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Results of the week. "And your American music is shit"

Very sharp eye"

The Russian concern Almaz-Antey (JSC Concern PVO Almaz-Antey), ahead of the so-called international investigation team (in common, the “Dutch experts”), presented a report on the results of a full-scale experiment, which allows to draw final conclusions about what was the main cause of the crash of a Boeing 777 aircraft of a Malaysian airline.

An investigation based on the most serious experiments carried out by Almaz-Antey experts once again demonstrated what true professionalism is. Against the background of the Dutch babble that “Boeing-777” was shot down by a rocket of the Buk system, released “by no one knows where, no one knows”, the presentation of the results of the investigation by the Russian concern showed that it was clearly not possible to tamper with the facts of the “partners”. In order for international "experts" to at least something intelligible answer to Russian work, judging by their current activity rates, they will have to sweat for at least another ten years. If they decide to reopen the investigation, you see, the gray-haired old men from the Netherlands Security Council will recall something like that to 2025 about the need to question the Dnepropetrovsk controllers ...

Comments from our readers:

Our beauties !!! But it seems to me that we are throwing beads in front of pigs. No matter how blasphemous it may sound, these "Euroexperts" will be able to recognize, as irrefutable proof, only the testimony of a living passenger from the Boeing. Hush all the investigation!

Major Yurik
The saddest thing is that everyone knows the truth, but no one but Russia needs it! It is a pity those countries that can not even tell the truth about the death of their citizens because of Yankese addiction. Pathetic moral monsters!

In Langley, everything was calculated correctly! No wonder GDP called US intelligence very powerful, but the only thing the CIA experts were wrong about was in the hands of the Ukrainian army!

Victor bg
“Guilty” without us was appointed before the tragedy.

Belarusian Oktoberfest

The Central Election Commission of Belarus summed up the presidential elections. According to the CEC of the Republic of Belarus, 87,22% of voters took part in the voting. Candidate results: for Alexander Lukashenko, votes gave 83,47% of those who came to the polls, for Tatyana Korotkevich - 4,44%, for Sergey Gaidukevich - 3,3%, for Nikolai Ulakhovich - 1,67%. More than 386 of thousands of voters (6,3%) voted against all. About 48,8 thousand (more than 3%) of ballots were found to be damaged.

Results of the week. "And your American music is shit"

In general, But father can safely say: “I am staying!” Yes, and how not to stay, if even the European Union congratulates you on winning the elections, declaring a “temporary” cancellation of a number of sanctions in relation to Belarus. And if the sanctions are “temporarily” lifted, then new Belarusian goods may well appear on the Russian shelves: from Bobruisk jamon and Grodno oysters to Orsha and Zhlobin microprocessors ... Perhaps, Bank of Gomel will be able to lend Russian business in any convertible currency in the necessary volumes? ..

Rumor has it that the Belarusian president always has a book on the desktop “401 way to turn sanctions”.

Comments from our readers:

Svetoch (about opposition rally)
I have a different attitude to the current government and the president. If he had the right to vote, he would have voted (in the Republic of Belarus), most likely against all. But! Whether you are at least three times an oppositionist, hate Lukashenka at least with a crush, but what, excuse me, are you running around with the EU flag on the square ?! There is an official flag, there is a white-charvono-white flag, if you don’t like the official one. But why the flag of the European Union? Wouldn't it be easier to wave a German, British or American flag? Or wave a flag of the color of the rainbow, because you are ... and traitors. And the one with the yellow-blue came to him 15 years storkacha. Go dear, from where you came and gallop there at least until usr .. ki. I have the honor.

Yesterday I sent a telegram with congratulations to Alexander Grigorievich. Nyahay and then pratsue in this position. Health to him!

Well done Belarusians! And who is dissatisfied - a suitcase, station, Europe. Borders are open.

Personally, several times over the past 8 years I have been on election commissions! And to read bullshit about the fact that no one goes to vote or about the fact that everything is completely falsified, even disgusting! There is a certain percentage of those who really do not care (complete alcoholics, asocial elements such as malicious defaulters, the homeless, etc.); there are usually few of them, and they fit in well with the percentage of unused ballots that, believe me, are cut off and given back. And we always beat everything by quantity. No extra or other stuffing. But I don’t know it here, in a small town, like there in others. Judging only by what I see.

Economy - Chermet, rusty Chermet ...

Ukrainian Industrial Production Index (for the first 9 months of the year) in comparison with the same period last year fell on 18%.
GDP fall rate (data for the second quarter) - 14,6%.
Index of agricultural production - minus 5,8%.
Construction Products Index collapsed on 24,6%.
Cargo volumes decreased on 16,2%.
Passenger traffic fell on 13%.
Real disposable income (again, compared to the 9 of the first months of 2014 of the year) decreased already on 34%.

The State Statistics Committee of Ukraine has published shocking data about the “Ukrainian economic miracle”. One of the segments of the “miracle” - the degree of depreciation of fixed assets in the country exceeded 83% - the value at which the Ukrainian industry is associated with rusty black metal, which even metal hunters look at without any enthusiasm.

Against this background, the chairman of the Ukrainian Cabinet Yatsenyuk decided to demand a debt restructuring from Russia before October 29, and if Russia did not go for restructuring, he threatened to file a lawsuit worth a trillion dollars "for the Crimea and Donbass" in some kind of next "tribunal of mourners." Apparently, I wanted to name the amount even more, but because of the flickering of zeros somewhere between the hemispheres of the brain and the lenses of the glasses, I did not recall its mathematical name.

Lawsuits, lawsuits, lawsuits ... On the mind are some lawsuits ... Arseny, but have you tried to work? ..

Comments from our readers:

The only crop for which production growth is demonstrated is sunflower seeds (3,6%). ..This Peremoga!

In Ukraine, the authorities-someone else! When will the Ukrainians themselves understand this ?! No, looking at modern Ukraine, I will stand by the mountain even for the monarchy in Russia! Enough, seen enough on "democratic values"! A firm and consistent central authority, the strict implementation of laws in the field, the eradication of the immunity of officials - this is the key to development. The result of the pederade parades and the legalization of incest in a democratic Europe is the degeneration ...

Do not worry, Ukraine will come up with something, not for the first time already. And we will help her, fraternal Ukraine, with all the proletarian dope.

Cruise missiles fly, fly, fly

After the launch of the missiles at ISIS, our neighbors and not only neighbors burst. Some sprinkle poisonous saliva, others go more often than usual, others tear their hair on the head and in other places, complaining that instead of buying an apartment in a mortgage it was necessary to dig and concrete a bunker somewhere on the Riga beach.

And you imagine what is the very LIH ... After all, these bearded "boys" really believed that they have a roof - all in the stars and stripes. What now? “An understanding of the fact that the roof is thin is coming to“ not a childishly moderate ... ”-“ spinner ”or“ Drying ”flew overhead - if it’s past, then already“ akbar ”... And if not by ... Then this is“ full akbar ", which in translation into Russian means:" yes, we’re doing manali here for moderates - we’ll run better to Merkel, although they pay less there, but on Fridays there is a beer with sausages and no "Calibers" ...

Comments from our readers:

Reserve officer
"If Putin, with 60 production missiles of the last century, goes for 1500 km to the warehouse weapons USA, what are the characteristics of his modern missiles? "

It got it. Well, what are the characteristics. One rocket first destroys one target, then shakes off debris, jumps and flies to another target. And so up to ten times. And maybe more.

The range of “Caliber”, which went to Syria, 1500 km is already de facto, which means that from the territory of Russia the whole of Europe is shot through by our KR, and in fact there is no protection from them. Here is the European missile defense, which Europeans are so diligently building. From here and these squeals, and I would not be surprised if Poles, Bulgarians and Romanians start yelling behind the Balts.

1 Constructor
Well, as I said, NATO bred Balts on the loot! It is necessary for them somewhere to throw off unnecessary armor, so they sell it used ... But they amuse themselves ... like they have defenders.

Pilot? - Sometimes. Actually, I'm an endocrinologist ...

President of Ukraine Petro Poroshenko climbed into the cockpit of the Su-27 fighter. So Poroshenko decided to celebrate the day of the defender - a holiday, which now on the territory of the “Square” is trying to replace February 23. From the press service of the President of Ukraine:

The President in Zaporozhye handed two modernized Su-27 aircraft to the air force pilots and took off on one of them.

