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Foreign Legion of Ukraine

Foreign Legion of Ukraine

Due to the fact that the hot period in the conflict between Ukraine and Russia, at least for the time being, has ended, competition between the development models chosen by the two countries came to the fore.

This confrontation will most likely continue for a very long time, it will last for years, if not for decades. It is clear that the result is not obvious, too different are not just models, but also principles for evaluating the final result. What, in the end, can be considered the success of a particular model, and what is not?

But one thing is clear for sure. The collective West stands behind the model chosen by Ukraine, and its goal is clearly not only the transformation of Ukraine. Therefore, this confrontation is for a future model of development, including for Russia, which gives the situation a special intrigue and, of course, some piquancy.

By the way, perhaps that is why the appointment of the Russian woman Maria Gaidar as deputy governor of the Odessa region and her refusal of Russian citizenship was perceived as so painful in Russia. It's one thing when representatives of the Russian intelligentsia leave for Ukraine. This is understandable and safe. The intelligentsia in Russia is always in the front of a strong government, and even the prospect of Ukraine’s choice of a western development model can attract many Russian journalists, writers and cultural figures.

Thus, they continue the old Russian tradition of protest emigration. It was also characteristic of the times of tsarist Russia, then of the Soviet Union. It is also characteristic that this tradition began in the time of Ivan the Terrible, when some Russian leaders left for Western Russian lands in the Grand Duchy of Lithuania.

The most famous of them is Prince Andrei Kurbsky. And it was his departure that led Ivan the Terrible to the need to enter into a discussion with the fugitive commander, which actually took place on the theme of different models of the development of Russia and the Russian lands in the principality of Lithuania. It should be noted that the departure of the pioneer printer Ivan Fedorov to Lithuania did not cause such emotions among the tsar and the Russian authorities. A high-ranking official is still completely different.

Therefore, Maria Gaidar’s relocation to Ukraine certainly hurt the Russian authorities more than, for example, the departure of Zhanna Nemtsova and other members of the intelligentsia from Russia. Still, Gaidar was the deputy head of the Kirov region under the governor of the former opposition Nikita Belykh. That is, no one, but a representative of the establishment.

In addition, Gaidar’s refusal of Russian citizenship for the sake of an administrative position in Ukraine could not help but cause displeasure in Moscow in the context of the competition of development models. It’s not even the case that in Gaidar in particular, and in the Ukrainian reformers as a whole, something can happen with the changes in Ukraine, they probably don’t believe in such an opportunity in Moscow, the problem is different: why did Gaidar be called at all?

And here are a variety of options, including conspiracy. Starting from the sonorous name of her father, a well-known liberal politician of Russia, who carried out radical economic reforms, and ending with plans to prepare cadres for future changes in Russia itself. It is unlikely that Maria Gaidar has any special management skills. More likely, her “call” for service in Ukraine is a kind of signal to Russian society that Ukraine and its reforms are an example for Russia.

President Vladimir Putin did not fail to note that it is wrong when the Varyags are invited, as if there are no decent cadres in their country and that this is a manifestation of external control of Ukraine. In principle, the Russian president is right on the issue of external control.

It is clear that the Ukrainian elite voluntarily would hardly have agreed with so many foreigners in key positions in state structures. Surely its representatives, those who supported the Maidan and those who later changed the front line, counted on some revenge against people from the team of former President Viktor Yanukovych. But now they have no mandate to exercise power in the country.

Too many key positions in the country today are occupied by the Varangians. Here there is an impressive part of the government members, including the Minister of Finance, and the governor of the strategically important Odessa region, Mikhail Saakashvili. In the leadership of Ukraine, there are many Georgians from the Saakashvili team, an American of Ukrainian origin, a Lithuanian, a Russian. It is hard to imagine that this is the result of only the policies of President Petro Poroshenko, who, like Peter the Great in the Russian Empire, invited the “Varangians” (Europeans) in order to improve the governance of the country. Although much depends on Poroshenko.

However, we note that in Ukraine, prominent oligarchs Dmitry Firtash and Igor Kolomoisky were actually withdrawn from the political game at different times. The first one was generally arrested in Vienna on a request from the United States at that very moment last year, when the issue of political power was decided in Ukraine. The second one first entered into an open conflict with Poroshenko, relying on considerable opportunities, then sharply reduced its activity.

And there is история with Yulia Tymoshenko, who, after being released from prison after Maidan, was very determined to return to active politics, but in the end she was hardly visible today, and her former supporters entered into an alliance with Poroshenko.

