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Debaltsevo has a twin


October 20 The Donetsk People's Republic opened a new page in its stories - a page of sister city relations between its own and Russian cities. And it is not by chance that the city of Debaltsevo, the heroic city in which one of the most severe defeats was dealt with the dill, became the first sign in this business.

The Russian delegation arrived in this war-torn city, which included: head of the village Shcheglovo of the Leningrad region, adviser to the governor of the same area Yuri Palamarchuk, one of the leaders of the Civil World organization Vyacheslav Valeryanov and representative of the Russian Union of Journalists Mikhail Torofov. The goal is to sign a twinning agreement. Present were the deputies of the People’s Council of the DPR - Andrei Miroshnichenko (who became one of the main initiators of the agreement) and Natalia Pshenichnaya.

Monument to Soviet soldiers and civilians who died during the Great Patriotic War ... This is a common misfortune and a common history. The memory of that war binds us all ... It was not by chance that the delegation brought here mournful carnations ...

Railway station ... Already almost restored after the fighting. Although here and there you can see the funnels on the asphalt. The building itself was built in the late nineteenth century. Inside, everything is clean and neat, although it was worth a lot of effort. Do not be ashamed to show the representatives of Russia. On the wall is a picture in which the artist depicted the moment of Debaltseve's liberation from the fascists. Joyful residents welcome the soldiers of the Red Army ...

Next - the guests were invited to the Debaltsevskaya School of Art. There the kids prepared a concert in their honor. For their part, the delegates brought with them books about their land and about the Great Patriotic War.

The school itself, like many, many other buildings of Debaltseve, is cut by fragments. Broken windows to hastily shut down than necessary. Including - New Year's posters. Funny Santa Clauses and snowmen look surreal next to terrible markings on the walls. “So we prepared for the New Year,” one of the journalists accompanying the delegation joked darkly.

Not far from the school is the Literary Center named after the Ukrainian poet Vladimir Sosyury. He was also subjected to shelling by the Ukrainian junta, although there are voices from Kiev that Ukraine honors its poets. Visitors from Russia are shown this building, the museum of the poet and the library located right there.

Here again comes the newly appointed. Head of Administration Debaltsevo Alexey Granovsky. In the morning he was summoned to Alexander Zakharchenko, and the mayor was in an optimistic mood. He says that many important documents were signed concerning the restoration of the city.

Against the background of the plastic film covering the embossed window - the announcement of the exhibition "Creative Opening Day." There are handicrafts made by debalchan. The war destroyed part of the exhibition. But people brought new crafts to the exhibition. “Many of them were made in basements, under shelling. It was necessary to somehow distract from reality, ”say the employees of the cultural center.

While visiting the library, employees shared their problem - there is a catastrophic shortage of books in Russian. They expressed the hope that cultural cooperation with Russia will help solve this problem.

Another affected institution is the Palace of Culture. In the room where the delegation was received, it was a mess, as it was composed of things from those premises that were subjected to fierce blows. Despite this, the two girls prepared musical numbers for the visitors.

Then all followed to the city administration building. There the signing of an agreement on inter-municipal twin-town cooperation between Debaltseve (DPR) and Shcheglovo (Leningrad Region, Russia) took place.

The head of the city of Debaltsevo, Alexey Granovsky, said: “Today we are signing an agreement on inter-municipal twinning cooperation between the municipality of Shcheglovskoye rural settlement of the Leningrad Region and the city of Debaltseve of the Donetsk People's Republic in historical, cultural, patriotic and socio-economic spheres. Such a contract in the DPR is signed for the first time. Our city is a pioneer in this area. ”

Granovsky noted that the city of Debaltsevo was heavily damaged by shelling, however, the Ukrainian authorities had killed him before, before the start of the war, with their devil-may-care attitude leading to the gradual destruction of enterprises and infrastructure.

The representative of Russia, Yuri Palamarchuk, said: “This agreement is a practical step, within the framework of public diplomacy: the establishment of relations at the level of local self-government. I think our inter-municipal agreement is only the first step. I am sure that this agreement will serve as an example for other municipalities. ”

They recalled that Shcheglovo was located near the legendary "Road of Life", along which help was being pushed into the blockade Leningrad. Now the concept of “The Road of Life” for the Donbass means all the ways linking the DPR and the LPR with Russia. The issue of the mutual exchange of children's delegations was also discussed. The guys from the Leningrad region would certainly be interested to talk with the young debalchani and see with their own eyes the wounds that the new fascism inflicted on the city. In turn, the children from Debaltseve could see the legendary city that stood during the worst blockade. “It is best to organize this visit during the famous white nights,” the guests say.

