Innovation Day of the Southern Military District: the E-equipment complex Р-531Б Infauna

Since 2012, various units of the airborne troops receive promising electronic warfare systems R-531B Infauna. This technique is intended to counteract the enemy’s electronic means and to protect the troops from various threats. The 5 and 6 of October in Rostov-on-Don hosted the exhibition "Innovation Day of the Southern Military District", which showed various samples of modern military equipment. Among other machines in the pavilion of the exhibition was present complex "Infauna".

The P-531B complex was developed by the Constellation concern in the second half of the two thousandth. In the future, new equipment was tested and was adopted for service. Currently, Infauna complexes are being mass-produced and supplied to various units of the armed forces. A promising complex was created to protect the troops on the march from various threats, as well as to counter enemy communications systems. A set of special tools is installed on board the machine, which provide for the identification of threats and countering them.

The basis for the complex "Infauna" was the universal wheeled chassis K1Sh1, which is a modification of the armored personnel carrier BTR-80 with a number of innovations. In particular, this chassis has an enlarged body, allowing to place all the necessary equipment in it. Due to the maximum unification of the chassis of the BTR-80 and K1Sh1 have similar characteristics. Thus, there is still the possibility of traveling along the highway at speeds up to 80 km / h and overcoming water obstacles by swimming at speeds up to 9 km / h. Thus, the machine EW "Infauna" is able to accompany the columns of automobile and armored vehicles, as well as perform other tasks in the immediate vicinity of the troops.

Inside the hull of the base chassis mounted numerous special equipment, as well as the workplace of its operator. The crew of the complex Р-531Б consists of three persons: a driver, a commander and an operator of radio electronic systems. The first two are located in the chassis control department, the operator is next to the special equipment.

Part of the equipment is mounted on the roof of the base chassis. The most noticeable element of the equipment is the housing of the antenna device, which has a characteristic polygonal shape. Inside it is a telescopic mast of the main antenna device. In the working position the antenna rises and participates in the work of electronic equipment.

Also on the surface of the case are several other antennas of different configurations, designed to solve various problems. In addition to the antennas, the Infauna machine is equipped with a set of optical-electronic systems and smoke grenade launchers. This equipment is designed to protect the machine itself and the accompanying equipment from fire with anti-tank weapons.

One of the main tasks of the EW R-531B Infauna complex is the detection and suppression of enemy communication channels. In the course of the fight against the enemy, the operator of the complex can identify his VHF communication channels and suppress them with the help of active interference. This provides a certain advantage over the enemy, since he loses the ability to coordinate his actions and full-fledged communication with other units.

When accompanied by convoy complex "Infauna" can lead to the fight with explosive devices equipped with radio control systems. The equipment of the complex detects the radio channels controlling such explosive devices and suppresses them with the help of interference. In this case, the enemy is deprived of the opportunity to attack the column using pre-loaded explosive devices.

The third task, the solution of which is assigned to Infauna, is the detection of attacks using grenade launchers and the protection of escorted vehicles. A set of video cameras is installed along the perimeter of the roof of the car body, with the help of which the monitoring of the surrounding space is carried out. When a flash of a grenade launcher or similar is detected weapons Automation produces smoke grenades. Creating a smoke screen hinders or makes impossible the effective firing of small arms or anti-tank systems.

The first four P-531B type vehicles were handed over to troops in January 2012. In the future, the assembly of such technology continued. Self-propelled EW systems of a new type are being used by various airborne units, where they are used to escort convoys and solve other tasks.

One of the machines of the P-531B “Infaun”, serving as part of the formations of the Southern Military District, has recently become an exhibit. We present a photoreview of the complex, which was shown at the exhibition “Innovation Day of the Southern Military District”.

The chassis K1Sh1 differs from the BTR-80 in other hatches of the control compartment

Windshield Covers

Driver viewing devices

View of the internal equipment through the windshield of the commander

Electronic equipment inside the enclosure

Left side of the machine

Feed machine


Main antenna housing

In the stowed position, part of the antenna units protrude from the casing

One of the feed antennas

Antennas, optoelectronic systems and smoke grenade launchers on starboard

Cameras and grenade launchers

Feed installation of grenade launchers

Some units of the Infauna machine are still classified, which is why there are seals on the hatches
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  1. igordok 15 October 2015 06: 40 New
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    We are present at the holidays. Interestingly, as an exhibit, or in working mode to prevent a terrorist attack. Some people claimed that the "cell phones" next to the "Infauna" sucks work.

    1. The comment was deleted.
    2. gjv
      gjv 15 October 2015 11: 36 New
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      Quote: igordok
      We have on holidays

      Quote: gispanec
      .... but how many of them are in the army ??? ...

    3. Beaver 15 October 2015 18: 42 New
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      Quote: igordok
      "mobile phones" next to "Infauna" sucks work

      This is when she, apparently, only works at the reception. If it were turned on for suppression, it is unlikely that mobile phones would have at least some chance to work. laughing
  2. sa-ag 15 October 2015 08: 46 New
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    “When a flash of a grenade launcher or other similar weapon is detected, the automatics fire smoke grenades. Creating a smoke curtain makes it difficult or impossible to fire from small arms or anti-tank systems.”

    Well, if it is missed, but if from the first shot yes at the target?
    1. gispanec 15 October 2015 09: 09 New
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      interesting car ..... a solid set of secrets .... but how many of them are in the army ??? ... is there infa? ... It just seems to me that there should be about 1000 of these for all the RF Armed Forces ....
    2. Mister22408 15 October 2015 13: 04 New
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      And if the sight is not in the optical range? And if a land mine with control in millimeter (and higher :-))? On the contrary, the Papuans ... We are already silent for the terahertz, which is actively moved by the "partners"
  3. perevozthikov 15 October 2015 11: 48 New
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    "... When a flash of a grenade launcher or other similar weapon is detected, the automatics will shoot smoke grenades."
    So it is also protected from its own. His shot and followed by a response.

    "... Some units of the Infauna machine are still classified, which is why there are seals on the hatches."
    Fire extinguishers are also sealed, but this does not mean that they are classified.

    And for the slow-witted, the author repeats twice in the first and second paragraphs:
    "This technique is intended to counter the enemy’s electronic equipment and protect troops from various threats."
    "A promising complex was created to protect troops on the march from various threats, as well as to counter enemy communication systems."
    1. Beaver 15 October 2015 18: 50 New
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      Quote: perevozthikov
      His shot and followed by a response.

      And why did he do it? Raven scare? fool
      If in the case, then setting a smoke screen before starting shelling the column will not hurt.
  4. 31rus 15 October 2015 11: 57 New
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    In my opinion, not everything is said, and this is understandable, reb is becoming commonplace, and "partners" also note this fact.