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Daydreams of the "leader"

I remember, not so long ago, Mr. Khodorkovsky was asked whether he was ready to become the next president of Russia? Journalists from the French edition of Le Monde asked, and MBH (Mikhail Khodorkovsky) answering this question, said that now, they say, this task is not necessary for him, but if necessary, he is ready ... work to overcome the crisis and constitutional reform ".

At the same time, the former head of YUKOS, speaking of the “presidential” task, did not specify whether the tasks of such a nature were set by the MBH himself or personally or several people put it in front of me ... Not being able to quote Mikhail Borisovich on the subject of “himself” he or "not himself", it is worth pondering on the topic: "Why? What if? ”Suddenly, MBH will stand for the upcoming (in 2018) presidential elections, and suddenly there will be those 50 percent plus 1 voters who have come to the polling stations that can vote for Mr. Khodorkovsky. Well, so ... As they say, in the order of delirium, but still ... Especially since the MBH itself is clearly dreaming of it.

Daydreams of the "leader"

Here, it would seem, one would be indignant at the very fact of such reflections - they say, what kind of “potentially possible presidency” Khodorkovsky is talking about, because the MBH was shaking a term. You can be indignant (I resent myself), but the situation in this case is very original here.

About the situation ...

Indeed, quite rightly, the question may arise: is it possible that Mr., who was serving a sentence in prisons for committing a crime, could run for president? The most amazing thing is that the Russian laws in this regard are not just democratic, but democratic, somehow too much. The Constitution of the Russian Federation, which is going to “reform” the MBH, in the article on the President of the Russian Federation does not report absolutely anything about any restrictions on candidate activities for those who have served time.

Not so long ago, Maya Grishina, a member of the Central Election Commission of the Russian Federation, put all the dots on "E" in the matter of requirements for presidential candidates, saying that a person with a canceled conviction (if recognized by the court as capable) has the right to be elected and elected for in the Constitution there are no prohibitions in this case. Wonderful, you will not say anything ...

That is, according to the current Russian legislation, even a criminal can become a president (de jure), if only a previous conviction, including a conviction for serious crimes, has been extinguished ... Just go and try a person with a previous conviction to get a job in school or in the internal affairs . Everything is clear - the road is closed. And the presidential position, it turns out, is so-so-ugh ... -spit and grind-run for at least a killer, even a corrupt official, even a pedophile - just to have a redemption certificate present.

This, excuse me, not even liberal legislation, is something beyond liberalism, allowing well-known “friends” of Russia to invest in the same office to at least try to push this individual higher to realize their goals and interests.

However, there are elements that can cut off such lovers to express foreign interests, such as MBH, from the presidential race. The point is that the presidential candidate of Russia must reside permanently on the territory of Russia for 10 years, also not have, in addition to the Russian, any other citizenship, as well as a residence permit in a foreign country.

As is known, the former head of YUKOS at this stage of his rich life journey settled far beyond the borders of the Russian Federation. According to the latest data, Khodorkovsky lives in a house on the lake in Switzerland, and is in no hurry to appear in Russia. And no one can say with complete confidence today that MBH has exactly one passport, and this Russian passport, like no one can say for sure, whether Mr. Khodorkovsky has received a residence permit in the vastness of a democratic Europe ...

In general, all this incompleteness about the status of an ex-convict in the Yukos case can only say that if Khodorkovsky is going to “occupy” the Kremlin, he certainly is not going to participate in the elections for this. His numerous interviews - after he had “ironically” declared his unwillingness to engage in political activities, had also “broken” his promise by violating - they testify that the MBH is counting on some kind of Maidan incarnation in the Russian Federation. In general, it so happened that if a certain individual who calls himself a “politician” has something in the rating asset at the level of statistical error (for example, Mr. Navalny), then there is no talk about real participation in real elections. Everything is usually limited to open or half-closed calls for a certain group of Russians to "act." The action itself of these gentlemen is always associated with the exit "noisy crowd" in the city center under the slogans of "We are for peace!", While seeking any opportunity to carry out a provocation in order to bring the rally to the main course - with beatings, smoke bombs, cobblestones and so forth. So far, thank God, it has managed, but this, as they say, is not a reason to relax.

So, what can the Russians expect if MBH or one such as the “leader of the democrats” MBH suddenly finds itself at the helm? You can, of course, drive away these evil thoughts, but, as they say, you need to know the “friends” by sight and understand what they are capable of in order to satisfy the “friendly” interests.