And what if Pyotr Alekseevich slowly, little by little, trains so that at one fine moment for Ukraine in the afterburner mode to move beyond the cordon? .. At the flagship inflatable boat in the Black Sea he already went (or in this case it would still be more correct - he sailed ), but, apparently, the “undercarriage” did not impress, and the speed limit was not the same. And then there are these fighting Crimean dolphins ... But Su-27, and even with the Russian inscriptions "Dangerous" - the very thing - in Europe they may think that the Russians are coming - will be happy and miss ...

Knowledgeable people say that the next stage is the testing by Peter Alekseevich of “modernized” parachute systems, in which instead of a ring there is a screw plug ...

Comments from our readers:

Without amphora not counting.
PS: What you can not do to be just a little bit like an idol!

I hope that the next number will be a dive on the submarine "Zaporozhye".

As the Interfax-Ukraine correspondent reports, before the flight P.Poroshenko thanked the managers of the state-owned enterprise Zaporozhye State Aircraft Repair Plant MiGremont for repairing two Su-27 fighter-interceptor fighters, and also handed the crew forms confirming the readiness of the aircraft to perform combat tasks .

Oh how! President of the conclusion about the readiness of aircraft issued! Probably part-time in "Migom repair" earns money.

Soon!!! On all screens of the world, except for Ukraine, the hit of the season, the Oscar nominee in the category of comedy films, the best-selling "SINTERS LEATHER"! In the main role - Petro Poroshenko-Alcoholic!

And kada "it" on the yellow "Tavria" rush ???

Space Billiards

The Pentagon leadership held a series of secret meetings because of the "mysterious Russian military satellite", located between the two devices of Intelsat, actively cooperating with the US Department of Defense.

The American company said that the Russian satellite "did not cooperate" with them. And this behavior in the United States was called "abnormal."

These “partners” are strange. Oh, and strange ... According to Syria, Russia proposes to cooperate with them - they refuse. And, you know, give them cooperation in orbit ... Well, they would have taken and “knocked on the window” of the Russian satellite — say, let's cooperate, why are you silent? .. Or they decided that they even have “unpredictable Russians” from the “window” The next "Caliber" can be released in orbit, which is prepared for the game of space billiards ...

Comments from our readers:

Yes, it was just a polite companion. And polite companions, as well as polite people, greet everyone. And since it is not customary to say hello at a distance, the polite companion flew closer to greet, that's the whole secret.

Reminded the old news:
"Meanwhile, the Soviet lunar rover was taking samples of lunar soil, taking them from the US."

Well, flew. Well, intercepted a couple of hundred conversations. We as we will decipher - we will definitely return! Why shout something?

And you say excavators ... Then our combines are excited in the Rostov region, they don’t understand the new boat "Losharik", but now the satellite doesn’t like it ...

"They don't keep in touch," Sears said. - They do not cooperate with us. This is irresponsible. ”
Say thanks, ma'am, that your orbit was not indicated to you and the trajectory of motion.

Red heat

On the Internet there were pictures, plus video footage, on which TOS-1A flame guns "Solntsek" (a modification of "Buratino") were published in Syria. And in one case, the captions to the photos allegedly indicate the use of "Solnepeki" by the Syrian government army, in the other - by the Syrian "free" army. Moreover, both alone and others stated that after the strikes the gangs of terrorists had to be tight.

It is argued that on the frames the use of the “Sun Ring” and it is in Syria:

"Suns" in the Syrian free army fighting against terrorists? .. One sentence, and how much unscientific fiction in it. Here, even American intelligence cannot pinpoint exactly where this “free” army is conducting its battles, given that the 4-5 fighters trained by the Americans are “preserved” in its composition. And the SSA declares that it has already managed to test the “Sunshine” in action, and even against the terrorists ... Oh, how! ..

Well, at the expense of the SSA, everything is clear ... But if TOC-1А really appeared in the armed forces of Syria (well, those who are governmental, and not "free from all obligations and conscience"), then an-Nusra, ISIL and other ash- No “sunburn cream” will help the shamas on such a “Sunshine” ... And in general - why is it necessary to start from Syria? After all, it is well known that Iraq has “Sunshells”, and therefore it is Iraqis who can be the first to show the same igilovtsy what the “red heat” is.

Comments from our readers:

Great stuff, albeit inhuman. You lie to yourself with such an automatic “don't touch anyone” ... And suddenly - bang !!! Within a kilometer radius of oxygen disappeared ... burned ... along with you ...

So let them feel that he felt that the pilot in the cage, which was burned alive.

Well, here's the field "solarium" arrived. Now bearded trim trim.

He will check in the office

The American president, speaking on the air of one of the TV channels (talking about CBS), said the following:
When I came to the office, Ukraine was ruled by a corrupt ruler, who was Mr. Putin’s puppet.

Why are they there for such an office, and what aromatic incense in it is used, that American officials (from psaki to Obama) as soon as they remember about this office, something absurd will blurt out.

So what kind of “office” and what “corrupt ruler” are we talking about? If we are talking about the ascension of Barack Hussein to the American throne under the regency of Wall Street, i.e. about Obama’s appearance in the White House, it turns out that Obama called Mr. Putin’s “puppet” Mr. Yushchenko, after all, it was in January 2009, and it was Yushchenko who was then Ukrainian president. Yanukovych, if he was “tried” to mean “friend Barak”, appeared as a Ukrainian president only a year or more later.

So does Barak really try to convey to the Ukrainian partners the terrible truth that the “puppet Putin” was the “orange king”, and in 2010 in Kiev there was only a change of “Putin puppets” ... Or during the 2009 year of Barack Hussein into the real office “With incense” was not fired, and the entire protocol survey was conducted somewhere in the alternative workshops of Hollywood with decorations in the style of the White House.

No, well, the Americans themselves need to do something with this office - it is clearly breaking the psyche and balancing the mental abilities of even the bison from among the Nobel laureates ...

Comments from our readers:

The main phrase here is “When I came to the office” —all, put out the lights !!!
And you laughed at Zhenka Psakoy - "6 fleet, they say, to Belarus!". And to the office right away, if that ...
The main office is there, and they are office plankton, their behavior, actions, and corresponding thoughts ...
Everything is like a make-believe of zero knowledge, zero thoughts, actions, you can see for yourself, what kind of “I have survived, I will replay”, responsibilities - and who is this? - zero!
And this is visible to the world for several decades already - remember Clinton, Bush (with his "Iraq or Iran? It doesn't matter ...")
Apparently, the last more or less decent president was F. D. Roosevelt - and with the rest, if not Watergate, so in extreme cases there is a stain on the dress.
ZY The office is transnational corporations, and as the Chief says, so will this little thing be thrown around.

You can not always push all the force. Be sure to come a time when you need to turn on the intellect. And with this "our partners" problems.
A joke from real life: many students (children, teenagers, youth) in America do not know who the president of the country is. However, in the States there are universities of the highest level. But there is no system. For someone everything, but for someone - nothing. And the society is very mixed. The main thoughts are about yourself.

Ah ah ah! The main glider puppeteer, who managed to get the six heads of Germany, France, Great Britain (not to mention the rest), gives us a lecture about puppets? Let Makarevich sing a song ...

Eye for an eye

The press service of the Israeli Defense Forces reports: Israeli artillery has launched regular strikes against the positions of the Syrian government army, located a few kilometers from the Israeli border. The targets of the Israeli artillery were the military warehouses of the Syrian army, located on the Syrian-controlled part of the Golan Heights. The Israeli military reported that it was a retaliatory strike, struck after the shelling of the territory of Israel by Syria.

The official position of Israel: for any provocations from Syrian territory against Israel (even if the militants of the IG or Front al-Nusra are firing) Bashar Assad is responsible because he “calls himself the president of Syria”.

Probably add on our own, Israel, despite the participation in the war of Russia on the side of Assad, does not allow the thought that Syria will survive and that it will continue to rule Assad. Naked eye shows the similarity of positions with the United States: there, too, Assad prefer the "opposition."

Comments from our readers:

You have become arrogant ... Syria will soon clear its territory and restore its economy and production. And she will not forget your blows on the sly and will recall you on occasion. And I this time will not be sorry for you.

