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Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez urged to think about the threat of nuclear war, which, in his opinion, provoke the United States and its allies, such as Israel

Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez urged to think about the threat of nuclear war, which, in his opinion, provoke the United States and its allies, such as Israel“A nuclear war could be the end of life on Earth, its threat is reality, and who is to blame for this?” The US government and its ally Israel, ”Chavez said in response to accusations made by Washington and Tel Aviv against Iran, as well as Syria, of violence in the country.

Which countries own, own or try to master the technology of creating nuclear weapons (click to enlarge)
The United States and a number of other Western countries accuse Iran of developing nuclear weapons under the cover of a peaceful atomic program. Tehran rejects all accusations, stating that its nuclear program is aimed solely at meeting the country's electricity needs.
Chavez believes that all accusations against Tehran and Damascus are frivolous, stating that Iran’s nuclear program is peaceful, and the actions of the Syrian government are aimed at fighting the armed groups destabilizing the situation in the country ordered by the White House and the Israeli government, reports RIANews».

According to the Venezuelan leader, no country in the world has the right to use weapons of mass destruction, as this will hit not only the governments of these countries, but also their peoples, and radiation will destroy life itself on Earth.

In 2010, Chavez announced that Venezuela had begun a preliminary study of the possibility of developing nuclear power in the country.

“We are starting a project of developing nuclear energy for peaceful purposes, and they (the US) will not stop us. We need this, and we are conducting the first studies of this issue, ”said Chavez. Earlier, Venezuela reached an agreement with Russia on the preparation of the draft of the first nuclear power plant in the country.

Chavez has repeatedly spoken out in support of Iran’s nuclear program and said he is sure: Iran does not create nuclear weapons, despite all the suspicions of the United States and European countries.


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  1. Sergh
    Sergh 15 November 2011 21: 42
    Chavez well done, our man! At the side of the pendos, and is not afraid of anything. Bold declaration!
    1. lightforcer
      lightforcer 15 November 2011 21: 56
      A bold declaration, but no more. The United States is already accustomed to Chavez’s attacks, nothing has changed since Bush’s time.
      1. Vadivak
        Vadivak 15 November 2011 22: 02
        Quote: lightforcer
        The US is already used to Chavez’s attacks,

        Chavez is now friends with China. Venezuela is among the countries that possess the largest reserves of oil and natural gas in the world. China has become Venezuela’s second most important trading partner after the United States, with a turnover of more than $ 40 billion. Commenting on new agreements with China, Chavez said expanding cooperation with the Asian giant is part of Venezuela’s strategic course to reduce its dependence on the US oil market. Indeed, as Venezuela increased its oil exports to China, the export of "black gold" to the United States gradually decreased from 1,5 to 1 million barrels per day.

        In March 2010, the first batch of Chinese-made K-8W light multipurpose attack aircraft and training aircraft was delivered. "We are grateful to China, a friend of Venezuela and the socialist revolution," Chavez said at a ceremony marking the transfer of the first 6 out of 18 aircraft purchased from China to the troops.

        1. lightforcer
          lightforcer 15 November 2011 22: 08
          VadivakLibya also had connections with the Chinese. If the United States decides to "bomb" someone, there is a 90% probability that this is China's partner.
  2. Aleksey42
    Aleksey42 15 November 2011 21: 52
    I do not think that at the moment the United States or Israel can use nuclear weapons. Against who? Against Al Qaeda? Against Russia? Chavez has once again made a "loud" statement. Although, of course, good! Few people can speak openly against the United States now. It is strange that he has not yet been ranked as global terrorism.
  3. Mesniy
    Mesniy 15 November 2011 22: 04
    chavez is a clown like a grease, just a little higher in rank
  4. Anatoly
    Anatoly 15 November 2011 22: 09
    It turns out that any state that is not loyal to US policy, which wants to start developing a peaceful atom, is declared an enemy? In principle, an excellent pretext for intervention, forcing peace and "restoring democracy".
    And Chavez is right in the field of the use of atomic weapons - not a single state has the courage to use it. knowing that a retaliatory strike will inevitably follow, knowing what consequences this could threaten not only to himself, but to all of humanity as a whole. This is a great deterrent, and the US knows that ..
    1. Odessa
      Odessa 16 November 2011 00: 44
      If a peaceful atom, then why not. An interesting comment, there is something to think about.
      1. Alexei
        Alexei 16 November 2011 02: 22
        And in Chernobyl, a peaceful atom was ... Subordinating the atom was a mistake initially. The process, as they say, is irreversible. What is now forbidden then. It became scary ... The late man is rushing around! The earth is overpopulated, and nuclear power is not easy to do.
  5. Odessa
    Odessa 16 November 2011 00: 43
    Is it really about the development of a peaceful atom for the internal needs of the state of Iran? So, from what modules did Ahminejan get UN sanctions then? It’s clear that it’s not just that. And order the IAEA reports then to file? That the UN with a pro-Arab bias is not a secret , BUT even they started up. Not so simple.
  6. Komsomolets
    Komsomolets 16 November 2011 02: 26
    About the use of the United States And Israel does not agree with nuclear weapons, but it is safely said about Syria. Our pencils will not say in the open in life, they will do it. And the development of a peaceful atom by countries with large reserves of oil and gas is a gold mine for Pindos. At a certain stage, the country is caught in the creation of nuclear weapons, American hawks arrive with democratizers, and justice has triumphed. As a result, the country is in ruins, in poverty, in hunger and disease, in general in the Middle Ages, I don’t want to download oil for nothing. American democracy is a wonderful thing. And the whole world applauds privations to their house did not knock democracy, especially the Arab sheikhs. That lick amers point ...
    1. Alexei
      Alexei 16 November 2011 02: 52
      I agree. Sheikhs overthrow Syria - the extreme. The American locusts will not stop, they will swallow the Arabian oil expanses, hiding behind either atoms or the "instability" of the regions.
  7. esaul
    esaul 16 November 2011 07: 39
    Even if Iran's vigorous program does not have a purely peaceful orientation, we, with a naive face, need to support it (know - did not know, hear - did not hear! ") And promote its implementation, since Iran, in this situation, is a coastal mall, weakening the integrity and aggressiveness of NATA. Chavez, too, in this context - our person, only very close cooperation, so far, does not work. Ah, it's a pity!
    ZEBRASH 16 November 2011 17: 44
    First, Syria is next in line to enter the "democratic world", then Iran (or maybe both), and Venezuela (it is only interesting how China and Russia will react in the event of Venezuela's bombing) belay ). Too zealously Chavez smears the pendos with their "democracy" ... And there is a lot of oil and gas ... In general, nothing comforting recourse