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Syrian troops, with the support of Russian aviation, liberated more than a dozen settlements from militants in a day

Brigadier General of the Syrian Armed Forces Ali Maykhub told the media about how the Syrian troops are attacking the positions of ISIL, al-Nusra and other terrorist groups. According to the general, the fighters of the Syrian Armed Forces took the city of Jub al-Ahmar under their full control, and also liberated one of the districts of the city of Salma from terrorists. Brigadier General quotes RIA News:

In the province of Latakia, more than 300 terrorists have been destroyed, cars with machine guns in the area of ​​the cities of Salma and Sad Badradun. Our troops control Jub al-Ahmar and part of the city of Salma.

The advance of the Syrian troops in the capital province of Damascus. Under the onslaught of the fighters of the Syrian Armed Forces, the terrorists of the Al-Nusra Front left their positions in the Majabl area of ​​the city of Harasta. According to General Mayhub, several bandit groups were destroyed by artillery fire in the village of Eastern Guta.

The Syrian government army is advancing in the Aleppo area. Here, the settlements of Al-Jaburia, Buqija, An-Nasuriya, Tel-Saybeyn, Balyas, Zabahad, Uadikhiya were freed from terrorists. Five more settlements were liberated in the province of Homs.

In the province of Hama, 45 militants were destroyed as a result of striking a convoy of terrorists' vehicles armed with automatic grenade launchers and large-caliber machine guns.

Ali Maihub:
Our armed forces continue their advance with the support of the Air Force (Syria and Russia), successfully hitting targets in various areas of the operation. In the province of Hama blows to the column of the IG near the village of Umm Khadij. 23 different car and 45 terrorists destroyed.

Meanwhile, the press service of the Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation publishes photos of night flights of aircraft of the Russian Aerospace Force from the Hmeimim airbase in Syria:

Photos used:Минобороны-России
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  1. lav67
    lav67 23 October 2015 14: 57 New
    the main thing is that without our losses we work.
    1. Mountain shooter
      Mountain shooter 23 October 2015 15: 02 New
      Spit. The number of departures is large, the probability of technical failures is growing. There are even numbers - how many failures are the number of flight hours.
      1. 73bor
        73bor 23 October 2015 22: 35 New
        That’s probably some igilovets sitting and “chasing” - and why the states are for us, but the Russians are bombing!
    2. St Petrov
      St Petrov 23 October 2015 15: 02 New
      losses are classified. Therefore, not a fact.

      1. Nevsky_ZU
        Nevsky_ZU 23 October 2015 15: 12 New
        Quote: c-Petrov
        losses are classified. Therefore, not a fact.

        And who to lose? Marines who guard the airfield in the rear of the Syrian government forces and in the second echelon of defense? Cooks and technicians from heat and local diseases? Or the pilots, if they were such, would have already dazzled the Internet in all parts of the world. Or work advisors a la "Buratino" at a distance of 6 km from the front? Why so much self-doubt? Solid pessimism. Catch a fair minus.
        1. crazyrom
          crazyrom 23 October 2015 20: 53 New
          Quote: c-Petrov
          losses are classified. Therefore, not a fact.

          If God forbid, what kind of losses there will be, photos of the wreckage will be instantly published in all the newspapers of the world to mock, they are, our "partners." Judging by the lack of photos, there was no loss, fact.
        2. Phantom Revolution
          Phantom Revolution 23 October 2015 22: 09 New
          Quote: Nevsky_ZU
          And who to lose?

          Helicopters may well be shot down.
          1. Vasek
            Vasek 23 October 2015 23: 45 New
            Quote: Phantom Revolution
            Helicopters may well be shot down.

            And not only, unfortunately.
            More than sure that the Americans had time to throw Stingers to the Papuans, they’re just so owho'suddenness and pressure that they cannot figure out how and when to apply them.
            Yes, and skills need an armored attack aircraft with heat traps to bring down.
            But, I think, there are stronger specialists who are responsible for flight safety.
            1. grayling
              grayling 24 October 2015 22: 25 New
              Fuck you, they fly with electronic warfare systems, and our electronic warfare system for conditional "partners" is unattainable (Americans do not have electronic warfare systems from the word "almost completely"), and will not be in the near future - they do not have a serious engineering school.
          2. kepmor
            kepmor 26 October 2015 14: 58 New
            Tipun to your tongue!
        3. Yars
          Yars 26 October 2015 14: 45 New
          Quote: Nevsky_ZU
          Quote: c-Petrov
          losses are classified. Therefore, not a fact.