You did not pay attention to what is indicated: hit in response to the shelling of the territory of Israel? What would you do?

aleks 62 next
Well, yeah-ah-ah !!!!! Straight from the territory of the artworks and vymazali Syrians on the Promised Land !!!!! Honestly, I thought that the Jews with logic had full order. Was wrong. The logic of the tramp from the dark gateway ... :)))))))

Is it somewhere indicated that we pledged to hit the same point? We are committed to responding to anyone who attacks us.

aleks 62 next
Well, I say, the logic of the tramp-punks from the gate. Here the other day one of your tovarisch told tales about artillery radars ... According to the coordinates of which they are beaten in response. Somehow it does not fit. And the question arises: why do they need you ???? If you hit anywhere ?????

Same lech
The Jews in this case are wrong and act as provocateurs. Tell me why it was precisely the warehouses that were fired, and not the firing positions from which the Israelis were attacked. Explicit provocation with stinky mudflats from Tel Aviv.
The IDF probably has a station for determining firing positions. Already they are accurate to the meter can allow to determine the position of the shooters.

100% provocation. Syrians are not in a position to shoot at Israel. They would deal with ISIS ...

Hurrying for "Armata"

General Dynamic Corporation Showcased Latest Modification at AUSA 2015 in Washington tank M1 Abrams - Option M1A2 SEP v. 3. It is expected that modernization will begin next fiscal year. For these purposes, the budget includes an amount of $ 367,9 million.

As soon as the Russians showed their new tank, the Americans began to fuss. The good old times are remembered: 1957 is the year when the Russians put the world's first artificial satellite into orbit (which is why writer Ivan Efremov even had to edit the novel “Andromeda Nebula,” shortening the term of a bright future for humanity), and 1961 was the year Yuri Gagarin made the first manned flight into space. The Americans, who could not keep up with the Russians, had to land on the moon. They could only do this in the 1969 year. However, skeptics claim that the landing was modeled in Hollywood, although cosmonaut Leonov with them disagree.

Comments from our readers:

Serdyukov would envy the local Chinar.

They are trying to raise their face out of the mud after the Armata uppercut! Like our new Abrams (which an RPG can slam), it also does not sew a bit! + Buble saw!

And I already thought that the Negro-loader is also being modernized. And the engine tower left. Such a good target for a simple and tested RPG-7.

West is mad

Disinformational hype about the situation in Syria raised by the Western media and high-ranking officials was caused not only by the fact that Putin put Washington in place, who did not achieve real results in the fight against IG for a year, but also by the fact that Moscow "launched a complicated military campaign in the blink of an eye, ”wrote in his article for the“ Huffington Post ”ex-British intelligence agent MI6 Alistair Crook.

“NATO, with its complex structure, is much more clumsy,” said Crook. “For example, the implementation of measures to support Iraq at the North Atlantic Alliance took years.” According to the expert, the destructive power of the alliance is obvious, but its strategic abilities are questionable.

It should be specially noted that the expert does not see political motives behind Moscow’s actions: “It is obvious that the Russian army is preparing the ground for the Syrian counterparts with their airstrikes: aviation provides protection for the logistics lines of the Syrian army while violating the logistics of jihadists. ” In his opinion, the actions of Russians in the Latakia region are "nothing more than a standard military method of work." “When the main targets are destroyed,” says Crook, “the Syrian army will be able to launch a ground operation. "Russian soldiers will not take part in hostilities, their task will be reduced to ensuring the security of the base in Latakia."

Thus, we add from ourselves, the reader comes to the thought: in Moscow’s actions there is no politics, and Moscow is fast; NATO is engaged in disinformation, politicizes its operations and has no real results in the fight against IS.

Comments from our readers:

More Suvorov said: the eye, speed and onslaught.

It's only the beginning!!! This is not for you to drive the steppes of Ukraine!

The initial “fear” and confusion will pass by the end of October. Our sworn friends will overload their brains and begin actively taking countermeasures. Now the ball is at half rivals. A move from them. I have no doubt that their course is also capable of puzzling us. The only thing that should please us is the TRUTH on our side, all the other essential circumstances, both military and political, require considerable effort. Do not relax.

A company of British warriors

A noteworthy news appeared in The Financial Times the other day: Britain will join Germany and the United States in the Baltic region to "deter Russian aggression." The term of the deployment of troops has not yet been determined. How many warriors does the United Kingdom intend to set against the “aggressors”? The newspaper writes that the number of "British contingent" - about a hundred soldiers.

An article from The Financial Times mentions a “rotational base”, on which British troops will be stationed in the Baltic States. Actually, not only British. Such an approach would allow Britain, Germany and the United States not to violate the agreements concluded with Moscow at the end of the Cold War.

On the other hand, the British or Germans, having accustomed the Kremlin to the idea of ​​rotating their “hundreds” in the Baltic region, can further increase their contingents, not forgetting to inform the Russians about the principle of “rotation”.

In short, happy Latvians and Estonians can sleep well.

Comments from our readers:

Andrey Yuryevich
British 100 is serious. In contrast, you need a company stroybata. Do not give weapons to these beasts!

It is not a matter of “Russian aggression”, but of wanting under this cover for the international community to firmly gain a foothold on the borders with Russia in the Baltic States. The course, long and successfully tested by the United States. With the Anglo-Saxons is understandable, but in vain Germany got into this adventure. But I hope that the Germans will soon solve their problem - Merkel. And it is possible that the old woman will have to live out her life in the United States, because in her homeland she will not care after.

Funny, British 100 warriors. The Kadyrov battalion will disperse all of NATO in a couple of days.

Well, dill, Georgians, Balts, Poles and other riffraff with an inferiority complex for joy gush forth with boiling water to the ceiling. “Great” powers with them against the Russians - this increases their importance in their own eyes. I think if the fraera from London believed in our aggression, then this figure (100 soldier) would not exist. One pontology, and nothing more. Oh yeah, still the traditional kissing of the Americanoanus.

Ankara bombings

On the morning of October 10 under the overpass near the Ankara railway station two explosions thundered, the victims of which were 97 dead and injured 246. The Turkish government announced a three-day mourning in the country. Law enforcement and intelligence agencies are searching for potential terrorists, and the public is discussing what happened, trying to figure out who can stand behind the explosions that thundered at the station.

It should be noted that the Erdogan government made another tragedy in Ankara another excuse for intensifying hostilities against the Kurdistan Workers' Party. October 11 Aircraft of the Turkish Air Force bombarded the positions of the Kurdistan Workers' Party in south-eastern Turkey and northern Iraq. It is not excluded that Erdogan used tragedy to strengthen his position.

From the latest press reports is knownthat Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan said at a press conference on October 13 that the terrorist attack in Ankara is linked to Syria: "According to information received by Turkey, the roots of this terrorist operation are in Syria."

Comments from our readers:

Bombed fighters ISIS. For (though not paper) participation in the anti-terrorist operation. Turks need to reconsider their position on the Kurds. THE ENEMY OF MY ENEMY IS MY FRIEND. Therefore, the Kurds must be supported, not bombed! And after the victory over ISIL to solve problems with the Kurds - peacefully at the negotiations. Especially since the Kurds themselves abandoned the power struggle.

IG fighting with the Kurds, Erdogan is at hand.

Behind the attacks is the Turkish security services, do not go to the fortuneteller. There is a well-founded reason to bomb the Kurds, who constitute a serious political competition.

ALL could be interested in this explosion !!!
LIH for dislike of the Kurds.
The PKK blew up its own to blame the Turkish secret services. The result is even greater support for the Kurds and government discredit.
The special services themselves, more precisely, certain groups that are tired of the arrogance of the Kurds and the death of so many soldiers.
Therefore, here you can not guess.

McCain's friend suffered

The Egyptian newspaper Akhbar spread the information that after receiving information from the Baghdad anti-terrorist coordination center, Iraqi aviation attacked a convoy of vehicles, one of which was the leader of the Islamic State militants Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi.

For reference: Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi (Ibrahim Awad Ibrahim al-Badri al-Husseini al-Samarrai) got into international reports in 2003, when he headed the al-Qaeda Iraqi cell. In 2005, al-Baghdadi was captured by the Americans and was placed in the CIA special prison camp Bokka. In a special prison, al-Baghdadi met with Petraeus, commander of US forces in Iraq, and later, in 2010, who led the CIA. In 2009, al-Baghdadi was released "in connection with the closure of the CIA prison in Iraq." Through 4, al-Baghdadi declared himself "the caliph of the Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant."

