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"The case was dismissed due to the absence of corpus delicti ..."

The page from the diary of the war correspondent: "Autumn 1941 of the Year ... Today a joyful event happened in our platoon: several volunteers volunteered to explore - to take the" language. "They sat down, and on the front line, already in the German rear, they were watching: a tall, weighing under 90 kilograms, as it turned out - a connected postman. Vasily applied his head with his butt - a helmet got a decent dent, and the fascist recovered from our commanders. The lieutenant colonel who sent a soldier for reconnaissance was surprised: "Look what Vasil Kohn drashkin small, and what Fritz brought! "

For this attack Vasily Zakharovich Kondrashkin was presented to the award - the medal "For Courage".

Vasily Zakharovich passed the road of war with honor, he, like many others, brought the Victory closer, risking his health, risking his life ...

But why did these terrible words for honor and dignity arise: “The case was terminated due to the absence of corpus delicti ...” Before these short words, there was a long road in 37 years. The bitter road of a war and labor veteran Vasily Zakharovich Kondrashkin, whose name is now known and revered by those who cherish the memory of the living and dead defenders of the Soviet homeland. 19 August he could have turned 92 of the year. But more than a year, as he is not with us ...

He was born in the city of Kalinin (now - Tver) 19 August 1923. Komsomolets Kondrashkin did not wait for the execution of official 18 years for recruitment, and already in June 1941-th joined the army as a volunteer. Short military training in Podolsk, near Moscow, and on the most dangerous front — near Moscow, then he participated in heavy defensive battles near Mozhaisk. His friend Nikolay Shishkin dies next to him, and he himself is contused. He ended up in the hospital, and after recovering, in the rank of a sergeant, he participated in defensive battles near Stalingrad.

The former motorcyclist Kondrashkin, but already fired, is appointed commander of a rifle squad, consisting of the same youths as he himself was six months ago. Again, "mother infantry", the first line of fire, where they survive, like Kondrashkin, are mostly only wounded, and then if they manage to ship across the Volga and heal.

I dare to assert this on the basis of dozens of “living” testimonies, tourist and personal visits to Stalingrad. And even on the basis of statistics: the average life expectancy of a defender of Stalingrad was sometimes equal to three minutes. Reason refuses to believe in these facts and figures, but it was so.

Here, near Stalingrad, Vasily was overtaken by the second bullet - and again the hospital bed, until April 1943. After hospital treatment, he is sent to six-month courses for junior lieutenants (even during the war years they were taught!). The training took place at Volchanets station (Kursk region), after which Vasily became the commander of a platoon of an anti-tank unit of the 53-th separate anti-tank fighter division.

"The case was dismissed due to the absence of corpus delicti ..."

During the Belarusian offensive, Junior Lieutenant Kondrashkin commanded a rifle platoon. And this is also the first line of fire, and the Vanka-platoon, as they were called at the front, must be ahead.

But it was already 1944, the offensive year. The most effective and with fewer losses was the operation, named after the commander of the Patriotic War 1812 of the year - "Bagration", to liberate the long-suffering Belarus.

In it, the platoon commander took part, from beginning to end, as part of the main front, First Belarusian, under the command of a favorite of soldiers and officers, especially intelligence officers, army general, and then Marshal Konstantin Konstantinovich Rokossovsky.

In 1944, Vasiliy Kondrashkin was a platoon commander of the 224 Guards Rifle Regiment of the 72 Rifle Division until March of the 1945 year, and then, until the end of the war, the commander of the 215 Rifle Company of the 77 Rifle Division. Participated in the assault and the capture of Budapest, liberated Prague, stormed and took Berlin.

The war ended, but not for the commander of the company of guard Lieutenant Kondrashkin, it otherwise lasted almost all his life.

After the war, he served in Budapest, which at one time he had to take by storm. According to veteran stories and memories of the now deceased Golubov Mikhail Mikhailovich, Budapest was taken only after two months of the hardest fights. And what was the cost to our army one lake Balaton! There we had not to attack, but to defend. And this is two months before the end of the war!

Our troops were largely opposed by the Hungarians, the last allies of Nazi Germany. Basically, the unfriendly mood of the Hungarians remained after the war. “A single Soviet officer was killed by the Hungarians right in the tram. At the next stop, as if on cue, all the Hungarians came out of the car, and his driver stated during interrogation that “he did not see anything, he only looked ahead.” And the matter with the end. Every day something happened. Therefore, alone, albeit with weaponsand especially without him, it was dangerous to appear outside the location of his unit, ”Vasily Zakharovich summed up his story about the post-war service in the capital of Hungary.

