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Gas spray for urban self-defense

Gas cartridges are on everyone's lips from the beginning of the 90s. But is it really such an effective means of self-defense? What are the types of gas cartridges, and in what situations should they be used? And also how to apply? How to choose a gas cartridge for yourself? We considered these and other issues in a new article in the cycle “For urban self-defense”.

Gas spray for urban self-defense

Plus gas cartridges are that they are a permitted means of self-defense, and they can be purchased at any specialty store. But there are also disadvantages that we will consider in this article.

Currently there are 5 types of gas cartridges:

- Aerosol - the classic version that allows you to create a wide cloud of annoying gas, a kind of "veil". In theory, effective against a group of attackers.

Disadvantages: when used in a limited, closed space, it will in the same way affect the defender as well as the aggressors. And not the fact that the defender will be able to better transfer the effects of irritants on your body. It will be very insulting.

- Jet - a narrow, directed jet, which can only be “filled in” by the enemy, without harming others (even in a subway car).

Cons: requires precision and firm hands, which automatically reduces the number of users. The average girl (if her last name is not Lotkova) is unlikely to be able to get a jet exactly on the villain’s eyes. In general, because of the stress of an untrained person, his hands will shake, which will also prevent him from getting into the eyes of the aggressor. Do not forget that the defender will most likely have only one attempt, limited to a couple of seconds - the enemy will no longer allow. Awareness of this, too, will give adrenaline that does not contribute to the hardness of the hands.

- Spray jet (directional cone; as a rule, a large droplet spraying) is the "golden mean" between the two species listed above. It is easier to get, but the respiratory effect is less than that of aerosols.

Cons: compared with other types of GB (gas cartridges) less.

- Frothy - refers to the new types of GB. Getting into the eyes of the aggressor, it closes them, making it impossible to see, which makes it possible not only to continue self-defense (to the extent permitted, of course), but also to escape from the swearing source of danger. The advantage is that it can also be used in a closed room.

Cons: the same as that of the jet spray - in an extreme situation, you need to have time to pull out, and even get into your eyes.

- Gel - The latest generation of gas cartridges, a miracle of engineering. Gel harder to wash away from the eyes. Can also be used with strong winds. The defeat distance is up to 3 meters.

Cons: the same as in the previous species.

Usually, only one irritant (tear-irritating substance) is included in the gas spray mixture, but there are also spray cans with two irritants. You should carefully read the label on which the composition.

Also, gas cartridges are divided by volume:

- 25 ml - the smallest, enough for 1-2 application. But you don’t need more, and such a can best fits in a regular pocket. In addition, in a small canister, the concentration of irritants may be higher.

- 65-75 ml - medium size, also fits in your hand.

- 100-650 ml - these are unlikely to fit in a handbag. Probably, instead of such a large GB, it is better to advise another means of self-defense. For example, an ax. Joke.


- First, you should buy a cheap gas canister, similar in its parameters to the one you want to use in case of danger. Or even buy the same. And experiment - to see somewhere in the fresh air how it will act. Extremists can even be advised to enter the edge into an aerosol cloud in order to feel the effect of the gas on themselves. And immediately go out.

- Secondly, the spray button should be pressed not with your index finger, but with your thumb. This will allow you to aim better and hold GB in your hand harder.

- Thirdly, when using a jet (gel, foam) spray can be sprayed on the target, also testing for a distance of use. It's one thing to read the instructions, another thing is to try it yourself, getting visual and other sensations. It is also worth spraying the spray in the wind to see the effect of the wind on the jet.

- Fourth, in our time, some manufacturers began to produce and training gas cartridges, which are identical to the present in appearance and volume, but do not contain irritating substances. Such training cans are very useful, you can do various exercises with them:

1. Just learn how to pull out a spray can and use it on a living person, since practice is needed everywhere, subjective sensations - while in safe conditions and without consequences. It's one thing to imagine how you are doing something, another is to do it.

2. Trying to use it against a partner who imitates an aggressively pushing / attacking “pompous” - many of the illusions about their skills will immediately dissipate, and perhaps this will make you think about a more thorough working out of pulling and aiming. Agree with a partner that if you do not have time to “fill” his training gas, he can “punch” you through the solar plexus - to create a stressful environment, excitement.

