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Russia will supply Belarus with the party BTR-82A

Russia will supply the Ministry of Defense of Belarus BTR-82A in the number of 32 units, reports MIC with reference to tass.

An agreement on this was concluded in September at RAE-2015. The information was confirmed by the source of the agency in the Belarusian military department. Details of the contract are not disclosed.

Help "MIC": “BTR-82A differs from its predecessors by increased security and fire power, as well as air conditioning system. The machine is armed with a 30-mm 2A72 automatic cannon and a PKT machine gun of the 7,62 caliber mm. The maximum speed of an armored personnel carrier on the highway reaches 80 km / h, afloat - 10 km / h. "

The machine is designed and manufactured by "Military Industrial Company".
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  1. avt
    avt 20 October 2015 08: 19 New
    Yes, like it was already about this battalion kit. Most likely for some kind of "Diamond".
    1. Conductor
      Conductor 20 October 2015 09: 26 New
      Yes, not bad, but it would be better on our own to upgrade 32 of the seventies to the proper level ... can afford
      1. PAM
        PAM 20 October 2015 10: 04 New
        so it needs to be spent, but here they almost give the campaign (therefore, the details are not disclosed)!
        1. The comment was deleted.
    2. PhilFilych
      PhilFilych 20 October 2015 10: 28 New
      For the Airborne, the news said.
      1. anti-Semite
        anti-Semite 20 October 2015 17: 47 New
        But is an armored personnel carrier landing? I’m not a specialist, but I’ve heard that special equipment is being used for the Airborne Forces
        1. PhilFilych
          PhilFilych 21 October 2015 18: 02 New
          Well, it’s just that we don’t have any airborne forces anymore, all three parts were redone into special operations
    3. YARUSSIAN39
      YARUSSIAN39 20 October 2015 11: 21 New
      This was delivered to them for landing in the "Belarusian Sea" ... wassat smile
  2. Cossack Ermak
    Cossack Ermak 20 October 2015 08: 25 New
    This is in exchange for a base.))))
    1. venaya
      venaya 20 October 2015 08: 42 New
      Quote: Cossack Ermak
      This is in exchange for a base.))))

      For whatever, you need to help the brothers, not strangers, after all.
      1. Slobber
        Slobber 20 October 2015 09: 14 New
        and brothers need help

        Brothers ??? To help??? Must ???
      2. Phantom Revolution
        Phantom Revolution 20 October 2015 13: 50 New
        Quote: venaya
        For whatever, you need to help the brothers, not strangers, after all.

        I don’t argue about the people, but the wind of politics, depending on where it blows. Ukraine is a great example of this. Yes, and Lukashenko is still that scoundrel, he wants to sit like a yanyk on two chairs, the EU has already lifted some sanctions, if I’m not mistaken, to see some kind of game under the carpet.
  3. Terrible ensign
    Terrible ensign 20 October 2015 08: 35 New
    I already heard the news about this delivery.
    Colleagues, 2A72 is the reincarnation of 2A42? .. Who in the subject, enlighten ...
    1. prosto_rgb
      prosto_rgb 20 October 2015 09: 00 New
      Quote: Scary ensign
      Colleagues, 2A72 is 2A42 reincarnation?

      No. But the ammunition is the same.
      1. Bredovich705
        Bredovich705 20 October 2015 09: 08 New
        Fundamentally different guns for 30 mm ammunition. 2a42-principle of gas removal, rate of 600 rounds / m, 2a72-principle of recoil of the barrel during its short course, rate of fire 330 v / m. If briefly!
        1. just exp
          just exp 20 October 2015 10: 01 New
          and what is the best shooting performance? Well, I'm talking about accuracy and so on.
        2. Terrible ensign
          Terrible ensign 20 October 2015 16: 17 New
          Thanks for the educational program.
  4. brasist
    brasist 20 October 2015 08: 38 New
    good machine
    1. Terrible ensign
      Terrible ensign 20 October 2015 08: 44 New
      Thanks bro...
  5. aszzz888
    aszzz888 20 October 2015 08: 49 New
    Extra will not be in Belarus.
    Armor is strong and armored personnel carriers are fast ... smile
  6. The comment was deleted.
  7. erased
    erased 20 October 2015 09: 09 New
    How to distinguish a suitable infantry vehicle from an unusable one? Easy. In a suitable machine, infantry travels inside, and an unusable one outside. This is from the experience of Afghanistan and Chechnya. If the armored personnel carrier does not protect against RPGs, MVUs of a certain power and heavy machine guns, then ... a place in the rear of it. And in the war zone it should not appear.
    The BTR-80 and vehicles based on it are reliable, good pieces, but outdated precisely for these characteristics. And then, it is not clear why such a powerful weapon to the transporter? Enough and "booths" with PKM (Pecheneg).
    In a word, there is a temporary replacement by the old armored personnel carrier of the missing boomerang armored personnel carriers.
    By the way, Boomerang also has nothing to do on the battlefield. But he will fulfill his tasks in the immediate rear - he will keep the infantry and cargo intact. And BMP T-15 and BMP Kurganets will fight. Together with the infantry.
    1. just exp
      just exp 20 October 2015 10: 02 New
      on the whole I agree, but still an armored personnel carrier is not a BMP.
      Threat we will soon have the same Kurgan and Boomerang (they also have armored personnel carriers)
  8. roskot
    roskot 20 October 2015 10: 34 New
    There will be something to guard our base on.
  9. COLLECTOR-2015
    COLLECTOR-2015 20 October 2015 11: 15 New
    The main thing is that the brothers would pay with real money. And then friendship is friendship and tobacco apart.