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Signalers of the Eastern Military District will receive the Ladia tropospheric communication station

Until the end of 2015, the state-of-the-art tropospheric communication station “Ladya” will arrive at the communications connections of the Eastern Military District (TSB).

Signalers of the Eastern Military District will receive the Ladia tropospheric communication station

“The stations of the Ladia complex are intended to be used as personal communication stations when commanders and chiefs are placed at workplaces, as well as as part of integrated communications equipment, command and staff machines and other facilities,” the report of the press service of the TSB reports. "Military Industrial Courier".

The main advantage of this station is data transmission and transmission in a limited frequency band, low mass, high noise immunity, low power consumption, flexibility and ease of deployment and operation.

Digital small-sized jam-proof tropospheric station “Ladya” is the first Russian tropospheric station of small-sized over-the-horizon communication, which was developed by the specialists of the Moscow Research Radio-Engineering Institute and Radiosvyaz NPP.
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  1. Mitek
    Mitek 27 October 2015 08: 44 New
    How did you get in touch then !!! VERY long time has ripened such a need and the war 08.08.08 once again it showed. The current rate of saturation of troops with communications systems, drones, electronic warfare equipment is unprecedented! In the current rearmament, at last they do not make holes, but completely change the system! Communication has always been our weak point and I am very glad that this is being fixed!
    1. Kostyar
      Kostyar 27 October 2015 09: 14 New
      The war of 08.08.08/XNUMX/XNUMX, showed the complete incompetence of Prime Minister Medvedev ... but they give him more medals, a paradox ...?!
      1. Efimov
        Efimov 27 October 2015 09: 22 New
        They give medals so that they no longer go anywhere, do not harm)
    2. Baikonur
      Baikonur 27 October 2015 09: 19 New
      Communication was not our weak point! Our communication systems have ALWAYS been the best, reliable, and multi-reserve! If you are talking about local conflicts, then yes, there were drawdowns in communication at the near, inter-fighting distance. And in the global - the best! We still have long-distance communications (even nuclear weapons will not hurt, no one has this). And much more that they don’t talk about!
    3. Juborg
      Juborg 27 October 2015 12: 00 New
      Magnificent overseas station, operates in the decimeter and centimeter ranges. This type of communication began to develop in the 70s of the last century over the hill. But the campaign by 2015, we got ahead of them a little in this matter, in terms of compactness and range and minimum power consumption. Keep it up.
  2. HAM
    HAM 27 October 2015 08: 51 New
    Communication stations with tropospheric scattering were much larger — the availability and, most likely, the ease of maintenance of this equipment are very pleasing.
    1. APASUS
      APASUS 27 October 2015 19: 53 New
      Quote: HAM
      Tropospheric scattering communication stations were much larger

      Not a word, they were just huge and mounted on the Urals. Now it's just beauty, but before it all looked something like this
      1. sgv
        sgv 27 October 2015 20: 25 New
        Sorry, but I remember what the satellite station looked like. And the troposphere placed its mugs on an antenna machine and high retractable racks.
        1. APASUS
          APASUS 28 October 2015 19: 48 New
          Quote: sgv
          Sorry, but I remember what the satellite station looked like. And the troposphere placed its mugs on an antenna machine and high retractable racks.

          Станция тропосферной связи Р-412 "ТОРФ"
          Designed for direct communications at distances of at least 150 km and for the construction of tropospheric radio-relay communication lines with a length of 500-560 km with three relayings.
          Station R-412 operates in the centimeter wavelength range.
          The frequency grid of the pathogen - the local oscillator, which forms the radiation frequency and the first heterodyne frequency of the receiver, is discrete in steps of 20 kHz. In the first subband, 5850 communication waves are formed, and in the second, 6000 waves.
          В станции обеспечивается работа с фиксированным (192 МГц) и переменным (>192 МГц) разнесением частот приема и передачи. Основным видом работы является работа с фиксированным разносом частот в 192 МГц. При воздействии преднамеренных помех от соседних станций допускается работа с переменным разносом величиной >192 МГц. Мощность излучателя передающего устройства на любой из волн связи в каждой антенне не менее:
          - when working with one transmitter in the division mode 200 W;
          - when working with two transmitters 400 watts.
          In the transmitting device there is the possibility of stepwise switching of power. Station work is possible only in the parking lot.
          Variants of execution:
          R-412B - a mobile version on an armored base, for a divisional command link.
          R-412A - a mobile version on a car base, for the military command link.
          R-412F - a mobile version on a car base for front-line management.
          R-412C - stationary option, for stationary CSS.

          Space communications station based on diesel Urals.
          Tropospheric station R-410-5.5
          Станция тропосферной связи Р-412 "ТОРФ"
  3. Tor5
    Tor5 27 October 2015 08: 57 New
    Very good deal! Communication is the blood vessels of the Army!
  4. Sochi
    Sochi 27 October 2015 10: 05 New
    I remember we were part of the troposphere, and for some reason they belonged to the KGB ... So once they brought a part of the antenna - 1 segment of the antenna was on a separate trailer, but how many of them I can’t, and according to my estimates the curvature is at least 12 (I can strongly make mistakes). Etozh as technology stepped !!! if the antenna cup has become smaller than our radio rails !!!
    1. seregatara1969
      seregatara1969 27 October 2015 10: 47 New
      types of antennas and their diameter vary significantly and depend on the power and transmission distance
      1. The comment was deleted.
    2. chunga-changa
      chunga-changa 27 October 2015 14: 13 New
      Дальняя радиорелейная и сейчас выглядит вот так. Вернее её остатки, система "Север" выведена из эксплоатации в 2000-х.
  5. Batia
    Batia 27 October 2015 10: 14 New
    Without communication there is no control, without control there is no victory. Give a connection without marriage !!!!
    (Only the troposphere will have a radius of the biological zone of 100 meters. Who knows, he will understand what I'm talking about)
  6. seregatara1969
    seregatara1969 27 October 2015 10: 45 New
    they write little about applicability. It is interesting to look at the operation of the station with a neighboring command post, well, at least for 100-150 kilometers. through the troposphere.
  7. chunga-changa
    chunga-changa 27 October 2015 11: 14 New
    It used to look like this.
  8. The comment was deleted.
  9. warrior1979
    warrior1979 27 October 2015 12: 08 New
    It also looks like this.
  10. sgv
    sgv 27 October 2015 19: 53 New
    С 1982 по 1984 служил в войсках правительственной связи , моя военная специальность техник станции дальней связи . В нашем полку было три батальона два укомплектованы тропосферными станциями и станциями дальней связи с аппаратурой уплотнения , третий батальон секретчики . Так вот при выезде на учения основной задачей было создание сети , то есть тропосферщики создавали сеть станций которые могли заменить любую выбитую из сетки станцию а дальщики принимали от них ствол и делили его на своей аппаратуре на отдельные каналы осуществляя настройки отдельных каналов и коммутируя их в зависимости от задач . Ну и отстроенный и готовый канал сдавался на ЗАС и если всё ок то канал брался в работу и по нему шли разговоры и передача данных в режиме секретности . И да Войска правительственной связи были приписаны к войскам КГБ только для соблюдения секретности форма была как у простых связистов чтобы не демаскировать узлы связи . Да ,а лопухи у тропосферы были огромные и станция состояла из аппаратной на базе "УРАЛА " двух 131 ЗИЛов с антенными прицепами , жилой машины с кунгом на 131 ЗИЛе и двух прицепных дизель генераторов . Вот как то так . Всем кто служил в связи привет , всем кто служил в северной группе войск привет отдельный !