And for reference: in April 2013 of the year in Syria, in the province of Idlib, John McCain met with the leaders of the Free Syrian Army. In one of the photographs that later appeared in the media, one of the bearded bosses, Ibrahim al-Badri (al-Baghdadi, or Caliph Ibrahim), was captured with McCain. We told about it earlier on pages "Military Review".

Comments from our readers:

It is clear that he was recruited by the Americans, we will see what happens next. If the Iraqis are not bombed out now, the Americans will remove tomorrow or later, because they know a lot. Indeed, if God erased America, it would be easier for the world to live, and so this eternal bickering for grandmothers, “democracy” is fed up.
The evolution of mankind! How were the savages, and remained, no step forward.

Major Yurik
Today in the garden of the paradise gury is a stir! First, the courageous abu-Bakr's ass flew through the window, true, then the ears of this epic hero whistled past the heavenly bushes, disorder!

It would be a shame if this ghoul survived.

Boa kaa
Yes, annoying ... But the main thing is not this, the main thing is that the process has begun!
Our bombardments have undermined the material and technical base of the terrorists. Already, they are in dire need of weapons and ammunition.
The cleverest realized that it was time to do the legs, otherwise they would crush them in street fights during the mopping up. Therefore, the columns of cars stretched to the borders of neighboring states.
This is where the really hot job starts for Su-25! Storming the columns of lugs - is it not revenge for all the severed heads, raped and innocently killed! Verily: Allah akbar!

Humanitarian aid

In the area of ​​the city of Al-Hasakah (northeast Syria), the American military transport aircraft C-17 carried out the dumping of prepared containers with small arms ammunition and hand grenades. CNN, citing a source at the Pentagon, reports that it is "assistance from the US Department of Defense to representatives of the moderate Syrian opposition."

The Pentagon informed that these tons of ammunition were intended for insurgents fighting the “IG” terrorists in northeastern Syria. The cargo consists of small arms, ammunition and grenades. Also from the Pentagon received information that all the weapons were allegedly obtained by "rebels". In addition, the US military assured the world community that the faction leaders who received weapons and ammunition are trusted by the US-led coalition.

13 October TASS published a statement by Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov. “The United States said yesterday,” he said, “that they changed the concept of supporting the opposition, instead of training, they would drop ammunition.” Where does it go? Will they follow the jeeps that are in the hands of "IG"? "

Trust and verify, America! However, what to say: the Pentagon and the CIA and Al-Qaeda at one time trusted ....

Comments from our readers:

Alexey Boukin
And what else can you expect from the Americans? Only "podlyanok" ...

This is not podlyany! This is a planned confrontation with the official enemy - Russia! As in Afghanistan. Yes, anywhere else!

Something like this: American transport workers dropped 50 "populations" of tons of ammunition - small arms and grenades. After 10 minutes, the Russian VKS dropped Oppa 50 tons of ammunition - adjustable FAB and ODAB and three American transporters.

And what do you want, this is a moderate opposition, because only 50 tons, and for the unlimited there would be tons of 500, if not more, they have the same requests unlimited.

In the arms of Morpheus

US congressmen decided to study the activities of state intelligence agencies. There are quite a few of the latter in the United States; spies eat a lot of budget money, too, but they have missed the Russian phenomenon in Syria. According to some Senate members of the committee, scouts are in vain eating their own bread, and any fool in their place could have guessed that Putin had planned something in the Middle East.

Anxiously thinking about how Moscow “intervened” in the affairs of Syria, US lawmakers began investigating the possible causes of intelligence failures in the Middle East. Senators are concerned that the US intelligence services have been thinking too long, trying to realize the thoughts and intentions of the Russian leaders who are carrying out the “military offensive.”

Relevant committees of the Congress will examine reports made earlier by the intelligence agencies and interrogate the officers who participated in the data collection. No public hearings are currently planned.

Well, let us add, Republican congressmen will have another reason to reproach not only the US intelligence community, which already does not have a good reputation, but also to criticize the Obama administration, who is guilty of the failure of the Middle East policy. Such sharp criticism against the background of the election campaign is very beneficial to the Republicans. This will help push anyone into the White House, but not a democrat. Moreover, the democrat Hillary Clinton, who wants to become a presidency, can never wash away from the previous scandal concerning the storage of secret files on her personal computer.

Well, in the meantime, the Americans in their chambers deal with slow intelligence, the Russians continue to operate in Syria.

Comments from our readers:

And you didn’t have feelings that we were just given to enter there, because there were publications in the Western press about the preparation of airfields, and here, at VO, these publications were mentioned more than once.
Maybe the United States at the expense of us solve their problems, well, and we just pour oil on their hearts. The enemy can never be trusted, and even underestimate him - all the more.

Let us compare the US intelligence with our workers utilities. For those and these, everything happens and comes unexpectedly.

As practice shows, the main efforts of American intelligence are directed to the network - interception of Skype, checking social networks and email. But this is not good for us, we do not trust important information to the telephone and e-mail, there are brains, unlike the States.

It seems that the security forces (the Pentagon, NATO), intelligence, the State Department and others involved are acting not only in absolute imbalance, but also to the detriment of each other, misleading one another.
V. Putin has long and repeatedly declared that we support and will support the legitimate government of Bashar al-Assad. What's so incomprehensible?
Since August, all foreign media have cracked about the activity of Russians in Latakia, satellite images of the construction of infrastructure of certain objects clearly non-civilian have been demonstrated.
What other data from intelligence is needed, when is the fact, as they say?
There is no need to be a super-analyst to understand that a military action is being prepared with the involvement of aviation, and since there is a semblance of a naval base, the fleet will also be “podgrebet” there in a timely manner.
Everyone also knew very well that the Russian Federation was requesting air corridors through Bulgaria and Greece. What did they think that we were going to pack tourists in packs in a certain region?
Everyone says that Russians don’t understand, but I don’t understand what the Americans think!

* "And your music is American - shit" - a phrase from the movie "Brother"
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  1. Stranger03
    Stranger03 18 October 2015 06: 46 New
    Well done guys, a good selection, good
    1. Andrey Yuryevich
      Andrey Yuryevich 18 October 2015 06: 55 New
      Quote: Stranger03
      Well done guys, a good selection, good

      managed to read during this time ??? belay
      1. Thunderbolt
        Thunderbolt 18 October 2015 07: 08 New
        Hi, Yuryevich! Not only that, they also comprehended. Oh, old man, you know little about the younger generation, they are there: Esperanto, speed reading, shorthand (write a word on the fence with 3 favorite letters))) Hello, drinks )))
        1. Rostovchanin
          Rostovchanin 18 October 2015 08: 05 New

          18+ Sex Turtles
          1. Alexander Romanov
            Alexander Romanov 18 October 2015 08: 08 New
            Quote: Rostovchanin
            18+ Sex Turtles

            Well, why are they watching, if only they planted the plantain or burnt the green leaves.
            1. kil 31
              kil 31 18 October 2015 08: 50 New
              Quote: Alexander Romanov
              Quote: Rostovchanin
              18+ Sex Turtles

              Well, why are they watching, if only they planted the plantain or burnt the green leaves.

              In Syria, probably plantains do not grow, and green for alcohol. Probably they have big non-combat losses. laughing hi
              1. Eugene-Eugene
                Eugene-Eugene 18 October 2015 11: 13 New
                My comment was deleted for the presence of the word "f..a" in the pictures, but here g ... o in the title of the article. Hey, modders?
                1. udincev
                  udincev 18 October 2015 14: 38 New
                  Quote: Eugene-Eugene
                  My comment was deleted for the presence of the word "f..a" in the pictures, but here g ... o in the title of the article. Hey, modders?

                  So after all, you have an authorized product, and in the title the product of the alteration of partners.
                  Feel the difference!
                2. The comment was deleted.
                3. kamil_tt
                  kamil_tt 19 October 2015 12: 26 New
                  Bravo IN, it remains only to write obscene article titles ..
              2. Peterhof 73
                Peterhof 73 18 October 2015 19: 25 New
                In Syria, probably plantains do not grow, and green for alcohol. Probably they have big non-combat losses.

                This is not Syria. This is the militia of Iraq. The carefree machine gunner-militia was killed by ISIS sniper.
            2. Vatnik88
              Vatnik88 19 October 2015 17: 40 New
              And all the courage went away somewhere. They stood with a machine gun at full height, then they were afraid to lean out of the wall.
              1. udincev
                udincev 20 October 2015 11: 50 New
                Quote: Vatnik88
                And all the courage went away somewhere. They stood with a machine gun at full height, then they were afraid to lean out of the wall.

