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Officials give our sky to foreigners

The formation of Russia as aviation powers began a hundred years ago under the slogan of Grand Duke Alexander Mikhailovich: “The air fleet of Russia should be stronger than the air fleet our neighbors. This must be remembered to everyone who cherishes the security of our country. ” These words have gained particular relevance today.

At the dawn of aviation, when in the sky of France bravely chimed the shelves of Newpora and Farman, Russia flew from St. Petersburg to Kiev and back on the world's first four-engine airships of the Russian genius Igor Sikorsky. In the sky of the First World War, the first in the world aviation squadron of heavy bombers "Ilya Muromets" bravely fought in the battle force of the Imperial Russian air fleet. After the revolution, the Workers 'and Peasants' Red (formerly Imperial) Air Fleet continued to solve state tasks during peaceful days. Back in 1922, the same Moscow-Kharkov air line, the first in Soviet Russia, was opened on the same “Muromtsy”. And although in the years of post-war devastation some figures considered aircraft factories to be lipstick factories, already in 1933, Stalin declared to the whole world: “We did not have an aviation industry. We have it now! ”

Soviet aviation conquered the Arctic and the Northern Sea Route, helped to master the riches of Siberia and the Far East, rescued Chelyuskinites and laid the shortest route from Moscow via the North Pole to America. These ambitious tasks were successfully solved in the absence of market relations in the country, moreover, on airplanes and engines of own production. By the way, the aviation personnel were also trained in domestic educational institutions - remember the famous slogan “Let's give the country 150 thousands of pilots!”. And it was given. In addition, German pilots were then trained in the Lipetsk Center for both the civilian Lufthansa airline company and for the future Luftwaffe.

Even then we acquired aircraft engines, combat aircraft and civil aircraft abroad, but in single copies, mainly for study and testing. And licenses were purchased for the mass domestic production of aircraft and engines. At the same time, we did not need to have any Interstate Aviation Committee (IAC). Such a policy in relation to aviation allowed the Air Force to re-equip the modern combat vehicles, and civil aviation - to the legendary Li-2 airships.

Rate on vagrantsThe civil air fleet made a significant contribution to the cause of victory over German fascism. The aviation divisions of the Civil Air Fleet delivered food to besieged Leningrad, took the wounded and children to the Great Land, were engaged in supplying the army and partisan movement, drove combat aircraft to the front from factories, and built and operated a unique air route Alaska - Siberia.

In August, the polar aviation pilots bombed Berlin 1941, the People's Commissar Molotov was driven from Moscow to America in 1942, and Stalin was sent to Tehran in 1943. The pilots of the Civil Air Fleet rescued them in the mountains and brought the Yugoslav government led to Marshal Tito to us, and in May 1945 brought the Victory Banner from Berlin to Moscow. By the way, during the war years, instead of today's sanctions, the capitalists supplied us with 18 thousands of combat aircraft from abroad, and this accounted for 20 percent of the entire fleet produced by the aircraft industry of the USSR in four years of war.

And in the peaceful years of another, already cold war, former front-line pilots mastered turboprop technology, switched to jet thrust and overcame supersonic. There was not a single national economic task in the country in which civil aviation would not actively participate. It should be noted that in those years it served not the market, but the state and the people. The price of the ticket did not exceed the fare in the compartment car, and when half a century ago, in 1964, the country's civil aviation carried 40 to millions of passengers, the Head Department of the Civil Air Fleet was transformed into the Ministry of Civil Aviation.

Soon the Soviet "Aeroflot" became the largest airline in the world. This happened also because the state policy in the field of aviation was then determined not by the officials of the department imperiously squeezed inside the Ministry of Transport of Russia, but by such slabs-statesmen as the aviation marshals Zhigarev, Zhavoronkov, Loginov, Bugayev and Volkov. But the main thing is that civil aviation as a dual-use industry has become an integral part of the country's national security in the military sphere.