The first thing that the "Swiss Reformer" suggests is constitutional reform. Moreover, this is not a reform, as a result of which the points imposed by the puppeteers from the USA at the beginning of 90's (for example, the complete independence of the Central Bank) to “correct” the independence of the Russian Federation will disappear from the basic law. The reform proposed by MBH from the shores of the Swiss reservoir is aimed at significantly expanding regional powers by weakening the central government. It would seem that what is reprehensible? On the contrary, there are more powers at the regions, more independence, higher internal competitiveness ... However, in the end, all this is proposed not to increase the competitiveness of the regions as such, but in order stories countries (both with the Constitution and with its complete absence), sow internal contradictions, revive destructive slogans like “Stop feeding the Caucasus!”, try to bring the matter to fragmentation, when mutual claims are not without the help of “friends of Russia” Russian from Kursk or Voronezh will speak Russian from Pskov or Arkhangelsk. Russia in periods of complete weakening of the central government, the days of bloody fragmentation have already passed. And if you do not learn the hard way, then you should at least look around - there are enough examples in the current world.

The second from MBH: a complete rejection of Russia of the nuclear status. Remove all nuclear weapon to landfill and methodically dispose of - Khodorkovsky's dream. Well, unless it is not a gift to “friends” of Russia, for whom the nuclear shield of the Russian Federation is that bone in the throat, which does not allow them to revel in “exclusiveness”. At one time, "friends", rubbing their hands and swallowing saliva from pleasure, already "helped" us to get rid of the nuclear status - watching how we ourselves sent wagons with enriched uranium to our "partners", how the strategic bombers sawed, in addition translating production defense workshops for the production of colander and terke.

The third is from Khodorkovsky: the future of Russia is in NATO and the European Union. This is to ensure that Russia becomes a testing ground for hundreds of thousands or millions of refugees from Africa and the Middle East according to the quotas that Brussels will carefully allocate to us? This is so that, on instructions from Washington, the Russian servicemen are sent for execution in the NATO sense of "international duty" to serve the interests of the same "exclusive nation"? ..

Well, and finally, about Khodorkovsky’s “program” (the June publication of Voices of America, posted on Online "Oppositionist"):

The West must think about the future of Russia.

Oh, how! .. West, then? ..

No, thank you ... We will think about our future ourselves ... Let the West think over its own future, and there, Michal Borisych, is something to think about, isn't it ...
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  1. strelets
    strelets 21 October 2015 06: 30 New
    "Запад должен думать о будущем России."
    The wolf thought for the mare - left a tail and a mane. Let Hodor work off the handouts in some other way: he will receive the Nobel Prize, tie the mittens, bake cookies. And then opening his mouth into such large pieces - and break it for long.
    1. Will
      Will 21 October 2015 12: 21 New
      Все страны, которые готовы отдать самостоятельность на автомате становятся "рабами", как, между прочем, и любой человек. "Бой" за свою личную самостоятельность и самодостаточность без посягательства на чужую личность и есть то, что каждому может помочь. ЯТД.
    2. Yars
      Yars 21 October 2015 16: 12 New
      Quote: strelets
      "Запад должен думать о будущем России."
      The wolf thought for the mare - left a tail and a mane. Let Hodor work off the handouts in some other way: he will receive the Nobel Prize, tie the mittens, bake cookies. And then opening his mouth into such large pieces - and break it for long.

      that's right, they sleep and see how Russia’s wealth is being tidied up .....
      For this, liberals are raised on Russian soil!
  2. kind
    kind 21 October 2015 06: 40 New
    Khodorkovsky is a ragged sock thrown into a European garbage dump, where they are trying to darn him to still vilify. For a couple more Makarevich they throw.
    1. The comment was deleted.
    2. yushch
      yushch 21 October 2015 09: 12 New
      Меня мучает дилемма,во фразе "г-на Ходорковского" первое слово полностью читается как"гавна"или"ган-дона"?
      In general, I’m not mistaken if I say that this scarecrow disgusts 98% of the inhabitants of Russia.
    3. Lelek
      Lelek 21 October 2015 12: 26 New
      Quote: Good
      For a couple more Makarevich they throw.