I asked him: “And how did the Hungarian communists, the former prisoners of the fascist camps, especially the Jews, well, all anti-fascists, behave?”

The answer was strikingly concise and probably accurate: "Hush the water and below the grass."

And in such conditions, on one of the nights, Lt.Z. Kondrashkin.

A group of local residents came up - four people, began to provoke, a scuffle ensued. One Hungarian with a knife rushed at him, and this meant the inevitable death. Vasily Zakharovich somehow managed to dodge (he would then be blamed for not having any traces of beatings), and he, furious, shot at the attacker. Only then did the Hungarians retreat. They took away their murdered brother, and, of course, the knife, which later as material evidence could no longer be involved in the case ...

Further events went like a thumb. Kondrashkin about this incident outlined in the report. In turn, the Hungarians and our command wrote a complaint, in which, of course, indicated that "the officer used the weapon without the need for", "what kind of occupation regime," etc.

In the end, they demanded to hand over an officer to the tribunal. And he was given away. At the trial of VZ Kondrashkin could only repeat what he had previously written in the report. This court considered insufficient to justify.

On the Hungarian side, some kind of “official and progressive” Magyarke insistently insisted on his execution. She clearly fawned on her own.

Ultimately, the tribunal deprived Kondrashkin of his military rank, awards, and sent 10 to Kolyma years. Now would not break, remain a decent man. And he did not break. Such an example.

When he was released, there was an opportunity to take with him a piece of gold, which, nevertheless, he had in advance reserved for “free”, but he overcame himself. So left this bar somewhere in the taiga.

I will not write about camp life, as he said, because that is another topic. I will continue the story only about how Vasily Zakharovich fought for his rehabilitation and what the end results are. At the beginning, he ate a bit, did not want to go anywhere with any petitions.

But on the way to Kolyma I met one major, and then in Kolyma, and became friends with him. He nevertheless persuaded him and helped to write a petition to the Military Collegium of the Supreme Court of the USSR. Probably, they were not all legally convincingly stated, or because the term had already ended, but the punishment was reduced only by half - by five years.

It is not clear from this decision: was he to blame or was he performing military duty? But in any case, after this decision, Vasily Zakharovich is released. He was ashamed of conviction to go to his small homeland. It is difficult to prove to everyone that you are innocent. And he enlisted in the construction of the Bratsk hydroelectric station. He worked as a tractor-bulldozer, he had no other civil specialty.

And now, with that shock construction site, he again appeals with such a request not to the Military Collegium, but directly to the Supreme Court of the USSR.

I waited a long time for an answer, but he still came. I quote literally: “By the decision of the Plenum of the Supreme Court of the USSR of 19 June 1973, all court decisions in respect of VZ Kondrashkin was canceled, and the case about him was discontinued due to the absence of corpus delicti in his actions. ” Signature: “Art. Military Prosecutor of the Supervision Department, Colonel of Justice Starkov. ”

The conviction was completely removed from Vasily Zakharovich, the military rank was restored, with the “Guard Senior Lieutenant” raised, and military awards returned. And a spotless name! What is the most expensive.
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  1. Kazakh
    Kazakh 30 October 2015 06: 32
    And even based on statistics: the average life expectancy of the defender of Stalingrad was sometimes equal to three minutes.
    I admit that it was so with us, and the Germans have how many minutes? Still, I would like the German life expectancy in battle to be counted, otherwise it turns out somehow one-sidedly like a confirmation that "the corpses of the enemy were filled up" although this is not so.
    1. inkass_98
      inkass_98 30 October 2015 07: 21
      Yes, the Germans were normal, don’t you see? I'm quite happy.
    2. 97110
      97110 30 October 2015 16: 20
      Quote: Kazakh
      life expectancy in battle calculated

      I would like to see the methodology for such calculation. How, according to what primary document, the beginning of the battle is recorded and according to what - the end of life. If 24 hours are divided by the number of people killed, then this is not the average duration. This is an attempt to strike the reader in the very heart, raise the rating, and, most importantly, the circulation, that is, the proceeds from sales. Don't mold the American dream into something sacred. It is not necessary to measure everything with “football fields”. How does the author represent 3 minutes - the average life span? Didn't this phrase stop him when reading the immortal creation before publication? It means - a modern writer, a product of the era. The main thing is to sell. Write about anything, even if it's about sacred things. You look, it clinks.
      1. Editor
        Editor 31 October 2015 15: 28
        Quote: 97110
        I would also like to see the methodology of such a calculation.