And, of course, the story of Saakashvili is very revealing. First, people from his team appeared in Ukraine, and then he himself. No matter how badly they treat him in Russia, Saakashvili does carry out reforms and at the same time he is desperate enough to carry them out as decisively and even harshly.

In this sense, Odessa for him is a very significant city. There have always been many influential clans that controlled many aspects of the life of this important port. If Saakashvili can achieve results in Odessa, it will mean more for the success of Ukrainian reforms than changes in any other regions. Especially when you consider the specifics of Odessa. On the one hand, it is traditionally a pro-Russian city, but on the other hand, it is a very market and very pragmatic city. If here they see the prospect of actually becoming a European city, it will reconcile even the most pro-Russian-minded Odessa citizens with the new Ukrainian reality.

In addition, Saakashvili is already tipped to the position of the future Prime Minister of Ukraine. If such an appointment takes place, then Moscow will have even more reason to talk about the external control of Ukraine. But here the main question is in the results obtained and the final goal, and those who hypothetically influence Ukrainian politics or, perhaps, even control it.

For Ukrainian society, the only reason that can justify the current difficult times is only the evolution of the country into a middle Eastern European state. There is a certain consensus in Ukrainian society today. But no one wants the situation of the year 2004 to repeat, when after the previous “orange revolution” some oligarchs were replaced by others. And then, in the wake of disappointment, the former elite with its archaic view of government and society returns to power.

Therefore, reforms in Ukraine and do not trust the local elite. Hence, all the Vikings. Paradoxically, the local elite is also quite satisfied with it, at least part of it. They are even willing to put up with the loss of key positions. First, because they understand that the Vikings must do all the dirty work for them. But life in the middle Eastern European country is still more profitable for the elite post-Soviet realities. In the end, they already have the money, but the legitimacy of status to money just does not hurt. Secondly, the Vikings are a temporary phenomenon, they have to make institutional changes, and then they will, sooner or later, leave. Thirdly, the participation of the Vikings in Ukrainian reforms is almost certainly a condition on the part of the West. And modern Ukraine is critically dependent on Western aid.

Interestingly, Saakashvili, during one of his meetings with an asset from the Odessa region, said that for new managers he would find additional funds from certain funds. Because salaries in the Ukrainian state institutions are very insignificant. It may be recalled that a similar situation was in Georgia, where many projects were financed from additional external sources. At one time, even the salaries of top officials were paid in this way.

In general, Kiev is very consistent in its policy of reform. It is worth noting the police reform, instead of which a patrol police force appeared in the capital, created under the leadership of Georgian Vice Minister of the Interior Eki Zguladze. Previously, she carried out the same reform in Georgia. Ukraine has adopted a law on decentralization, which deals with the transition on the ground to the system of self-government.

At the same time, despite all the unpopularity of the reforms being carried out, the difficult economic situation, the relative political unity in the establishment still remains. There is no particular confrontation between the parliament and the president, the ruling coalition continues to exist.

Interestingly, Russia is extremely jealous of information about reforms in Ukraine. One of the postulates of the information campaign regarding Ukraine in Russia is associated with a criticism of the reforms being carried out, with the idea of ​​the overall inefficiency of the structures of the Ukrainian state - from the army to the control system.

Such a position reflects a slight concern that reforms in Ukraine may eventually lead to some more or less positive results. And this cannot but disturb the ideologues of official Moscow. In this case, Ukraine not only falls out of the sphere of influence of Russia, but also becomes an alternative project - in fact, another Russia.

Most of all, Russia’s concern is that Ukraine has de facto found itself under the umbrella of the West. Therefore, the likelihood that Ukraine can succeed in everything, remains very high. The West will do it at least to contain Russia.

That is why, perhaps, the Minsk process stalled. The idea of ​​Moscow was to first force Kiev to interact with the leadership of the unrecognized republics in Donetsk and Lugansk. Then achieve their return to reintegration into Ukraine under autonomy with something like the right to veto any changes in its policies. This would allow to suspend the situation in Ukraine, at least, the reform of the latter would be much more difficult.

However, Kiev preferred to carry out reforms independently, in fact freezing the situation in the east of Ukraine. This is not the most profitable scenario for Moscow. In this case, the unrecognized republics remain in the care of Russia, which will most likely cause the Russian authorities to increase their incidence.

As the economic crisis develops, Russia's overall capabilities are increasingly dwindling, and against this background, the unresolved problems of the DPR and LPR strongly raise the question: what to do next, what should we expect?