Own goal game

In the 90s, with the change of the social system in the USSR, the Ministry of Civil Aviation was abolished. The rapid privatization of the industry began, and the civil aviation management system changed nine times in favor of market interests. Aircraft of domestic production were taken out of service, duty-free importation for foreign air liners opened. Advanced managers who came to power in the airlines drove out thousands of first-class pilots to the streets and left without work. Today, there are only 17 thousands of pilots in Russian civil aviation, of which eight thousand are aircraft commanders, instead of 70 thousands in the USSR. And this national elite, and if you want - the nation’s gene pool of marketers, again deprives of their jobs with impunity. Officials are trying to reduce the number and reduce funding for aviation universities, and managers - on the contrary, complain of personnel shortages in the sky.

In 2014, they, regardless of public objections, successfully lobbied the law on hiring several hundred foreign citizens as pilots of Russian airlines. And if in the domestic sport for the sake of business they are buying foreign players and coaches with might and main, then aviation is not football at all. This is a dual-use industry. It is essentially designed to serve the state. And in peaceful days, and in the years of testing.

Inconvenient Questions

In connection with the above, I, as the chairman of the public council at Rosaviation, have questions.

The first. Will those 500 aircraft captains, who can now be hired from abroad by law, go to defend the sky of Russia from enemies? Of course not! They will flee abroad at the first opportunity, and even on a plane with passengers - citizens of Russia.

But those hundreds of pilots who were recently dismissed from the UTair and Transaero companies will go into battle for the Motherland! Only they need to prepare for this, as it was in our country before. Civilian pilots trained on jet aircraft of the Air Force, and military pilots learned to fly in Aeroflot. For example, in the aviation regiment of long-range aviation on Tu-16 bombers there were 35 crews and in the flight squadron of the Civil Air Fleet on a Tu-104 jet liner there were also 35. During military service, I knew all the commanders of the Aeroflot ships, who would come into service on the second day of the war.

And now we have 900 leasing (read - alien) aircraft and 8000 first-class captains. Where will these (as if becoming superfluous) 7000 pilots - with a rifle and into the militia go to a special period? It will be too late to teach them to fly Air Force combat aircraft during the war.

Second question. It is known that the lion's share - 90 percent of air traffic in our country is carried out on foreign-made aircraft, and only nine percent of the population use air transport (due to the high price of tickets). Often businessmen fly abroad, and inside the country - fans to major sporting events and vacationers, officials and security officials to the Crimea.

Four headed paralytic

So who do we give the sky to Russia? People, state or market?

Let's deal with this and start with the main thing - with the management.

Since the Ministry of Civil Aviation was abolished in 1991, the system has been changed several times by the Russian air force. Currently, management is blurry between the four structures:

1. The Ministry of Transport represented by the Department for the Definition of State Policy in the Field of Civil Aviation.

2. Rostransnadzor.

3. Interstate Aviation Committee.

4. Federal Air Transport Agency.

You will not find in any of these structures those responsible for the airworthiness of aircraft, for the safety of flights, for the creation or reduction of workplaces and for the fate of dismissed people.

For example, the crisis of the largest Russian airline Transaero is rated as “soft landing”. The reasons are not investigated, the relevant conclusions are not made. Approximately 650 thousand tickets worth about 10 billion rubles were sold on Transaero flights, but the second-largest airline in Russia completes the bankruptcy procedure. And at the 2015 investment forum in Sochi, only one civil servant casually mentioned that on the “Superjet” it would be necessary to change foreign components to domestic ones.

With the introduction of the US and the European Union sanctions against Russia, it became obvious that relying on foreign-made aircraft and pilots from abroad is a strategic mistake. The Department of the Ministry of Transport, which determines the policy in the industry, ignores public opinion and recommendations of members of the Experience Club, the Expert Council and the Public Council under the Federal Air Transport Agency, and trade unions when preparing laws, orders and other documents. The Public Council at the Ministry of Transport does not even have representatives from the aviation public structures.

At the same time, department officials, among whom not a single professional pilot, voluntarily abolished the class qualifications of pilots, replaced the pilot certificates with disposable books, allowed pilots to control heavy aircraft not by take-off mass, but by the number of people on board. The Department prepared laws that abolish the airworthiness control of aircraft, and any personnel without appropriate licenses could be allowed to work in aerial work.