        It seems to me that the point is not in the methodology. "...average life expectancy of the defender of Stalingrad sometimes equaled three minutes ... "One excludes the other - either average, or sometimes. Most likely, it is" average "that is superfluous.
        So - a modern writer, a product of the era.

        Yes, but not in the sense of corruption, but in the sense of knowledge of the Russian language. The general tone of the article is patriotic, the information is interesting - but due to a speech error, the author equated average Stalingrad defender's life expectancy to minimal (for example, if a fighter died immediately after the crossing or even during it). The same case when a mistake is worse than betrayal ...
    3. dv_generalov
      dv_generalov 30 October 2015 17: 09
      Sorry for the impudence, write an appeal to the Bundeswehr. They have Russian-language sites, my opinion is that this information is not closed must answer.
  2. The comment was deleted.
  3. parusnik
    parusnik 30 October 2015 07: 40
    regarding V.Z. Kondrashkin was canceled, and his case was dismissed for lack of corpus delicti in his actions.. It’s a pity that the truth sometimes does not immediately triumph .. Thank you!
  4. kopar
    kopar 30 October 2015 09: 05
    Strong man - did not break, did not drink too much, did not whine.
  5. Yak-3P
    Yak-3P 30 October 2015 09: 19
    it was a tough time .. like Skomorokhov (a flier of the 2nd GSS) or Yakimenko (GSS) in the memoirs of a regimental doctor for (when escaping) the murder of a prisoner he didn’t go to the battalion, the bosses saved ... remembered !! at the torpedo bomber .. at Minakov
  6. Support
    Support 30 October 2015 10: 37
    The smelly Europe of the second world fiercely hated the USSR. They cannot be trusted forever and ever. Only physically destroy and then there will be no extra problems for Russia. Cruel? Ce la vie. The weak are dying - the strong are living. And they allowed themselves to bark not at the one on whom it is possible. Only a bullet or saber will calm them down. How much more can you verify and trust?
  7. Walking
    Walking 30 October 2015 11: 12
    In my opinion, the USSR was too soft towards former enemies and in such cases they actually surrendered their soldiers.
  8. Mantykora
    Mantykora 30 October 2015 13: 24
    The conviction was completely removed from Vasily Zakharovich, the military rank was restored, with the “Guard Senior Lieutenant” raised, and military awards returned. And a spotless name! What is the most expensive.

    And 10 years of life down the drain! In my opinion, the years given to you by fate are most precious. But the Motherland took from a person about 10 years - first about 5 years in the war, and another 5 in Kolyma. Even if Vasily Zakharovich Kondrashkin was guilty, the track record and characteristics could well serve as an excuse for mitigating punishment and "cultural" withdrawal from the ranks of the USSR Armed Forces.

    And by the way, the error in the article:
    But why did these terrible words for honor and dignity arise: “The case was dismissed for lack of corpus delicti ...” Before these short words there was a long road to 37 years.

    1973 g. -37 years = 1936 g. And the text means 1946 g. Correct the author Polina Efimova, otherwise I suspect a stake in mathematics.
  9. alleksSalut4507
    alleksSalut4507 30 October 2015 13: 32
    all the Magyars to Magyarnia and forget about them. the Germans, they say, and that showed a human attitude in the war. and these pieces of silo reduced. conscious there does not exist. if not right. I beg you not to blame .. for the limitation.
    1. 97110
      97110 30 October 2015 16: 31
      Quote: alleksSalut4507
      the Germans, they say, and then showed a human attitude in the war