It can be assumed that the recent aggravation in the east of Ukraine, the increase in the number of exchanges of fire between the warring parties, the prospect of a new escalation of a military conflict are a reflection of the general uncertainty of the situation. And on both sides.

But if it is important for Donetsk and Lugansk rebels to recall their existence in order to force them to enter into direct negotiations with them, then it is more important for the Ukrainian side to maintain the status quo in order to use time to solve internal problems.

Of course, it cannot be excluded that the hotheads in Kiev would like to blitzkrieg in the spirit of the Croatian Army 1995 operation of the year against the Republic of Serbian Krajina, which was organized by the Serbs in the territory of Croatia in the process of the breakup of Yugoslavia. Then the Croats a few days broke the Serbian militia. But for the success of such an operation, the Croats needed a neutral attitude on the part of Yugoslavia. Today, Ukrainians clearly cannot count on the same attitude on the part of Russia.

From a military point of view, Ukrainians are much more important to keep the front and prevent the repetition of stories with Debaltseve and other defeats of the past year. In the end, they can wait, time is working for them. Russia cannot wait for the Donetsk rebels either, respectively.

The difference is that the Ukrainians have a program of action and a goal that they want to achieve. Another question: can they do this? But behind them is the West, which also has its own goals, there are considerable opportunities. The Donetsk rebels and ideologues of last year’s campaign to defend the “Russian world” have by and large exhausted the program.

The only thing that can make a few more changes is a blitzkrieg with a complete defeat of the Ukrainian army and a large-scale offensive. But, firstly, such a blitzkrieg is no longer possible today, although at the cost of great efforts it is possible to occupy some more territories. Secondly, any offensive will lead to a new, already third, Minsk, but will not change the basic characteristics of the entire conflict.
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  1. svp67
    svp67 15 October 2015 05: 12 New
    moving of Maria Gaidar
    I'm wondering how she will look at the destruction of the street named after her grandfather in Odessa ...
    1. Ajent cho
      Ajent cho 15 October 2015 05: 31 New
      how will she look
      Who cares what the look of the puppet looks like? As if something depends on such Mari Gaidarov. While they pay attention to it, they will use it. Then they will throw it away and she will have to make decisions for herself how to live on. At best, they will forget about it, and at worst they will slap it so that it does not get confused underfoot.
      1. vovanpain
        vovanpain 15 October 2015 07: 27 New
        how will they use it? Wellhttp: // something like this
    2. radogos
      radogos 15 October 2015 05: 47 New
      She wanted to be screwed up somehow ... so gosdepovskaya.! FORK TO TRAFFERS !!!
    3. evil partisan
      evil partisan 15 October 2015 07: 28 New
      Quote: svp67
      I'm wondering how she will look at the destruction of the street named after her grandfather in Odessa ...
      Yes, she easily renames her grandfather’s grave! yes There would be a team from the regional committee ...
    4. venaya
      venaya 15 October 2015 08: 54 New
      moving of Maria Gaidar
      Quote: svp67
      how she will look at the destruction of the street named after her grandfather in Odessa ...

      What about grandfather? So the grandfather is not her, not her own, and she knows this better than us.
    5. Just
      Just 15 October 2015 10: 40 New
      He’s not her grandfather at all, he’s a grandmother’s roommate.
  2. 1536
    1536 15 October 2015 05: 20 New
    Infantilism is what determines the socio-economic policy of Ukraine. Everything else is pointless to discuss.
  3. Ivan Slavyanin
    Ivan Slavyanin 15 October 2015 05: 25 New
    The article sucks! I'll start with the cliché: "at the idiologists of official Moscow"! I would be interested to find out from this writer: where did he get the information for thinking? In Ukraine, the essence of the reforms is simple - take it away from the locals and transfer it to foreigners! After all, the eggman said that effective privatization of Ukrainian property by foreign companies is needed! And if this author knew what happened to the industry of the Baltics or the countries of the former Yugoslavia, which was simply destroyed by the same local reformers as in Ukraine, for the sake of reforms and integration into the EU, then I would be careful not to assert that Russia is worried about the successful reform of Ukraine!
    1. vadsonen
      vadsonen 16 October 2015 01: 03 New
      Yes, industry in the Baltics has been eliminated. But in whose sphere of influence did the Baltic region end up?

