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Iranian torpedo "Val Fajr"

Today in Iran, in the presence of the head of the Ministry of Defense and the support of the country's armed forces, Brigadier General Hussein Dehkan, the production line of the modern torpedo "Val-Fajr" has opened.

Speaking at the opening ceremony of the production line, Dehkan said that the main priority of the military department is to provide and equip the Navy for the army and the IRGC with the newest and most powerful weapons, so that, as the commander-in-chief of the armed forces of the Islamic Republic of Iran stated, able to guard the sea borders and break any attempts of aggression against Iran.
Speaking about the combat characteristics of the Val-Fajr torpedo, he added that this torpedo is smart, has high speed and a powerful warhead that can hit any enemy naval objects in a matter of seconds.

Continuing to describe the characteristics of the torpedo, in particular, its features of difference from other models in service with the Navy, Dehkan added that the short period of driving the torpedo into combat readiness and its preparation for launch makes the Navy capable of rapid response.

He also noted that the world still had to hear the signal from Iran that it would fall upon any threat with all its might, and not one law and more than one resolution couldn’t limit it. What is most important, the general stressed, is the belief in ensuring the security of Iran.

The commander of the Iranian Navy, Rear Admiral Habibollah Sayari, thanked the Defense Ministry for equipping the navy with the latest types of weapons, saying that among the weapons that contribute to increasing the power of the BM are submarines, and torpedoes are the most effective weapons submarine.
The rear admiral added that the torpedo "Val-Fajr" has a large radius of action, greater accuracy and explosive power.
He also added that the torpedo can also be launched from surface objects, and can accurately hit enemy ships.в-иране-открылась-линия-производства-торпеды-валь-фаджр

From myself I will add to the official report that the new Iranian torpedo "Val-Fajr" is another fruit of the active military-technical cooperation of Iran and the DPRK, which continues from 1980x. As you can see from the YT-534 torpedo index, the UW1 is a new modification of the North Korean torpedo PT-97W (YT-534W1), whose production has been localized in Iran.
I also want to draw attention to an interesting video with the launch of this torpedo from the Iranian mini sub-Qadir, which also goes back to the North Korean project.

Photos from the agency IRNA

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  1. 1-Patriot
    1-Patriot 18 October 2015 08: 42 New
    Звучит как "Вафля" - попробуйте матрасники laughing
  2. Slobber
    Slobber 18 October 2015 08: 56 New
    It was an article to go away.
  3. GRAY
    GRAY 18 October 2015 14: 18 New
    Iranian submariners are dressed as well as stuntmen working with an open flame. What are they afraid to burn?
  4. Talgat
    Talgat 18 October 2015 15: 51 New
    А все таки Иранцы молодцы! В условиях санкции и блокады со стороны "мирового правительства" показывают экономические результаты ничуть не хуже Турции - а ведь та то в условиях наибольшего благоприятствования!

    Under the conditions of the technological embargo and blockade, we developed our own production and technologies - we did not wait for Russia to come and help - on the contrary, they shared the technologies of downed drones with Russia

    For Syria, they entered the war with gangs of Saudi and Amer bearded men - and they fight there as if for themselves - but in fact they are - they are not behind the bridgehead in Syria - they are the next

    At the same time, they do not forget friends-neighbors - I am glad that KZ has such a real friend - a neighbor in the south of the Caspian
    Теперь, когда КЗ и Иран закончили многолетний проект и наладили жд сообщение и президенты двух стран вместе заявили что сотрудничество вырастет в 5 раз есть огромные перспективы и взаимные выгоды! Лишь бы Иран уцелел во всех этих последних "передрягах"
  5. aleksandrs95
    aleksandrs95 18 October 2015 18: 28 New
    By and large, Iran must be seriously strengthened with modern weapons. But the question is, can it pay for large and serious deliveries? There are enough problems there, the economy needs to be developed.
    1. Wasiliy1985
      Wasiliy1985 18 October 2015 20: 36 New
      It can - by selling oil on our terms ..
      Ну и сауды с (как бы найти самый мелкий шрифт) "катаром" (есть такая "типо страна") тоже шерсть на пятой точке чесать начали.. Обезьяны, ну "ЧО" с них взять... Хотя у этих "бандерлогов" хозяин то тоже - бандерлог.

      Хотя тупанул я - как "бандерлог" может быть хозяином "бандерлогов"?!
      Well, kah, where are our Rodshiks with the Rockies stuffed ?! Huh?
      And there, in Bilderberg !!
      Well, get out, degenerates! At least to look at you, who are the wife-degenerate of Tsar Nicholas II - the Bloody in the face of the saint now ranked. After sleeping with Grisha Rasputin.

      "Лик святой" - ....

  6. Wasiliy1985
    Wasiliy1985 18 October 2015 20: 57 New
    And I also have a personal historical claim to the Anglo-Saxons (brazenly boors):
    1) My great-grandfather, fighting as part of the Entente forces in World War I in 1916, received rheumatism of the joints of the legs. Given inflation, the Entente countries owe to my great-grandfather (including inflation, BUT - no interest !!): 100500 thousand euros! ...
    This is only item number 1.
  7. Wasiliy1985
    Wasiliy1985 18 October 2015 21: 16 New
    My great-grandfather turned out to be tenacious, he fought in World War II. (In secret, I’ll say that I personally saw my great-grandfather as a boy - he was born in 1898, and died in 1990, he was 92 by the time he died.)
    Отсюда пункт №2: У.Чёрчилль 22 июня 1941 года целую речь толкнул на тему: "весь УДАР на себя взяла РОССИЯ!"

    У меня законный интерес наследника того, кто взял на себя удар, к наследникам тех, которым предназначался этот удар: "долг платежом красен".

    The law of capitalism!
    I also want to take into account inflation.

    Jews were also in the army ...
    Sometimes right on the front lines.
    Прадед говорил, что и воевали здорово и жили комфортно - "умеют жить", по его словам.
  8. Zaurbek
    Zaurbek 18 October 2015 21: 49 New
    No propeller at the back
  9. Roy
    Roy 18 October 2015 23: 50 New
    Cigars are good - they will give it to someone.