          Well, why so much self-doubt?

          maybe some people strongly believe in shooting? He was still that Cossack ...

      2. theadenter
        theadenter 23 October 2015 15: 29 New
        I agree, the losses are classified. But not the fact that these same losses already exist.
        I am inclined to think that there are no losses and, God forbid, there will be no.
        1. Asadullah
          Asadullah 23 October 2015 16: 46 New
          But not the fact that these same losses already exist

          In war as in war, whether it is a fact or not is not the main thing. The bakers didn’t come there, and everyone understands the specifics of their path. And the task of a good commander is to minimize these losses. And then, how lucky.
        2. Nickola
          Nickola 23 October 2015 16: 50 New
          I agree if they were, then the Euro media would already yell like a cut
        3. 73bor
          73bor 23 October 2015 22: 38 New
          They just wanted too much from ISIS fighters, and they only know how to cut throats on camera — perverts!
      3. Homo
        Homo 23 October 2015 16: 05 New
        Quote: c-Petrov
        losses are classified. Therefore, not a fact.

        But what about American spies, agents, satellites, journalists? Are they also classified from them? Do not smack nonsense!
        1. avg
          avg 23 October 2015 16: 34 New
          Quote: Homo
          But what about American spies, agents, satellites, journalists? Are they also classified from them? Do not smack nonsense!

          I agree with what you have written. But here: "do not smack nonsense" - this is already superfluous, it is on the verge of rudeness. The man simply expressed his opinion.
      4. meriem1
        meriem1 23 October 2015 16: 06 New
        Quote: c-Petrov
        losses are classified. Therefore, not a fact.

        If only one car had fallen, then a screech to the whole world would have risen !!! This is a fact. A liberal bullshit, delirium will remain!
      5. Archon
        Archon 23 October 2015 17: 46 New
        if we had lost even one plane, immediately ALL the media would have shouted and rejoiced about it, I'm just sure that all of Syria is under a dense cap of satellites. now is not the time to conceal something the size of an airplane.
      6. kepmor
        kepmor 26 October 2015 14: 55 New
        Not a "smart" you are a man, my friend, albeit a "Marshal"! If, God forbid, there will be losses (equipment or human) to hide this fact will be simply impossible! Do you really think that shtatovskaya intelligence does not track every take-off and landing? What do you think are complete fools?
        "... you need to think when you cast a bullet!"
    3. GradusHuK
      GradusHuK 23 October 2015 15: 11 New
      Cleared Syrian land from terrorist mold!
      1. dyksi
        dyksi 23 October 2015 16: 05 New
        Here's a vidosik yet, TOZs and Grads are working, it’s not very sour.
        1. Socialism 2.0
          Socialism 2.0 23 October 2015 16: 35 New
          Sun-baked to some head)))
        2. Ze Kot
          Ze Kot 23 October 2015 23: 46 New
          Not so fucking hollow. Nobody should be left there at all.

          A "Grad" almost direct fire work.
        3. Vasek
          Vasek 23 October 2015 23: 54 New
          Quote: dyksi
          Here is a vidosik, TOZs work

          Yes, unlike wooden, this Pinocchio is far from a toy!
    4. War and Peace
      War and Peace 23 October 2015 17: 38 New
      oh, the Syrians, slowly moving forward, write that the Syrian war is a specific thing, the Syrians are not in a hurry to fight and liberate their land, so this war will last a long time. war is growing. Of course, the whole background of this war is not known, but it usually happens that after a powerful air raid there is a powerful ground attack, but this is not ...
      1. ssergn
        ssergn 23 October 2015 23: 14 New
        Slow? But it’s nothing that the SAR is smaller in area than the Sverdlovsk Region, and the population, by contrast in 4, is FOUR times larger. The density is also FOUR! times more. Are the numbers talking about anything? Maybe you should first think before scribbling comments .... hi
      2. garmonist
        garmonist 24 October 2015 04: 31 New
        Remember the 2nd Chechen - 10 months active phase with 2,5-3 times superiority in people and complete in technology. Quickly only on paper, but forgot about the ravines. Something like that. The offensive is on and this is the main thing. It is only necessary to help with the equipment (modernization first of all) on the ground parts of Syria, otherwise you won’t get much from the T-55 against Tou-2. I wish success to our pilots and advisers!
  2. sever.56
    sever.56 23 October 2015 15: 02 New

