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Teykov Guards Order of the Kutuzov missile division of the Strategic Missile Forces turned 55 years

The Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation reported on the anniversary of the Teikov Guards Order of the Kutuzov Rocket Division of the Strategic Missile Forces, which is part of the Vladimir Rocket Army and stationed in the Teikovo town of the Ivanovo Region, which turned 55 years. This is the first in stories The Strategic Missile Forces compound, which was completely re-equipped with modern mobile ground-based missile systems (PGRK) Topol-M and Yars.

Teykov Guards Order of the Kutuzov missile division of the Strategic Missile Forces turned 55 years

25 June 1960 of the year on the basis of the 27-th separate Guards cannon artillery brigade, which dates back to 15 in October 1943, and was part of the 8-cannon division of the High Command Reserve, created an 197-rocket engineering team with a radar control unit with a line and a line with a line and a line with a line and a line with a line and a line with a line and a line with a line and a radius of red lines. Teykovo.

25 June 1961, the 197-I missile engineering brigade was reorganized into a Guards missile division of the Order of the Order of Kutuzov.

1 November 1973, the division was awarded the pennants of the USSR Ministry of Defense "For courage and military prowess shown at the exercises 1973 of the year", in 1985, for "Courage and military prowess."

Over the years, Presidents of the Russian Federation Vladimir Putin (2006 year.) And Dmitry Medvedev (2008 year.) Arrived with visits to the Teikov division, and in 2014 - the Minister of Defense of the Russian Federation, Army General Sergei Shoigu.

Teykovsky connection is the only one in the Strategic Missile Forces, who participated in military parades on Red Square since 2008 in Moscow. At the moment in the composition of the missile division 4 missile regiment, part of the protection and support. Every day, more than 500 strategic rocket engineers take over combat duty in the compound. In the entire history of the rocket men of the Teikov division, they spent about 20 thousands of days on alert.
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  1. siberko
    siberko 19 October 2015 08: 47
    Oh, I was there in the winter at the Strategic Missile Forces exercises in the winter Ivanovo forests .... beauty
  2. Vladimyrych
    Vladimyrych 19 October 2015 08: 48
    Happy Birthday!
    The comrades are doing a great thing.
    1. Cap-3 USSR
      Cap-3 USSR 19 October 2015 10: 37
      Will there be a poplar firework?
  3. BOB044
    BOB044 19 October 2015 08: 52
    I have a good friend who served there. He is a missile officer. Now in the lieutenant colonel of the reserve. drinks
  4. volot-voin
    volot-voin 19 October 2015 09: 01
    Happy birthday to the guardians of the Russian Land!
  5. roskot
    roskot 19 October 2015 09: 10
    Good luck in the difficult service of protecting our borders.
  6. givigor71
    givigor71 19 October 2015 10: 47
    HAPPY ANNIVERSARY, TEIKOV GUARDIAN !!! Once upon a time he served as an "urgent" ...
  7. veksha50
    veksha50 19 October 2015 11: 18
    Everyone who served and serves in the Teykov division - with a holiday !!!
    God grant that the capabilities of your formidable weapon are not required in real life ... You are now one of those who protects the peace of the country, the shield, thanks to which they are afraid to touch us ...

    Since the 80s, Teykovtsy have always been ahead in re-equipment of new products ...

    They were neighbors ... and at the same time rearmament ... Teykovtsy - on Topol, we - on the BZHRK (RT 23 UTTH) ...
  8. voyaka23
    voyaka23 19 October 2015 12: 56
    Happy holiday neighbors. We do one thing. Greetings from Yoshkar-Ola. drinks
  9. Sergey Vladimirovich
    Sergey Vladimirovich 19 October 2015 13: 11
    Happy holiday, colleagues! All the best to you! drinks
  10. cniza
    cniza 19 October 2015 15: 45
    Beauty and pride of Russia, with a holiday!
  11. Colonel
    Colonel 19 October 2015 21: 00
    Under this Banner, Boris Romanitch was introduced into the standard equipment.