Rostransnadzor, with all due respect to the high general intelligence of its leaders, in its functional purpose does not comply with ICAO standards.

In civil aviation in Russia, an acceptable level of flight safety has not yet been determined; no high level official has been appointed to this end.

In its activities, the IAC tactlessly combines the certification of aircraft and facilities (airfields) with the investigation of aviation accidents, which in principle contradicts the common sense and the provisions of the Chicago Convention. For example, the IAC certified the Vnukovo airfield and it is also investigating the Falcon’s crash there. The IAC is not responsible to anyone or for anything (after all, it’s also international), but it is funded from the Russian treasury.

Now, about the Federal Air Transport Agency. The heads of departments and the head of Rosaviation have a higher specialized education, have an adequate level of professional training and decent work experience in their industry, which cannot be said about any of the officials who are appointed by the Ministry of Transport according to the state to determine the state policy of Russia. At the same time, the agency cannot fully realize its capabilities, since its activities are imperiously squeezed inside the fragmented control system of civil aviation in Russia.

Return MGA

In connection with the above, I would consider it expedient:

1. To recreate on the basis of the Federal Air Transport Agency a single civil aviation administration department (as required by ICAO documents) - Ministry of Civil Aviation.

2. As a fallback to give the Federal Air Transport Agency the lost functions of the Ministry of Civil Aviation. At the same time, to transfer to him from the above structures all the rights, powers, and full responsibility for the further fate of the domestic civil air fleet.

In conclusion, let me recall the words of the president of the Imperial All-Russian Aeroclub, Baron I. Stenbock-Fermor: “In any case, one thing is certain. To avoid enslavement, if not directly military, then in any case economic and cultural, in order to preserve its independence and remain a great power, Russia needs an air fleet ”(magazine“ Aeronaut ”, No. 3 for 1909 year).

Civil aviation is ultimately bound to achieve the same high marks from the Russian president as he delivered to the Russian Air Force after a route flight on the Tu-160 strategic rocket carrier: “Clearly. Coordinated. Handsomely. Thank. Putin. "
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  1. volot-voin
    volot-voin 21 October 2015 14: 22 New
    If the industry ceases to belong, to benefit the people - it loses its meaning. It is certainly necessary to support, train, nurture your Russian pilots than to take Gaster from abroad.
    Not only will we take away bread (high-paying, by the way, and highly qualified) from our own people, we will also not understand who and where trained.
    For domestic pilots! You can’t let such an important industry go to hucksters.
    1. 21 October 2015 14: 39 New
      What strikes me about all this is that everything refers to the POSITIONS OF PROFIT! It’s not profitable to maintain hospitals, post offices, village routes, schools are reducing optimization, trains are canceling, it’s not profitable, WHY why ordinary people didn’t hear about the benefits Now, in order to live as people, you need to leave for the city, because there is civilization! While at the state level there will be an attitude about the benefits of maintaining schools, hospitals, bus routes, social programs in general, we will systematically degrade, because everything is turned into profit ! hi
      1. Temples
        Temples 21 October 2015 16: 25 New
        At the expense of benefits I agree completely!
        It became not profitable for Yakunin to carry people; he canceled the trains.
        These stewardships got sick.
        Accustomed bureaucrats to measure life with money.
        They themselves did not create anything. They only want to distribute and spend.
        I didn’t hear something that a private trader would build a railway road or an airport.
        Not to mention factories in heavy industry.
        As hinted, so the army was approached with the construction of railway by Ukraine.
        Because there is no democracy in the army !!!
        So there is discipline and order !!!
        And as a result, there is the fulfillment of tasks.
      2. Vladimir 1964
        Vladimir 1964 21 October 2015 17: 27 New
        What strikes me about all this is that everything refers to the POSITIONS OF PROFIT! It’s not profitable to maintain hospitals, post offices, village routes, schools are reducing optimization, trains are canceling, it’s not profitable, WHY why ordinary people didn’t hear about the benefits Now, in order to live as people, you need to leave for the city, because there is civilization! While at the state level there will be an attitude about the benefits of maintaining schools, hospitals, bus routes, social programs in general, we will systematically degrade, because everything is turned into profit !