Then the delegates together with the mayor visited the school №1 Debaltseve. This school also got a lot from the riders of the Kiev junta. The same film instead of window glass, the same sad walls, from which plaster flew. However, even here, the students staged a concert, which was held in the premises of the school museum. A small school museum, where next to the exhibits about the Revolution and the Great Patriotic War - the fragments of the new shells of the new war ...

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Elena Gromova
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  1. Anatoly G
    Anatoly G 23 October 2015 06: 43 New
    I liked the station, thanks for the material! "
    1. avt
      avt 23 October 2015 21: 28 New
      Quote: Anatoly G
      I liked the station, thanks for the material! "

      Well, the fact that the station was restored and the railway - well done good But I would also like to know the condition for the restoration of housing and infrastructure - with which people enter the winter. Something that has already been laid out - the mayor’s interview seems, but if someone from the ground, enlightened from the ground.
  2. inkass_98
    inkass_98 23 October 2015 07: 06 New
    One can only welcome this undertaking. And the residents of Debaltseve are well done, do not give up and rebuild the city. We need to help them in this, for the sake of such things we will survive and the ruble fall somehow, the Russian community has always helped the needy with peace.
  3. parusnik
    parusnik 23 October 2015 07: 44 New
    Debaltseve appeared twin. Dashing trouble, the beginning .. Peace and happiness to you people of Donbass ..
  4. mr.vasilievich
    mr.vasilievich 23 October 2015 08: 20 New
    It is very good. Donbass and Russia are building ties. Finally, it’s not only humanitarian aid.
  5. Kovlad
    Kovlad 23 October 2015 08: 45 New
    Elena, thanks! As always, a wonderful report! Strength, health, patience and Faith to the people restoring the Donbass!
  6. Batia
    Batia 23 October 2015 10: 02 New
    Dear station. I traveled from there many times. I come from Snezhny. Thanks to the residents of Donbass for their courage and firmness.
  7. slizhov
    slizhov 23 October 2015 10: 31 New
    you and I, brothers ...
  8. Roy
    Roy 23 October 2015 10: 35 New
    Wonderful initiative. I hope that soon, all the cities of New Russia (DPR and LPR) that have withstood the Ukroliberian war terror and destruction will have their twin cities.
  9. Rigla
    Rigla 23 October 2015 13: 19 New
    And what? Voronezh from where I was, restored the whole world as they say, especially Novosibirsk, but other cities helped. Need to help.
  10. Kilo-11
    Kilo-11 23 October 2015 14: 23 New
    DNI and LC to the Russian Federation, or at least to citizens of the Republics of the passport of the Russian Federation without any delay or any programs for resettlement of compatriots there. Decree. Leningrad region fellows, in the forefront of patronage.
    1. padded jacket
      padded jacket 23 October 2015 16: 42 New
      Thank you for the article.
  11. Reptiloid
    Reptiloid 23 October 2015 18: 55 New
    Thank you very much for the article, Elena.
  12. melgi
    melgi 23 October 2015 20: 46 New
    Yasinovataya with you Debaltseve !!!
  13. APASUS
    APASUS 23 October 2015 23: 32 New
    I am very happy for Debaltseve and I believe that every city in Russia would have the honor to be considered a twin city of such a city, but excuse me ......... Shcheglovo? 9-10 kilometers from us - something you confuse in the article, they’ll soon have ... will be in a communal apartment in the city, I won’t write about roads, water mains, sewers
  14. Director
    Director 24 October 2015 17: 12 New
    Ukrainians, Slavyansk also restored. It looks better than before.
    1. avt
      avt 24 October 2015 19: 03 New
      Quote: Director
      Ukrainians, Slavyansk also restored. It looks better than before.

      Svidomo, and lay out the pictures weakly as it was before the war, during and now? Whistle you there are all great.
      1. Director
        Director 24 October 2015 20: 08 New
        There are a bunch of photos in nete. Learn to use the rambler.
        P. s. I ask you not to express yourself. Your mother didn’t raise you at all