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What will the next generation Humvee army car look like? (reflections in 16 photos)

What will the next generation Humvee army car look like? (reflections in 16 photos)

"A Humvee military vehicle in green or yellow coloring is on sale. Great for towing cargo, artillery and soldiers. It can wade across rivers, cross sand dunes and jump over stones. Not recommended for city fights or mined roads. Starting price 7500 dollars."

After a legendary career that began with the invasion of Panama in 1989, continued in the Persian Gulf in 1991, then in Bosnia and ended in the wars of Iraq and Afghanistan, the American multipurpose fleet of Humvee vehicles enters into dozens of auctions. This car is an icon of the American military, it replaced the Jeep jeep and spawned a civic fellow with exorbitant appetites, which became a symbol of American ego and extravagance.

But now the army wants a steeper, more maneuverable vehicle, light enough for helicopter transportation and strong enough to withstand powerful explosions.

For one very important, big and bold contract, which the army planned to issue a few years ago, three major defense companies are competing. Under the Joint Light Tactical Vehicle program worth 30 billions of dollars, it is planned to manufacture 55000 machines, which should debut and ultimately become one of the most outstanding machines of our time.

Wars are often measured by statistics: won and lost battles, losses from us and from them, looted cities, captured and lost territories, etc. But they are also determined by their weapons - like a roar tank Sherman was the soundtrack of World War II, and the noise of the blades of the American multi-purpose helicopter Iroquois was the characteristic sound of Vietnam.

And now comes the new candidate for the symphonic confusion of the Next War - a mad scientist mating a jeep with a tank. After ten years of development, the Pentagon is ready to show the JLTV car, created for the battle on the front line and transportation of supplies in the rear.

JLTV will be another branch of the family tree, from which Jeep and Humvee have already grown, serving with distinction in many parts of the world, from the Ardennes forests in France to the sands of Iraq. From both cars commercial shoots that quickly integrated into the cultural consciousness of Americans sprang.

Humvee came to the commercial market mostly due to the Terminator himself, Arnold Schwarzenegger, who wanted a powerful commandos car for personal use and convinced the manufacturer, AM General, to make a civilian version.

“Take a look at these deltoid muscles, take a look at these calves,” he repeated more than once, looking in love with Humvee’s eyes.

Over time, the American public also fell in love with its muscular form. Stars of the stage and sports, celebrities snapped up these cars like hot cakes.

But while Jeep is considered a symbol of daring, but reliable endurance, the Hummer, on the contrary, since its appearance on the commercial horizon, mocked for its size and exorbitant appetite. Environmentalists strongly resented about this and even burned a dealership in California.

Production was curtailed and the latest Hummer was sold in the 2010 year, ten years after General Motors bought the brand.

Automotive industry experts noted that “it all looked superficial and frivolous and ultimately led to his demise. It's not cool to have a car that eats a gallon on 10 miles (liter per 4 km). ”

The car Humvee debuted in military operations in the 80-ies of the last century, served in the Gulf War and, according to one military analyst, "soon became the ubiquitous symbol of the US military."

For more than 30 years, AM General has manufactured over 300000 Humvee cars for 60 countries. Recently, contracts have been concluded for hundreds of millions of dollars with foreign countries, including Afghanistan, Kenya and Mexico.

The United States has more than 160000 of these machines on its balance sheet. In addition to Humvee, serving abroad, these machines are also in service with the National Guard and take part in disaster management tasks.

“He sends a very strong signal to the citizens when they see the arrival of soldiers on Humvee cars ... that means help has come,” says one of the senior officers of the National Guard.

In Iraq, the vulnerability of the Humvee car also became a symbol of a carelessly conducted operation, when the military and the command were not ready for long-term hard work, and the rebels completely blurred the traditional front lines.

As the conflict continued, the military simply brought tanks and other armored vehicles to full wear, after which they had to rely on the Humvee for combat patrols, and these vehicles were not designed for this.

The enemy increasingly began to use hidden directional land mines, as a result, the loss of the American contingent increased, especially in those units that moved on unprotected Humvee. The soldiers used what they called “village defenses” to reinforce their cars, finding suitable pieces of metal at landfills and screwing them to their Humvee.

In one of the divisions, the Humvee was called "Rosinantami", as Don Quixote's horse - a symbol of pre-Flood.

In 2004, the soldier of the National Guard of Tennessee asked the Secretary of Defense Donald Rumsfield about this, telling him directly that "our vehicles are not protected."