3. It can also be a mutual skill development - after all, anyone can be attacked with a gas canister. On assignment, two partners stand opposite each other. The first in the pocket GB. First, the distance is greater so that the pulling out can learn, then it is reduced. At the signal, the first one should as soon as possible pull out the training gas spray and try to spray it, the second first performs only one action - tries to fix the arm with GB. It further acts on the Adam's apple (punch, grab, back footstep), or groin (knee punch). Then the second, for example, tries to strike with all his strength on the lower leg (so that the first one feels real pain, which gives a sense of danger, heightens the desire to pull out the training gas spray quickly - in general, it creates motivation).

At a later stage, the second one tries to deliver a light blow to the head (the first in a helmet that protects against blows). Also possible actions: fixing a hand with GB (and in general weapons), kick the leg, elbow to the head. Or: fixing a hand with GB, a knee kick in the groin, grip the throat. All at the same time.

Neutralization of the effects of poisoning with tear-irritating substances:

1. If you just got into the room where someone sprayed gas, you must either leave it or open the windows and air out. You can even open windows in public transport. You can also wrap your face with several layers of clothing and breathe through this improvised "respirator." Breathing in this case must be superficial, shallow.

2. If the gas gets into your eyes, you need to sit down on a chair, bench, or just squat down. Due to the effects of gas, eyes close, and because of this, you can fall or hit something.
- remove residual irritant from the face with a dry napkin or cloth
- rinse thoroughly with warm water
- and it is even better to wash off the remnants of milk, or soak a paper towel and wipe eyes and face
- it is also possible to use vegetable oil - apply on face, and carefully wipe
- it is also possible to drip antiallergic drops into the eyes
- the irritant needs to be washed from the face with a dirty area of ​​the towel every time
- eyes and face must not be rubbed

Summing up, let's say, hand-to-hand coaches are usually skeptical about the use of gas cartridges for self-defense - this tool is too unreliable. Gas spray does not work with everyone - even the vaunted "pepper". It may not work on drunk or "stoned" aggressors. Gas spray works worse in winter due to lower pressure and thickening of the substance. In addition, in the winter he acts worse on people - sometimes irritants start acting only after half an hour. Even for effective spraying, aerosols need to be close to the aggressor - which is also fraught. As for the use of GB to scare dogs, it can help, but it also depends on the situation. Of course, dogs have a more developed sense of smell and a strong smell, they may not like it. But will the GB work against a trained border dog, for example? The conclusions and choices are yours.
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  1. Penzioner
    Penzioner 20 October 2015 07: 57 New
    Once, in my hallway, I shot a gas pistol at the floor, there were tears and snot laughing.Well at home was one. So the effect is super good
  2. hohryakov066
    hohryakov066 20 October 2015 07: 58 New
    I would like to add the author +, based on the rich experience in using such special tools:
    1. It is best to apply "through the barrier" ie if there is some kind of barrier between the attacker and the defender (row of chairs, door a / m, etc.)
    2.Apply suddenly, i.e. without warning the attacker.
    3. If the attacker is noticeably drunk or stoned, the effect may not occur at all or it will be the opposite of the desired one.
    4. Against dogs, it is better to use specially created means because of the difference in the structure of the organs of smell.
    5. It is always better to overdo it than light zilch just to infuriate the attacker.
    1. La-5
      La-5 20 October 2015 18: 44 New
      Quote: hohryakov066
      I would like to add the author +, based on the rich experience in using such special tools:
      1. It is best to apply "through the barrier" ie if there is some kind of barrier between the attacker and the defender (row of chairs, door a / m, etc.)
      2.Apply suddenly, i.e. without warning the attacker.
      3. If the attacker is noticeably drunk or stoned, the effect may not occur at all or it will be the opposite of the desired one.
      4. Against dogs, it is better to use specially created means because of the difference in the structure of the organs of smell.
      5. It is always better to overdo it than light zilch just to infuriate the attacker.

      It’s true that sprayed drunken and especially frigging cans are very bad.
      1. would
        would 20 October 2015 18: 53 New
        On persons with exacerbation of serious mental disorders (shorter than riotous), too.
      2. Pilat2009
        Pilat2009 20 October 2015 20: 03 New
        Quote: La-5
        It’s true that sprayed drunken and especially frigging cans are very bad.