                The French used to say, if in Russian: "such is life."
          2. severniy
            severniy 18 October 2015 08: 54 New
            Quote: Andrew Y.
            Quote: Stranger03
            Well done guys, a good selection, good

            managed to read during this time ??? belay

            Gee ... The comment passed after 7 minutes, and there the video current is 10 ... The prodigy however ... good
            Py.Sy plane banged great, as it looked brutal in our opinion. And Respectishche Diamond, labor-intensive and knowledge-intensive work!
          3. mihasik
            mihasik 18 October 2015 13: 12 New
            Quote: Rostovchanin
            Gender turtles

            And two puddles. One brain with blood, and the second .... a campaign of some of his comrades described (in the last frames).
        2. Andrey Yuryevich
          Andrey Yuryevich 18 October 2015 10: 07 New
          Quote: Thunderbolt

          hi Lech ... hi
      2. Junior, I
        Junior, I 18 October 2015 07: 18 New
        The pursuit of points))))
        Traversed how to earn points. The generals are tagged
      3. evil partisan
        evil partisan 18 October 2015 08: 07 New
        Quote: Andrey Yurievich
        managed to read during this time?

        Colleague! What kind of distrust of human talents ?? am Yes, during this time in Rezh have time to drink a liter wink, sleep and come into a state of war again yes! And you - readrequest .
        And the Authors are well done! hi
        However, some significant events were somehow ignored in the Review. what ... For example: the disruption of the visit of the Russian delegation led by Medvedev to the United States, yesterday's rally of the "opposition" in Moscow against air strikes in Syria, the entry of our long-suffering national team to the 2016 European Championship. Not in order ... sad
        1. Thunderbolt
          Thunderbolt 18 October 2015 08: 31 New
          Quote: Angry Guerrilla
          disruption of the visit of the Russian delegation led by Medvedev to the United States, yesterday's rally of the "opposition" in Moscow against air strikes in Syria, the entry of our long-suffering national team to the European Championship 2016
          "# # Comrade in a green basin" ""))))))) There have not been such events as you, comrade describe. And if there were ... Then no instructions for the reaction were received. Sand will not blink ----- TASS alone does not sing
          1. evil partisan
            evil partisan 18 October 2015 08: 37 New
            Quote: Thunderbolt

            С2Н5ОН yes
            Quote: Thunderbolt
            There are no such events

            Anti-war rally in Moscow ended with arrests
            On Saturday afternoon, October 17, a rally against the Syrian war was held on Suvorovsky Square in Moscow.
            “About 300 people came. From the very beginning, a large number were not announced, as there was no significant information preparation, ”Sergey Davidis, one of the organizers of the action, told Interfax.
            The police estimated the number of those gathered in half less - about 150 people. One of the protesters was detained for an extremist poster, police say. At the same time, the Dozhd TV channel correspondent reports a person was detained: a girl with a poster inscribing that Vladimir Putin was allegedly involved in the killings of people, and a provocateur with the Syrian flag, which said "Thank you to Russia."
            The rally against the war in Syria was agreed with the Moscow authorities.
            1. Kos_kalinki9
              Kos_kalinki9 18 October 2015 08: 55 New
              Anti-war rally in Moscow ended with arrests
              On Saturday afternoon, October 17, a rally against the Syrian war was held on Suvorovsky Square in Moscow.

              You wrote more letters than there rallies (the word people write ashamed) gathered.
              1. Vladimir Pozlnyakov
                Vladimir Pozlnyakov 18 October 2015 09: 20 New
                The rally ....! And the labor market of the Far North and the Far East is AWARE from a shortage of labor!
                All the same, Joseph Vissarionovich was right! "Rains", "Ehi ..", "Snobs" and other enemy mouthpieces, along with the entire FIFTH column, MUST stop Chinese expansion and fill the labor market, preferably on camp rations!
                1. dmi.pris
                  dmi.pris 18 October 2015 14: 41 New
                  They are not just MUST, they MUST do this ...
                  Quote: Vladimir Pozlnyakov
                  The rally ....! And the labor market of the Far North and the Far East is AWARE from a shortage of labor!
                  All the same, Joseph Vissarionovich was right! "Rains", "Ehi ..", "Snobs" and other enemy mouthpieces, along with the entire FIFTH column, MUST stop Chinese expansion and fill the labor market, preferably on camp rations!
            2. Thunderbolt
              Thunderbolt 19 October 2015 01: 19 New
              enough blood and enough lies, In say. MOSCOW answer (s) um, but a little later, hello a hint of a friendly signal soldier
        2. Andrey Yuryevich
          Andrey Yuryevich 18 October 2015 10: 09 New
          Quote: Angry Guerrilla
          Colleague! What kind of distrust of human talents ?? Yes, during this time in Rezh they have time to drink a liter, sleep and again come to a fighting state

          Do not provoke, do not succumb! stop
      4. 222222
        222222 18 October 2015 10: 36 New
        “And your American music is shit”

        .. found on the Internet ... confession .. Russian .. in the USA
        "" "Why are Americans so careless in their clothes, while for Russians it is so important that the" suit fits "? The opinion of one emigrant. Mon, 08/06/2015

        Statement: I am neither Russophile nor Russophobe. Born in Russia, raised in Ukraine, I am an American citizen. Everything written below is my personal observations and I do not claim to be the ultimate truth.

        Have you ever wondered why in Russia they are greeted by clothes, and in America by car? These thoughts ripened in me after reading the report of one young girl from the United States, who travels with pleasure and takes pictures of the Russian outback and the "drunks" of Russia. I looked at the photographs and compared this young, American pig with ordinary Russian villagers and experienced some cognitive dissonance.

        I wrote "in Russia", but I mean most of the countries of the former USSR. Why people from America are mostly careless not only in clothes, but also in relation to their own "carcass": they bloom and this is not in the sense that they are like flowers. They grow bodies and are not puzzled how to pack it beautifully later in order to emphasize their advantages and hide disadvantages. They do not care? Or are there more serious reasons behind this?

        Why in "Russia" there are so many smart, eye-pleasing average pedestrians, even of a fairly old age, and in America you can most often see young and seemingly ambitious Americans shuffling their feet, dressed in slippers "goodbye to youth" and baggy clothes? In my opinion, Americans are not slack because they are "careless." They are slack and careless because they are not free and love themselves a little. Yes Yes. And they all smile for the same reason. I think that Americans are the most unfree (internally) nation. I have not dealt with statistics, but I am sure that in terms of the amount of consumption of antidepressants per capita, in terms of the number of dollars to doctors - psychotherapists, in terms of the number of diseases on the basis of nervousness (including depression), this country should take one of the first places in the world. I have not seriously dealt with this issue - these are my assumptions ...... "
        1. 222222
          222222 18 October 2015 10: 39 New
          When a person will adorn himself, truly rejoice at the renewal, dream about how he will dress it up - will he dress and appear on the bright eyes of other people? Only when his consciousness can afford it. I will give a primitive (even somewhat rude) example. So your stomach is grabbing and you only think of a booth around the corner called M and G. Can you enjoy the beautiful interior around on the run? It will be important to you how gracefully and gracefully you make your way to this door? I think that in most cases the answer to my questions will be negative. In the life of Americans, this is how brains are loaded from morning to evening.

          And this is not because American brains are genetically arranged. Upon arrival in this country, all brains gradually become "panic" brains.
          ...... further. maybe here.
      5. Stranger03
        Stranger03 18 October 2015 16: 51 New
        He answered after he wrote.
    2. anEkeName
      anEkeName 18 October 2015 07: 17 New
      Immediately after the disaster, it became clear that most likely the culprit would not be named, for it was known and obvious. It was a year ago that I argued with my Siberian classmate (now he is in St. Petersburg and, as it were, a "fighter against the regime"), I suggested waiting for the commission's conclusions. So they waited. More precisely, they did not wait. And we won't wait for the West to support the Nazis in Kiev.
      1. Sid.74
        Sid.74 18 October 2015 07: 46 New
        D-aa! Nedelka is still ... although one news went past the review. fellow

        Russian aviation destroyed the training base of "moderate terrorists" trained by "foreign partners".
        As I understand it, this is the Russian response to 50 tons of ammunition for the "moderate opposition".
        Thanks to the authors! hi
        1. Junior, I
          Junior, I 18 October 2015 07: 58 New
          Interestingly, the instructors are also destroyed?
          Or were they taken out a little earlier?
        2. Thunderbolt
          Thunderbolt 18 October 2015 08: 10 New
          Quote: Sid.74
          As I understand it, this is the Russian response to 50 tons of ammunition for the "moderate opposition".
          Moderate opposition is already a walking anecdote (I wonder who measured their moderation - the SAS fighters or paratroopers from the 173rd? And did the "stingers" give a ride. All the same, Sid, just imaginethose what the bearded have a desire to fuss about Russian drying. And what assets the Qatars have (and so on). Therefore, they bomb from high echelons. Of course, it’s not politically correct, but I would send swans to cope with Arabia. And drying to the escort.
          1. Sid.74
            Sid.74 18 October 2015 08: 30 New
            Quote: Thunderbolt
            Of course, not politkorektno, but I would send swans to deal with Arabia. And drying in the escort.

