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Natural wealth of Russia: a heavy burden and a great gift


In the depths of our country are stored incredible reserves of raw materials and energy resources: ores, coal, oil and gas. In terms of the reserves of many minerals, Russia is several times ahead of its closest pursuers. Russia was lucky to have the largest gas reserves in the world - one of the main modern energy sources. The natural resources of our country are so huge that it is simply not possible to evaluate them in any equivalent.

It would seem, what else do we need? Can we not feed, water, clothe and heat the whole world, counting on the comfortable existence of not only our own and our children, but also great-grandchildren for many generations to come? “What kind of spaces, what a huge territory, what a rich country!” - exclaim foreigners, first acquaintance with Russia. But are we really rich? More precisely, can we consider our wealth a guarantee of our serene existence?

Take a look at the map of the Russian Federation. The first thing that catches the eye of a person who is even slightly familiar with geography is that more than 2 / 3 of the territory of Russia are territories that are of little use not only for farming, but also for other activities. Northern Urals and Western Siberia, Yakutia and the Krasnoyarsk Territory, the regions of the Far East - this is not a paradise on Earth, but the so-called "world refrigerator". It is in this “world refrigerator” that the main riches of Russia are concentrated: oil, gas, coal, timber, ores, gold and diamonds. Those who have ever been at a fifty-degree frost or felt a real blizzard on their skin, drove piles into the permafrost or laid the rails on swamps and marshes, it is not necessary to explain how difficult these regions are for any development, both in terms of climate and in terms of relief.

The extreme complexity of resource development, multiplied by a very low population density, has long put many regions of our Far North and the Far East on the verge of complete devastation. And the absence of the population, as is known, raises the question of the state losing control over the territory and makes possible its conquest (in this case, a banal occupation) by another state. As they say, a holy place is never empty: new settlers will sooner or later come to the empty lands, and in their hands there will not necessarily be weapon, because they do not have to fight with anyone. A striking example of this type of conquest is Chinese expansion to the north of its borders. This is a completely natural process. There are a lot of disputes about its presence or absence, but the fact that the Chinese, who live on the southern bank of the Amur over the Russians, who live on the northern bank, have a multiple advantage over us, is obvious.

So, no matter how trite the words about the need to develop Siberia and the Far East, they need to be pronounced as often as possible, and it is highly desirable that these words do not diverge from deeds.

Against the background of all the talk that “the wealth of Russia will grow through Siberia” was pleased with the real deal of the current government, which, though not without pre-election sensation and share of pretense, was started the day before. We are talking about the continuation of the construction of the railway line, which will link the largest region of Russia - Yakutia with Transsib, and the completion of its important section connecting the village of Berkatit, which is on BAM, with Nizhny Bestyakh, just some 15 kilometers from Yakutsk.

Among the latest statements concerning the development of Siberia and the Far East, it is worth mentioning the initiative of the LDPR and V. Zhirinovsky to introduce a tax-free economy throughout the Far East, which was included in the party's electoral program. Whatever opponents say about Vladimir Volfovich, calling his proposal populist, one cannot but agree that it is quite sensible and quite feasible. Zhirinovsky’s proposal is particularly relevant not only in terms of retaining the remaining population in the region, which buys bread for 50 rubles for a loaf, often barely making ends meet, but also attracting immigrants from European Russia and Russian compatriots from the CIS countries who want to develop their business, taking advantage of the enormous wealth of this region.

No other country in the world had to deal with the need to keep such a vast and so unsuitable territory for life. As to the lack of suitability, our people will cope with this, there is no doubt about this, but the situation is much more complicated with the vastness of the territory.

No matter how much we say that a Muscovite or St. Petersburg citizen will never go voluntarily to Magadan or to Sakhalin, these are just words. People are not always driven solely by coercion. Creating preferences for citizens relocating to the Far East is absolutely necessary. By the labor of the prisoners of our Kolyma gold, we will no longer be washed; on the enthusiasm of the Komsomol members of the new BAM we will no longer be built. But we cannot do either with the Chukchi miracle paid from the pocket of one person. We'll have to come up with something new, otherwise the Trans-Siberian Railway to Yakutia will not be renewed.
"Russian card" - a film project by director Ivan Sidelnikov about contemporary Russia and its place in the world. Today consists of four parts. The films analyze the situation in which the country found itself after the destruction of the USSR, with which new economic and geographic realities the state ran into. Year of manufacture: 2001-2005.


