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New air strikes VKS RF on the positions of militants in Syria. Video

The main defense department of Russia has distributed a new report on actions aviation Russian Aerospace Forces in Syria. It is reported that 33 flights were made from the Khmeimim air base, strikes were carried out on 49 targets of militants of terrorist groups in several Syrian provinces.

Press Service of the Ministry of Defense:

During the day as a result of air strikes destroyed:
2 command post gangs;
3 ammunition and weapons depot;
2 underground bunker;
32 firing positions in mountainous wooded areas;
9 fortified firing positions of gangs;
workshop for the production of launchers and rockets.

Video of strikes against militant workshops in Idlib province:

Video warehouse destruction with weapons and ammunition militants in the province of Hama:

From the press service Ministry of Defence:
In the course of aerial reconnaissance in the El-Es region, Idlib province, Russian unmanned aerial vehicles opened the command post of one of the Dzhebhat-en-Nusra groups. After the additional exploration of the object through other channels, the Su-24 bomber struck an air strike on it. As a result of the use of the bombs, the command post of the terrorists and two trucks next to it, equipped with the ZU-23 anti-aircraft guns, were destroyed.

It is reported that the militants' underground facilities complex was completely destroyed as a result of a strike by a Su-34 bomber in the Jub al-Zarus area.

Ministry of Defense:
Blow attack aircraft Su-25 in the province of Aleppo, destroyed the workshop of terrorists for the production of homemade missiles. In the equipped premises were manufactured disposable launchers and missiles for firing positions of the Syrian armed forces and settlements. As a result of a direct hit by the bomb and the subsequent detonation of the stored explosives, the object was completely destroyed.

A pair of Russian Su-25 attack aircraft in the area of ​​the village of Dweir al-Akrad of Lattakia province made two consecutive blows with high-explosive air bombs on the large ISIL training camp identified by Russian intelligence. As a result of two blows, the camp and the entire training infrastructure were destroyed.

Strikes and positions of militants in the province of Damascus. The Ministry of Defense reports that militant groups are moving away from the front line in the suburbs of Damascus, trying to break into the village of Marge Sultan under cover of night.
Photos used:
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  1. Dezinto
    Dezinto 19 October 2015 15: 45 New
    Again, the crosses are not where the explosion is. All bullshit. Russians do not know how to shoot! and nothing is visible at all.

    At least one hospital would be bombed, otherwise all the fields would be ....
    1. kil 31
      kil 31 19 October 2015 15: 48 New
      It is not visible the most important building in which did not fall, should have been. Because they decide where to get here.
      1. marlin1203
        marlin1203 19 October 2015 15: 50 New
        It's all for "moderate" laughing "Moderate" ammunition! soldier
        1. aktanir
          aktanir 19 October 2015 16: 23 New
          how much fresh "barbecue" after each hit)) ...
          1. dyksi
            dyksi 19 October 2015 16: 33 New
            The battles there are now very difficult, without army support from the air it will be very difficult. Here in front of the military commander, they went dead and wounded.
            1. Disant
              Disant 20 October 2015 01: 03 New
              Equips the tape at the end perfectly! A machine!
          2. The comment was deleted.
            1. asar
              asar 19 October 2015 18: 01 New
              You are right, dauria!
              War is not worth a hit! War is war, and it does not fit into the realities of normal life!
              And about the "shashlik" ...
              Let the enemy, but so mocking is still not worth it!
              And than -
              This does not color the Honor of an officer, believe me!
            2. KOMA
              KOMA 19 October 2015 18: 20 New
              "TV show" is arranged so that the mattress makers and their henchmen then could not howl about the fact that we are bombing kindergartens and schools!
          3. Coconut Tima
            Coconut Tima 19 October 2015 17: 42 New
            Russian VKS in Syria raided a death camp The suicide bombers themselves during a raid sat in a tight pile in the middle of the camp and watched in surprise, as the very instructors rushed through the camp with yells, convincingly telling them yesterday how good and wonderful it was to explode on a land mine and go to heaven.
    2. mig31
      mig31 19 October 2015 15: 50 New
      The crosses are shooting from a drone, so calm yourself, dear, but the Cross !, the funeral over the United States and the Saudis is already looming .....
      1. Dezinto
        Dezinto 19 October 2015 15: 54 New
        Yesterday there was a whole thread of discussions about these crosses - I am aware that this is a drone camera, and my comment is:
    3. Scoun
      Scoun 19 October 2015 15: 53 New
      Quote: DEZINTO
      At least one hospital would be bombed, otherwise all the fields would be ....