        Вот и я, Уважаемый Роман, как увижу открывающего рот ДАМы и "членов его кружка" а по совместительству министров типа нашего правительства, сразу задаю себе теже вопросы.

        Something like this, unfortunately. hi
    2. 2s1122
      2s1122 21 October 2015 14: 47 New
      They want to repeat the unas in Russia on September 11, (stupid people. .....?) am
    3. g1v2
      g1v2 21 October 2015 15: 14 New
      Well, about the transaero. Vladislav Filev, co-owner of S7 (Siberia) Airlines, has signed an agreement to purchase at least 51% of Transaero shares from Alexander Pleshakov. The new owner will try to avoid the bankruptcy of the troubled carrier. It was yesterday.
      As for the rest, there is only one answer - capitalism. That is why the population of the union throated in the 80s. Our carriers and the aviation industry could not stand the competition with multinational companies. In Soviet times, air carriers and industry did not think about profitability, profitability, comfort and competition, plus after the collapse of the Union, many chains were broken by borders. Today, the industry and civil aviation are beginning to live under capitalism and conquer the sky from Western companies. The chains broken by borders are varied, the number of air transportation is growing, competitive aircraft are starting to appear. Adminresource is connected, including all the chances - it will be hard, but the chances are good. Yes, and the final touch - stop all the time referring to the USSR. We ALL pumped this country and its history will not help us now. Another time, different conditions, another system, another country. And constantly remembering how it used to be pointless - it was in a different life and SO WILL NOT BE ALREADY AT LEAST 50 YEARS. One must live in the real and the future, and not in the past. The country where we were born died and we did not save it, this is already a given. Now we have a new country and new conditions - let's at least not give this country a boost! request
      1. gjv
        gjv 21 October 2015 15: 34 New
        Quote: g1v2
        Well, about the transaero. Vladislav Filev, co-owner of S7 (Siberia) Airlines, has signed an agreement to purchase at least 51% of Transaero shares from Alexander Pleshakov. The new owner will try to avoid the bankruptcy of the troubled carrier. It was yesterday.

        And immediately the Federal Air Transport Agency throws an attempt to Vladislav Filev, having revoked the certificate of the carrier, they bring Transaero to the ground. Although I flew Aeroflot and S7, but so frankly stifle competition - what is it? what
  2. mig31
    mig31 21 October 2015 14: 24 New
    1. lelikas
      lelikas 21 October 2015 14: 37 New
      Quote: mig31

      Is there a holiday today? laughing
      1. mig31
        mig31 21 October 2015 15: 10 New
        Remember the story - wherever you go, throughout all the Russian names, and plenty of holidays in connection with the airspace ....
        1. gjv
          gjv 21 October 2015 15: 45 New
          Quote: mig31
          Remember the story - wherever you throw, everywhere RUSSIAN surnames

          Today by name - Name day Vasily, Victor, Vladimir, Dmitry, Elizabeth, Ivan, Maria, Nadezhda, Nikolai, Pavel, Pelageya, Peter, Taisia, Tatyana.
          With Name Day, Nicoдah (л - probably all the same?)! wink
        2. Amurets
          Amurets 22 October 2015 01: 14 New
          And how many Russians brought us problems from that shore of the ocean. Let's recall: I. Sikorsky, A. Seversky, A. Cartvelli
          .This is only aviation. And in other branches of science and technology? And who knows how many modern Russian scientists and designers work in their Research Centers for the benefit of the adversary, because they have taken away their last hope. Look at yesterday's article; Will Tula forge weapons. This cry from the heart.
      2. The comment was deleted.
      3. gjv
        gjv 21 October 2015 15: 39 New
        Quote: lelikas
        Is there a holiday today?