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  1. Denis
    Denis 17 November 2011 08: 43
    a mistake came, not three leaders, three fagots, it’s not enough for everyone to be the first secretary of the Central Committee, I wanted to be president
    and then they became just prezami
    1. Vadivak
      Vadivak 17 November 2011 10: 36
      on the enthusiasm of the Komsomol members we cannot build a new BAM.

      Western BAM (Severobaykalsk-Tynda), built civilian, Small BAM (Skovorodino-Tynda-Neryungri), built by convicts. East BAM (Tynda-Komsomolsk) built a construction battalion
      1. urzul
        urzul 17 November 2011 11: 41
        But still voluntarily;)))) although the new Russia has already laid a branch of 1200 km towards Yakutsk, and without a "slave" of power
  2. Dart weyder
    Dart weyder 17 November 2011 09: 19
    impossible, difficult, no one in the world has ever encountered anything like it .............. wink tell the author to Canadians !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I lived in Siberia, in the city of Ust-Ilimsk, now in Canada - the climatic conditions are similar, they also have problems with the population, the province is a territory from Ukraine, only 1200000 people live (I don’t know - they think of Indians or how wink ), farming is an excellent business, as you know, the area is not densely populated - you go - fields, forests - hop - a house, hangar, granaries - and there is a road to the house, maybe dirt road, but with access to the highway, light is turned on, gas is laid , sewage (though in the tank, but technology does not stand still), water - dig small ponds not nearby, the purification system - and please! farmers have a lot of privileges (and taxation in Canada - God forbid!) for unclaimed income - t / e / - he will buy a combine for 300-400 thousand dollars, and all that is needed for work (it is clear that Lexus is for this article they’re not suitable) and they will calculate the annual tax from the unspent amount - that is, they stimulate it, plus loans, plus everything related to work - fuel, phone, work pickup and other equipment - at the end of the year he receives a refund (a certain percentage of the equipment spent funds) crop failure insurance - that is, he will never be left without pants will work! they hire people, equipment, and live even dozens or more kilometers from cities, drove off - bought food, or ordered brought in, school buses go around the district for children, take the children from the doors of the house and take them to school, also back! “They pay taxes, and it’s clear where these taxes go!” why not adopt the experience! ???? but with bribes and stuff - it won’t work here! So Siberia can be developed - it would be a wish, otherwise we will soon see how the Chinese will raise our former north angry
  3. snek
    snek 17 November 2011 09: 42
    After reading the title, the thought crept into my head about the inadequacy of the author. The subsequent text somewhat clarified the situation - this is another publication on the topic "how poor and unfortunate we are, almost all the land in our north is difficult to develop, but with agriculture in general it is difficult."
    Quote: "Let's take a look at the map of the Russian Federation. The first thing that catches the eye of a person who is a little bit familiar with geography is that more than 2/3 of the territory of Russia is territories that are of little use not only for agriculture, but also for other activities. ". - Okay, look. Now let's take a look a little to the east. There are several islands to the right of Russia on the map. They have a country with a population comparable to ours. Natural resources - minimum, land suitable for agriculture - is very small, and the main agricultural crop is rice, the cultivation of which requires enormous efforts. Building cities, expensive, businesses, etc. is costly due to the mountainous terrain and the high probability of earthquakes. So this country, until recently, was the second economy in the world, and now it ranks third.
    And what is the secret? Black magic? The plot of the Asiatic Jews? Aliens? No, it’s just they have been working hard for two generations like oxen. that's all smile
      ESCANDER 17 November 2011 10: 16
      Well done Dart Weyder and snek !!!
      The devastation is not in the Country, but in the Heads (see "Dog Heart").
      We have too many Sharikovs.
  4. bubla5
    bubla5 17 November 2011 09: 56
    I have not seen one metropolitan in the north, since Moscow only rakes grandmothers, everything belongs to them
      TAMERLAN 17 November 2011 11: 59
      to see, you just need to transfer the capital to Yakutsk, because they will not leave the feeder and everyone will be there
    2. bandabas
      bandabas 17 November 2011 15: 01
      Previously, a lot of people came (until the 90s), since the Poles and the coefficient were in reality. Now this generation is retiring, and is returning to their native land, since there is housing in the south and the middle lane. Well, like top managers come, they’ll spend a year or two on excellent salaries, and go to Moscow-Peter. Experts will not go to the North permanently. Meaning? With a better climate, getting no less in the same Leningrad without ruining your health.