      I really hope that a decisive turning point will soon come and the people will complain that Assad’s army has no protection on most armored vehicles (((

      )) and now they write)))
      Successes under Damascus and Idlib: terrorists begin to blame Turkey

      Under Damascus, troops continue to advance slowly. It was confirmed that they had captured the "commander of the 17th brigade" Jaish ul-Islam. His name is Yasin Mustafa Ramadan.

      Near Idlib it is not known who slammed a couple of field commanders with explosions. And it is known who covered Saudi AbdalMuhsin al-Fadli “with a group of comrades” on the road with an airstrike. I guess you’ll guess without prompts.

    4. Alexander Romanov
      Alexander Romanov 19 October 2015 17: 05 New
      Quote: DEZINTO
      Again, the crosses are not where the explosion is.

      Well, then it’s clear that they hit.
      1. hrych
        hrych 19 October 2015 22: 47 New
        And it’s visible everywhere, only the specificity of the analysis is different, depending on the properties of the target

        Quite clearly (for three hours) the emission of combustion products is visible, in the form of black smoke (apparently from the entrance to the bunker), and not the collapse of concrete structures from the ground shock wave, which is also present. And a bunch of emissions are visible from multiple firing points, where trenches are still visible, and for tens, if not more than a hundred meters from the epicenter ... Here the bunker was capital, with an extensive network, definitely.
        1. hrych
          hrych 19 October 2015 23: 31 New
          The very first recording, where our Israeli friend - the Professor mocked our "muffs" who smeared the supposedly empty hill ... a bunch of fountains immediately burst into the hill ... Here you can see the release of "fountains" from ventilation holes, manholes, etc., a decent, former "anthill". The latest explosions in this plot are not the main thing, although ... When our people laid out this, they counted on specialists in this matter, and not on amateurs (may the Israeli colleague forgive me), who are impressed by a spaced barn on a hill, and it is stupid to show their bad luck, there was a bunker with a bunch of cameras and passages in a single system, however ...
          1. Nagaibak
            Nagaibak 20 October 2015 07: 06 New
            hrych "When ours laid out this, they counted on specialists in this matter, and not on amateurs."
            This is definitely better and you will not say.)))
    5. pvv113
      pvv113 19 October 2015 20: 41 New
      There are no hospitals left, the whole American coalition destroyed wink
    MIKHAN 19 October 2015 15: 47 New
    Slowly and solemnly ... they destroy everything connected with the devils! And every day and night!
  3. SAM 5
    SAM 5 19 October 2015 15: 48 New
    3 ammunition and weapon depots

    Our guys will have to bomb for a long time, because the Indos will reset again.
    1. asar
      asar 19 October 2015 18: 42 New
      , since the indos will reset again.

      Vov! Good all!
      "Hunters for caravans", after the withdrawal of ours from Afgan, did not disappear, believe me!
      We will "work", now "there is a lot of things" that can be used (as opposed to what was there, "beyond the river"!)
      The number of takeoffs and landings at the Khmeimin air base of the RF Aerospace Forces aircraft will be equal!
  4. Starik72
    Starik72 19 October 2015 15: 51 New
    Crumble their brothers do not see what they are moderate or not moderate !!! Our help to the Syrian people oh how needed. Beitse Igilautsau practitioners, didn’t hasten the age of Yana !!!
  5. prabiz
    prabiz 19 October 2015 15: 51 New
    Normally, the militants draw crosses!
  6. Aroma77
    Aroma77 19 October 2015 15: 53 New
    And this is how our turntables fertilize the fields of Syria.
    Look beautiful against the background of mosques.

    1. Dezinto
      Dezinto 19 October 2015 16: 05 New
      They generally drum for what reason alabar?

      I have already counted four species - joyful alabar, neutral alabar, angry alabar, and sad alabar ......
      1. Manul
        Manul 19 October 2015 16: 24 New
        Quote: DEZINTO
        I have already counted four species - joyful alabar, neutral alabar, angry alabar, and sad alabar ......