“We are digging up trash heaps of rusted pieces of iron and sorting through discarded broken bulletproof glass with traces of bullets and shards. We pick it all up, he said, we choose what's better, put it on our cars and go to fight them. ”

Rumsfield now replied with the famous phrase: "You go to war with the army that you have."

The Pentagon then quickly began to book a Humvee and buy thousands of heavily armored MRAP vehicles (Mine-Resistant Ambush Protected - with increased protection against mines and improvised explosive devices). But even engaging in these tasks, the next generation car, already known under the designation JLTV, was already planned there.

It was assumed that it will also be mobile as an unarmored Humvee - a powerful SUV that can withstand the same explosion as the MRAP, while towing a heavy load.

This project attracted the attention of three defense giants, one of whom was supposed to issue a contract this summer. AM General manufactured Humvee, Oshkosh manufactured MRAP and Lockheed Martin, the largest defense contractor in the world.

Lockheed is mainly known for its aerospace business; it produces the F-35 Joint Strike Fighter. However, a company based in the state of Maryland was invited to the program because “it was considered a particularly interesting engineering proposal,” said the vice president of the ground-based machinery division. “The goal here is to take the capabilities of different machines and combine them into a significantly smaller system.”

New vehicles that the Marine Corps will purchase in much smaller quantities will not completely replace the Humvee, which will remain in operation for several years. But many cars after several years of hard work need to be repaired. Under contracts with the Pentagon, about 50 Humvee machines are sold at auctions every week. And 75 percent of revenue goes to the ministry of defense.

Buyers are mainly ranchers and farms, collectors and enthusiasts who want to have their piece stories.

“The demand is very high. At some auctions, applicants are fighting for 10-12, of course the price of the car increases significantly, ”said one of the leaders of the auction site.

One college student in Maryland recently bought a car for 10000 dollars. He fiddles with him in his father’s garage and sometimes rolls around the surrounding hills around the farm.

“It is perfect for forest trails,” says the student, and at the same time he sighs heavily. “It’s a pity that everything will be limited to them, because it is illegal on the roads.”

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  1. Felix1
    Felix1 15 October 2015 07: 15
    У соседей такой и ничего, катаются по выходным. может просто нужно установить габаритные маяки , как-бы все что имеет более 8ми фит вширину должно иметь id Light.
    1. War and Peace
      War and Peace 15 October 2015 08: 27
      раньше ,когда эта машинка появилась она была- хамер,потом к нам поближе нас стали уверять ,что она- хамви и что именно хамви было изначально,сейчас придердиваются именно хамви,и что жонглируют словами?
      1. cosmos111
        cosmos111 15 October 2015 08: 36
        What will the next generation Humvee army car look like? (reflections in 16 photos)

        конечно.... НА Oshcosh A-TV который победи 25 августа 2015 года в конкурсе по программе JLTV...
        it is designed to replace most of the HMMWV fleet with a light tactical vehicle ...
        but with much better protection and off-road mobility ...

        по договору, который включает в себя как мелкосерийное первоначальное производство (LRIP), так и массовый выпуск (FRP), Oshkosh планирует выпустить около 17 000 машин на сумму 6,7 млрд зелёных американских фантиков.....всего планируется закупить 55000 машин JLTV .....

        семейство машин JLTV состоит из двух вариантов, двух- и четырехместного ББМ, а также специального прицепа (JLTV-T)
        the double version has one basic platform, universal Utility (JLTV-Utl)
        четырехместный вариант имеет две базовые платформы - общего назначения General Purpose (JLTV-GP) и транспортер оружия Close Combat Weapons Carrier (JLTV-CCWC)
        Oshkosh JLTV применены новейшие технологии в защите экипажа Oshkosh CORE1080 and independent suspension system Tak-xnumxiproviding high mobility ....

        помимо отличной защиты,мобильности и эргономики Oshcosh JLTV обеспечивает сетевыми возможностями для войск, всего спектра военных операций и выполняемых задач в любой точке мира....
        1. cosmos111
          cosmos111 15 October 2015 08: 59
          BUT,aerospace giant Lockheed Martin ((с годовым оборотом на 2014 год в 45 млрд $ и являетсь крупнейшим оборонным подрядчиком в мире)))подала протест на итоги тендера JLTV,в счётную палату GAO (Government Accountability Office) СыСыА...