        The Great Britons already have two - the Day of the Battle of Trafalgar, Apple Day.
        И у "братцев"-китайцев счастливый день - Праздник Чунъян — праздник двойной девятки. Он приходится на девятый день девятого месяца по лунному календарю. fellow
        1. lelikas
          lelikas 21 October 2015 15: 58 New
          Quote: gjv
          , Apple day.

          I thought that last year he became Polish! laughing
  3. 2s1122
    2s1122 21 October 2015 14: 42 New
    Please, please, how our officials advocate for the state, probably we have already received kickbacks and are working on it. And we all are a traitor, Pozner is a neo-native, Russia has no homeland officials, they have only one Schengen left. He would say yes, they will block my account
  4. afrikanez
    afrikanez 21 October 2015 14: 46 New
    Absurd absurdity, the country that gave Gagarin the world invites pilots from abroad. Aw, officials, you yourself are not ashamed of what you are doing.
    1. 21 October 2015 15: 00 New
      Their sense of shame is extinguished by the currency equivalent in their pocket, like heartburn soda! hi In the morning the news about how officials traded land in the suburbs, AND WHAT, NO ONE KNOW ABOUT THIS, THE APARTMENT IN EMIRATES, ON THE SERVICE FROM SPAIN, THEY LIVE IN THE BEST STATE FOR THEM, CONFIDING THAT IT WILL BE SHORT! already stealing and everything will be fine! They won’t stop! The GDP had the courage to fuck ISIS, why not start REALLY planting thieves? hiOr is it not our 37th? So already 2015, but all in anticipation of a miracle ...
      1. Alf
        Alf 21 October 2015 21: 48 New
        why not start REALLY planting thieves?

        Because, in this case, the Kremlin will be depopulated.
  5. Altona
    Altona 21 October 2015 14: 50 New
    Насчёт возрождения авиа- и космо-прома только "за"...Насчёт управления авиационной отраслью не знаю, специалистам виднее, как административно выстроить управление и зоны ответственности ...Насчёт наших чиновников вообще давно не обольщаюсь, из 4 действий арифметики уверенно знают только "вычитание" и "деление", "сложение" с трудом, "умножение" уже как дифференциальное уравнение, результат не очевиден...Про алгебру и остальные науки даже говорить не стоит, вся логика заключается в том "что где то там (Китай или Запад) мы это купим, туда поставим, и это будет работать", а наше русское "изначально плохое, не отвечает требованиям, не надо делать профанацию из импортозамещения"(мысли Медведева, если кто не понял).
  6. pts-m
    pts-m 21 October 2015 14: 51 New
    n-da-a. behind the shovele, it’s not riding on a stick riding on the corridors of the government house in Moscow.
    1. 2s1122
      2s1122 21 October 2015 15: 02 New
      I want to add that there is the experience of the same states when military pilots for some reason who went into the reserve were offered (or whatever) jobs in civilian air companies. And experienced personnel and 1000% are their proven people (it seems that officials in the Duma from the Supreme Council are in Kiev gaining)
  7. FID
    FID 21 October 2015 14: 53 New
    Yeah ... Tu-160M2 on time or what? It’s gone from Gaidarka - we’ll buy everything ...
  8. Ivan Tucha
    Ivan Tucha 21 October 2015 15: 00 New
    I flew here in September on the A-320 and Boeing 767, respectively, and sitting cowering like a chicken on a perch with nostalgia recalled the comfortable Tu-154, Il-62,86,92.da, yes I remember them!, I’m small with icemen The IL-14 managed to fly, I remember how it laid its ears and the kids in the open room dispersed throughout the cabin. So, I barely endured these fucking 3 and a half hours. even, excuse me, it was more convenient in the An-24. the same two, damned to us, know when, like they are better and less noisy and so on and so forth ... for their convenience, they are, well, the maximum is a narrow blown and whistling Yak-40 . why am I ... besides all the above, it’s probably time to raise my civilian fleet with my machines, and not a few (but not enough?) second-hand from behind a hill.
    1. FID
      FID 21 October 2015 15: 09 New
      Quote: Ivan Tucha
      Tu-154, IL-62,86,92

