now ?,
        Dear, do you have a head on your shoulders or a TV in your head?
        1. denis02135
          denis02135 30 October 2015 16: 00
          Dear kotvov

          The head is on the shoulders, but as you explain the high-altitude attack aircraft in the satellite image and Leontyev’s cries in the transmission However, the crucified boy, etc., is not talking about Kiselev and Solovyov. Read Orwell 1984 and you’ll understand. We’re at war with Oceania, we are not at war.
  11. Petrucho
    Petrucho 28 October 2015 11: 38
    Thanks to the author for the article. This time objectively.
  12. The comment was deleted.
  13. Igor Olegovich
    Igor Olegovich 28 October 2015 12: 32
    "The second half believes that 5 aircraft, 5 tanks and 10 infantry fighting vehicles are only suitable for clearing a certain bridgehead, where it (equipment) will be cut into metal." - You can cut more for metal, and you won't need a lot of people for cutting.
  14. sledge
    sledge 28 October 2015 12: 48
    Poor, poor Latvians .......
  15. Palach
    Palach 28 October 2015 14: 05
    It seems to me that there is still not much such protection and the Latvians will run to ask Putin to protect him from these defenders :)
  16. crambol
    crambol 28 October 2015 14: 11

    Not familiar with the author, but sorry. I really liked the analysis of the situation. Big mercy!

    1. denis02135
      denis02135 28 October 2015 16: 06
      Dear crambol

      Where is the analysis in the article? Delivery reasons?
      It seems to me that the presence of the American continent, even a small one, will be the guarantor of not attack. Of course, Americans can write the same comments about the presence of Black Sea Fleet ships in the Mediterranean Sea and compare them with the power of the Sixth Fleet, plus the French, Turks, Italians and other Spaniards, but why go around foolishly. After the Crimea and calls for the Russian world, all the neighbors even Belarus somehow thought. Fear and respect are not the same thing.
      1. BARKHAN
        BARKHAN 28 October 2015 18: 31
        Not the same thing, but often inseparable. The Americans? Is it Mexico or Canada? These are our borders. So, you shouldn't be bullied here. Yes, and generally, by the way, is not worth it.
        Dear, denis02135, but can you tell us the story of the creation of the most exclusive state? The people raised a revolution (rebellion, rebellion, insurrection, Maidan, etc. you can emphasize the necessary), self-declared, fought with the official capital (doesn’t resemble anything? wink ), even Russia fleet helped the rebel fleet (again a coincidence). And Voila! fellow SESHEAAA !!! fellow
        And the presence of even a minimal American contingent in these republics GUARANTEES! striking them first.
        1. denis02135
          denis02135 28 October 2015 20: 42
          Dear BARKHAN

          You are right, there is no need to be around the borders, but probably not from both sides. And then the pendocs are wrong, but we are great. It seems that at the invitation of Assad, we are "bulling" in Syria, and why shouldn't the Americans play in Latvia. But I'm not talking about that, I'm talking about the reasons. As Sweden wanted to join NATO.

          PS. If you want history, then let's take a look at October 1917, there is also a riot, a rebellion there.
      2. Imperialkolorad
        Imperialkolorad 28 October 2015 21: 19
        Quote: denis02135
        After the Crimea and calls for the Russian world, all the neighbors even Belarus somehow thought. Fear and respect are not the same thing.

        Do not grind nonsense. Belarusians are afraid of our oligarchs, not the army. Moreover, we have nothing to share with them, and the dad is not going to deploy NATO troops at important strategic points. So, dear, learn the materiel in the section of geopolitics.
        1. denis02135
          denis02135 29 October 2015 05: 21
          Dear ImperialKolorad

          You are right about the oligarchs, only who will protect these oligarchs from the same Belarusians, it seems to me the army. And to learn the math part is certainly good, take for example China and the Apple plants there they are guarded by the American army or someone else. And why do you think that with the threat of the expansion of the Russian world, let’s say, Old Man will not run to NATO before Vitebsk. For some reason, the Old Man did not recognize Abkhazia and South Ossetia, do not you think a good geopolitical ally?
          IMHO for Russia now one of the primary geopolitical problems is China and uninhabited Siberia and the Far East.
  17. Kibl
    Kibl 28 October 2015 15: 13
    Latvia likes to meet dear guests with legs spread wide !!!
    1. Imperialkolorad
      Imperialkolorad 28 October 2015 21: 20
      Quote: KIBL
      Latvia likes to meet dear guests with legs spread wide !!!