      They say ... Won Pan Skotina says that Ukrainian soldiers freed Auschwitz. That is, the Germans, although a rare beast, are more humane than the Magyars, and therefore deserve to be called Hitler by Aloysych and completely forgotten. Babi Yar - because Bandera is now cooler than Hitler. Leningrad - because they say about the Finns that they are very good. There, even Kizhi was not burned. Stalingrad - because Italians are such darlings, and they were frozen in designer uniforms with cock feathers in the cold. The Romanians Mihai (their king) insulted and oppressed not childishly, they also need to be understood and forgiven. You can’t just forgive the tyrant Stalin, a bloody and terrible one.
    2. tank64rus
      tank64rus 30 October 2015 19: 54
      The Germans are resting what the Magyar punishers were doing in the Oryol and Bryansk regions, they still remember their atrocities there. And where are "our liberals" telling about millions of raped German women and murdered old people and children who were incited by the Russian command. Well tv ... ri.
  10. Raider
    Raider 30 October 2015 14: 01
    If you burn a life through youth, then from the middle you often begin to look back what traces are left behind. And it is doubly insulting when your state betrays you like that. Over time, the values ​​of a person change, many in old age begin to believe in God or Allah, trying to atone for the sins of youth. Build whole churches and mosques! Seeking peace of mind. And everything is quite simple, you need to live a life like this person. After going through so many trials, remain a Man.
    1. 97110
      97110 30 October 2015 16: 44
      Quote: Raider
      And it is doubly insulting when your state betrays you like that.

      He was in 1981 at the Novocherkassk hospital. A neighbor in the ward hounded a bike. In Hungary, the locals beat their political officer at a dance. Zampolit was of southern blood and had a little use. Therefore, he arrived at the unit and turned on the "alarm" switch, which never turned on, but everyone knew about it. That, if it is on, then the Bundeswehr rushes across the border of the VD. The personnel smashed the weapon, blocked all standards and, concentrating in the concentration area, waited for the Germans. The beaten political officer set the task of not touching the Germans, but beating the locals. Which was done with joy. Early and early in the morning, a helicopter sat on the parade ground, no one saw the commander and the political officer anymore. And the locals have since then respected the SA soldiers and have always poured. And the local girls ... Ek got carried away. This is because he was treated in the KVO. But from allergic dermatitis - I'm not lying. I give a tooth. That he retold as close as possible to the original source. I ask you not to scold, I was not a witness of the events.
  11. ASK505
    ASK505 30 October 2015 14: 37
    The Hungarians, as allies of the Germans, went with them to the end and did not betray the Fritzes, like the Romanians or Bulgarians. They left cruel and vindictive in the history of the Second World War and after many examples of their rotten insides. Instead of a medal, the soldier was given a term and ruined his whole life. The crowd of provocateurs-aborigines was dearer than their heroes. Time has shown that this was the wrong policy. Where are these "friends-comrades" from the former socialist camp now?
  12. partizan86
    partizan86 30 October 2015 16: 58
    The conclusion is that in such a situation you need to shoot everyone.
  13. dv_generalov
    dv_generalov 30 October 2015 17: 12
    After the Voronezh massacre of winter 42-43, there was an unspoken rule not to take Hungarians captive. And they didn’t really want to be captured, which was shown near Balaton.
    1. Joonkey
      Joonkey 2 November 2015 15: 06
      Yes, there really was an order not to take the Hungarians captive, their entire rotten army was ironed not far from Voronezh between Semiluki and Zemlyansk. According to the recollections of eyewitnesses who survived the occupation, they brutalized worse than the Nazis.
  14. Ivan Tartugai
    Ivan Tartugai 30 October 2015 18: 03
    The 72nd and 77th rifle divisions, which are marked in the article as the Kondrashkin’s military service area, did not participate in the assault and the capture of Budapest, as well as in the assault on Berlin.
    Why did the Guard Lieutenant Kondrashkin VZ conduct patrols alone?
    Usually, an outfit for patrolling the streets consists of three officer officers and two fighters, all with arms. In this case, a group of local residents (Hungarians) of their four people armed with a knife would not come close. And even if Kondrashkin VZ would have been one, then in this case the Hungarian with a knife would not have attacked openly, so he (the Hungarian with a knife) had no chance to stay alive.
    The article, unfortunately, is more like a work of art. There is no specific material, such as a sentence of a tribunal (court). There is no specific article on which Kondrashkin VZ was convicted.
  15. dudinets
    dudinets 30 October 2015 20: 56
    The ingratiating policies of the leadership of the USSR and the SA command taught the neglected Russians to allow defeated enemies to speak of the victors was the biggest mistake that led, subsequently, to defeat.
    Do not be shy to be a winner, and behave like a winner!
    1. w3554152
      w3554152 30 October 2015 22: 09
      Well said. Just please start the sentence with a capital letter. Why? Russia stands on three pillars: the idea of ​​justice, the Russian language and Pushkin. You can’t chop the branch on which we sit.
  16. The comment was deleted.