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Iraqi soldiers destroyed 53 militant "Islamic State" in the south of Fallujah

Iraqi military and militia fighters managed to repel an attack on the southern districts of the city of Fallujah in Anbar province, organized by militants of the Islamic State group, RIA reports "News" with reference to the information portal Shafaq News.

As a result of an armed clash in the Al-Hayakel area and around the University of Fallujah, at least the 53 militant was destroyed. The losses of Iraqi soldiers and militias amounted to 17 people.

“53 militants were destroyed, nine suicide-guided vehicles loaded with explosives, and four units of military equipment used by the IS militants in the failed attack on Al-Hayakel areas and the University of Fallujah,” a Shiite militia representative said.

Earlier, Iraqi soldiers and fighters of the Shiite and Sunni tribal militia began a large-scale military operation against militants in the territory of the western province of Anbar. At the moment, the most fierce battles are taking place in the administrative center of the province - the city of Ramadi, which was seized by the "Islamic State" in May of 2015.
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  1. Vend
    Vend 26 October 2015 12: 34 New
    This is the real work of the coalition against terrorism
    1. MIKHAN
      MIKHAN 26 October 2015 12: 38 New
      Nowhere is the hell ... Russia turned out to be a "catalyst" in the BV! The main thing is not to slow down, they are already starting to scatter!
      1. just exp
        just exp 26 October 2015 13: 13 New
        Russia is not a catalyst here; it is inspiration here. The Syrians were perked up by just one news that our VKS would help them.
  2. A1L9E4K9S
    A1L9E4K9S 26 October 2015 13: 03 New
    So Iraq began to move with our help, and even with the Papuan Americans (may Papua New Guinea forgive me for comparison with the idiots) they completely fell asleep and did not hear.
  3. gukoyan
    gukoyan 26 October 2015 14: 35 New
    But really, I don’t remember where I heard that Russia in Syria plays a very important role, which will change the situation in the whole world, we inspired everyone to fight the mob, like that and we’ll kill the ridge of this infection)
  4. anti-Semite
    anti-Semite 26 October 2015 18: 09 New
    Is Israel already outraged about this?