        Author, write an article about shockers, a very useful thing in the household
    2. __VESCT0R__
      __VESCT0R__ 20 October 2015 20: 30 New
      According to my experience in chopping (though for a long time already), I can say that pepper acts very well on drunk! Basically, these had to be reasoned. Less than a second and the client on the floor))
  3. Hleb
    Hleb 20 October 2015 08: 10 New
    Misha forgot to add today that
    kicks are worked out on trees

  4. Riv
    Riv 20 October 2015 08: 14 New
    Against a trained dog - it won’t work, guarantee. The attacking dog does not need a sense of smell, and eyesight, if you have time to grab it, is also not very good. Only tear stronger. The usual cur is scared. Running away with a screech, verified. A service dog can also be scared away. To do this, you need to choose a can, in which the gas-sprayer can ignite and, when spraying, bring the lighter to the sprayed gas. The dog will try to climb a tree.

    It can help against a person, but in no case try to scare away a policeman with a spray can. In this case, he will automatically receive the right to use weapons. On drunken "pepper" acts in the same way as on sober. I didn’t try it for junkies. The main minus of the spray can is very easy to defend against it. Installed instinctively, the block of jodan uke will protect your eyes from splashes and your opponent will remain combat-ready. After that, you will have to defend against his blows, or he will try to enter the clinch and hide his face in your clothes. The spray can then have to be dropped, otherwise you will not be able to strike with your fist.

    In general, the purpose of a bollock is not to scare away a person, but to temporarily bring him into an unfit state, and to either run away quickly or finish off the enemy.
    1. free
      free 20 October 2015 20: 28 New
      that's why the spray is applied unexpectedly and point blank!
  5. RomanS
    RomanS 20 October 2015 09: 00 New
    Kung Fu from the article! The phenomenal results! Self-defense behind the monitor!
    And thanks for the brief excursion about gas cans!
  6. _KM_
    _KM_ 20 October 2015 11: 03 New
    The article is not bad, but there is not enough photos for the correct use of GB. I’ve seen on YouTube. If I find help. So it will be more objective. This is the first.

    The second one. Modern Russian GBs are very good in both composition and atomization. At the same time, their use potentially carries less problems than shooting from injuries.

    And the third. Once the author has taken up GB, I will throw another idea - to write about shooting devices such as BLOW / Sorcerer / Bamer / Dobrynya.
    1. Orang
      Orang 20 October 2015 11: 34 New
      Quote: _KM_
      write about firing devices like BLOW / sorcerer / bamer / dobrynya.

      BAM travels are no longer done, so there is no special sense in writing. The spray can is better.
  7. Major_Vortex
    Major_Vortex 20 October 2015 11: 25 New
    It does not work against bukh. Tested on greyhound alkonaft, which prevented neighbors from living quietly. He did not even understand what it was, and the dose was supposed to knock down the horse.

    The best remedy is handcuffs and electroshock.
    1. Orang
      Orang 20 October 2015 11: 37 New
      Quote: Mayor_Vikhr

      The policeman is effective, everything on sale is too weak.
  8. Skalpel
    Skalpel 20 October 2015 12: 25 New
    The benefit of the article is in the classification of GB. The rest - the essence is continuous subjectivity. For the average layman who does not have other self-defense skills, GB is more psychological support, it is also a trap than an effective remedy. With the proper effect, surprises against petty punks not seasoned in street brawls might work. Against the more experienced "gopoty" - it is unlikely, only angry. But reevaluating its "combat capabilities" in the presence of GB and lack of application skills is very easy. So - as a single means of self-defense, GB is ineffective. It should be used only in combination with minimal skills in extreme situations and self-defense.
    To summarize - "study, study and study," as grandfather Lenin bequeathed.
  9. The comment was deleted.
  10. Skalpel
    Skalpel 20 October 2015 12: 32 New
    I was pleased with the demonstration of self-defense techniques in the photo.
    Smiled broadly !! The guru in the blue blouse is super !! The main thing is that the opponent does not think of moving, but it is desirable that he himself fall from one idea that they will now grab him so gently and try to drop them in the style of the Argentinean tango. And then embarrassment can not be avoided! )))))
    1. gladcu2
      gladcu2 20 October 2015 20: 28 New

      We understand that in melee you are spectacular.
      But you also understand us. After all, we also want to give us a melon using GB.