      Makarevich alone will not be enough, we need the whole liberal bunch. I hung a picture and immediately suffered a shit. fellow
      1. ermak.sidorov
        ermak.sidorov 21 October 2015 15: 35 New
        Duc, to exile to Siberia as in the case of the tsar’s father ... let them join the free-Decembrist spirit on the spot =) Won Vladimir Ulyanov did it good - he was able to collect and glue the crumbling empire almost entirely back ...
  3. MolGro
    MolGro 21 October 2015 06: 46 New
    The West must think about the future of Russia.

    Ostap, West and wet dreams!
  4. ImPerts
    ImPerts 21 October 2015 06: 57 New
    Well, nafig ...
    Всем известно как его команда решала вопросы. В Нефтеюганске помнят до сих пор. Такое же "решалово" будет в масштабах всей страны.
    And about the ways of resolving labor conflicts ... Forget about the Labor Code and social justice. Those wishing to work from Laos and Kampuchea will be brought in and sent away to the natives (i.e. us).
    There are those who remember about the younger generation, broad gestures for the formation of a civic position among the younger population.
    Who needs a civil position, if there is nothing to be?
  5. meriem1
    meriem1 21 October 2015 06: 59 New
    Ходер совсем потерял остатки ума. Пусть повякивает, как и его соратник Каспаров или их ментальная сестра Алексиенко. Кагорта ОБИЖЕННЫЙ, мечтающих сделать Нас "счастливыми". Просто смех!!!!! Просто пусть приезжают и прогуляются где - нибудь в спальном р-не Стольной. Разберут на "запчасти", а отнюдь не на сувениры.. Фууу вспомнил про этих "светочей", как в дерьме измазался(((((((
  6. Jarilo
    Jarilo 21 October 2015 07: 02 New
    Khodorkovsky is Poroshenko for Russia. God save Russia from this evil.
  7. inkass_98
    inkass_98 21 October 2015 07: 20 New
    Khodorkovsky decided to become a great martyr? So it only looks beautiful from the side, on the icon. Colonel Gaddafi after the coup and murder was very different from his photos before the rrrevolution ...
  8. Stepan stepanovich
    Stepan stepanovich 21 October 2015 07: 27 New
    Is the paint radically black?
    Hair, it was necessary to dry under the sun, or over the stove.

    Impressive Simple and tasteful.
    But living in such hair in Russia is not recommended.
    - Why not?
    - Too tolerant!
  9. Volga Cossack
    Volga Cossack 21 October 2015 07: 29 New
    all whose leader he is - get out of the country !!!! without words ....... and in the west they will not be needed in FIG - the spent material ......... then we’ll see how they sing.
  10. APASUS
    APASUS 21 October 2015 07: 32 New
    I think Russia still 150 years to disentangle the affairs of Misha Gorbachev and the second we do not need to hell !!!
  11. cniza
    cniza 21 October 2015 07: 40 New
    Enough of his PR, we must forget about his existence and he will be blown away smoothly (no need to feed the troll).
  12. parusnik
    parusnik 21 October 2015 07: 42 New
    Hodor would have gone to the mountains ... There, maybe he fell under a landslide .. or fell into the abyss .. by chance ... He is not needed, and for nothing not to use money and not to use money ..
  13. stayer
    stayer 21 October 2015 07: 59 New
    If elections are by law, then as a person who has been in prison, Hodor cannot be registered as a candidate for President. And if you do not care about the law, then who will let him go there?
    1. Volodin
      21 October 2015 13: 33 New
      Apparently, you inattentively read the material. And the article says that a member of the CEC, responding to a question about a candidate’s criminal past, states that the canceled conviction under the Constitution of the Russian Federation is not an obstacle to registering as a candidate for an elective office (including the presidency). Here are some cakes ...

      А Вы говорите: "по закону" или "не по закону"...
  14. Military Builder
    Military Builder 21 October 2015 08: 27 New
    Quote: Good
    then a ragged sock thrown into a European garbage dump