          “After evaluating the data provided to our request, Lockheed Martin filed a protest against the JLTV program winner. We strongly believe we have come up with the highest quality, most affordable solution for the program. Lockheed Martin does not start protesting easily, but we protest to express our concern over evaluation of Lockheed Martin's proposal. "

          в AM Generalstated:
          We believe that the protests will ultimately lead to a diversion from our current projects, which could lead to growth, "AM General said in a statement yesterday afternoon."
          JLTV cannot and will not replace HMMWV, "AM General continues in a statement.
          The Army and Marine Corps have repeatedly emphasized the need to modernize and support over 160 HMMWVs in their operation. "(Compare this to a planned production order of just 000 JLTVs and you get 55 Hummers that will not be replaced).
          AM General intends to actively develop and produce, in partnership with the Army and Marine Corps, the deeply modernized HMMWV and continue its maintenance program.

          в 2015 году AM GENERAL подписала 6-детний контракт с МО СыСыА,на сумму 428,3 млн.,на закупку медицинской машины M997A3 HMMWV для национальной гвардии ...
          under the original contract for 89,5 million $ AM General will supply the national guard 654 medical machines M997A3 HMMWV ...
        2. self-propelled
          self-propelled 15 October 2015 09: 01
          Quote: cosmos111
          of course .... ON Oshcosh A-TV ...

          the more so as the "assortment" is gradually expanding
          Oshkosh introduced a new version of its well-known M-ATV MRAP armored vehicle, made in the 6X6 wheel formula. The M-ATV machine in the 6x6 variant is made on an elongated chassis, all wheels have independent TAK-4 suspension, as on the base 4x4 car. The total combat weight of the M-ATV in the 6x6 variant is 42000 pounds (about 19,07 tons - compared to the maximum 14,7 tons of the base machine) with a payload weight of 12000 pounds (5448 kg)
          1. self-propelled
            self-propelled 15 October 2015 09: 08

            Meanwhile, Textron Systems Corporation has shown the option of upgrading HMMWV vehicles under the Survivable Combat Tactical Vehicle (SCTV) project with armored vehicles. The SCTV project was originally developed by Textron together with a small American company Granite within the framework of the US Marine Corps 2009 contract for the creation of an option to modernize the HMMWV fleet with a radical increase in security, but later the ILC lost interest in this topic. The corporation also unsuccessfully offered this project to the US Army.

            The modernization of HMMWV vehicles under the SCTV project consists in installing a new specially designed armored vehicle on the vehicle. The weight of the empty upgraded vehicle is 13000 pounds (5900 kg), and the total combat weight reaches 18500 pounds (8400 kg) (the total combat weight of the most heavily armored standard versions of the HMMWV is not more than 6200 kg). To maintain the level of mobility, the car upgraded by SCTV is equipped with a Cummins 6,7-liter diesel engine, deformed to 275 horsepower, as well as a six-speed Allison 2500SP automatic transmission. Suspension, braking system are also being modernized, and a powerful air conditioner is installed. The level of security of the upgraded SCTV vehicle is supposedly comparable to that of the new armored vehicles developed under the JLTV program ...
            PS According to the magazine "Jane's International Defense Review" in Daniel Wasserbly's article "AUSA 2015: Colombia, Ukraine considering Textron's SCTV Humvee upgrade", Ukraine and Colombia should become the starting customers of this unit.
            1. cosmos111
              cosmos111 15 October 2015 09: 17
              Quote: self-propelled
              Textron Systems Corporation has shown the option of upgrading HMMWV vehicles under the Survivable Combat Tactical Vehicle (SCTV) project with the equipment of their armored vehicles

              interesting upgrade !!! but on infa in a series did not go and purchase contracts were not signed ....
          2. cosmos111
            cosmos111 15 October 2015 09: 13
            Quote: self-propelled
            Oshkosh introduced a new version of its well-known M-ATV MRAP armored vehicle, made in the 6X6 wheel formula.

            сама идея ,Oshkosh 6х6,"напрашивалась"... Oshkosh M-ATV (MRAP All-Terrain Vehicle) с колесной формулой 6×6 в виде демонстратора технологий,была показана на выставке в Вашингтоне, которая прошла 12-14 октября 2015 года....

            тем более воплощена в многоцелевой ББМ NIMR/Тигр 4х4 и 6х6, ОАЭ... we are waiting for the 6x6 on the "Tiger" ....