      Therefore, I always thank the author.
  11. marshes
    marshes 20 October 2015 12: 41 New
    I remember the blow as it appeared they decided to test, the wash-towel with soap at hand, the effect is instant. smile
    Gas balonchiki, the first from Germany appeared, mainly in transported cars, customs? I met tear and pepper in something about the neuro-paralytic ones, they just told me they were there.
    A gas pistol, it’s not bad in the open air, but a nightmare in enclosed spaces, revolvers get some of the gas through the gap on the hand, then you shouldn’t touch your face with your hand. Pistols have a chance to get the return from a second shot when the bolt frame moves.
    So the normal option, Shock. Not ugly but effective, go now with a laser pointer.
    PS We have injuries all banned, now. The term can be obtained. Buy from the population.
  12. PSih2097
    PSih2097 20 October 2015 12: 46 New
    about balonchiki (bird cherry) there is only one opinion ...
    something like this ... a few seconds of the movie 1:14:30 - 1:14:45
    1. marshes
      marshes 20 October 2015 12: 53 New
      Quote: PSih2097
      about balonchiki (bird cherry) there is only one opinion ...

      This is when the main villain used as a mouth freshener? laughing
  13. Tambov Wolf
    Tambov Wolf 20 October 2015 14: 57 New
    In a street brawl, these two comrades would have been pictured. They would have definitely gotten lyuley.
    1. Hleb
      Hleb 20 October 2015 15: 27 New
      and there is. I already laid out monumental with epic moments, where the "master gives hope" to the guys.
      it can be judged that he is like a fighter and teacher
  14. Vladimir-R
    Vladimir-R 20 October 2015 16: 01 New
    I’ve seen the use of the spray over the years once ... Returning home with my wife, I saw a guy jump out holding the eyes .. and behind him a pensioner with a spray, with excitement, letting him stream at him again and again, so to speak, to finish it .. Just in case, turned to the side .. but still pinched in the eyes and nose .. Youth and strength .., lost experience and treachery ..
    1. Ural resident
      Ural resident 20 October 2015 22: 08 New
      For all my life I had the only experience of using a spray can in my youth - then they weren’t popular yet - I got into the crowd - I ran - they followed me - stretched out - the one who caught up with the U-turn gas - I didn’t get it the first time, I got it the second time closed and went to the side - the rest were fading for a while - during this time I disappeared.
      Seriously, it would hardly have helped - I think - we would have fed myself)
  15. Clueless
    Clueless 20 October 2015 16: 42 New
    To hell with these cans, it’s bad that you can’t bring cans of bears into Russia, they belong to special means. Those. it is possible to eat predators of people, but not to defend. Or should everyone buy guns and walk with them? The idiocy of pure water.
    1. saygon66
      saygon66 20 October 2015 18: 20 New
      - I read that the smell of a bear is many times more sensitive than a dog’s smell - in theory, he shouldn’t even like “ordinary” gas ... Or, what’s special composition in “bear” gas?
      1. gladcu2
        gladcu2 20 October 2015 20: 32 New
        Bears can’t stand the smell of human shit. Read.
        1. saygon66
          saygon66 20 October 2015 22: 38 New
          laughing Got it ... I’ll go to the forest with me!
        2. Aristocrat
          Aristocrat 18 January 2016 21: 40 New
          Complete nonsense. More precisely, a myth. I can from work (Khanty-Mansi Autonomous Okrug) send you a bunch of pictures with the corpses of people who became victims of the bear and you will see that the bear (like any predator) begins to eat prey from the abdominal cavity in which you voiced a means of repelling ...
    2. The comment was deleted.
    3. would
      would 20 October 2015 18: 57 New
      I don’t know about the restrictions on the import of special equipment (as my practice on special equipment shows, we have a lot of prejudices regarding, above all, their mythical prohibition), but such cans are sold here. Another question is very, very rare even on the Internet.
    4. Aristocrat
      Aristocrat 18 January 2016 21: 42 New
      My work colleagues are obliged to extend the antennas in the taiga, and sign the TBs for the fact that I do not have the right to leave the bush sites ... Naturally pull at your own peril and risk ... Cylinders would not hurt them ....
  16. saygon66
    saygon66 20 October 2015 17: 55 New
    - Slezogon combined with pepper - it works for itself ... It’s checked ... It almost does not work at temperatures below zero ... BUT! If after "processing" you enter a warm room, or sit down the car - the effect is corresponding ... laughing For indoor use: Getting rid of tears and snot is better than broken ribs ...
  17. would
    would 20 October 2015 19: 21 New
    One article of this author has already been published, this one from the same opera in the form of a compilation of previously printed information.