      1. Denis
        Denis 17 November 2011 17: 50
        I dare to notice our St. Petersburg weather is far from a raw fountain
        Yes, and housing prices abruptly the northern frosts will be
        1. bandabas
          bandabas 17 November 2011 18: 15
          Denis. I know the Leningrad weather very well :) Studied, served, worked for 12 years. But I work and live in the north, I visit St. Petersburg 2 times a year, and so that my daughter moves south .... The most interesting thing is that she will move. And prices, look at price lists about 5 years ago, then talk about frosts, chi come to us.
          1. Denis
            Denis 17 November 2011 19: 38
            thank you for the invitation, only to whom in your area a one-legged pensioner surrendered?
            need to work there
            1. bandabas
              bandabas 17 November 2011 22: 08
              Denis. Excuse me.
  5. Dart weyder
    Dart weyder 17 November 2011 10: 07
    Moscow is not Russia (except only territorially)
  6. Bob
    Bob 17 November 2011 10: 46
    Where is the country going ...
    In the final word of Part 1, there are Mendeleev's words: "Russia really needs its highly educated people who know the Russian essence and its history, it is they who must take independent, not imitative steps for the country's development."
    Being busy in the field of education, I can say that, unfortunately, it is the imitative steps that the country is making in this (and not only this) very important area - training, educating a citizen of the country. Education has become paid, that is, inaccessible to many. Education was transformed to Western standards, although it was the West that attracted and is attracting our Russian students and scientists. This is another problem of the country - the leak of personnel and promising knowledge and technologies. An important problem of education is the loss of an educational role; today, specialists are being trained in educational institutions, and first of all, a CITIZEN of her country, who knows the history, the present of her Motherland and lives, who pleases the interests of the country.
    Imitation, similarity, ritualism - a feature of modern time. But unfortunately the country has very little time. In 2014, the demographic pit will negatively affect not only education, the army, but also the country as a whole, and its defenses. The consequences of the fact that young people are not educated as patriots of their homeland can be disastrous. In the same period, I believe, there is also a reduction in the capabilities of the army and navy (since everything old will become junk, and new will not arrive in the right quantity), especially with regard to nuclear deterrence forces.
    Conclusion: you need to rely on the miracle that the enemy will not notice what is happening in the country and will not try to use this situation. Such a miracle could well be a series of earthquakes in the USA, the Pacific Ocean followed by a tsunami (there are such forecasts in the scientific community involved in seismic activity).
    Since I don't really believe in miracles, the only solution I see is the use of a coercive strike on the enemy - the thermonuclear "Kuz'kina Mother" is quite a suitable technology, capable of inflicting incompatible losses on the enemy. I consider all agreements on thermonuclear weapons to be invalid in conditions of a real threat to national security. If the enemy is dedicated in advance (not today or tomorrow, but when the situation requires) in our plans, then it is quite possible that a promising military crisis can be neutralized. Otherwise, if the enemy nevertheless goes to a military confrontation, I think it is better to curb him at the initial stage with a screw blow than to bend under him, losing independence and freedom along with the loss of statehood by the country. However, for this, in the leadership of the country you need to have a suitable leader for this.
    1. seraph
      seraph 18 November 2011 11: 16
      Very harsh, so right away and "Kuzkin's Mother "...
    2. Darn
      Darn 21 December 2011 16: 31
      Yes, education has become paid, but we have the Internet there you can find not only movies, games, but also a lot of information, I personally read books on technology
      on the book world, and I think that you can learn a lot from books, although sometimes it seems harder than with a teacher. self-education.
  7. Cap-3 USSR
    Cap-3 USSR 17 November 2011 12: 25
    Of course, we have not a few Sharikovs, but there are too many of them at the top.
  8. Boos24
    Boos24 17 November 2011 12: 33
    The wealth of Russia is of course a gift and a means for protection and development
  9. AleksUkr
    AleksUkr 17 November 2011 12: 36
    Read, laughed, fantasized, and then what? Article - LDPR PR. But there is also a rational grain in it - the country is big, there are many wealth. There are even more people who want to use them along our borders. What do we have? Tandem - president-prime-minister-prime-premier. A ruined army, impoverished by a people who for a long time do not believe in anything and nobody. What’s next? Think and act. It’s not too late.