    Akhedzhakova in prostration ... wassat
  3. Gor-1974
    Gor-1974 23 October 2015 15: 11 New
    It’s like in the fairy tale “Koschei the Immortal” - it cuts heads uselessly, grows in their place, the new one is no worse than the old one. It is necessary to find the root of the problem, that is, to find, roughly speaking, the eggs, “kashchey” to beat them off, and only then chop heads. (Forgot to add new eggs do not grow)
    1. GradusHuK
      GradusHuK 23 October 2015 15: 14 New
      The root of the problem is nooseria.
    2. Susul
      Susul 23 October 2015 15: 18 New
      This in a fairy tale heads can grow endlessly
      But in reality, for this, the necessary supply of mass is needed, because with each head chopped off by the head with a head, one head is easier, and so it is possible until there is nothing to grow the heads of
      There, the Americans could not find themselves 15 idiots, ready for them to fight against Assad for the American money =)
    3. Homo
      Homo 23 October 2015 16: 08 New
      Quote: Gor-1974
      "... uselessly chopping heads ..."

      Not useless. First, along with cutting off the heads, squeezing out of the occupied territories is going on, and secondly, warehouses with supplies are being destroyed. And the newly grown head without supplies will die of hunger!
    4. PN
      PN 23 October 2015 16: 57 New
      And what to look for it if it is on the surface. This root is oil rigs. To repulse all the towers from igil and they will not last long.
    5. Vasek
      Vasek 24 October 2015 00: 02 New
      Quote: Gor-1974
      It’s like in the fairy tale “Koschei the Immortal” - it cuts heads uselessly, grows in their place, the new one is no worse than the old one.

      laughing Something you have confused tales, dear. In my opinion, it was Gorynych’s race heads that grew.
      Well, and if we already started talking about Koshchei, then he needs to chop eggs, there the root of the problems (according to a fairy tale) is hidden. yes
  4. VeteranS
    VeteranS 23 October 2015 15: 13 New
    I am convinced that every patriot in Russia, as he can, prays that all our glorious VKS soldiers, and all who are now on a business trip in Syria, will return to their families alive and healthy! I, as an Orthodox Christian, pray to the Lord God Jesus Christ for the health of all our soldiers and for granting them victory over demon terrorists in human guise!
    1. Socialism 2.0
      Socialism 2.0 23 October 2015 16: 42 New
      I, as a pagan, will also ask for them
    2. ASK505
      ASK505 23 October 2015 20: 45 New
      You won’t be full of prayers alone. Hope for God, and "Sunshine" is not bad.
  5. kartalovkolya
    kartalovkolya 23 October 2015 15: 14 New
    And what else were waiting for ISIS and their spiritual parents from countries known to all? Not in order to exhort this “barefoot”, Vladimir Putin created the Russian Aerospace Forces group in Syria, but to provide real assistance to the legitimate Government of a friendly country, at their request! gained experience, and equipment and weapons are now at our level! The only thing you could wish for the Army and the People of Syria is a speedy victory over the ISIS’s “brutalized with blood” gangs, let them choke in their own blood, “sow the wind, reap the STORM”! And now, dear workers of the FSB of the Russian Federation, the main thing for you is not to doze off, but to methodically catch this spreading abomination!
  6. Vlad5307
    Vlad5307 23 October 2015 15: 22 New
    Quote: Gor-1974
    It’s like in the fairy tale “Koschei the Immortal” - it cuts heads uselessly, grows in their place, the new one is no worse than the old one. It is necessary to find the root of the problem, that is, to find, roughly speaking, the eggs, “kashchey” to beat them off, and only then chop heads. (Forgot to add new eggs do not grow)

    Well, it’s necessary to chop “eggs” to the State Department of the SGA indiscriminately, and this is the 3rd MV. So for now, you need to chop the bastards hatched from these "eggs" and create a working coalition against the bastards. There is a beginning, an example is shown and there is hope for the expansion of this coalition. This means that the "eggs" will be pinched - it will already be easier for nations to breathe! soldier
    1. kartalovkolya
      kartalovkolya 23 October 2015 15: 34 New
      Eggs, eggs, but with all my agreement with you, I would like for the right Union to be in this right case or something more beautiful, otherwise this obscene word "coalition" causes associations with feces or something else more "smelly", it’s better in Russian Commonwealth!
  7. pavelty
    pavelty 23 October 2015 15: 23 New
    It’s actually not clear to me (no one will reveal it) what are the failures on the equipment? With such an intensity of departures, the human factor should work ... I know for myself, I was dumb by my youth ???
  8. Mama_Cholli
    Mama_Cholli 23 October 2015 15: 27 New
    I hope that people in the Middle East, seeing what is happening, begin to be aware of who they need to deal with and who do not need to deal with in the future.
  9. Vladimir 1964
    Vladimir 1964 23 October 2015 15: 27 New
    The pictures are beautiful. good
  10. Pcorda38
    Pcorda38 23 October 2015 15: 35 New
    Russian aviation is wonderful!
    keep going until victory against terrorist saudi arabia and americans!