      I apologize to IL-96, not 92 ... I also flew a Li-2 fifth-grader cub in Chukotka, IL-12/14/18 - in general, they were relatives ...
    2. Bayonet
      Bayonet 21 October 2015 15: 18 New
      Quote: Ivan Tucha
      He flew here in September on the A-320 and Boeing 767, respectively, and sitting cowering like a chicken on a perch with nostalgia recalled the comfortable Tu-154, IL-62

      Летал на А–320 греческой компании, нормально – никаких "куриных" ощущений, да и в "Трансаэро" тоже, а в 154–м коленки упирались во впереди стоящее! В Ил–62 довелось сидеть возле аварийного люка, там вообще расстояние было ого–го, пройти можно свободно!
    3. voyaka uh
      voyaka uh 21 October 2015 15: 20 New
      "Летал тут в сентябре на А-320 и Боинге 767 соответственно, и сидя сжавшись как курица"////

      Well, this is not a problem with aircraft designers, but with airline companies.
      They order the number of rows of seats. If greedy, crowded in the cabin,
      if not very - then bearable.
    4. blizart
      blizart 21 October 2015 15: 31 New
      Я тоже из советских не летал только на Як-42 и Ил-96, летал на Боингах и А-трехсоткакихто и на самолетах ВТА. Как пассажир я непривередлив поэтому большой разницы не вижу, на чем родное государство скажет, на том и буду летать. Пусть только скажет, что нибудь. Недавно вот читал почему авиакомпании не заинтересованы в эксплуатации Ту-204. По статье вышло что туполевцы сами "тупят". Техаптечка не соответствует, конструкционно горловина заливки топлива нестандартна, а переходников нет, элементарно нет водил для буксировки и так 90 с лихвоем нареканий. А в результате простой на земле в два раза больше чем у других марок! А деньги то товарищи никто не отменял, так же как рентабельности! И делов то тьфу, ведомственные трения на задний план отодвинуть, кого то подпихнуть, кого то снять, а в выигрыше простой народ. Только кому мы нынче нужны?! Как тут Иосифа Виссарионовича не вспомнить, двинул бы своей бровью и молвил: "Я вот нэ пойму товарищ ви или неумный, или вредитель?" Две недели и все бы утряслось.
      1. FID
        FID 21 October 2015 16: 10 New
        Quote: blizart
        , Elementary there was no carrier for towing, and so more than 90 complaints.

        I wonder how Cubans manage to fly a Tu-204 ... And they didn’t fly, and their throats turned out to be non-standard, but they, fools, fly ... And they ask again ...
        1. blizart
          blizart 21 October 2015 16: 59 New
          So one Russian company has achieved acceptable results. How? With the help of a chisel and such a mother. Drove designed, built an adapter, and so with 96 imperfections. But honestly, if you have a choice. What do you choose? But the Cubans did not have it.
          1. FID
            FID 21 October 2015 18: 02 New
            Quote: blizart
            But the Cubans did not have it.

            Вы удивитесь, но у кубинцев и "арбузы" и "бобики" есть... Не надо, насчет выбора. И эксплуатация импортной техники это не пряник... А насчет российской компании и долота... Вы откуда сведения черпаете, драгоценный Вы мой. Из а/к? Или по слухам?
        2. dog1965
          dog1965 21 October 2015 18: 56 New
          Когда-то мой одноклассник, летавший в ту пору на ТУ-154 говорил, что "тушка" теоретически может сесть с неработающими двигателей. Как выяснилось - разговор о том, что туполевые хорошие планера - правда. Главное, летчик должен быть Мастером.

          On January 14, 2002, the Tu-204 landed in Omsk in a planning mode. The approach was complicated by a strong crosswind. The aircraft, having traveled along the runway, rolled out beyond it by more than 400 meters. None of the passengers were injured. Crew commander Andrei Chistoserdov. 15 flying hours and 000 years of experience.