    not a sock, but a rubber product No. 2.
  15. Nitarius
    Nitarius 21 October 2015 08: 28 New
    )) ON the NUMBER of people like him!
    1. ipop777
      ipop777 21 October 2015 18: 44 New
      In general, something strange is happening in Russia. Don't you find?
    2. ipop777
      ipop777 21 October 2015 18: 44 New
      In general, something strange is happening in Russia. Don't you find?
  16. Baloo
    Baloo 21 October 2015 08: 36 New
    Venediktov and hodor in the rain: Are you a statesman? Yes, I’m almost like Putin a statesman, but the Russians will not forgive Putin, they will not forgive ...
    You are like Putin: yes, I am a statesman, I am like Putin ... but the Russians will not forgive Putin, they will not forgive ... Clowns? Nearly. except that the whole interview is a crudely cobbled-stone manipulation aimed at a certain mass.
  17. wild
    wild 21 October 2015 08: 42 New
    Hodor, etc. why think about him ??? He is far from the fact that he will return, but in connection with the shooting of officials by a businessman, there are sooooo many questions, not even about the fact of the murder, but about the fact that the mafia in its most direct understanding appeared before us in full glory. Officials on whom there is nowhere to put stigmas on several occasions who were under investigation but did not lose profitable positions in a solder with a businessman whose business was squeezed out and he simply failed. And this is right behind the Kremlin walls. Maybe Putin should not fight with ISIS in Syria and report broken warehouses every day, and plant bureaucrats? That's who needs to be fought and not Hodor, these will quickly undress us, rob and sell us.
  18. Russian Uzbek
    Russian Uzbek 21 October 2015 09: 05 New
    stop writing about this political corpse already! he has not yet been forgotten just because such articles occasionally come out about him ...
    1. Volodin
      21 October 2015 13: 37 New
      "Вот такие вот статейки периодически вылезают" ровно для того, чтобы в России не забыли, кто такой этот человек (метящий, как оказывается, в президенты), и какой шлейф за ним тянется.
  19. vladimirvn
    vladimirvn 21 October 2015 09: 06 New
    Send him a parcel with a silk scarf, immediately clear up in his head and the nonsense ceases to carry. The savior of Russia has been found!
  20. B.T.V.
    B.T.V. 21 October 2015 09: 22 New
    Mikhail Sergeyevich and Boris Nikolaevich were more than enough for us, but this one is generally Mikhail Borisovich, 2 in 1, so to speak. Chur, us!
  21. rotmistr60
    rotmistr60 21 October 2015 09: 22 New
    but if necessary, then, they say, ready ...

    Ready for what? According to him, after the victory of the West (read the United States) over Russia to lead it. So this by definition will not be. What can we say about the person who wrote petitions for clemency by clicking on his mother’s serious illness. And after her release and her death, he did not even appear at her funeral. Full paragraph.
  22. afrikanez
    afrikanez 21 October 2015 09: 43 New
    And how did they just not bang him, in the urki zone? But it was necessary. It can be seen sitting in the wrong cell, bitch. angry
  23. ava09
    ava09 21 October 2015 10: 01 New
    (C) Ready to “take on the work to overcome the crisis and conduct constitutional reform.”

    Мы в курсе как подобные господа "преодолевают кризисы" и "проводят конституционные реформы", проходили в 90-е...
  24. runway
    runway 21 October 2015 10: 56 New
    All this fuss around Khodorkovsky - disassembling the ruling elite in the section on sources of income.
    Наши нынешние рукамиводители решили по привычным им схемам схомячить бизнес "неправильного" партнёра. Что и сделали. Но не аккуратно, как обычно, а просто посадили. Забыли правило "Нет человека - нет проблемы", или хотели подольше поиздеваться? Тут они оттянулись по полной. Даже на похороны матери не отпустили....
    Теперь позвольте пару слов без протокола о "плюсах" Ходорковского для обычного гражданина нашей страны.
    Ходорковский "сидел" - уже большой плюс, т.к. не сломался и не "крысятничал" во время отсидки.
    He won a court against Russia for more than 50 billion dollars - he can stand up for himself.
    "По последним данным, Ходорковский проживает в доме на берегу озера в Швейцарии, и появляться в России не торопится". - явно не глупый человек, т.к. в Швейцарии много озёр, и судя по всему, не побирается "ради Христа"....
    Therefore, whether we want it or not, we will hear more than once about Khodorkovsky.
    And what would you do if you were in a similar situation?
    Those who reproach him here are clearly sinless ....
    1. Jarilo
      Jarilo 21 October 2015 11: 48 New
      схомячить бизнес "неправильного" партнёра.