        In order not to repeat the same video (or they will think that for the sake of gaining pluses) here is the address. I highly recommend it, there are much more intonations - the Alahakbar language is characterized by an amazing variety of shades. Http:// V = 598eACWw90s ( hi Aren't you the first, Nikolai, to upload this video?)
        1. Dezinto
          Dezinto 19 October 2015 16: 34 New
          Ah thank you, no, I didn’t lay it out, but I remember it, now again I was lying under the table :)))))

          alabar - "the plane is flying", alabar - "fireworks" - alabar - "beautiful" ... alabar - "fear" ... alabar - (relief) "carried" ....

          They already really soon will only begin to talk like that.

          D. morons bearded, they would go to work .... no damn them all the infidels are seen around. Turned your religion into a symbol of death! - Well, not M. Ducky?
          1. Manul
            Manul 19 October 2015 16: 37 New
            Quote: DEZINTO
            alabar - "the plane is flying", alabar - "fireworks" - alabar - "beautiful" ...

            I also have a favorite piece, and the finale is excellent laughing . I would shake the hand of the creator - directing at the height.
    2. Proud.
      Proud. 19 October 2015 20: 12 New
      Quote: Aroma77
      Look beautiful against the background of mosques.

      Chukovsky is relevant now
    3. go
      go 19 October 2015 20: 39 New
      Quote: Aroma77
      And this is how our turntables fertilize the fields of Syria.
      Look beautiful against the background of mosques.

      No need to fly there by helicopter! Nothing more to do, or already dizzy with success? All this mess is not worth the life of our pilots. Anti-aircraft guns, MANPADS and pturov there is enough. Already not the USSR so that people do not appreciate .. tactics% # & @.
  7. Same lech
    Same lech 19 October 2015 16: 00 New
    Dying, dying innocent killed US money .... US invested in ISIS.
  8. ivan bogomolov
    ivan bogomolov 19 October 2015 16: 06 New
    The Americans arranged for us to Ukraine, but for this we are going to spoil the igil. wassat
  9. kg pv
    kg pv 19 October 2015 16: 11 New
    That’s all nonsense, they already wrote the whole truth on the news in the news, at least one of the Russian invaders does not return from each departure.)))) laughing
    Only here they have with elementary mathematics really bad if you count the number of sorties and the number of our planes in Syria.))) smile
  10. roskot
    roskot 19 October 2015 16: 12 New
    Stripping in action. And there are enough crosses for all souls.
  11. Garris199
    Garris199 19 October 2015 16: 13 New
    Oh, a little later, all this mess would have been. Preferably after the completion of GPV-2020. Now 100% BETABs would "modernize" the Saudi palaces and the Kiev imbitsils would be mastered in the "black dolphin". Under the solemn silence of partners.
    They don’t give us time, cunning bastards.
  12. inferno_nv
    inferno_nv 19 October 2015 16: 20 New
    Yes VKS RF power! good
  13. morozik
    morozik 19 October 2015 16: 22 New
    In touch "Timur" - the latest news about the successes of the Syrian army, the new "half-boiler", clashes between the Kurds and the Turkmens and detachments from the Egyptians

    The latest information about the situation in Syria was provided by a citizen of Ukraine, a militia from Donbass with the call sign "Timur", who is now in the Kurdish resistance detachments and is responsible for coordinating interaction with the Syrian army.

    The hottest now, probably near Aleppo. There are tanks and artillery, snipers and ATGMs on both sides. Aircraft, however, are only on one side.

    Kurds and Shiites hold the defense of the quarters they occupied. ISIS * is again fighting with ISIS.

    And government troops took Kudehi. Militants were covered with fire at Kafer Abid and El Hadera. The terrorists from Aleppo with Idlib have less and less communications. From the rear, local residents began to shoot at them.

    Intense in the mountains of Latakia and near Damascus.

    In the mountains that the Turkmens and Kurds are now arguing with each other, the Syrians continue to storm the heights in the Salma-Köfer-Dalba-Jub al-Ahmar region. The militants, I think, are running out of power. Therefore, one can wait for suicide bombers. Although this time, the number probably will not work.

    Terrorists are afraid of throwing new reinforcements from under Idlib here. They are threatened by a grouping of Syrian troops from the Al-Gab Valley. And the Turkish faucet is more and more hiding. Near Idlib, even a detachment of Egyptians had already appeared.