          But still, God forbid anyone to get into such a situation. Better let it all end with a simulator.
        3. Aleksandr1959
          Aleksandr1959 22 October 2015 13: 47 New
          At one time, Lebedev, when he was the owner of Red Wings, made a bet on the Tu-204 and the company worked perfectly. In addition, he was still ready to purchase these cars.
          So not only foreigners value them.
    5. X Y Z
      X Y Z 21 October 2015 16: 11 New
      Recently flew on the A-321. This is some kind of nightmare! It is simply impossible to keep your knees straight, although I’m a little higher than 180 cm. Only if you put your feet in the aisle can you somehow relax. With nostalgia I remember IL-86. How comfortable it was.
  9. 2s1122
    2s1122 21 October 2015 15: 14 New
    Не в тему"Цыгани во Францыи захватили мерию,вокзал и подожгли покрышки"Европе европейские ценности неумные люди б...?(статья в политическом обозрении) hi
  10. vell.65
    vell.65 21 October 2015 15: 21 New
    In connection with the market, everything has now been delivered to please someone, but not the state, the people living in it. Education, aviation, industry_who will be ready for simplification next, is it time to change the cabinet with the chairman?
  11. Alex_59
    Alex_59 21 October 2015 15: 40 New
    All hopes for Yakovlev Design Bureau and Irkut now. If only the MS-21 flew ...
  12. Pushkar
    Pushkar 21 October 2015 15: 46 New
    I fully support. Domestic, this is something that no one will forbid us, will not take away. And while Pratt & Whitney or Rolls-Royce engines are still better than ours, only by creating and operating our own engines can we reach their level and overtake them and ensure our safety. And then I'm tired of reading childishly enthusiastic articles about our MS-21 with Pratt and Whitney engines. Yes, and with the flight and technical personnel that military, that civil aviation - trouble. One school left. (One story with the Zhugarin Academy is worth it.) В ГА "Ежегодная потребность в пилотах около 2 тысяч человек, а летные училища выпускают не более 500 человек"! Let's create planes, and who will fly?
    1. Bayonet
      Bayonet 21 October 2015 16: 11 New
      Quote: Pushkar
      В ГА "Ежегодная потребность в пилотах около 2 тысяч человек, а летные училища выпускают не более 500 человек"!

      Try another job after school! And it’s no better any further, I know people who have retrained for their money to fly.
  13. Mareman Vasilich
    Mareman Vasilich 21 October 2015 16: 03 New
    Friends, what can I say. What kind of domestic aviation can we talk about. Moneybags have one thought, one goal - their own pocket. People in power turned the country into a feeding trough. A lot of pigs in the stable think of the trough from which he eats?
  14. IAlex
    IAlex 21 October 2015 16: 20 New
    To the author’s question where to get qualified pilots and where they will go during the war I answer. All patriotic pilots dumped abroad as not patriotic. With a FAC salary of $ 10.000 and a lack of pilots abroad, there will always be work for them. In Russia, to feed 8000 thousand pilots with such salaries, and the prices of top-end planes for them and the service, with the current standard of living, where salaries in the Tver region are $ 150 is probably problematic ...

    Therefore, patriotic or not, but the international market will determine them in places where oil grows to 100 - 120 bucks, and again vacancies with normal market salaries appear, they will again come to the Russian Federation. Why am I sure of this, because it’s not staff and is not tied to average wages in the country ...