      Also, as in Ukraine, in the Baltic countries there are a large number of people sympathizing with Russia, but this does not change the general Russophobic orientation of these countries. It is in this direction that Ukraine is now turning. And it is precisely this author, as it seems to me, that he wanted to say. And tell me - does Russia need it?

      As for the privatization of everything and everything - this is still a private matter, and one thing does not interfere with the West.
  4. Foresterer
    Foresterer 15 October 2015 05: 38 New
    Oda Saakashvili, agitation for any rabble gathered in Ukraine. Does the author himself believe in what he writes? I would ask the Georgians and the Vyatkians how many and how these figures were reformed.
  5. Russian jacket
    Russian jacket 15 October 2015 05: 41 New
    An article about a future victory ... Much is far-fetched ... Georgia was the same under the petronate of the West, salaries were paid to officials from funds ... And the result? prosperity in spite of the "aggressor" as it was not and is not. The article is nothing more than a wish of success.
  6. Grbear
    Grbear 15 October 2015 05: 47 New
    Full nonsense negative
    A mixture of English with Nizhny Novgorod with a complete misunderstanding of the objectivity of economic processes, the political task of the West and the venality of elites. At least it
    Therefore, reforms in Ukraine are not trusted by the local elite. Hence all the Vikings. Paradoxically, this too quite suits the local elite, at least part of it. They are even willing to put up with the loss of key positions.

    Yes, such reforms will be carried out by any Kolomoisha from Privoz, and, not only will not share, he will tear anyone for a position. Ukraine received a shortcut from the West and is now frantically looking for "small" denyushkas, no longer to wage war, but to maintain an "idle" and hungry army, to buy energy resources and distribute debts.
    And the gaitarochki do not cause anything but disgust and Russian compassion (God mind offended the girl ... She ruined her life from a young age) hi
  7. Berthan
    Berthan 15 October 2015 05: 48 New
    In this case, Ukraine not only falls outside the sphere of influence of Russia, but also becomes an alternative project - in fact, another Russia.

    No, already) Under Washington’s rule, Ukraine can become anything - another Poland, second-rate Canada, but certainly not Russia)
  8. The comment was deleted.
  9. From Germany
    From Germany 15 October 2015 06: 17 New
    I carefully read the article and was surprised by a clear contradiction.

    On the one hand, the author talks about the "Varangians" - almost all of them are American puppets (apparently not all Svidomo were ready unconditionally to lie under the black lord, so they brought this foreign "fraternity" in large numbers). Ukraine's fierce anti-Russian and pro-American position does not just hint, but speaks out loud, under whose external control this territory is located. And then this blooper:

    "However, Kiev preferred to carry out the reforms on its own."

    What kind of INDEPENDENT reform can be discussed if Ukraine is no longer a sovereign state?

    And by the way, if in the FRG at one time they poured huge money into the social sector (shamelessly getting into debts) in order to show, in comparison with the GDR, how much "better" capitalism is, then judging by the loans allocated to Ukraine, there is no "measure with the genitals" will be. In order to get closer to the Russian standard of living, at least in the distant future, huge amounts of money are needed (which, by the way, also have to be given), and here, even to prevent a default on a Russian loan, they do not give money, that is, in my opinion, there will be no Western umbrella, no alternative project, no "other Russia".

    It is only a pity that so many, in fact, Russian people suffer because of these pro-American slimes.
  10. Yellow
    Yellow 15 October 2015 06: 23 New
    Is it possible for the FSB to steal all these skins and deliver them here?
    1. KaPToC
      KaPToC 16 October 2015 23: 44 New
      Quote: Yellow
      Is it possible for the FSB to steal all these skins and deliver them here?

      What for? nefig any "shit to the country to drag
  11. Neophyte
    Neophyte 15 October 2015 06: 38 New
    Banderlog-settler for losers! Nothing good will come of it! Yes, and this country itself-
    historical incident!
  12. rotmistr60
    rotmistr60 15 October 2015 06: 59 New
    Ukrainians have a program of action and the goal they want to achieve

    The author with youthful enthusiasm believes in something that Ukrainian fascists do not and cannot have. There is of course a virtual goal - nationalistic Ukraine with Western money. And the rest is dreams of I.D.O.T.A.
  13. magdama
    magdama 15 October 2015 07: 08 New
    Looking at most of our officials, deputies, ministers, etc., in one word, parasites, I want to agree with the opinion of the author of the article. Maybe the Varangians would not hurt us. The Varangians from Kazakhstan, Georgia, Singapore, Taiwan ... They know how to carry out reforms. The embezzlers are not released on a subscription, but are planted and shot. And old DON'T friends are not awarded the Order for Merit to the Fatherland of the First degree, but expelled as having failed to cope with the work of the Prime Minister. Therefore, we are sitting in our swamp.
  14. The comment was deleted.
  15. akudr48
    akudr48 15 October 2015 09: 09 New
    The author Sultan Akimbekov wrote a clearly extraordinary and provocative article.