            Americans, perfectly able to embody other people's ideas and technologies in their samples
            1. self-propelled
              self-propelled 15 October 2015 09: 31
              Quote: cosmos111
              even more so embodied in the multipurpose AFV NIMR / Tiger 4x4 and 6x6, UAE ... we are waiting for the "Tiger" to be 6x6 ....

              will we wait ?! winked
              действительно пасынок "Тигра" NIMR разрастается потихоньку новыми модификациями. в своем же отечестве пророка нет - на довольно-таки неплохом шасси ГАЗ-2330 (Тигр) можно создать огромное количество модификаций (а если еще и 6х6 заделать) для ВС, попутно решив вопросы с унификацией. но... мечты-мечты
              PS By the way, something about the "Wolf" (VPK-3927) has not been heard recently. there the 6x6 model was originally provided
              1. cosmos111
                cosmos111 15 October 2015 09: 49
                Quote: self-propelled
                but ... dreams, dreams

                YEAH request what

                Quote: self-propelled
                .PS By the way, something about the "Wolf" (VPK-3927) has not been heard recently. there the 6x6 model was originally provided

                according to "Wolf" is valid since 2013, information ZZZ ((as far as I remember in 2014 Rustam wrote that the topic is closed)))

                The TOPIC is excellent, BUT running, extremely complex and not reliable ... and the idea of ​​a modular multipurpose armored car 4x4 and 6x6 is simply brilliant ...
                failed-execution .......
                1. jjj
                  jjj 15 October 2015 10: 44
                  In the publication, I liked the words that in Iraq, the Americans very quickly spent the resources of their tanks and armored cars
              2. Altona
                Altona 15 October 2015 14: 49
                Quote: self-propelled
                indeed the stepson of the "Tiger" NIMR is growing slowly with new modifications. in their own homeland there is no prophet - on a pretty good chassis GAZ-2330 (Tiger), you can create a huge number of modifications (and if 6x6 is also repaired) for the aircraft, along the way solving issues with unification. but ... dreams are dreams

                Marketing, the ability to find a client who will pay for your future products ... Just like that, without a client, no one will undertake production ...
      2. Forest
        Forest 15 October 2015 13: 44
        The civilian version is Hummer, the army version is HMMWV, which journalists dubbed Hamvee.
      3. cyberhanter
        cyberhanter 15 October 2015 15: 50
        Hammer is a civilian option, and the military has always been a hammwy
    2. The comment was deleted.
  2. inkass_98
    inkass_98 15 October 2015 08: 00
    the army wants a steeper, even more maneuverable car

    Its "maneuverability" was legendary back in Yugoslavia, our paratroopers-peacekeepers laughed that the BTR-80 could turn around on the road, but the much smaller "Hammer" under the same conditions could not. Yes, and his passability there was ridiculed. So the "legend" died almost 20 years ago.
    Quote: Felix1
    The neighbors have this and nothing, ride on weekends

    You can ride a tank, if the funds allow, people buy BRDM disarmed, for fishing and hunting. "Tiger" is still being made civilian. But this car is not for the city, and "Hummers" were taken for show-off, to roll monkeys and show their coolness.
    1. Performance
      Performance 15 October 2015 15: 36
      I also wanted to say that the Humvee is good on worn prairies or worn in deserts, and has repeatedly been disgraced in European conditions.
      1. Grigory_78
        Grigory_78 April 14 2017 18: 23
        And how the Americans bombed Germany during the exercises - a fairy tale. At least every day at night, review
    2. Grigory_78
      Grigory_78 April 14 2017 18: 22
      Yeah. I saw the Tiger in the city. The impression was that he took two lanes without a trace - until he looked at the markup.
  3. Tanker55
    Tanker55 15 October 2015 08: 33
    In my opinion, Iron Arnie has the coolness in this article, and he looks serious and just a good person and actor. And cars produced by Americos are far from the leaders, there are cooler vehicles, for example, our Tiger.
  4. The comment was deleted.
  5. tchoni
    tchoni 15 October 2015 08: 45
    Хамер сагина, не сомненно интересная, но, тем не менее являет собой пример, когда техническая разработка не соответствует стратегии применения. Если ить хамер со, скажем, отечественным уралом или еще каким полноприводным 4–5 тонным грузовиком, то увидим паразительные вещи: при сопоставимых затратах горючева и прочих расходников, включая время обслуживания, грузовик таскает больше, и вообще более удобен.
    As for the future fate of tactical SUVs, I think that he has a certain future, like a car for reconnaissance and patrolling. However, it seems to me that for these purposes an armored vehicle with a dense cross-country capacity of up to 5 tons (for the Russian army - 4 tons and the ability to transport a Mi-8 helicopter) with a crew (landing party) of 4-6 people and the ability to transport 200 kg of cargo is needed. While the bourgeoisie see the future in a magin weighing 10-15 tons with the same crew and a half-ton load in the back
    1. cosmos111
      cosmos111 15 October 2015 09: 38
      Quote: tchoni
      As for the future fate of tactical SUVs, I think that he has a certain future, like a car for reconnaissance and patrolling

