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The territory of our common history. Aviation Museum in Kiev. Part of 1

The territory of our common history. Aviation Museum in Kiev. Part of 1

This year I managed to get to the museum aviation in Kiev. I have long wanted to go there (the museum has been open since 2003).
Impressions are only positive. The museum collection is impressive. But most importantly - you feel the power, the power of the once one of the strongest army in the world, the Soviet Army. An army that, whatever they said, could protect us from any enemy.

Now everything is in order.
Military aviation

Past and future. In the background is a reconnaissance aircraft of the First World Anasol of the Odessa factory Anatra. In the foreground is another Soviet experimental light-engine aircraft with a V-shaped keel of the AN - 181 (“181 product”) - crew of 2 people, speed - 220 km / h, flight range - 530 km.

The Yak Fighter - 3. This copy took part in the shooting of the film "Only Old Men Go to Battle".

"Flying Desk" training and training Yak-18PM.

Training - training fighter UTI MiG - 15.

Fighter MiG - 17.

Fighter - MiG interceptor -19PM. The world's first supersonic fighter. Above the air intake can be seen fairing radar.

Front view. At the edges of the wings suspended fuel tanks, as well as two pylons for rockets.

Multipurpose MiG fighter - 21PFM.

Remote controlled aircraft - target MIG - 21 type 94М, 1955 g.

MiG frontline fighter - 23ML.

Frontal fighter MiG - 23ML, front view.

Training - MiG-XNUMHUB combat fighter.

Fighter - bomber (attack aircraft) MiG-27K.

Ukrainian modernization of the MiG-29 (9-13) - MiG - 29 MU1 with blocks of NUR.

High-altitude reconnaissance aircraft - MiG bomber - 25РБ.

MiG - 25RB, front view.

Su fighter - 25 with a set of weapons.

Su - 25, view of the air cannon GS - 30 - 2.

Su -25 armament: UB-32 block for 32 NUR, FAB-100 bombs, unguided heavy C-24 rocket, outboard aircraft container.

Su - 24 front bomber with variable sweep wing.

Su -24, side view of the suspension with bombs.

Fighter - Su interceptor - 15TM.

Fighter - Su bomber - 7BM. In the background, the passenger Tu-104.

Fighter - bomber Su - 20.

Training - combat fighter - bomber Su - XNUMHUM.

Training - Training Yak - 28U.

Turboprop long-range anti-submarine aircraft Tu - 142М3 (based on the Tu-95).

Tu - 142M3 closer.

View of the nose with the navigator's cabin and fuel refueling system.

Aft artillery installation and elements of the onboard system of electronic equipment Tu - 142М3.

A unique exhibit: a training and training Tu - 134 UBL for pilots Tu - 22.

Long-range supersonic Tu bomber - 22М3.

Long-range supersonic Tu bomber - 22М2.

Missile weapons Tu - 22.

Cruise missile X - 22.

CU class "air - surface" X-22NA "Storm".

The long-range missile carrier Tu Tu - 22М0, one of the first 10 built.

Under the fuselage Tu - 22М0
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  1. Bongo
    Bongo 24 October 2015 06: 34 New
    Unfortunately, there were some mistakes
    Remote-controlled aircraft - MiG target - 21Е type 94М, 1955 Mr.

    Given the fact that the MiG-21F began to be mass-produced in the 1959 year, it turns out that a target was created on its basis earlier? wassat