    The issue with army pilots and local airlines is completely different, because according to the mainstream of airlines, there is a low level of qualification and a salary of $ 1.500 for the FAC for the snout is quite enough. These pilots just will not go anywhere, because they fly on wood, and their patriotism will not fly to other warm countries with the first fair wind ... But there is no word about them in the article and it is not required to discuss in this topic .. .
  15. chunga-changa
    chunga-changa 21 October 2015 16: 28 New
    Why confuse soft with warm. Yes, before the training, the level of knowledge and requirements for the pilots of the Civil Air Fleet and the Air Force were almost identical. Any navigator or pilot could be put into the cockpit of a bomber after minimal retraining. Since then, a lot has changed. Modern GA pilots should not be allowed to go close to the combat air force, the difference between a taxi driver and an F1 pilot, so that lamenting about 500 foreign pilots who will not defend their homeland is nothing. Now all over the world, the GA and the Air Force are different things, different requirements, incl. and health, different preparation, different experience. Our pilots are hired abroad, we are hiring foreigners, nothing special happens. Moreover, our Air Force has no shortage of pilots, rather, even an excess.
  16. kervin78
    kervin78 21 October 2015 17: 39 New
    Как бы хотелось услышать слова от ВВП "Вы хоть понимаете,что натворили!!!" обращенные к чиновникам и депутатам,и следом такой же шухер по их рядам как по террористам в Сирии
    1. RoTTor
      RoTTor 21 October 2015 19: 19 New
      The question relates to the author of the article in the first place. He is the direct culprit, one of the main ones.
    2. RoTTor
      RoTTor 21 October 2015 19: 19 New
      The question relates to the author of the article in the first place. He is the direct culprit, one of the main ones.
  17. RoTTor
    RoTTor 21 October 2015 19: 17 New
    The article is undoubtedly useful and correct.
    1 too many inaccuracies in the history of aviation.
    2. The identity of the author. It was deinekin at the end of the USSR and under the traitor-drunk Yeltsin who actively participated in the collapse of domestic aviation.
    It was he who criminally violated the Military Oath and did not take any measures to protect the Socialist Fatherland. Which was obliged to take on their job responsibilities and opportunities.
    It was his fault that American lackeys, under the supervision of Americans, destroyed the best and newest DA aircraft, squandered the BTA divisions that appeared on the territory of Ukraine, squandered aviation higher educational institutions, scammed airlines such as the “businessman” -flight interpreter of the station booth, thousands of our pilots were forced to in Africa etc.

    the author does not want to leave as a novice in a provincial monastery for repentance?
    And then in hell have to answer!
    There will not be amnesties and pardons to the traitor general
  18. Alexey Boukin
    Alexey Boukin 21 October 2015 19: 42 New
    Quote: g1v2
    As for the rest, there is only one answer - capitalism. That is why the population of the union throated in the 80s

    Это в каком таком Союзе, может в Москве? С этим согласен. Но Москва еще не Союз. Как раз "население" страны и понимало в какую клоаку их тащат.
  19. 31rus
    31rus 21 October 2015 19: 45 New
    These problems are everywhere in the literal sense of GA, railway, civilian fleet, for some reason I already cannot believe in normal development
  20. 16112014nk
    16112014nk 21 October 2015 21: 32 New
    Quote: SSI
    and how is it that Cubans manage to fly a Tu-204

    Iran also wanted the 204th. But there was such a citizen Khristenko with his deputy Manturov, and they failed this project. Because personally it was not profitable for them. And Manturov now continues to engage in wrecking. There is nothing to take from our aircraft manufacturers, and when concluding a contract with Bm or Am, the nth amount of the cost of the contract goes into the pocket of officials. That’s the answer to why 90% of bobiks and watermelons are in the sky of Russia. Nothing personal - only business!
  21. asp373
    asp373 21 October 2015 23: 07 New
    I have a question for respected resource admins: Such a good article was about pseudo-patriotism and here it is. What for? Do you want to troll the audience? Very sorry for the time lost in reading.
    I ask you to somehow monitor the quality of the materials, albeit to the detriment of quantity.
    PS I can’t even put a minus article. What a shame ....
  22. Wedmak
    Wedmak 22 October 2015 06: 48 New
    Sorry, but since the time of the TU-104, as it were, aviation has advanced a lot. And the difference between military and civilian side is very noticeable. We must not train civilian pilots on Air Force planes, but train military pilots in specialized schools.
    Or does the author think that a civilian pilot of the same Boeing, as if between flights, instead of resting, will also study the Su-34 or T-50? What flight safety can be discussed then?
  23. Megatron
    Megatron 23 October 2015 04: 04 New
    Yes, come on, if our aircraft, our credit organizations, and our air carriers are given leasing prices in USD.