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The crews of "Terminators" have worked out practical bombing at the VBO test site.

The crews of the Mi-8 AMTSH air base, located in the Khabarovsk Territory, conducted a training exercise with the development of practical bombing on the accumulation of armored vehicles and car columns of the "enemy", the press service Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation.

The crews of "Terminators" have worked out practical bombing at the VBO test site.

The exercise took place at one of the ranges of the Eastern District.

“The crews made more than thirty combat single combat missions with practical bombing. In addition to the accuracy of hitting the ground targets, much attention was paid to the development of anti-aircraft maneuvers that the pilots make after bombing the grouping of a conditional enemy in order to rule out a possible retaliatory strike. ”, Says the release.

It is noted that “the training was planned and aimed at improving the flight skills of the army crews aviation Eastern Military District in the performance of combat training missions. "
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Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation
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  1. A1L9E4K9S
    A1L9E4K9S 26 October 2015 09: 33 New
    Train guys, train, useful in life and while there is an opportunity.
    1. rpek32
      rpek32 26 October 2015 09: 54 New
      solid terminators. nowhere to spit
      1. tvgpvo
        tvgpvo 26 October 2015 12: 08 New
        What kind of manners do not care?
  2. Same lech
    Same lech 26 October 2015 09: 35 New
    The crews of "Terminators" have worked out practical bombing at the VBO test site.

    In Syria, our combat helicopters showed how this will actually happen .... to be honest, I was shocked by the endurance of our pilots doing it under the fire of heavy machine guns of militants.
    1. Alexey-74
      Alexey-74 26 October 2015 09: 57 New
      Definitely well done, the endurance is iron, even the heart stops beating when a large-caliber turntable is fired .... God forbid you have a good landing and return home unscathed.
  3. Dimon-chik-79
    Dimon-chik-79 26 October 2015 09: 41 New
    Не МИ8 конечно грозная хорошая машина, но название "Терминатор" это по моему перебор. Оно скорее подошло бы 24-кам, вот это действительно уничтожитель так уничтожитель!
    1. Ruslan
      Ruslan 26 October 2015 09: 42 New
      better liquidator :)
    2. Batia
      Batia 26 October 2015 10: 39 New
      Awesome shot. The first time I see this. Ay krasyava! Falcons - where would the infantry be without us!
    3. lelikas
      lelikas 26 October 2015 10: 49 New
      In general, I had my first thought - are they also flying? After all, you immediately think about BMPT;).
    4. Chicot 1
      Chicot 1 26 October 2015 11: 31 New
      Quote: Dimon-chik-79
      Не МИ8 конечно грозная хорошая машина, но название "Терминатор"

      Quote: Dimon-chik-79
      It would probably fit 24 cam

      Ми-24 имеет вполне звучное и более подходящее имя - "Крокодил"... А "терминаторами" у нас что только не называли - и Су-37, и БМПТ, и упомянутый в статье Ми-8АМШТ (не путать с Ми-8МТВ-5, но об этом немного ниже)...
  4. kartalovkolya
    kartalovkolya 26 October 2015 09: 46 New
    The task of the Army in peacetime is to prepare itself daily and hourly for the defense of your Country! I am glad that our President understands this well and spares no effort and resources for this, despite the resistance of the liberal, economic bloc of the government!
  5. aszzz888
    aszzz888 26 October 2015 09: 46 New
    better liquidator :)

    И Терминатор хорошо, и "ликвидатор".
    But the main thing is that he is OUR and VERY good board !!! good
  6. Oladushkin
    Oladushkin 26 October 2015 10: 03 New
    Новость как говорили точно хорошая,но братцы...Это же Ми-8! Ему как модели уже сто лет в обед! Что-то поновее надо в массы армейские скорее выделять да строить... Ну как бы при всём уважении Ми-8 уже старенький ему надо на покой. Давно уже Ка-52 надо ставить в армию, где наши "акулы"? Даже Ми-24 уже старенький -ветеран афганской войны а уж про Ми-8 это уж совсем...
    1. jPilot
      jPilot 26 October 2015 11: 14 New
      Dear, let it be known to you that even the Americans recognize the superiority of the Mi-8th, and complain that American industry will not be able to issue a device of this level for another 5 years. Last year’s interview with some Amer’s general. Therefore, for Afghanistan, aemra bought Mi-8.
      А бред по поводу Ка-50! Вы вообще понимаете разницу между Ми-8 и Ка-50. Для смеха расскажите куда в Ка-50 вы посадите 24 десантника в полном боевом снаряжении. И после высадки поддержите это-же десант "огнём". Да а по поводу старенького, вы в аббревиатуре разбираетесь!? Ми-8Т и Ми-8АМТШ, разница в буковках скрывает десятилетия усовершенствования замечательной машины, начиная от двигателя и заканчивая вооружением, даже фюзеляж поменял свой вид, если Вы внимательный человек.
  7. grinyow.ivan
    grinyow.ivan 26 October 2015 10: 10 New
    an enemy voice from all sides yells that Russia in Syria will finish the entire budget and does not notice when considerable funds are spent on maintaining combat readiness. They wish out what is wanted for the real. They previously thought that the Russians did not have money for decent weapons.
  8. roskot
    roskot 26 October 2015 10: 28 New
    Gunpowder must be kept dry. Good luck to our terminators.
  9. Vladimir
    Vladimir 26 October 2015 10: 47 New
    Turntables and pilots respect, of course, but the terminator is somehow associated with America, personally excuse my opinion.
  10. Chicot 1
    Chicot 1 26 October 2015 11: 26 New
    The crews of "Terminators" have worked out practical bombing at the VBO test site.

    "Терминаторами" прозвали Ми-8АМШТ (производитель - Улан-Удэ), но на фото под заголовком Ми-8МТВ-5 (производитель - Казань). Визуальные различия между ними незначительные, но они есть...
    However, a closer look, dear author ...
  11. Als75
    Als75 26 October 2015 18: 14 New
    Bombing from transport helicopters? What is the point of such training? Is it Mi 8 that is sent to combat missile bombing missions? How many articles I read about helicopters, I just can’t understand:
    а) Для чего из ТРАНСПОРТНИКА делают боевого "терминатора"?
    b) Why such a wide range of attack helicopters: Mi35, Mi28n, Ka52. What can one and other helicopters cannot? What exactly do they complement each other so that they need to produce THREE separate machines?
  12. Dr dron
    Dr dron 26 October 2015 20: 33 New
    Quote: Vladimir
    Turntables and pilots respect, of course, but the terminator is somehow associated with America, personally excuse my opinion.

    Хех, так врагу понятнее))) Это тоже самое, если б американцы назвали свой "апач" Добрыня Никитич, например.

    And what about the AB caliber on the Mi-8? Somebody knows?