      примерно 230 000 автомобилей HMMWV, эксплуатируются по всему миру... около 160 000 HMMWV в настоящее время находятся в эксплуатации в армии, КМП, и национальной гвардии СыШыА, а остальные 70 000 машин принадлежат международным заказчикам...

      AM General в 2015 году, заключила новые контракты на запчасти для HMMWV на сумму 42.165.170 для американских и международных заказчиков: Ирак, Афганистан, Тунис, Израиль, Турция, Кения и Ливан...
      “We are delighted to continue to support the active and future operation of the more than 160 HMMWVs currently in service with the US Army, Marine Corps, Reserve and National Guard,” said Chris Vanslager, Vice President, AM General.

      Americans know how to make money .. and still squeeze out of their HMMWV, not one ml. $ ....
      1. cosmos111
        cosmos111 15 October 2015 10: 27
        JLTV program и разрабатывалась в качестве замены HMMWV, машина должна была сочетать все ТТХ лёгкого многоцелевого авто с уровнем защиты MRAP,то есть предполагалось заменить два класса одним, что эффективнее с точки зрения цены и обслуживания,эксплуатации...

        which was achieved on the Oshcosh Light Combat Tactical All-Terrain Vehicle (L-ATV)
        Quote: tchoni
        While the bourgeoisie see the future in a magin weighing 10 – 15 tons with the same crew and half-ton cargo in the back

        NOT something like that !!!
        общий вес L-ATV/JLTV составляет 5.6 тонн, ещё 1.6 тонны приходится на солдат и оборудование... where are your 10-15 tons and 0.5 cargo tones ???
        а,JLTV Oshcosh будет самым массовым ББМ....
        1. cosmos111
          cosmos111 15 October 2015 10: 53
          lightweight EBBM, weighing up to 10-tons ... what do bourgeois ???

          1. легкая ББМ Hawkei 4x4 from Thales Australia, net weight of 7 tons ...
          может транспортироваться на подвесе вертолета CH-47(( МО автралии в 2015 году подписало контракт на сумму 1,3 млрд австралийских долларов (около 820 млн евро),на закупку 1100 бронированных машин Hawkei)))
          2. RG32М 4х4 ЮАР,производится подразделеним компании BAE Systems, Land Systems OMC, собственной массе 6,5 тонн, с грузоподъемностью увеличившейся с одной до 3-х тонн...
          3. Switzerland BBM Eagle IV, от компании Bucher-Guyer(шасси Duro 4 x 4) собственная масса 7 тонн до всего лишь 7,8 тонн, грузоподъемность 3 тонны...

          at VO in 2013, there was a series of articles on this topic:

          Overview of light armored vehicles. (Part 1) USA
          Overview of light armored vehicles. (Part 2) France
          Overview of light armored vehicles. (Part 3) Overview of light armored vehicles. (Part 4)
          Source Armada Compendium October 2012

          1. tchoni
            tchoni 15 October 2015 21: 20
            Quote: cosmos111
            lightweight EBBM, weighing up to 10-tons ... what do bourgeois ???

            Quote: cosmos111
            1. lightweight BBM Hawkei 4x4 from Thales Australia, net weight 7 tons ...
            can be transported on the suspension of a CH-47 helicopter ((in the 2015 year, the MO of Australia signed a contract worth 1,3 billion Australian dollars (about 820 million euros) for the purchase of 1100 Hawkei armored vehicles)))
            2. RG32M 4x4 South Africa, produced by a division of BAE Systems, Land Systems OMC, own weight 6,5 tons, with a payload increased from one to 3 tons ...
            3. Switzerland BBM Eagle IV, from the company Bucher-Guyer (chassis Duro 4 x 4) own weight 7 tons to only 7,8 tons, load capacity 3 tons ...