            Regarding Arabia, it is now rumored that elites have split into two camps and a palace coup is brewing, which is why the Saudis frequent visits to Russia to bow to Putin.
          2. dr.star75
            dr.star75 18 October 2015 20: 00 New
            Such aerobatics need to be shown in Damascus, in the near future! The effect will be amazing!
        3. igordok
          igordok 18 October 2015 08: 51 New
          Quote: Sid.74
          Yeah! That week too ...

          1. rotmistr60
            rotmistr60 18 October 2015 09: 56 New
            Well, here a man with his witty commentary went down in history. Well done, very relevant, but I already wrote about wit. This just needs to be supported.
          2. yan 2015
            yan 2015 18 October 2015 14: 23 New
            the silence is what has arrived .. after that volley by Caliber.)
        4. 78bor1973
          78bor1973 19 October 2015 19: 43 New
          An interesting statement about the CIA overslept! - There are quite a few of the latter in the USA, spies eat up a lot of budget money, too, but they shamefully overslept the Russian phenomenon in Syria. According to some Senate committee members, scouts eat their bread in vain, and anyone in their place would have guessed that Putin was planning something in the Middle East. For some reason I’m not even surprised at this, the CIA has turned from a special service into a bunch of bloggers and other computer figures, with almost no agents!
      2. Egoza
        Egoza 18 October 2015 08: 49 New
        Quote: anEkeName
        Immediately after the disaster, it became clear that most likely the guilty party would not be named, because it is known and obvious

        Absolutely right! And although respected authors write
        If you decide to resume the investigation, then, you see, year by 2025, the gray-haired old men from the Security Council of the Netherlands will recall something about the need to interrogate the Dnepropetrovsk dispatchers ...

        So where can I get them? as A. Shary correctly noted:
        "The Ministry of Internal Affairs of Ukraine cleans the ends and removes witnesses of the shot at the Malaysian Boeing." Thus, it is possible that the two main witnesses to the disaster, dispatcher from Dnepropetrovsk Anna Petrenko and Ukrainian military pilot captain Vladislav Voloshin are no longer alive. Both Petrenko and Voloshin literally disappeared after the crash of the liner and still don’t get in touch with their loved ones. and today no one can say with certainty whether he is alive or already dead. As for the dispatcher, Anna Petrenko, it was she who “led” the downed Boeing and recorded all the negotiations that his pilots conducted. Recently, the Moment of Truth program journalists found traces of the disappeared dispatcher from Dnepropetrovsk, but they could not find the woman either.
    3. ZU-23
      ZU-23 18 October 2015 07: 46 New
      Quote: Stranger03
      Well done guys, a good selection, good

      Guys, it’s like such young people here as on sites about smartphones laughing Welcome to Guys, son hi
    4. The comment was deleted.
    5. Samaritan
      Samaritan 18 October 2015 12: 36 New
      In short, all the news is only about Russia:
    6. Andrey Petrov47
      Andrey Petrov47 19 October 2015 09: 53 New
  2. Bort radist
    Bort radist 18 October 2015 06: 52 New
    "And if the sanctions are" temporarily "lifted, then new Belarusian goods may well appear on Russian shelves: from the Bobruisk ham and Grodno oysters"
    Psaki was right - there is a sea in Belarus.
    1. Thunderbolt
      Thunderbolt 18 October 2015 07: 11 New
      Belarusian divers do not crawl out of their environment, it’s understandable --- SEASON wassat
      1. Oman 47
        Oman 47 18 October 2015 07: 59 New
        Having eaten a piece of wild-caloric Rostov mountain venison before descending under water. belay
        1. Lelek
          Lelek 18 October 2015 12: 17 New
          Quote: Oman 47
          Having eaten a piece of wild-caloric Rostov mountain venison before descending under water.

          Nope. It was pizza (Belarusian natural product).
      2. Lelek
        Lelek 18 October 2015 12: 14 New
        Quote: Thunderbolt
        Belarusian divers do not crawl out of their environment, it’s understandable --- SEASON

        Well no. Not to mushrooms, brother, not to mushrooms - elections and all sorts of different things. bully
  3. s.melioxin
    s.melioxin 18 October 2015 06: 53 New
    Against the backdrop of Dutch babble that the Boeing 777 was shot down by a Buk missile launched by “unknown by anyone, unknown from where”, the presentation of the results of the investigation by the Russian concern showed that the “partners” would obviously fail to falsify the facts
    Yes. Not everything grows together with "partners". Now you won't take us to "who are you?" Have to be considered. And they "sing" as they were told. But our score is cooler.
  4. Bort radist
    Bort radist 18 October 2015 07: 04 New
    Boeing 777 was shot down by a Buk missile launched by "unknown by whom, unknown from where,"
    It seems that the beech flew from the Alpha Centauri area - no one was to blame for anything.
    1. Thunderbolt
      Thunderbolt 18 October 2015 07: 23 New
      Yeah, from Fomalhauta --- it’s the alpha of South Pisces that launched a missile
    2. venaya
      venaya 18 October 2015 07: 53 New
      Quote: Bort Radist
      It seems that the beech flew from the Alpha Centauri area - no one was to blame for anything.

      In order for international “experts” to answer at least something intelligible to Russian work, judging by their current pace of activity, they will have to sweat for at least another ten years.

      Communicated with the Dutch aviation workers, and so they directly say without hesitation that: they have not seen such pressure on the commission as this time with the Boeing in their entire lives, and did not even imagine such a thing.
  5. Igor39
    Igor39 18 October 2015 07: 05 New
    Best of the week Petro Poroshenko in Russian SU 27, how I want to be like .... smile
    1. Kos_kalinki9
      Kos_kalinki9 18 October 2015 07: 16 New
      Quote: Igor39
      how do you want to be like .... smile

      At SU 27? laughing
      1. Vladimir Pozlnyakov
        Vladimir Pozlnyakov 18 October 2015 09: 28 New
        EXACTLY ON SU-27 !!!! Not even enough brains to paint over the inscription!
  6. Coconut
    Coconut 18 October 2015 07: 10 New
    a good article a little specifically on the topic of the main well done good
  7. Coconut
    Coconut 18 October 2015 07: 12 New
    Quote: Igor39
    Best of the week Petro Poroshenko in Russian SU 27, how I want to be like .... smile

    born to crawl cannot fly bully
  8. Old warrior
    Old warrior 18 October 2015 07: 19 New
    For their entire existence, hollow mattresses climbed everywhere ... And everywhere they got snot ...
    They are already without **** lei, as without gingerbread laughing
    AuthorsBOLD +!
  9. Volga Cossack
    Volga Cossack 18 October 2015 07: 20 New
    good review !!! Thanks, as always, pleased! yes smiled!
  10. starshina pv
    starshina pv 18 October 2015 07: 21 New
    good selection, with humor and by topic !!! well done !!!!
  11. s.melioxin
    s.melioxin 18 October 2015 07: 22 New
    ... Putin replaced Washington, which did not achieve real results in the fight against ISIS over the past year, but also because Moscow “launched a complex military campaign in no time,” the ex-agent writes in his article for the Huffington Post British Intelligence MI6 Alistair Crook.
    Who said Russians harnessed for a long time? It will be necessary, on one bridle we will go three crosses with an allure and will not seem enough.
  12. vovannefor
    vovannefor 18 October 2015 07: 29 New
    no, I understand everything, you won’t throw words out of the song! but why are my mats immediately deleted and I go to the ban, and here already in the title the word G..VNO flaunts ???? wassat
    1. Alexander Romanov
      Alexander Romanov 18 October 2015 08: 12 New
      Quote: vovannefor
      ! but why are my mats immediately removed and I go to the ban, and here already in the title the word G..VNO flaunts ????

