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Stargate Opens


Military psychics revealed the secrets of their work. Two Russian generals and two of their overseas colleagues decided to talk about what has been the strictest secret over the years.

Disputes around the concepts of "parapsychology" and "extrasensory" go for many decades. What is behind this: real phenomena, the fruit of inflamed imagination or the result of skillful hoaxes? There is no clarity, although psychics have long been in the service of law enforcement agencies in different countries.

Many have seen the American science fiction film and the Stargate television series, but few know that there really was a secret science project in the United States under the exact same name, funded by the CIA and military intelligence. His leader for ten years was Dr. Edwin May. About what the project participants were doing and how the idea to write a book about military extrasensory perception arose in an exclusive interview with RG tells Edwin May.

: When and why did the Stargate project come about?

Edwin May: At the beginning of 1970, the task was to use phenomena related to extrasensory perception for military intelligence, and later we tried to determine their physical nature. Our focus was the so-called vision, which is close to your concept of clairvoyance. With the help of foresight, Soviet military facilities were studied, the possibilities of extrasensory communication were investigated. Our employees were recruited to search for dangerous criminals and missing people, including those abducted by terrorists. The team assembled under the project was very competent, it even included Nobel Prize winners.

In my opinion, the research should have been continued, but the project was closed. The reason is simple: the main enemy has disappeared - the USSR. At the Pentagon and the CIA decided that the strategic need for Stargate has disappeared.

: Can you give specific examples of success in the field of vision?

May: One of the strongest psychics of the USA worked in the project - Joseph McMonigle, by the way, one of the co-authors of our book. In 1979, he, fulfilling our operational task, with the help of foresight "saw" the outlines of an unusual submarine, which was built in the USSR, in Severodvinsk. The submarine was striking in its size and unusual design, it looked like a catamaran. To the credit of the Soviet military and security services, today we can say: they secretly covered all the work on this project so well that in the United States they really did not know anything about the construction of the Akula nuclear rocket carrier (we then called it Typhoon).

We compiled a report, but we were not trusted either by the CIA or the RUMO (once the department of the United States Department of Defense), to which we directly obeyed. Nevertheless, our experts continued to insist that the USSR was preparing to launch the world's largest nuclear submarine. McMonigle even called the exact date of the descent. In the National Security Council, our report was more than skeptical, and the head of the military intelligence department, current secretary of defense Robert Gates, outraged that there was simply no such submarine. Only one person listened to our statements - naval intelligence officer Jake Stewart . He possessed the authority and gave the command to change the orbit of one of the satellites so that it hung above Severodvinsk at the time indicated by us. In the USSR they did not know about it and in full confidence that there were no foreign satellites from above, they brought the “Shark” into the channel from the factory building. We got really sensational shots. This was our triumph, but they did not give us high awards, the authorities tried to hush up their shame (they didn’t believe it!) And quickly forgot who the first American intelligence officer saw the Soviet "Shark".

: When your first meeting with Russian colleagues took place, why did you decide to write a book and who are its authors?

May: For the first time I visited Russia in the middle of 1990's. And then I met with General Alexey Savin - a leading Russian expert on extrasensory combat. With the permission of our military leadership, we discussed the possibility of joint work in the fight against international terrorism. Everything, it would seem, went to ensure that yesterday's enemies began to work together against the new world threat. However, when the concept of a joint program was established, we met misunderstanding and unwillingness to accept it - as in the structures of power in Washington and Moscow. Unfortunately, long imposed image of the enemy has not disappeared completely and the feeling of distrust between the two countries remained.

As a result, we are now working on other, purely humanitarian project and have it only when General Savin retired and led by them to control gene staff, engaged in combat extrasensory, was disbanded.

After many meetings and discussions, we agreed that the general public needs to know what the military psychics were engaged in their private laboratories. Especially the CIA officially declassified the program "Stargate." Declassified similar work in Russia.

I brought to work on the book of the former intelligence officer Joseph McMonigle, whom I mentioned. Savin invited as a collaborator General Boris Ratnikova, extrasensory engaged in the Federal Guard Service.

To coordinate the project, we invited Victor Rubel, a specialist in the field of psychology and sociology, author of books on related topics, which owns both languages. So we have five co-authors, who, it seems to me, could write a fascinating and at the same time sufficiently clear documentary book called "Psi Wars: The East and the West," the problems are still apparent many extremely high-to-understand.


Edwin Mae began his scientific career with work in the field of experimental nuclear physics and defended 1968 year on this topic doctorate at the University of Pittsburgh. In the early 1970-s he became interested in psychic research and participated in the "Stargate" funded by the state, which was conducted in the framework of psychic espionage for the Soviet military installations. In the 1985, Dr. Mei led the program and was its director until the close of the year 1995. Today, Dr. Mae - Director of Laboratories for Basic Research in Palo Alto and scientific director of the Laboratory for Cognitive Studies as part of the organization, as well as a member of the US Parapsychological Association Board of Directors.
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  1. Igarr
    Igarr April 1 2012 09: 20
    Here are the "Stargate".
    So much for the psychics.
    Here is a weapon based on new physical principles.
    The principles, as they were, remain so.
    And, the main principle ..- Man.
  2. Honory
    Honory 5 July 2012 19: 49
    That annoyance fell apart the USSR. belay Who will now be the engine of American military technology? Forgive us Americans. We did not know that we were stimulating you. smile