    To the north of Hama, fire strikes went on that same "half boiler". The wounded terrorists are being taken away along the as yet unpunished road towards Maaret Nuaman. Special forces were sent from Idlib to Khan Sheikhun to arrange sabotage, the same in the Al-Gab Valley. But north of Hama, the Syrians have been actively adjusting the movements and positions of the militants for the past two days with artillery fire. There is currently no continuous control zone of one of the parties from the positions of the troops to Khan Sheikhun inclusive.

    South of Hama, amid desertion, militants began forced mobilization in Er Rastan and Tell Bis. The Western media are sending a picture that these are volunteers fighting for their homeland and freedom, and they explain to the "volunteers" that refusing to call up puts the whole family in the position of apostates, with whom it is known what they are doing here.

    And in El Ganto they are already waiting for the Syrian offensive. Near Homs, the Syrian troops, having dealt with the minefields, fortifications and underground passages of the militants, started moving again - the railway station was taken. True, as I understand it, in some places the population is held by terrorists as a human shield, perhaps these are explained by the fact that the troops do not go to storm Ter-Maala.

    Fortifications of the militants, when even underground tunnels can be dug by slaves and auto-carts with large-caliber machine guns are rolled along the loose shafts are a big problem. Including in the narrow El-Gab valley, which militants can now shoot from both sides from the mountains.

  14. morozik
    morozik 19 October 2015 16: 23 New
    The Syrian command cannot afford to level everything with artillery, and sending soldiers to machine guns and poorly protected tanks with not too experienced drivers - under American ATGMs - all these are not the measures that the Syrian army can afford.

    But the militants are not happy with the supply and morale.

    The struggle for heights, the clearing of minefields, fortifications dug underground, is one of the reasons for the low pace of the offensive of the Syrian army. Under Deraa and El Cuneitra, she slowly squeezed militants from the countryside. Several positions were taken at the Kveiris airfield and the expected terror counterattack on Bdage was repelled.

    Stubborn battles continue under Damascus. In East Ghouta, troops marched on Deir al-Asafir, but stumbled on the gardens set on fire by the militants. However, the militants are being squeezed out slowly but surely. And "outperform."

    In a volley of Syrian artillery near the village of Sayda in the province of Suwaida, the commander of the so-called “Salah al-Din Division” was killed, he is the commander of the “1st Corps of the Syrian Free Army” Abu Qasim.
    1. Zumich
      Zumich 19 October 2015 16: 43 New
      Interestingly, somewhat messy, thanks to the information. Beat the Nazis, and most importantly return home alive.
      1. morozik
        morozik 19 October 2015 17: 15 New
        if you look at the overview on the db map with militaryimaps ( - then it’s dry and concrete, but here is information from eyewitnesses, and the picture is added))
    SERGEY UI 19 October 2015 16: 31 New
    Kaby was not Isil
    I wouldn’t wear a plane
    KAB-KAB-KAB ....
  16. fridge
    fridge 19 October 2015 16: 40 New
    In Syria, we treat any problems with MIG and Sushim. lol
  17. Steppe
    Steppe 19 October 2015 17: 14 New
    good Keep it up! Down with the terrorists! Long live our army!
    BARKHAN 19 October 2015 18: 42 New
    Today I watched the program "WAR" by Poddubny on Russia 24. Syria is one huge Stalingad. Dense buildings. Fight almost point-blank. Fights for every house, street. Heat. Dust. One way out, destroy the supply and especially the supply. These are accomplices of terrorists. Filming from online drones, the war is smoothly moving into a new quality. New technologies and tactics are being tested. And the video of the militants is sooo so sad - Alla I'm in the bar ...
  19. PValery53
    PValery53 19 October 2015 19: 56 New
    Since all sorts of terrorist militants are insolently rushing into Syria, it means that their "health" must be shaken with a retaliatory barrage. Our aviation helps a lot in this, kills the "enthusiasm" of the militants. Keep it up! - Terrorists will be "cured" by earth (sand).
  20. His
    His 19 October 2015 20: 01 New
    Syria is the sky of the Slavs.
  21. Denis Skiff
    Denis Skiff 19 October 2015 22: 09 New
    Angle of firing with Nurses with Mi-24, in the horizon launches. Is it because of the low height?