    Cons: when applied in a limited, enclosed space, it will act just as much on the defender as on the aggressors

    No, not exactly the same if you do not splash yourself in the face. Yes, there will be evaporation, but some part of the drops may get on your face, but this is not comparable to what someone who has just directly injected this aerosol into their eyes will experience.

    - remove residual irritant from the face with a dry napkin or cloth

    Thus rubbing the eyes with a cloth to rub the substance and get a more intense effect laughing

    rinse face thoroughly with warm water
    or even better, rinse off the leftovers with milk, or soak them with a paper towel and rub their eyes and face

    It is unlikely to help. Neither water nor even milk (why is it here?) Can not remove the substance from the eyes. The best option that is used including by doctors and rescuers is a baby shampoo that does not pinch your eyes. Contained surfactants will wash the substance from the eyes that will not pinch. If blephospasm (spasm of the eye muscles) has arisen due to evaporation, gas without serious contact with the substance in the eyes, then you can use the recipe for Latin America. Take half a lemon and eagerly bite into it so that it would be straight "AAAAAAAA !!!! 111". You can also try after getting into the eyes of an aerosol \ jet \ etc. but efficiency will be lower by itself.

    However, GB in a favorable situation is a hell of a thing, it can be said that even a firearm is more effective if you do not take hits in the head. Only here, absolutely naturally, there may be a slight delay for the action of the substance, if the temperature is below zero then it increases. Against the drunk, drug addicts, high, violently addicted can not act in any way in almost any quantities. Senya from 600 seconds from St. Petersburg who in the 90s was smoked with tear gas from the car so that from her a pillar into the air came out will confirm this.
  18. Passing
    Passing 20 October 2015 19: 36 New
    Who cares, real tests on volunteers of several gas cans -
    IMHO, judging by the tests, the correct gas is more reliable compared to CIVIL stun guns, because gas acts at the level of physiology, and the household electric shocker at the level of psychology, many will be able to endure the pain from the household electric shocker (and some, perhaps, hellish pain from the police), but the spasm of the eyes and lungs can not be outweighed by an aggressive attitude. Minus - gas is far from instant. And the effect on the drunk and stoned is incomprehensible, some say one thing, others say the opposite.
    PS: I personally wouldn’t buy gas, but a stun gun, but not a household one, or even a policeman, but Taser, the principle there is to turn off the muscles, the ideal thing for self-defense is that the remote action is an obvious plus, but not the most important one, to Taser no matter who disconnect, drunk, stoned, crazy, bull terrier, the muscles are turned off at all, guaranteed.
  19. Grigorievich
    Grigorievich 20 October 2015 21: 39 New
    While serving in the army, there was an exercise in a tent with tear gas and when I sighed there (I remember where the exit was) I flew out with a swallow, such a pain in my eyes. It turns out that the hair got from the brush into the valve, before that gas masks were washed. The feeling is unpleasant. laughing
  20. brn521
    brn521 21 October 2015 12: 07 New
    The effectiveness of gas cans is trimmed to the root by law. List of permitted substances, maximum mass contained in the cylinder, maximum concentration. Stories of spray cans with zero effect are usually about those made according to the standards established by the Ministry of Health. There are few loopholes. For example, when using a mixture of permitted substances, the mass and concentration are determined by the results of biomedical tests. Those. the manufacturer has a chance to smuggle something really effective. The best spray cans are forbidden, of course. Police officers, or even Chinese, for which no law is written at all.
  21. staviator
    staviator 27 October 2015 13: 26 New
    “rinse your face with warm water.” As far as I know, you can rinse your face and eyes after getting gas if pepper or tear gas is used against you. If an aerosol with CR is used, it is Algogen, it’s Dibenzoxazepine (like Cobra-1), rinsing with water is strictly prohibited .Dibenzoxazepine. The most evil substance. It has the highest effectiveness of all of the above, causes blepharospasm (spasm of the eye muscles), temporary deterioration, up to temporary loss of vision, severe shortness of breath, and sooooo much irritation of the mucous membrane and skin. The poor fellow will feel as if they splashed acid in his face.
    Even the tiny amount of dibenzoxazepine deposited on the skin can be activated by contact with water, increasing pain.