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Fifty shades of election. Ukrainian politics without rules and bills

What is an election without a choice? How to falsify fraud? Why is victory a defeat? No, this is not a dystopia. This is a look behind the scenes of Ukrainian politics.

The ghost of the election walks on almost-Europe

Ukraine is again entering the zone of political turbulence. In just a few days, the country is awaiting local elections, which provide all sorts of parties and candidates with a unique chance to realize their ambitions. The battles of Ukrainian politicians promise to be no less exciting than the gladiator battles of ancient Rome.

While the arena is being cleared of political corpses, and new fighters are preparing to rejoice the excited public, let's take a closer look at the scenery.

Local, but not quite

The already difficult situation - and there are no others in Ukraine - is aggravated by rumors that the constitutional reform will soon be adopted, which implies a significant redistribution of powers in favor of the regions. Thus, a political force that gains control over a large number of areas automatically gains power throughout the country.

A tempting prospect, isn't it?

I think all interested parties will give a positive answer. At least their actions confirm this theory.
Poroshenko’s party is expectedly seeking to strengthen its position, using its advanced agitation apparatus and inexhaustible administrative resource in its entirety, without disdaining, however, with gray schemes.

Revanchist forces, on the contrary, are trying, as far as possible, to deprive the BPP of influence in the regions and in parallel to take there as much power as they can carry. It is worth noting that the methods of the opposition also do not differ crystal clear and honesty.

The opinion of the electorate, perhaps, is the last thing that concerns the candidates for people's deputies. In general, in Ukraine, the voice of the people has never been a decisive factor. At best, it is a convenient tool for political battles.

The fundamental question requires fundamental decisions

Political career is worth it to not skimp on the money. Obviously, it is precisely this formula that combatants adhere to on both sides of the barricades. The only difference between them is that some try to at least formally remain within the framework of existing legislation, limiting themselves to frantic populism and naked slander, while others directly violate the law, either finally believing in their own omnipotence, or believing that there is nothing to lose.

Oleg Lyashko’s radicalism, for example, was enough only for toothless, by Ukrainian standards, statements that local elections would be “the dirtiest in stories Of Ukraine. "

Boris Filatov, representing the opposition party “Dill” also limited himself to a reminder that in Ukraine there are notorious administrative resources and government pressure on election commissions to feel quite well.

Only the party in power seemed to show some sharp wits, issuing ballots elegantly resembling the ordinary Ukrainians to vote for.

Is there intrigue? And if you find?

Making a prediction, it would be naive to believe that in these elections the opposition parties will achieve success with serious success. They have no more chances against Poroshenko’s team at the moment than winning the local elections in North Korea.

At first glance it seems that intrigue does not exist. Everything is predetermined, BPP will win and life will continue in the same vein ... So, probably, it would have happened in any other country. But not in Ukraine.

It is not a secret for anyone that in Ukraine there are two ways to change power - utopian and realistic. In a utopian version, a popularly elected president comes to power through democratic, open elections. In the harsh Ukrainian reality, the head of state is appointed by special people in a specially designated place after the coup d'état.

With this in mind, it’s quite logical to assume that information about the “fake ballots” was thrown by Poroshenko’s opponents themselves.

Realizing that at the moment nothing shines for them, the revenge-seekers simply banish the degree of public discontent with the current president. When the people reach the desired condition, you can display Maidan.

Efforts in this direction can be traced quite clearly. A vivid example is the network recently laid out, shooting from a drone Poroshenko’s residence, more reminiscent of Versailles.

Interest in the election definitely remains. It’s just that it is in a slightly different plane than the October voting results.

Groundhog Day

It is very difficult to look towards Ukraine, based on Russian realities. Like Chelyuskin in the ice, this country is stuck in the 90's. And to consider the political process in it correctly solely from these positions.

What interests you is not who will win the elections, but how and when the “Poroshenko’s tyrant” will be “swept away by a wave of popular anger”.
Having chosen the correct viewing angle, we have to ask ourselves a completely different question. Who will get the maximum benefit from the fall of the "chocolate dictator" from his throne?
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  1. The comment was deleted.
  2. Sasha75
    Sasha75 23 October 2015 05: 59 New
    But it’s real from whom to choose all the appropriate people from there, or they put them in or drove to Russia, they killed Olesya Buzina altogether. For that, because they loved Ukraine, they deserve such a government that they have all 100 percent.
    1. Alexander Romanov
      Alexander Romanov 23 October 2015 06: 16 New
      Quote: Sasha75
      But really, from whom is there to choose all adequate or put in or drove to Russia

      And who was there from adequate, that I can’t remember a single surname.
      1. liuk gud
        liuk gud 25 October 2015 10: 41 New
        Kushnaryov - killed
  3. Same lech
    Same lech 23 October 2015 06: 18 New
    In harsh Ukrainian reality, the head of state is appointed by special people in a specially designated place after the coup.

    smile True and everyone knows where this place is located overseas.

    "Tyrant Poroshenko" will be "swept away by a wave of popular anger."

    I do not believe in this cliche ...

    as a rule, someone should organize the people's anger, direct it in the right direction and sponsor all the costs and expenses of this national tsunami .... by chance nothing happens in the world of politics.
  4. Mainbeam
    Mainbeam 23 October 2015 06: 22 New
    Not yet fed up with European democracy? Or, perhaps, the Americans pervert “democracy” so specifically in order to move on to a dictatorship or a police state? I think many already dream of a “kind tsar” like Putin or Lukashenko, who will “force” the people to work, restore industry, etc. Only the oligarchs will not go anywhere, Vasiliev will not sit down, there will be no free medicine and education. There will be no communism.
  5. mamont5
    mamont5 23 October 2015 06: 27 New
    "It is very difficult to look towards Ukraine, based on Russian realities. Like Chelyuskin in the ice, this country is stuck in the 90's. And it is correct to consider the political process in it exclusively from these positions."