      And what the word shit became obscene?
      1. severniy
        severniy 18 October 2015 09: 13 New
        Quote: Alexander Romanov
        Quote: vovannefor
        ! but why are my mats immediately removed and I go to the ban, and here already in the title the word G..VNO flaunts ????

        And what the word shit became obscene?

        Alexander, I don’t compete in pagons, but I can do it in terms of ... sad and they flew to me for less rude ... laughing
        With respect...
    2. severniy
      severniy 18 October 2015 09: 10 New
      Quote: vovannefor
      no, I understand everything, you won’t throw words out of the song! but why are my mats immediately deleted and I go to the ban, and here already in the title the word G..VNO flaunts ???? wassat

      There is such a party ... laughing but what is laid to Jupiter ..... request
  13. tomsk
    tomsk 18 October 2015 07: 33 New
    yeah, the cia was fucked up in the east!
  14. exalex2
    exalex2 18 October 2015 07: 33 New
    Gorgeous headline .. At first I "laughed", then I started reading. I do not agree with everything, but the sensations are pleasant)))
  15. Nymp
    Nymp 18 October 2015 07: 47 New
    Reserve officer
    "If Putin, with 60-made missiles of the last century, falls over the 1500 km into the US arms depot, then what are the characteristics of his modern missiles?"
    AND THIS COMMENTARY THE AUTHOR THINKED AWESOME ?! ROCKETS ARE COMPLETELY OF MODERN PRODUCTION, THERE WAS NO SUCH AT THE UNION !!! In general, it is interesting, but our missiles, in comparison with cruise missiles of this class "tamahawk" made in USA, are super sonic (for mericasos they are subsonic and without copying the terrain). Therefore, I ask you not to belittle the merits of our missiles!
  16. s.melioxin
    s.melioxin 18 October 2015 07: 55 New
    Well, while the Americans in their wards deal with slow intelligence, the Russians continue to operate in Syria
    So then again winter came, but they did not wait. But nature takes its toll. Strike while the iron is hot.
  17. Reptiloid
    Reptiloid 18 October 2015 08: 04 New
    Thank you very much for the article. While I was laughing, while reading, the video is not everything .. General mood ++++++ for the whole weekend !!!
  18. The comment was deleted.
  19. Nyrobsky
    Nyrobsky 18 October 2015 08: 13 New
    Quote: Tomsk
    yeah, the cia was fucked up in the east!

    Yes, there is not only the CIA, there they all crap one's pants.

    By the way, according to the Iranian special services - this wounded Baghdadi, the American and Turkish special services pulled out for treatment in Turkey.
    Here you have ISIS fighters.
    1. Junior, I
      Junior, I 18 October 2015 08: 24 New
      which coalition? A gang is a watering can!
  20. Albus
    Albus 18 October 2015 08: 29 New
    Israel should always expect a blow to official Syria, even without a pretext. Jews sleep and see "Great Israel".
  21. morpogr
    morpogr 18 October 2015 08: 29 New
    The closer the cold, the hotter the situation in the world. The review is as always magnificent! smile
  22. BLOND
    BLOND 18 October 2015 08: 40 New
    On the "ball" is not boring, and week after week you will admire
    A selection of articles is really good Thank you!
    About my beloved: "I am sick without VO, I registered that my five cents ...)))"
  23. anip
    anip 18 October 2015 08: 45 New
    The real disposable income of the population (again, compared with the first 9 months of 2014) decreased by as much as 34%.

    In Russia, there will be a drop in real incomes of the population, but no one screams or laments something about this. And with regards to Ukraine-yes to me ... on it. Or are all these Ukrainian indicators just to poke a finger there, they say there is also bad? Let's poke a finger in Somalia, because in the United States or Switzerland it’s weak.
  24. Egoza
    Egoza 18 October 2015 08: 58 New
    Dear authors write ...
    "As soon as the Russians showed their new tank, the Americans began to fuss ..."
    What's this! Here you are now fussing, in the sense of getting off the chairs!
    "The tests of the modernized Oplot-2 have been completed. The new tank received a proper name - Gaydamak. The tanks showed the highest efficiency in tests. In fact, one such tank is capable of easily destroying up to 50 T-80 or T-90 in a few minutes. The first Ukrainian tank has already been formed. a heavy tank battalion (numbered 502), which will appear on the Eastern Front in the coming days.
    This news appeared in January this year on the website of the Ukrainian Union of Paratroopers. And this news was accompanied by the very picture that I attached to this article.
    These are the things that are happening, I don't know what to do now. Imagine how nervous the RF Ministry of Defense is now - how will the Gaydamak tanks appear at ISIS? It will be difficult for both coalitions ... Sergey Tumanov


    1. noWAR
      noWAR 18 October 2015 09: 27 New
      Quote: Egoza
      In fact, one such tank can easily destroy up to 50 T-80s or T-90s in a few minutes.

      We'll have to "wet" them from space!
      Ukram not to show!
    2. German Titov
      German Titov 18 October 2015 10: 40 New
      "Union of Ukrainian paratroopers" is already causing laughter. During the year of service, "highly mobile warriors who never jumped" - paratroopers? To the children of V.F. Margelova "these words do not apply ...
      1. Des10
        Des10 18 October 2015 15: 48 New
        they recently underwent exercises with landing.
        1. cap54
          cap54 20 October 2015 20: 20 New
          off the chairs? Or from the nightstands?
      2. The comment was deleted.
  25. Egoza
    Egoza 18 October 2015 09: 11 New
    Good day to all! Thanks to the authors, well, my 5 cents ...
    As Andrei Vajra writes
    Oksana Korchinskaya ... not so long ago she made Ukrainian citizens happy with a bill proposing to prohibit the use of the term “Russia” and its derivatives in relation to the Russian Federation.
    Yes, yes ... Neither more nor less. After all, Ukrainian experts have long established that Russia is not really Russia, but Muscovy, and Ukraine is not Ukraine, but Russia.
    Svidomo have a long, chronic desire to be Russia. But without Russia. Hence, apparently, all this hard-to-explain hatred and aggression against all Russian.
    True, the lawyers of the Verkhovna Rada could not evaluate this joke, rejecting the bill.
    As the main scientific and expert department of the Rada wrote in its conclusions, "The proposal to ban" the use of the historical name of the territory of Ukraine as a name or synonym for the Russian Federation, the use of such a name to designate the modern territory of the Russian Federation or any part of it "(Article 3) is questionable. Indeed, in accordance with Part 2 of Article 1 of the Constitution of the Russian Federation, the names "Russia" and "Russian Federation" are equivalent terms that denote the official name of this state, which is a subject of international law. Considering the above, there is reason to believe that the issue raised in the draft law can hardly be resolved at the level of the laws of Ukraine, ”the document says.

    Note! They are not against the renaming as such, only in the world this renaming will not be understood and accepted! It's a pity! Can you imagine? They renamed Ukraine into Russia (the deputies vote without looking or reading) But then they could ask questions: So who is the "titular nation" here? What should be the state language? Eh! Failed!
  26. atamankko
    atamankko 18 October 2015 09: 20 New
    Only one word fits the article - EXCELLENT.
  27. Egoza
    Egoza 18 October 2015 09: 29 New
    Beauty will save Odessa
    “A beautiful, very active and effective woman, very well known ... Who Odessa is waiting for today as the head of customs - Julia. But not that Julia, but Julia Marushevskaya, ”Petro Poroshenko on Friday introduced the future head of Odessa Customs, one of the main and most important structures of not only the region, but the whole country. “Ta Yulia”, apparently, is Yulia Tymoshenko. Which, by the way, is twice as old as her namesake: Marushevskaya recently turned 26 years old.
    This fact, as well as the lack of work on the profile or at least the corresponding education Poroshenko do not bother. “Despite the fact that she does not have a customs education, she has very good organizational skills. I can say that no later than Monday of the next working day, Odessa will receive a new head of customs, ”the President of Ukraine said with joy.