    The pictures are beautiful.
  11. Alex Nick
    Alex Nick 23 October 2015 15: 39 New
    I feel that only the gurus will save the world in Syria. Beards, take a turn.
  12. sl22277
    sl22277 23 October 2015 15: 40 New
    Good luck and victory in the fight against terror! No one expects from government troops, exhausted and bloodless, an immediate triumph. Everything will come with time, I just want this wonderful time to come quickly.
  13. Zomanus
    Zomanus 23 October 2015 15: 46 New
    Now there is a stupid meat grinder for depletion of reserves.
    Human, technical, ammunition ...
    Who at some point will have more of these reserves,
    he will win. And this is not a quick matter.
  14. 31rus
    31rus 23 October 2015 15: 51 New
    That's right, otherwise the General Staff is not the same, the adviser is not advised, the enemy will be defeated, Victory is ours, it’s good when it’s good!
  15. RoTTor
    RoTTor 23 October 2015 16: 13 New
    Foreign best practice - immediately armed with the Armed Forces of Ukraine !!! Just at the 14-hour news release,, Inter, gasped with delight: the Syrian “goppotsiya”, which the USA loves to adore, means their Kiev vassals, as a Syrian know-how and a powerful remedy from Russian aviation uses ... mass launch of inflated condoms into the air.
    It doesn't matter that the effect of this is like a holey and darned condom. The main thing is inf. reason for the tv anal.
    The Armed Forces of Ukraine is simply obliged to immediately accept the Syrian air defense, to form a new type of Armed Forces of the Armed Forces - defense of arms, especially since there are still plenty of real gunmen in the leadership and in pharmacies.
    But man-gandons are already imported into ministers from Georgia, the USA, Lithuania, Germany, and just condoms are all imported.
    Is Ukrboronprom able to set up production of defense condoms for the Armed Forces of Ukraine?
  16. Vovanfalcon
    Vovanfalcon 23 October 2015 16: 45 New
    But I just rejoice and quietly drink cognac and hope that my friends and comrades are alive and well (who didn’t leave) that there WILL BE PEACE and Tranquility in this holy land. It’s really, I’m sad because the Christian shrines - the church are destroyed St. Thecla in Malyul and Sergey Bakhuzhsky. God help our fellow pilots, technicians and everyone else, the President in this righteous cause !!!!!!
    1. BARKHAN
      BARKHAN 23 October 2015 17: 29 New
      Our God help! Enemies are snotty camels, but sand is a mound!
      1. Vovanfalcon
        Vovanfalcon 23 October 2015 18: 24 New
        Nah ... not to give a camel, very tasty kebab from it (that is, kebab) and meat, then diet))))))))
  17. roskot
    roskot 23 October 2015 18: 16 New
    Return their land and settlements. It cannot be otherwise.
  18. Rusich1980
    Rusich1980 23 October 2015 18: 18 New
    Well done Syrians! It is necessary to crush Igilovites everywhere and mercilessly! I wish them to hold their Victory Parade with columns of captured mercenary fighters and trailing watering roads good
      VOLCHOXURAL 23 October 2015 19: 44 New
      Quote: Rusich1980
      I wish them to hold their Victory Parade with columns of captured mercenary fighters good

      As many as a couple, fellow so for the sake of window dressing and burn the rest with fire of bombs, missiles and shells, shoot the rest as mad dogs, even if you surrender without asking !!! am
  19. donavi49
    donavi49 23 October 2015 18: 40 New
    There in Hama they cut the road to Aleppo. IG hit where for a long time did not indicate activity. Now there has already been thrown KUDS from Hama.

