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Innovation Day of the Southern Military District: the exposition of NTP Aviatest

The exhibition "Innovation Day of the Southern Military District" was attended by not only the armed forces and security forces, but also defense industry enterprises. Among others, its products were presented by the Rostov Scientific and Technical Enterprise Aviatest. This organization is engaged in the development and production of various electronic equipment designed to service military equipment, weapons, etc. The main focus of the enterprise’s work in the defense sector is the production of automated control systems.

In its exposition at the exhibition “Day of Innovation of the Southern Military District” NTP “Aviatest” presented several of its developments, first of all, automated control systems. In addition, an autonomous power plant was shown that can generate electricity and provide power to consumers in remote areas.

The most famous development of Aviatest is the ground-based automated control system for on-board equipment of the NASK-1-29K aircraft, designed for maintenance aviation technicians. The main element of this system is the so-called specialized container SK-2, in which all the necessary equipment is mounted. The SK-2 container and its equipment are designed to service Zhuk-ME radar stations (FGM-29) used on the MiG-29K and MiG-29KUB fighters. The available equipment allows you to study the operation of on-board electronics and to carry out its adjustment in the conditions of the airfield, without the need to send the aircraft to a repair facility.

Also for the MiG-29K and MiG-29KUB planes, more precisely for their armament, a small-sized automated control system of control circuits and launching of aviation weapons of defeat MASK-1 is offered. All the equipment of this tool is installed in a small-sized container, equipped with wheels for easy transportation. Equipment system MASK-1 allows you to check the chain of control and launch weapons on the energy, information and television channels. This allows the maintenance of aircraft weapons systems and aircraft weapons in the airfield.

The third major exhibit from NTP "Aviatest" is an autonomous mobile hybrid power plant AGEU-M. This product, made on the basis of a towed trailer, is intended to power consumers in the absence of other sources of electricity. Installation АГЭУ-М is equipped with a solar panel and a wind generator with an impeller on the mast. All this allows the installation to generate electricity using the available natural resources, and to ensure the supply of several consumers. It is possible to generate alternating current voltage 220 V and frequency 50 Hz. The DC parameters depend on the modification of the installation. Rated power - 2000 watts.

The developments of NTP “Aviatest” are of interest for various customers and are regularly demonstrated at aviation exhibitions. In early October, the company participated in another exhibition. Several of his developments were present in the pavilion of the exhibition "Innovation Day of the Southern Military District".

Container SK-2 of the system NASK-1-29K

Container МАСК-1

Installation АГЭУ-М
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  1. Ttht
    Ttht 22 October 2015 09: 24 New
    interesting cost ... I would buy in case of BP
  2. 31rus
    31rus 22 October 2015 11: 29 New
    The question is good, and for what and how many consumers are there, in my lineup
  3. Homegoblin
    Homegoblin 22 October 2015 21: 34 New
    The ASEU installation - I saw it at the MAX, a very interesting unit, and the dimensions are quite compact ...