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Innovation Day of the Southern Military District: mobile deactivation complex "Araks"

In the framework of the recent exhibition "Day of Innovations of the Southern Military District", held in Rostov-on-Don, not only the material part of the armed forces was demonstrated. Samples of their equipment and special equipment were also shown by structures from the Ministry of the Interior. One of the main exhibits from the Ministry of Internal Affairs has become the Araks mobile complex for the disposal of explosive objects.

The task of the Araks complex is the neutralization of various explosive devices that pose a threat to the public, security forces or infrastructure facilities. All elements of the complex are mounted in a Ford Transit van (aware of the existence of Araks vehicles on a different base) and on a single-axle trailer, which allows engineers and engineers to arrive at the place of detection of an explosive device, find it and collect all the available information. neutralization. To perform these tasks, the Araks PKO includes several dozen types of various equipment, from entrenching tools to X-ray equipment and explosion-proof suits.

In the cargo compartment and trailer transported numerous special equipment for various purposes. All elements of the “Araks” complex ensure the fulfillment of the tasks set for the search and disposal of explosive devices.

When inspecting an explosion site or when working with explosive objects, the explosives expert should use the Crater technical kit. The kit includes personal protective equipment, various tools for working with small and large objects, search tools, etc. The elements of the Crater kit are transported in separate metal cases, each of which accommodates the equipment necessary to solve a specific task.

When working with an explosive device, a bomb technician must use the Zaslon-PM-1С explosion-proof suit. This product, which is an upgraded version of the “Dublon” suit, provides full protection for the blasting equipment body by means of flexible elements as well as splinter-free titanium inserts. With a weight of around 40 kg, the suit provides 104 square-meter specialist's body breaking protection. In addition, there is a back protection of 41 square dm.

The structure of PKO "Araks" includes a large number of different devices for searching and studying detected objects. So, experts can use the selective metal detector "Signum SFT" 7272. The device weighing 1,4 kg is equipped with a telescopic bar and a search element with a diameter of 260 mm. The power supply of the equipment is provided by 6 elements of size AA. A set of such batteries provides up to 20 hours of continuous operation. The metal detector in the air "detects" a coin with a diameter of 25 mm from a distance of 45 mm. Larger objects, such as a helmet or manhole cover, can be detected at a distance of at least 1 m.

To search for explosive devices and other equipment, in the construction of which semiconductors are used, it is proposed to use the detector of nonlinear transitions (nonlinear radar) NR-900EK "Kite". This device consists of a hardware unit carried in a knapsack, a search unit with a transmitter and receiver, a headset, and some other products. The Kite detector should be used to search for radio transmitters and receivers, communication systems, electronic timers, various types of sensors, video cameras, hidden metal structures and other objects. It is also possible to search for household electronic devices and ski equipment under a layer of snow.

If necessary, the calculation of the complex "Araks" can study a certain object with the help of a portable X-ray television complex "Bumblebee 240TV". This system can be used to inspect baggage or vehicles, as well as to search for information retrieval devices inside the premises. The Bumblebee 240TV complex consists of a control and data processing unit, an X-ray machine and an X-ray optical converter. The total weight of the equipment of the complex does not exceed 30 kg. There is an opportunity to "shine through" various objects, including metal ones. The emitter is able to provide an inspection of the object even through obstacles in the form of 40-mm steel sheets. The control and processing unit provides an image with a resolution of 720x576 pixels and is capable of storing a large amount of information.

The Araks complex has a so-called. explosion localizer "Fountain-2". A special container with a splinter screen and a multi-phase gas-liquid dispersant should be placed on an explosive device, thus ensuring its localization. In case of an explosion, the localizer absorbs the energy of the shock wave and significantly reduces damage to the environment. There is also a modular explosion localizer "Fountain-2-50М". It is carried out in the form of several separate modules from which it is possible to assemble a complex structure of the required configuration.

To ensure the operation of all elements of the complex, the Araks machine transports a gas generator and a set of power cables. Also included are lighting tools, various hand tools, including a percussion drill with a set of different drills, handsaws, etc. Experts-explosives can work for a long time, for which PKO "Araks" is equipped with a car refrigerator and microwave.

The Araks mobile complex for the neutralization of explosive objects has been accepted for supply by the Ministry of the Interior and is being mass-produced. Similar equipment is obtained by engineering and technical departments of different regions. The complex, which belonged to the Ministry of Internal Affairs in the Rostov region, was demonstrated at the “Innovation Day of the Southern Military District” exhibition in early October.

The base of the complex - Ford Transit van

Various elements of the complex

Explosion-proof suit "Zaslon-PM-1С"

Detection Tools. In the foreground, the Signum SFT 7272 metal detector. NR-900EK Kite, non-linear radar

X-ray television complex "Bumblebee 240TV"

Localizer of the explosion "Fountain-2" (photo from another stand)

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    APASUS 21 October 2015 07: 26
    The appearance of such equipment among specialists is not in doubt, but I’m talking about something else. After a swept wave of terrorist attacks in Moscow with the blast of houses from the streets, all the rubbish bins completely disappeared, the city was simply dirtied immediately. I haven’t seen such explosion-proof thumbs made in Russia, but how much I know Israel produces something similar and they hold an explosion of up to 500 grams in TNT equivalent. Maybe in the end we will reach their hands?
    1. 31rus
      31rus 21 October 2015 07: 35
      What planet are you from? We do not have enough ordinary containers, they fail very quickly, I don’t understand about the complex, our development, domestic production, so what are all sorts of "Z", N in the names, you supply abroad, so then bring in the appropriate marking, a mini robot would still be useful
      1. AndreyS
        AndreyS 21 October 2015 11: 16
        Quote: 31rus
        a mini robot would still come in handy

        But police robots are not laid, only the feds. And this complex is not bad, especially since the supplier is trying to improve it constantly.
  2. SOLGA
    SOLGA 21 October 2015 10: 00
    car brand - not at all Orthodox. not good.
    1. Bayonet
      Bayonet 22 October 2015 06: 15
      Quote: SOLGA
      car brand - not at all Orthodox. not good.

      You would talk about this with the drivers, they will specifically explain to you "what is good, what is bad" hi .
      1. SOLGA
        SOLGA 23 October 2015 22: 13
        actually, it was a joke)
  3. AndreyS
    AndreyS 21 October 2015 11: 25
    First Arax!