    If you do not quickly beat off the supply route, then there may be big problems.
    1. Awaz
      Awaz 24 October 2015 12: 26 New
      Well, do not panic. That is, it generally had to happen sooner or later. Well, I thought that there would be attempts to cut supply lines under Allepo. I also thought that the Syrian military had the same opinion and they should have foreseen this. But along the way, this is all a continuation of that same Arab slackness.
      Well, for example, the Deir-ez-Zol garrison (well, this is where our bridge fell across the Euphrates) which year in the boiler and poorly poorly keep a blow, although they quietly surrender the territory.
      In general, in my opinion, the Syrian army should not have pressed Allepo, or even Idlib province, but tried to get from Allepo to the river
  20. KnightRider
    KnightRider 23 October 2015 19: 45 New
    Open Day at Hmeimim Base. Life, flights of aircraft, the work of technicians. Foreign journalists were able to see everything with their own eyes and hear reports on combat sorties and destroyed targets firsthand. True, I hope that this was the first and LAST time, you don’t spoil them, nevertheless, the military base is a regime facility. But the magazine24 from France24 is generally blacklisted because they are running all over Latakia, filming our military on a hidden camera and asking provocative questions. Okay, I was smart enough not to show people, but the local population is very sympathetic towards our military
    PS identification signs began to appear on the Su-30 soldier
  21. INF
    INF 23 October 2015 20: 50 New
    Until ours fit in, everything was exactly the opposite.
    1. tforik
      tforik 23 October 2015 21: 10 New
      In the 41st Sovinformburo also reported that there are fights of local importance and schA as chasing the enemy))
      If the situation changes dramatically in the course of six months, it will be cool!
      ps. God forbid Aleppo to recapture soon !!!
  22. tforik
    tforik 23 October 2015 20: 58 New
    Quote: lav67
    the main thing is that without our losses we work.

    We do not know about losses ..
    all sorts of foreign media Turks, etc. have long been writing about the loss of Russian. We will learn the truth through the years)
    for example, about the partially calibrated caliber - ours even refuse to say that they all got there ... True, when asked, Putin delicately avoided answering, saying that "not everything is known to the American intelligence ... lyalya." Even in the Iranian news they wrote and showed debris.
    And in our media "everyone flew."))
    1. Wingpilot
      Wingpilot 23 October 2015 23: 43 New
      Can I have a reference to "Iranian news"? Or was it "for a red word"?
      1. tforik
        tforik 24 October 2015 10: 56 New
        The news was on CNN, but now I found the news but about the Iranian media - everything is the other way around (deny). I believe that there is no evidence of a fall, so the Americans would have presented them long ago. (although not a fact, because ours, too, can throw a lot of dirt on failures. mutual political correctness is in effect)
        I take the words back!
  23. The comment was deleted.
  24. rus-5819
    rus-5819 23 October 2015 22: 03 New
    Syrian troops, with the support of Russian aviation, liberated more than a dozen settlements from militants in a day

    Something tells me that soon a "second front" will form in Syria.
  25. Wingpilot
    Wingpilot 23 October 2015 23: 40 New
    Quote: Gor-1974
    forgot to add new eggs don't grow

    It is a masterpiece! :)
  26. Ze Kot
    Ze Kot 23 October 2015 23: 45 New
    And why on all the videos that show from the air base in Syria show planes take off all the time with almost empty pylons for weapons? The Su-25 has 4 on each side, and 1-2 are charged ...
  27. DobryAAH
    DobryAAH 23 October 2015 23: 46 New
    This is all good, but some Americans again mumble about the no-fly zone. We broke their plans, itches with them.
  28. DobryAAH
    DobryAAH 24 October 2015 00: 05 New
    Thanks to our aviators! Let them know that not only Syria is protected, but also Russia and their relatives.
  29. Flor Fokic
    Flor Fokic 24 October 2015 06: 18 New
    Abamka: "I want a reboot!"
  30. slizhov
    slizhov 24 October 2015 08: 22 New
    When artistically cutting their heads, no one expected that their own would lose in a few months, not one at a time, but in heaps ...
  31. d.pavel
    d.pavel 24 October 2015 09: 37 New
    And ours is in the Syrian Army. Not when you do not convince me that it’s not our special forces, it is there, like the command corps, and our men work on the ground. But then she and the profession to defend such a homeland. The main thing is that only our extra-class pros should work there, and not contractless workmen. This work is such, everyone chooses to be a dog of war, or sit in the office.
  32. C2H5OH
    C2H5OH 24 October 2015 14: 07 New
    VKS well done, but everything is decided in a ground operation. Good luck to the Syrian army.