            All these machines weighing 7 tons are closer to 10 ke and by no means contribute to helicopter transportation.
            Some modifications of the HAMVI in armor up to 9 tons did not reach a little.
            What Navistar Defense International MaxxPro tried to replace it with (easy care) so over 10 everything passed in my opinion ...
            Although, maybe it is necessary. And transportation by helicopter is a blessing no one needs?
            In general, it would be interesting to hear opinions on this topic.
            1. cosmos111
              cosmos111 16 October 2015 11: 21
              Quote: tchoni

              Although, maybe it is necessary. And transportation by helicopter is a blessing no one needs?

              I posted on this topic .... of course necessary, especially for special forces ...

              the war in Syria shows that we need only: 1. BTR / BMP-T for assault operations in urban development ...

              2.wheel, 6x6,8x8, armored personnel carriers, infantry fighting vehicles, fire support vehicle (such as Nona / Vienna), etc ...

              3. Light armored personnel carriers transported by helicopters, for special forces: deep reconnaissance, raid operations, rescue operations for the Air Force ....
              The US military is actively learning from the fresh combat experience gained in Iraq and Afghanistan. One of these lessons says that special forces need a car that combines high speed, cross-country ability, modularity, and survivability.

              better not to formulate ...

              machine GMV Ground Mobility Vehicle спроектирована под размеры грузового отсека транспортного вертолета "Чинук"и V-22 Osprey , может перевозиться и на внешней подвеске..
              вседорожник с центральнорасположенным мотором,это обеспечивает наилучшую развесовку...
              the car is able to reach a maximum speed of 140 km / h and can transport a unit of five in full armor ..

              weight - 3,4 tones, load capacity 1,6 tones, length: 4,71 m; width: 1. 52 m; height: 1,52 m

              [/ Center]
  6. orthodox71
    orthodox71 15 October 2015 09: 16
    And why is this hammer even without loopholes in the doorway? What, all hope for the tower? And the rest are sitting and smoking nervously thinking: will the shooter beat off or not. We even have collection gazelles with loopholes
  7. inpu
    inpu 15 October 2015 09: 30
    It seems to me alone that the NATO forerunner was more practical
    At least the ass is not a stump. While shooting from the roof of the building in the back ...
  8. ilyaches
    ilyaches 15 October 2015 10: 25
    "... the roar of the Sherman tank was the soundtrack of WWII ..."

    But I naively thought that the soundtrack was voiced by T-34, T-34-85, like the best tanks of the 2nd World War. Maybe I'm wrong.
  9. cth; fyn
    cth; fyn 15 October 2015 10: 48
    Environmentalists burned down the dealership, ahahaha, but do they even think about nature, these environmentalists? Or just about cabbage?
  10. _KM_
    _KM_ 15 October 2015 10: 56
    Curious transformation. Initially, the "Hummer" was conceived as a light multi-purpose truck. In the end, everything returned to the armored vehicle. Not an armored personnel carrier or an armored vehicle in the modern sense, but an armored truck. Something like the reincarnation of the M3 "scout"
  11. Insurgent LC
    Insurgent LC 15 October 2015 18: 29
    I found another such option, though I don’t know whose and the hood does not seem to be armored
    1. cosmos111
      cosmos111 15 October 2015 19: 52
      Quote: LPR Insurgent
      I found another such option, though I don’t know whose and the hood does not seem to be armored

      NO, not armored, to reduce the weight of the BBM ... only the armored capsule is armored, the trunk / cargo compartment is also not armored ...

      first prototype, Lockheed Martin's JLTV, category B model, built in October 2007


  12. SPLV
    SPLV 15 October 2015 19: 44
    the roar of the Sherman tank was the soundtrack of the Second World War, and the noise of the blades of the American multi-purpose helicopter Iroquois was the characteristic sound of Vietnam.

    Sherman - 50 000 pieces released.
    T-34 - 84 000 pieces released.
    I understand that this is a translation. But somehow enrages.
  13. Torkvat torkvat
    Torkvat torkvat 4 July 2017 15: 09
    Доставило- "рев Шермана звук 2 мировой)))) Скорее уже т-34 или "тигра"))Чудовищный расход топлива,как танк; А если их несколько тысяч, а дороги простреливаются???)))) Ещё раз доказывает ,что Americans никогда не воевали на истребление и на своей территории))