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The territory of our common history. Aviation Museum in Kiev. Part of 2

The territory of our common history. Aviation Museum in Kiev. Part of 2

Maritime platform aviation.

Flying Boat Be - 6.

The fodder gun mount Be - 6 with two 20-mm guns.

The aircraft vertical takeoff and landing of the Yak - 38.

Yak - 38 under the wing of the Be - 6.

Flying Boat Be - 12.

Shipborne anti-submarine helicopter Ka - 25PL.

Anti-submarine Ka - 27PL.

Anti-submarine and search and rescue helicopter Mi - 14.

Army and civilian "turntables".

First-born children of OKB M. Mil, from right to left: Mi - 1, Mi - 2 and Mi - 4.

MI heavy multipurpose helicopter - 6.

In the shadow of the giant Mi - 6.

Multipurpose Mi - 8 in the colors of Aeroflot.

Landing - Transport Mi - 8T.

In the cockpit Mi - 8T in place of the pilot.

Mi's cargo cabin - 8T. The folding seats on the 20 paratroopers are clearly visible.

Transport - Mi-24A combat helicopter of the first editions (single cockpit for the crew with straight glass).

View of the cockpit near.

Mi transport helicopter - 24D.

On the Mi pylon - 24D outboard gondola GUV with 12,7-mm four-barreled YakB machine gun.

The world's largest commercially available heavy multi-purpose transport helicopter Mi - 26. This copy in the UN coloring book.

Mi crew cabin - 26.

Mi cargo cabin - 26.

Ka -26 multipurpose helicopter. Used as an agricultural, sanitary, forest patrol, patrol for traffic police and in other variants.

Civil liners and IL - 76

Passenger Tu - XNUMHA for medium length airlines.

Mid-haul passenger Tu-154. The most massive jet passenger aircraft of the USSR.

Medium-haul wide-body passenger aircraft IL - 86.

Passenger IL - 18. One of the first Soviet turboprop airliners.

Czechoslovak passenger aircraft L - 410.

Heavy military transport aircraft IL-76 in the coloring of Aeroflot, which was preserved for almost all military aircraft.

Inside the cargo compartment.
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  1. Support
    Support 25 October 2015 08: 08
    Thanks for the info. For the photo.
  2. rapid1934
    rapid1934 25 October 2015 11: 15
    Thanks to the author for the report. good
    Special thanks to the museum management for preserving the history of aviation. hi
  3. Turkestan
    Turkestan 25 October 2015 15: 52
    Great museum.
    Why not look at the site of the MILITARY REVIEW page called the MILITARY MUSEUMS OF THE WORLD
    1. Sling cutter
      Sling cutter 25 October 2015 22: 24
      Well done Author! Thank!!!
      excellent exposure under the given conditions!
  4. xomaNN
    xomaNN 25 October 2015 19: 14
    Good airplane selection. I was there about four years ago with my family. I will also insert my "5 cents". Milev's ancestor "Mi-1"
  5. Vladimir 1964
    Vladimir 1964 25 October 2015 20: 00
    Interestingly, the Mi-24 with a common cabin was generally first seen. Of course, everything was launched, it is clear that the current leaders of Ukraine do not need this, but it’s a pity, even with a small number of photos it is clear that the exposition is rich.
    Thanks to the author. hi
  6. RoTTor
    RoTTor 25 October 2015 20: 03
    The last remains of aviation remaining in Ukraine.
    But on its territory there was the largest concentration of military aviation - 3 air armies of 3 military districts, aviation of the country's air defense army, KChF aviation, DA army, 3 BTA divisions, 2 flying, 1 navigational, 3 engineering, 1 technical - military, plus a huge number of civil aviation.
    All shit ...
    Thanks to the former rector of NAU - the former KIIGA Babak, on whose initiative, on the basis of the training airfield of the university and a Ukrainian half-destroyed by idiots. military "aviation" training airfield destroyed KVIAVU Air Force, created a very decent museum.
    The head of the museum is a graduate of this VVUZ, a colonel-engineer of the reserve. Well done!
  7. Alf
    Alf 25 October 2015 22: 11
    How can I drag this story into Monino? God forbid, the maydanutye will get to the "Moscow" planes.
  8. The point
    The point 26 October 2015 09: 09
    Shards of a glorious past.