      Who is hamster? Let’s negotiate to the end, but somehow it’s not serious.
      1. Yars
        Yars 21 October 2015 16: 26 New
        and he is a troll, he doesn’t need to talk to the end, the main thing is to throw the disinfest so that those who are not thinking swallow it!
      2. runway
        runway 21 October 2015 18: 37 New
        If you don’t know who now owns Yukos, then sorry ....
        And further. I am not a troll. I don’t work for anyone for money.
        Думаю ли так, как написал? Если вы в курсе "тех" событий, то было именно так, и никак иначе. К вашему сожалению.
    2. B.T.V.
      B.T.V. 21 October 2015 12: 54 New
      Quote: piston
      Теперь позвольте пару слов без протокола о "плюсах" Ходорковского для обычного гражданина нашей страны.
      Ходорковский "сидел" - уже большой плюс, т.к. не сломался и не "крысятничал" во время отсидки.
      He won a court against Russia for more than 50 billion dollars - he can stand up for himself.

      Стесняюсь спросить: " Вы, сами, верите в это?!"
  25. Sotnik77s
    Sotnik77s 21 October 2015 11: 11 New
    Что вообще обсуждать эту тему его якобы "возможного президенства" нам вбрасывают эту тему,что ее мусолить и так всем ясно,даже ежу,что ему здесь НЕ БЫВАТЬ!!!!!!!!!!!
  26. Olfred
    Olfred 21 October 2015 11: 31 New
    Не, нам такого добра не надобно... Чей "друг" ? Заберите !!!
  27. aszzz888
    aszzz888 21 October 2015 12: 07 New
    Dog, underexposed.
    His place is in the kennel. laughing
  28. Belousov
    Belousov 21 October 2015 12: 08 New
    It is strange that he was released. What did he give out or give away that they decided to let him go? Only one scheme comes to mind: a hodor in freedom, through the courts, squeezes Russia 50 yards for Yukos, who then safely saw off with those who let him go.
  29. glavnykarapuz
    glavnykarapuz 21 October 2015 12: 49 New
    But which of the voters does Khodorkovsky need? For him, even 1% will not vote. I am 100% sure.
    А то что "ходор" слово не держит(и вообще "гнилая редиска") видно по тому, что он, помнится, заявлял после освобождения что в политику "ни ногой" - а после этого поддержка "Майдана". а 50 лярдов ему западные "партнеры" обеспечили, в своих же "демократических" судах(вопрос только -получил ли эти лярды от России?)
  30. Roy
    Roy 21 October 2015 12: 49 New
    Ходорковские, березовские, макаревичи и вся "правозащитная" либерастская братия - открытые враги России.
  31. Starik72
    Starik72 21 October 2015 15: 29 New
    Yes, do not be President Hodor !!! How not to make a sledgehammer out of my old one! All this is propaganda and probing the mood of the inhabitants of Russia.
  32. cniza
    cniza 21 October 2015 16: 17 New
    Quote: Starik72
    All this is propaganda and probing the mood of the inhabitants of Russia.

    It’s your truth, to know who and who needs this, though ... wink
  33. Alexy
    Alexy 21 October 2015 17: 09 New
    Yes, do not write anything about him at all. Just betray oblivion. By the year 18 nobody would remember about him.
    ALEA IACTA EST 21 October 2015 21: 09 New
    This is in the ward to Napoleon!
  35. 4ekist
    4ekist 21 October 2015 22: 33 New
    Hmmm, funny however ....
  36. Jarilo
    Jarilo 21 October 2015 22: 34 New
    Quote: piston
    If you don’t know who now owns Yukos, then sorry ....

    Do not need these hints, winks, speak / write directly, as it is. Conspiralogy / mysticism is not necessary to breed.
    1. runway
      runway 22 October 2015 10: 53 New
      It’s like at school.
      One student understands everything after the first explanation, another explain at least a hundred times - everything is useless.
      Ну не ваше это, не напрягайтесь. А то вам уже перемигивания мерещатся. Жили же до этого с этим, так и продолжайте. А меня своими "непонятками" не доставайте. Можете не отвечать. Для меня вас нет.
  37. Reserve buildbat
    Reserve buildbat 22 October 2015 21: 27 New
    I don’t understand what the discussion is about in the comments? If you see the used product number 2, which smells of Mr., you do not discuss it? Yes, even so hot with disputes))) Let it roll around. The janitor will clean. And the presence of this product on the sidewalk is a jamb of the one who left - that is, the owner. Here is the demand from him