    1. snek
      snek 17 November 2011 12: 48
      Quote: AleksUkr
      You need to think and act. It is not too late.
      I immediately remembered Arkady Averchenko:
      - Gentlemen! What we have become is a shame! How low we fell! You! Are you men? You voluptuous old Karamazov! Exhausting saliva, you savor all night long that a bunch of killers and bastards have robbed you! We have taken away what the very last person has the right to - the right to eat, the right to fill the stomach with food of his unpretentious choice - why do you suffer? You have a day a tail of a rusty herring and 2 lots of bread that looks like dirt - there are many of you, hundreds of thousands! Go all, all go outside, sprinkle hungry desperate crowds, crawl like millions of locusts, which the train stops by its quantity, go, lean on this bunch of creators of hunger and death, gnaw their throats, trample them on the ground, and you will have bread, meat and chips !!
      -- Yes! Toasted in oil! Smelling! Hooray! Let's go to! Let's trample! Overwhelming the throat! There are a lot of us! Ha ha ha I will catch Trotsky, knock him to the ground and pierce my eye with my finger! I will walk my face with my well-worn heels! I will cut off his ear with a knife and put it in his mouth - let him eat !!
      - Let's run, gentlemen. All out, all hungry!
      In the light of the vile greasy cinder, the eyes in the black cavities sparkled like coal ... There was a clatter of reclining chairs and the clatter of feet around the room.
      And everyone ran ... They ran for a very long time and ran a lot: the fastest and strongest ran to the front, others fell down - some on the threshold of the living room, some at the dining room table.
      Dozens of miles they ran with their ossified stiff legs ... They lay, exhausted, with half-closed eyes, some in the front, some in the dining room — she did what they could, they really wanted to.
      But the gigantic effort was exhausted, and then all went out, like a raw bonfire stolen over logs.
  10. Artemka
    Artemka 17 November 2011 12: 53
    Yes, selling oil and gas to Europe is somehow not very good. But what can one do without it.
    1. seraph
      seraph 17 November 2011 13: 14
      Why is Russia "OBLIGED" to sell resources to Europe?
      1. montemor
        montemor 18 November 2011 01: 59
        Russia is obliged to PROCESS its resources !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! and market products rather than raw materials. Yes, only someone will allow us?
        1. seraph
          seraph 18 November 2011 10: 53
          Who will allow?
          Who obliged the Great Country to such a wrong fate?
          Why does IT happen to a Great Country? Or small ....
          Where is this powerful "lord / comrade Someone", forcing millions of people to dance to his tune, and at the same time consider themselves independent sovereign free people?
  11. arkhip2020
    arkhip2020 17 November 2011 13: 07
    what to do? soon there will be an opportunity to choose those who will steal the next five years.
    1. seraph
      seraph 18 November 2011 11: 05
      Somehow disgusting. Hooked.
      But I was thinking, for example, if I have to propose a real candidacy for deputies or for example for the presidency - so for now I seem to not know a single worthy citizen who would responsibly, boldly and honestly work in the future in the field of improvement the welfare of all citizens of their country. I’ll think for a long time, but still I’ll probably be able to find a candidate for at least one.
      But could you immediately, "offhand" offer a normal version of leadership, so that without thieves, liars, traitors and traitors?
      1. Denis
        Denis 18 November 2011 12: 20
        Quote: serafim
        But could you immediately, "offhand" offer a normal version of leadership, so that without thieves, liars, traitors and traitors?

        even for a long time to search, not to find, such qualities of the policy and are contraindicated
        whoever has them from politics how the hell will he run from incense
  12. Andrey2302
    Andrey2302 17 November 2011 14: 39
    I watched the movie "Russian Card" and liked it. A lot of things that are suggestive. And once again I was convinced that the main thing is not nationality but a person and his actions. I mean Abramovich and the fact that he is a Jew. A Jew is not a Jew, but competently approached the administration of the region. I am for the fact that you want to work, go to resorts, etc. Don't drink, study perfectly well, go to those specialties that the district needs. And then everyone learns to be lawyers and economists and then "cry" that Russia does not give them work and it is not possible to live here.
  13. His
    His 17 November 2011 19: 44
    Movies didn't like one nagging
  14. J_silver
    J_silver 20 November 2011 20: 13
    First of all, Russia should pursue its interests. and not worry about the rotten West or the underdeveloped East, do not dream of dreams about all kinds of WTOs or financial centers ... First of all, your own, you don’t give a shit about others, let them envy and stuff as friends, but then do not let go and feed scraps of dog cups ...