    But what is Petya rejoicing at? The girl is from the harem of Saakishvili! wassat
  28. Egoza
    Egoza 18 October 2015 09: 49 New
    But this is no longer funny!
    [Quote]In Ukrainian schools with the help of the "Rebel Alphabet" they bring up real Bandera. The main characters of the textbook for elementary grades Alyarmik and Adolfik chop the Poles and her.
    Vivid pictures and a minimum of text - what else is needed to become a real Bandera, explains the author of the textbook Oleg Vitvitsky. Pupils of the elementary grades especially like the “Insurgent Alphabet”: it looks like comics, and many scenes seem to be copied from computer shooters - educators rejoice. They are not confused that the textbook has not passed any psychological examinations.

    Olga Khabarova, elementary school teacher: “For us it is only important that the book fosters patriotism. It is shown on heroes who want to imitate. ”

    Books published with the money of local deputies. They even helped the author write, trying to draw parallels with today. So in the alphabet appeared chapters on the heavenly hundred and the Donbass.

    The first high school students were outraged. Especially those who are seriously interested in history. Some educators refused to use the new textbook at their school. However, they are afraid to speak openly about this in front of television cameras.

    Despite this, the circulation of "Insurgent Alphabet" is growing every day, and its publishers plan to establish supplies in other regions of Ukraine in the near future.

    More information on NTV.Ru:[/quote]
    [quote] Ukrainian nationalist Valtsman (Poroshenko) signed an amazing decree. He introduced the "Strategy of national-patriotic education of children and youth for the 2016-2020 years." Even a cursory acquaintance with the contents of this document, posted on the official website of the President of Ukraine, shows that the phrase "national-patriotic" can easily be replaced by another. For example, "national fascist." Or rather, consider this “strategy" as a program for raising children and youth in the spirit of national idiocy. National-patriotic
    1. dr.star75
      dr.star75 18 October 2015 20: 09 New
      Do not worry, we have already passed this, and more than once. Soviet power will come, it will give everything to everyone as it deserves.
  29. Egoza
    Egoza 18 October 2015 10: 02 New
    Somehow Petya is not embarrassed that the newspaper "Will" contains the motto "For an independent Ukraine - without a Jew ...". "True Ukrainians" will fall over the hill, they understand perfectly well that a little bit more and the country will collapse, only now they are planting a time bomb, so that later, when the remnants of the "square" will fall under the arm of Russia, (and it will certainly be) this mine worked. With all due respect to VVP, maybe it was worthwhile to immediately send troops to Donbass in order to destroy all this infection, when it was concentrated there? Time! Lost time can be very painful in the future.
  30. repus
    repus 18 October 2015 10: 03 New
    Quote: Rostovchanin

    18+ Sex Turtles

    The sound of a machine gun shot by a murdered "babak" is quieter than the sound of a shot in his head ... no matter how they slammed their own, for a picture on the camera .... it won't be lost on them. As they were sabotaged, they didn't even raise their tone .. . sniper routinely, like, he took it off and no fuss.
    1. EDDI 76
      EDDI 76 18 October 2015 11: 02 New
      so near the bearded also shot at the army
    2. Shurik70
      Shurik70 18 October 2015 20: 00 New
      Quote: repus

      The sound of a machine gun shot by a killed "babakh" is quieter than the sound of a shot in his head ... no matter how they slammed their own, for a picture on the camera

      The dregs fly back. So they shot in front, from where he was aiming.
      The sound of a shot is the sound of his weapon, reflexively pulled the trigger.
      But the sniper is far away, he is not heard at all.
  31. EDDI 76
    EDDI 76 18 October 2015 11: 07 New
    lifting the sanctions against Lukashenko in my opinion is nothing more than pulling him to the side of the EU ... and he is still a fox
    not a reliable partner for us
  32. Starik72
    Starik72 18 October 2015 11: 52 New
    I read a weekly review, as always everything is laid out on the shelves, and written in a simple, accessible language and with good humor !!! Thanks to the authors! Sincerely.
  33. Dan Slav
    Dan Slav 18 October 2015 11: 55 New
    After such selections, you understand again that repetition is the mother of learning! For someone who did not learn a lesson in a week, they repeated once again that Russia is cool! Do you understand everything?
    Sometimes it still seems that in addition to truly private and honest opinions, this site is an element of global propaganda!
    About the difficulties of Russia and successes in the civilian sphere, not a gu-gu! Only victorious saber rattling. A kind of DPRK, only rich and big.
    Here on the know-how were attempts to show the successes of the development of capitalist construction, but they withered, as users brought true information about the real situation in these pursuits of happiness.
    Here, too, they do not want to see problems in science, education, the standard of living of Russians, isolation of the country!
    Only militant speeches are heard about the sun, Pinocchio, SU, S .... and so on.
    Sorry! From the word halva sweeter not to get in your mouth!
  34. Fox_1959
    Fox_1959 18 October 2015 13: 10 New
    Yatsenyuk decided to demand debt restructuring from Russia before October 29, and if Russia did not go for restructuring, he threatened to file another trillion mourning lawsuit in the amount of one trillion dollars “for Crimea and Donbass”

    Plants Yaytsenyuk no longer knows what else can be pampered neighboring countries. He was threatened - they were not afraid, and even in the southeast they received a munch. Begging? So they have already stopped giving, and soon they will begin to beat. Mentally ill left to put pressure on pity for his progressive illness. Previously, they say, they regretted.
  35. mihasik
    mihasik 18 October 2015 13: 16 New
    About the use of "Solntsepek" in Syria.
    Well, the field "solarium" has arrived. Now the bearded blush will be trimmed

    I can imagine what kind of stench stood from fried beards, when it was time to wear gas masks.
  36. bratchanin
    bratchanin 18 October 2015 13: 36 New
    The presentation was very pleasant, short, clear and understandable.
  37. yan 2015
    yan 2015 18 October 2015 14: 18 New
    Dutch verdict about Boeing. as in that saying ..

    the landlord asks who lies. the wife is responsible, the bride.
    the owner, so she’s not at home.
    his wife is in the vestibule hanging over her coat.

    so for us. everywhere we are extreme if the west needs it.
  38. seryogin
    seryogin 18 October 2015 15: 42 New
    Quote: Alexander Romanov
    Quote: Rostovchanin
    18+ Sex Turtles

    Well, why are they watching, if only they planted the plantain or burnt the green leaves.

    When he served in the army, our Nachmed drew a blood group on all foreheads with green leaves on their foreheads and forced them to squeeze out 100 times ... There were no patients, the medical unit was empty :)
  39. Robert Nevsky
    Robert Nevsky 18 October 2015 16: 00 New
    Posted by Oleg, Good Work! )
  40. Hammer
    Hammer 18 October 2015 19: 28 New
    And your American music is shit

    Great name, no words.
  41. Megatron
    Megatron 18 October 2015 19: 51 New
    Since the West is negodue, then everything is going as it should!
  42. satris
    satris 18 October 2015 19: 52 New
    In the US, demonstrated the latest modification of "Abrams"

    And I already thought that the Negro-loader is also being modernized.

    Absolutely right! You see that the crazy compartment is enlarged. Now TWO negro-loaders are placed there.
    1. Shurik70
      Shurik70 18 October 2015 20: 03 New
      Quote: satris
      You see that the crazy compartment is enlarged. Now TWO negro-loaders are placed there.

      But weren't they going to put a pool with a jacuzzi there?
  43. Zmei
    Zmei 19 October 2015 06: 47 New
    "Yatsenyuk decided to demand that Russia restructure its debt by October 29, and if Russia does not agree to restructuring, he threatened to file a trillion-dollar lawsuit with some sort of tribunal of mourners in the amount of a trillion dollars" for Crimea and Donbass "
  44. Papin
    Papin 19 October 2015 16: 06 New
    By Boeing:
    Did I listen to something, or didn’t anyone stutter about the black boxes?
    What kind of information is there, dispatchers of Khokhlyatsky negotiations, etc.
    1. AdekvatNICK
      AdekvatNICK 20 October 2015 08: 04 New
      it was casually mentioned that the crew got in touch a minute before the tragedy. Everything was normal. And the boxes ... what boxes are there when it is already clear to everyone that they were hit by a rocket. Nobody had time to pick it.
  45. Seneca
    Seneca 20 October 2015 07: 50 New
    To overcome a delusional article is not possible at all.
  46. Irinach
    Irinach 20 October 2015 21: 07 New
    And your American music is shit. What are you arguing about? Yes, and you yourself ... Soon your entire America’s kerdyk. (Danila Bagrov 1997)
  47. miland
    miland 20 October 2015 21: 23 New
    Great selection !!! Respect to the author !!!