    Yes, not stuck. I returned there. Moreover, of their own free will.
  6. V.ic
    V.ic 23 October 2015 06: 33 New
    As if Chelyuskin in the ice, this country stuck in the 90s. Author Andrei Kurpsky

    As if Chelyuskin should be "accustomed", namely Chelyuskin, because it was a ship, and not a polar explorer Semyon Ivanovich Chelyuskin.
  7. Mitrich76
    Mitrich76 23 October 2015 06: 34 New
    In fact, it doesn’t matter who wins and how in the elections, "sweeps away the people's anger" Powder or not, the power will still remain with the overseas owner. There are no "methods" against him in Ukraine. Therefore, nothing will change no matter what election fraud takes place.
  8. verb
    verb 23 October 2015 07: 03 New
    Sorry, I didn’t understand what the article was about? About the elections in 404? have mercy, do not make me laugh!
  9. s.melioxin
    s.melioxin 23 October 2015 07: 16 New
    Choosing the right viewing angle, we have to ask ourselves ...
    question. Who will or who will remain after the election? To date, and the situation in the country, the one whom America will appoint. So far, so it seems to me. One inspires hope that soon it will end. “Mr. President, how do you assess the fact that after the US intervention, Ukraine in less than two years, being a fairly stable and successful country, has reached the level of underdeveloped African countries, and has dropped even lower in some respects?”

    To the question of the journalist, Barack Obama replied that “the United States did everything possible to ensure that the scenario for the development of Ukraine had a positive vector. The negative trends in this country are not even related to the neighborhood of Russia and the influence of its policy on the development of this state - the fact is that Ukraine is a vivid example of a country when the people in it got full power. In this regard, purposeful work is now being carried out to adjust the US foreign policy in relation to this state. We recognize some mistakes and are preparing to correct them, - Americans are able to critically evaluate not only the activities of other states, but also their own. ”
    1. Amurets
      Amurets 23 October 2015 08: 07 New
      It turns out the experiment with oligophrenics failed.
  10. 3vs
    3vs 23 October 2015 07: 17 New
    Why are the bulletins not in English ?!
    In fact, the state of Ukraine, 51 staff of states ...
  11. akudr48
    akudr48 23 October 2015 08: 27 New
    The author Andrei Kurpsky, thanks to him, explained with examples how everything is bad in Ukraine with the elections, what kind of elections are being introduced without elections once again, he looked into the backstage, underground, one might say, under the skirt of the electoral system.

    It would be good if it was also worthy, the same author clarified the situation with the elections in Russia.

    Then, in comparison, one could also know the truth.
  12. nivander
    nivander 23 October 2015 08: 34 New
    By 2020, the president of Ukraine will be ... Putin V.V.
    1. Derex
      Derex 23 October 2015 21: 53 New
      I don’t think that by 2050 only these drunks will sober up, only it seems to me that they will remain in front of a broken tub. Like in a goldfish.
  13. Vladimir 1964
    Vladimir 1964 23 October 2015 08: 52 New
    What interests you is not who will win the elections, but how and when the “Poroshenko’s tyrant” will be “swept away by a wave of popular anger”.
    Having chosen the correct viewing angle, we have to ask ourselves a completely different question. Who will get the maximum benefit from the fall of the "chocolate dictator" from his throne?

    But I’m interested in, does Andrei really think so, or was he just joking? But seriously, where did he spot in Ukraine this same "angry wave"?

    Something like that, dear colleagues. hi
  14. Egoza
    Egoza 23 October 2015 09: 27 New
    This Sunday in Ukraine - elections to local authorities. Observers have already called them the most "dirty" in the history of Square. Hundreds of violations. In almost all regions, voters are offered money in exchange for votes. And against competitors, they often use not even incriminating evidence, but fists.
    see here for more details
  15. Egoza
    Egoza 23 October 2015 09: 31 New
    Prime Minister of Ukraine Arseniy Yatsenyuk calls not to sell votes in local elections.
    "Do not sell the country's future for several hundred hryvnias," he said in 10 minutes on Sunday.
    Yatsenyuk noted the importance of holding fair and transparent local elections, "when no one takes money for their votes and does not sell the country's future for several hundred hryvnias ....
    Well, he is right! Who sells a country for a hundred hryvnias? For a lemon-another greens - this is possible.
  16. kit-kat
    kit-kat 23 October 2015 09: 50 New
    It’s like we have the most democratic elections. Whom the elites are appointed will be the president. In the post-Soviet space, no one pays attention to the opinion of the people.
  17. slizhov
    slizhov 23 October 2015 10: 06 New
    Petya with Senya, as well as with the rest, who today have skillfully gone into the shadows, everyone will end up on the same Graveyard of History !!!
  18. Vega
    Vega 23 October 2015 11: 25 New
    How much money is in Ukraine? Enough for the war, enough for the “elections” (mouse bickering), but not enough for the people.
  19. Mama_Cholli
    Mama_Cholli 23 October 2015 12: 32 New

    Insanity is still insanity ....
    1. APASUS
      APASUS 23 October 2015 22: 44 New
      Quote: Mama_Cholli
      Insanity is still insanity ....

      The most valuable quality in the modern world is acquiring adequacy, many cannot accept what is happening correctly, but only a few ........
  20. Normal ok
    Normal ok 23 October 2015 14: 06 New
    The article is about nothing. Neither party analysis nor sociological data. Fake photo of the newsletter, and that's all. Just another hurray-general epaulette earns. Why publish this?