    In addition, in my opinion, it would be appropriate to mention that by the time of the official creation of the Ukrainian Air Force in 1992, there were 4 air armies and one air defense army, 10 air divisions, 49 air regiments, 11 individual squadrons on its territory. A total of about 600 military units, which were armed with more than 2800 aircraft for various purposes. In terms of quantity, the military aviation of Ukraine in the 1992 year, being the largest in Europe, was second only to the aircraft of the USA, Russia and China.
  2. Aleksandr72
    Aleksandr72 24 October 2015 06: 39 New
    Good photo review. I really liked it.
    I wonder why Ukraine did not leave at least one Tu-160, at least for this museum. And one more question (which does not require an answer, it’s so in order of mockery) - when will the AFU run out of planes, will 404 take measures to restore these museum exhibits to flight-suitable condition with a view to their subsequent use in an undeclared war against New Russia ? Armored vehicles and artillery are being restored, even shushpanzers are building all kinds of different things, than worse than planes with helicopters. wassat
    I have the honor.
    1. Oberst_71
      Oberst_71 24 October 2015 17: 41 New
      Left. In Poltava. On the territory of the aviation division
  3. SeregaBoss
    SeregaBoss 24 October 2015 07: 12 New
    Now collapse and anarchy in 404 will go, what will happen to the museum? Their air force has been widely shown, and the museum will be razed to color!
    God save Ukraine!
    1. Vadim237
      Vadim237 24 October 2015 13: 41 New
      The time will come and these exhibits will all be sold or stolen for metal.
    2. NordUral
      NordUral 24 October 2015 13: 56 New
      The people, but not the country.
  4. Arktidianets
    Arktidianets 24 October 2015 07: 22 New
    The museum is excellent, as if the local Kulibins did not get to it in order to put these exhibits on the wing, with further transfer to the Ruins of the Air Force.
    1. Furious bambr
      Furious bambr 24 October 2015 07: 24 New
      They are unlikely to be put on the wing. But under the guise of, in order to combat the communist past, they can drag them away to color
      1. avt
        avt 24 October 2015 09: 23 New
        Quote: Furious Bambr
        And color can be pulled apart

        So in Moscow on Khodynka they dragged it away, not so big, of course, but there were interesting specimens there.
        1. WUA 518
          WUA 518 24 October 2015 09: 47 New
          Quote: avt
          So in Moscow on Khodynka they dragged

          So it was called the cemetery of aircraft. Thank God Zadorozhny took almost everything to his museum.
    2. Sling cutter
      Sling cutter 24 October 2015 14: 18 New
      good report!
      I noticed that the exhibits are in very good condition, which cannot be said about our museum in Monino
    APASUS 24 October 2015 10: 29 New
    I wonder if this museum fell under the law on "decommunization", there is a continuous propaganda of communism and councils.
  6. cniza
    cniza 24 October 2015 12: 34 New
    It's a pity the owner of this museum is not very, and thanks to the author.
  7. xomaNN
    xomaNN 24 October 2015 12: 35 New
    The museum is listed at the Kiev Univ. An interesting version of the early Mi-24
  8. xomaNN
    xomaNN 24 October 2015 12: 36 New
    And here is the Be-12. An old amphibian, still "driving" submarines to the Black Sea Fleet.
    Photo for some reason is not inserted yet stop
  9. xomaNN
    xomaNN 24 October 2015 12: 47 New
    Be-12 there
  10. TsUS-Air Force
    TsUS-Air Force 24 October 2015 13: 24 New
    great report !!!
  11. Ze Kot
    Ze Kot 24 October 2015 16: 34 New
    How do workers and residents there feel about the "propaganda" of the Soviet past? wink
  12. oleksandr_ukr
    oleksandr_ukr 24 October 2015 17: 02 New
    Yeah, comments song)
  13. Des10
    Des10 24 October 2015 17: 28 New
    the past of a great country.
  14. Miha86
    Miha86 25 October 2015 06: 21 New
    I didn’t know what their number is thanks to the author for the article.
  15. Denis Skiff
    Denis Skiff 25 October 2015 21: 33 New
    Yeah, it means we have on the carcasses of pointed-nosed pilots for that 22
    there was a transmission on tv, so there engineers or who, pondered on the topic of the type of delivering an engine from Su-27. But there is a problem with the fuselage of an instant, it turned out to be small. So there they talked about the fact that such bombers and interceptors could be beaten both cheaply and angrily. Would perform no worse than su-24 their tasks.
  16. staviator
    staviator 11 November 2015 15: 36 New
    I would like to visit, but with such a relationship is not destiny.