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F18 flights at Meiringen airbase

One of the three main Swiss air bases Meiringen is located at an altitude of 580 meters above sea level in the Swiss Alps near Lake Brienz and the town of the same name. From May to October, the Swiss Air Force pilots train here on F-18 airplanes and a simple viewer can visit here both independently and with an official tour by enrolling on the website of the air base.

Now the 13 th “tiger” air regiment (Fliegergeschwader 13) of the Swiss Air Force, consisting of two squadrons, is based here.

On the first day of the failed Axalp Airshow, we drove from Brienz to this air base, because, despite the fog and low clouds, trainings are still held.

Roads for "we are not local" overlap with five in the morning.
Well, as they overlap, two people are standing and they are slowing everyone down, wondering about the purpose of the trip - and basically everyone is being let through.

From Brienzwiler station walk 10 minutes to the butt.

5. As experts have told, morning flights here start around 8 in the morning, and day flights after an hour.

6. While there are no flights, the lane can be crossed!
You can see the tensioned brake grid (or how it is called correctly?)

7. Behind the strip is another cordon.

8. Some kind of hangars, and the planes themselves are parked in the mountains right in the caves.

9. At first they settled down at the barn, but then the owner of the barn came out and said that you are not afraid to scare animals, go where everyone goes - to the middle of the strip.

10. But here on the strip it seemed like a miracle and we realized that now something would start ...

11. I got up and got ready.

12. We ran back to the butt and really, soon a couple of planes appeared on the taxiing.

13. F-18, rain, fog, lights.



16. On the executive.

17. From the back one haze, you need to change the point of shooting.

18. Both flew about an hour.

19. And when the planes returned, we were already there, where we were sent.

20. We managed to remove the landing.



23. Lovers had already gathered behind the fence in the middle of the strip, who too, like us, were going to the airshow ...

24. We are satisfied as a result of flights at the air base.



27. Tigroshem.

28. Soon another took off, but in the other direction.

29. Leaves good traces in humid air.

30. Go ahead.

31. Another road crossing the runway.

32. Here is the F5 aircraft monument. By clicking the sign about him.

33. Behind F5 there is a restaurant with a terrace upstairs - here, perhaps, we are hanging.


35. Stone skewers - the work of the local tsereteli.

36. View from the terrace.

37. Tower.

38. The barriers are open, people walk back and forth, with the shooting points determined ...

39. They stood, stood and decided to return to the restaurant.

40. It's warm and food.

A portion of salted meat, tasteless dumplings, chestnuts and some tasty cabbage; chicken soup with croutons; salad and two coffees = 29 francs (2 thousands of rubles).

We sat here for an hour and a half, waiting for the second part of the flight.

43. The "green whistle" was closing the barriers - very convenient. This meant that in minutes after 5-10 everything would start.


45. Logo with a tiger in the tower hit.

46. The people occupied all the high points.

47. And the cows are right there ...







54. To remove the landing, we went back to the end of the strip where we came from.
We saw the passage in pairs in the gray sky.

55. Landing on the background of rainy mountains.

56. A crowd of people just at that point in the middle ...

57. I think we have a better shooting point ...

58. A total of sixteen F18 live at the airbase.

59. From October to March nightly workouts are possible once a week, you need to track on the site.

60. The tasks of the 11 Squadron: support for the air police (similar to the traffic police), air defense maintenance and security of the Swiss airspace.

61. Splash!



64. That is such a beauty.

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  1. 31rus
    31rus 21 October 2015 06: 47
    Thank you Marina, great pictures, I especially liked it against the background of an autumn forest, I was somewhat surprised by the "simplicity" with which you got to the air base, and the experience itself is instructive
  2. velikoros-xnumx
    velikoros-xnumx 21 October 2015 07: 57
    That's where the milk from the famous alpine meadows comes from, yeah winked
  3. rassom
    rassom 21 October 2015 08: 15
    Great shots! Loved it!
  4. Felix1
    Felix1 21 October 2015 08: 23
    yes Marina, thanks. Great photos and beautiful terrain.
  5. qarzu
    qarzu 21 October 2015 12: 44
    cleanliness strikes like everything looks sterile
  6. pavelty
    pavelty 21 October 2015 12: 50
    Well, yes, beautifully, positively ... but somehow it’s not all real, cows, photographers, a restaurant, they play like toys, maybe I'm wrong of course ...
  7. glavnykarapuz
    glavnykarapuz 21 October 2015 13: 24
    How many lovers there to gather and take a photo gathered! The photos are wonderful, despite the weather.
    Photographer well done!
    P.S. amused the cows. They are so used to it that even their heads do not turn toward the planes, but continue to concentrate on the grass. smile
  8. Felix1
    Felix1 21 October 2015 14: 33
    Here is a doll on a bamboo stick with which they decorate a house near Halloween, I have the same :)
  9. Alex_59
    Alex_59 21 October 2015 14: 55
    The photos are good. Though a potential adversary, it’s interesting. But some kind of toy-frivolous. You come to us in Perm to photograph the flights of the MiG-31. If you stand at the end behind a pair of MiGs starting on the afterburner - I guarantee an unforgettable experience -)))
  10. svp67
    svp67 21 October 2015 19: 22
    Both flew away for about an hour.
    I just want to add: "caught up with the plane with Noryshky, checked in and returned"
  11. Chab.Vyacheslav
    Chab.Vyacheslav 21 October 2015 19: 32
    Not far from Nikolaev, the Ukrainian Air Force also constantly conducts exercises. Starting from 9 am they fly, sometimes up to 2-3 nights. You go out onto the balcony and you see only the glints that "cut" the loops in the night sky. As far as I did in the summer, Sushki27e and Migi29UB fly. In the summer, they did this in general ... probably dropped below 50 meters.
    1. Skuto
      Skuto 22 October 2015 22: 51
      And what fly? Coal delivered)))
  12. creep: b
    creep: b 21 October 2015 20: 35
    fearless cows))