      Especially the Nazi troops.
  18. Fox
    Fox 28 October 2015 15: 13
    something Labus occupy, occupy ... straight life no. just a comparison with a prostitute skips. but at least they give money and that ... maybe they need to jump like Khokhlov?
  19. T-73
    T-73 28 October 2015 17: 17
    in the first few pictures were these ... soldiers of the Latvian armed forces. In flying overalls.

    And what is not in chemical protection? That would be really scary. Scary for these brave testimonies ... clowns.
    the security of Latvian citizens in the event of Russian aggression (for some reason they have no doubt that such aggression will occur)

    I don't know anymore, is it sad or funny? Than their heads are clogged. Sometimes I just want to ask all these ... pitches - what are you talking about? We have 1/6 of the land, you didn’t fuck us. Why do we need you? What do you need so much? The answer is simple: NOTHING. You don't even have brains. But who could hear and not listen there? It will be necessary - our customs officers and 5 helicopters will disperse you together with "Abrams", if that. It will not be enough, we will add. But why do we need it?
  20. puskarinkis
    puskarinkis 28 October 2015 17: 50
    The farm mentality does not allow real appreciation of everything outside the farm. It is useless to explain what goes beyond the scope - there is an approach like "I believe - I do not believe". Who will the farmer believe? To the one who "liberated" Latvia from the Soviet "occupiers" and is leading the Latvians and other Balts to a bright future, or to "propagandists" from a distant barbaric country, the size of which they cannot even imagine? If you put the imported equipment on the farm, then any farmer will immediately understand that there is a lot of equipment and it will protect any farm (any farmer knows that the neighbors only think how to cut off a piece of its land)! And immediately bursting with pride for the native army and its allies! Well, if the native army cannot protect All the farms and allies do not help, then he, the farmer, has nothing to do with it - he was on the farm and he was deceived again.
    BARKHAN 28 October 2015 18: 07
    Soooo! Let's count ... 7 tanks from Estonia, 5 from Latvia ... Do not tell me from Lithuania? But the Balts still have no iron eye ... "If they undress the iron, then I hope away from my farm ... "-tune, as if it does not provide for a heroic rebuff to the aggressor.
    After all, they have said so much and done against the Russians that now they themselves do not know how to get out of this heap.
    From their own media, it is known that almost a quarter of the inhabitants went to Europe to fight the Arabs for jobs. And this is most likely young people who consider themselves Europeans. Soon, Russian-speakers will outnumber the "indigenous". Everything that was built by the Soviet people was practically destroyed and sold. This feature of the former republics always amused me. It looks like drunks who inherited a house with belongings, then they are not able to support it on their own. They drink and take everything out of the house. I forgot about the general buzz on the outskirts in the 90s, that they say "we feed and keep the drinking and lazy big brother." Well, what the hell ?! Breadwinners, merciful, where are you ?!
    I read a lot of comments on their websites (Russian-language) .Even the young generation who have never lived in the Union, and they doubt the European way. They are needed just like a buffer between Europe and Russia. And they will definitely be the first to be distributed.
    And what will happen to them if NATO and the European Union break up? Can you imagine what kind of dissonance will happen with the fart break? Who should lick? Who should I join?
  22. andrew42
    andrew42 28 October 2015 18: 58
    Laughter is laughter, but the United States is slowly accustoming the Balts to their presence on their land. The stupid partying does not realize that they have hired the tiger as a "guard".
  23. occupier 222
    occupier 222 28 October 2015 22: 17
    Council to Latvians. Our unit was designed for two hours and thirty minutes of battle. One hundred tanks ..... 2,5 hours ... Do you count yourself? And now the advice: do not even try to run to technology, you can catch it.
  24. Blackobelisk
    Blackobelisk 29 October 2015 15: 42
    There is no need for any advice to the Balts - for the most part, the indigenous population does not understand due to the lack of their own opinions (no brains to think, believe TV), and the Russian-speaking population is for the most part deprived of the right to influence the political situation in the region. In addition, Russian-speaking aliens in the Baltic and aliens in Russia. So to condemn if the Russian-speaking sided with the same Latvia is pointless. And the situation in the Baltic states and Poland is such that the Americans, taking advantage of the stupidity, illiteracy and lack of rights of the inhabitants of these regions, put their people into the governments of the countries and rule puppets in their interests. The ruling circles of these countries are also not opposed - they also cut money for situations, and they have thought out the ways to retreat to the same Sweden-Germany-States. Porridge is brewed and rolled up, and the people are being raked ... I am glad that the Russian government is sane now, it understands this picture well, chuckles. It’s possible and necessary to prepare for war, but it would be better to get nowhere before the fighting! Peace to the world!