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The Black Sea Fleet has not passed the inspection of the Ministry of Defense

The Black Sea Fleet has not passed the inspection of the Ministry of Defense

According to the Central Naval Portal. A group of officers of the Military Inspectorate of the Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation, headed by the head of the Military Inspectorate of the Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation - chief military inspector, Lieutenant General Gennady Borisov, began work on the Black Sea on September 28 in accordance with the plan navy. The Black Sea Fleet did not pass an inspection by the Ministry of Defense inspection - it was rated 2 points. The Central Naval Portal became aware of this from sources in the Russian Defense Ministry.

The main task of the planned inspection was to clarify the actual level of operational and combat training, the maintenance of weapons, military and special equipment, law enforcement and military discipline, the quality of material and technical support of personnel, as well as compliance with fire safety regulations in the units and military units fleet.

The work of the inspection began with an inspection of the military administration of the Black Sea Fleet in various areas of the headquarters activities. Traditionally, the head of the inspectorate and inspecting officers carried out a drill review of military personnel of all categories of fleet headquarters and its units, interviewed military personnel for knowledge of their functional duties, general military statutes, accepted tests for operational art and special training. Later, an examination of the level of physical fitness. It was planned to check the organization of the quality of the planning of vocational training of staff officers and fleet management officers.

Inspectorates were subjected not only to the OVU, but also the formations and ships of the fleet. In particular, the officers of the inspection team carefully checked the Novorossiysk naval base. The exits of the base ships took place in the sea, artillery, rocket and torpedo firing were carried out, and exercises to combat the danger of mines were monitored. Despite the positive results shown in the performance of combat exercises at sea, in general, of the three compounds tested by the NSBM, two received unsatisfactory marks.

The military inspectorate of the Defense Ministry worked in the formations, units and ships of the Black Sea Fleet until the end of October. According to the results of the inspection, a general unsatisfactory assessment was made - the combat readiness level of the fleet forces was recognized as insufficient. In February 2012 of the year, a group of inspectors from Moscow will again arrive at the fleet in order to verify the elimination of the revealed comments. Will any measures be taken to strengthen the staff of the fleet command, units and ships? The authorities, in particular the press service of the Black Sea Fleet, declined to comment.
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  1. Dmitry_24rus
    Dmitry_24rus 17 November 2011 07: 30
    Well, it's a shame, of course, although very predictable. Hopefully we will increase readiness now. The main thing is constant work, and not "random" loud commissions that have found a mess!
    1. Dmitry_24rus
      Dmitry_24rus 17 November 2011 07: 37
      And further.
      Knowing our army, I can assume that the commission was "offended". Not poured, not brought, not entertained, etc.
  2. Dart weyder
    Dart weyder 17 November 2011 07: 50
    yes - it didn’t surprise - almost always they are anchored, there is no practice, and the proportion of modern weapons is negligible - where does the result come from ?! but they didn’t have time to prepare for the show - apparently they didn’t warn, - that means they want to remove someone, - as always! fellow
  3. dimarm74
    dimarm74 17 November 2011 07: 51
    Covert games .... just want to dump the commander, etc.
  4. esaul
    esaul 17 November 2011 07: 53
    It is quite possible to have a fact of the commission's "offense", but I hope that the commission has arrived, a military one, determined to check, not to fill up / And the mess is, perhaps, the result of previous, not offended, commissions.
    1. Dmitry_24rus
      Dmitry_24rus 17 November 2011 07: 56
      Yesaul, right to the point, Respect))
      1. esaul
        esaul 17 November 2011 19: 27
        Dmitry_24rus, thanks! fellow
  5. Vadim
    Vadim 17 November 2011 08: 48
    Inspection is good, but it is necessary to update the fleet and improve the MTO, and not just drive and poke your nose.
  6. Nick
    Nick 17 November 2011 09: 25
    It is good that they did not hide the unsatisfactory state of the Black Sea Fleet. If this is not an order of course. And at least they will bring order to the elementary.
  7. ZloySobacka
    ZloySobacka 17 November 2011 09: 54
    They knew about the inspection, they were preparing for it, the inspection’s mood was extremely negative, there wasn’t even a question about lubrication and other entertainments (you can’t satisfy the inspection of the Ministry of Defense), but the fleet, and in particular the NLMB, have very serious problems (personnel, weapons and military, lack of modern means of target designation, etc.) as an example: in 184 brkr there are not at least two minesweepers of the same project - all ships are different, well, and so on and so forth.
  8. MichaelVl
    MichaelVl 17 November 2011 10: 32
    Tell me more, your comment left the impression that you directly own the info. Here everyone is worried about the fate of our Black Sea Fleet. Tell me. Always interesting to know people to listen to read.
  9. marc
    marc 17 November 2011 10: 52
    I’m with VIMO what’s going on at the Black Sea Fleet is not subject to assessment. Last year we were in the Strategic Missile Forces, eight goals better, although not everything is fine either. To check it is necessary to prepare l / s, and not gifts, etc.
  10. Russian sniper
    Russian sniper 17 November 2011 11: 10
    Do not supply 20 years of new equipment and ships to the Black Sea Fleet and then they say that low combat readiness) How to understand this ???
  11. itr
    itr 17 November 2011 11: 19
    And this is how they went into the sea, they shot well
    and the rest is bad. Maybe they didn’t stamp the dough, they didn’t fall off, it’s very strange. Damn I wanted to know the commission lists to find out the heroes of the check
  12. datur
    datur 17 November 2011 13: 50
    this is in the spirit of efficient managers — first, to take everything away, to cut it off, to rob it, and then tell the brothers whose everything is so bad for you. As in 2010, with the Navy base near Moscow, they dispersed the firefighters and took away all their equipment, optimizing EPT. and then why did your base burn out, why didn’t you put it out here am
  13. zavesa01
    zavesa01 17 November 2011 14: 24
    In the fleet, as never before, the staff of the coaching authorities has been inflated. In order to show their need, a bunch of unnecessary directives are issued to anyone for which you need to unsubscribe, report, etc. As a result, the fleet turned into a huge bureaucratic machine. The combat readiness (as well as the readiness for inspections) is evaluated according to the principle that if copper is shiny and painted, then everything is fine. Sailors are engaged in cleaning the territory and incessant tidying and painting. Combat training as such is not carried out. On each ship in the ranks 30-40% of serviceable ones. the rest means died. If the commission concluded that the BS Black Sea Fleet is two points, then there is hope that measures will be taken to improve the situation, then there is hope that the remaining ships will save and restore the BG. About the fact that the commander crossed the road for someone it is unlikely.