    You can stop at each paragraph and figure out what I wanted to do right from the beginning, with a zape about what is between Russia and Ukraine competition between development models chosen by two countries.

    However, apart from the "traitor", "six" and "beggar" there is nothing else in the model of development of the U.K.R.o.v. I did not find it, so I did not compare.

    But by comparison A.Kurbsky and M.Gaydar, which the author made equal figures can not be passed. It is only in Ukraine that can be compared, they will understand and accept any enemy, and in Russia, the Gaidar region will go on hearing people for a long time.

    Sounds particularly good and elegant
    slight concern that reforms in Ukraine may ultimately lead to some more or less positive results.

    The most positive result of these reforms for Russia would be the flight of the junta from Kiev airfields and vehicles towards the west, which should be promoted with all force ...
  16. andrejwz
    andrejwz 15 October 2015 09: 25 New
    Due to the fact that the hot period in the conflict between Ukraine and Russia, at least for the time being, has ended, competition between the development models chosen by the two countries came to the fore.

    A neighbor dog is running around the cars. But it never crossed my mind that this was competition.
  17. 3vs
    3vs 15 October 2015 09: 47 New
    Some strange pedaling on the personality of Maria Gaidar.
    Who is she, I think everyone has already forgotten about her in Russia after the shots with Saakashvili
    in Ukraine.
  18. kotvov
    kotvov 15 October 2015 12: 11 New
    the author clearly sees life through the glasses of liberal reality. What reforms did he see in Georgia or Ukraine? The Gaidar was especially pleased, he would have dragged the bulk here.
  19. Sasha_Sar
    Sasha_Sar 15 October 2015 12: 19 New
    Comparison of Masha Gaidar with Kurbsky is clearly not pulling ...
  20. Old warrior
    Old warrior 15 October 2015 12: 55 New
    In shades of betrayal (grades g ... on) I do not understand what I do not regret about how much ...
  21. cheega69
    cheega69 15 October 2015 13: 05 New
    In occasion of Gaidarshi- nonsense doggie. The more these drive up, the better. But actually, in some ways the author is right. And about the alternative to Russia, and especially about the lack of a program of action for the DPR, LPR, Russia. For us, it resembles a positional dead end.
  22. Tambov Wolf
    Tambov Wolf 15 October 2015 13: 58 New
    Are we being accustomed to the idea that the under-state "Ukraine" will last forever? We are unlikely to agree with this.
  23. Cucumbers
    Cucumbers 15 October 2015 14: 06 New
    The author constantly confuses Ukrainians with the current illegitimate power that came as a result of a coup d'etat. Meanwhile, their interests are completely different. It is clear to everyone that Ukraine can achieve outstanding success only in alliance with Russia, and if not, then the fate of Bulgaria, Romania and other former ones. And where there is success there is a well-paid job, social guarantees. The current government, as they say Hut from the edge, that is, they have some kind of people on the drum. If it does not bend, it will support, but where to go. The author recalled ( the others have already forgotten a long time ago) and the daughter of a grunting and screeching liberal. My grandfather there is turning over in shame. The message is clear, they say the future development model of Russia is rolling in Ukraine, as it is understood in Washington. But Russia does not choose its development model with puppeteers the way.
  24. NordUral
    NordUral 15 October 2015 14: 07 New
    It is necessary not to regret that such successful figures are leaving to build the European Outskirts, and to help the remaining liberals topple to the Outskirts or even further. But only with bare ass.
  25. Oleko
    Oleko 15 October 2015 16: 21 New
    I put the author +. For a different point of view. The author asks himself the question: "What if it works out?" And he answers to himself - it is possible. Most likely, now in Ukraine - the calm before the storm. The Yankees select the president (my opinion), who will "sit on the throne" on the PS bayonets. Observers on Zvezda TV are talking about this. The states can turn off the "breathing taps" of the IMF and the fund will issue a tranche. Not to Rabbit, but to Mishuko. In a word, both my comment and the article are fortune-telling on the coffee grounds. This is the same as with forecasts regarding the Aerospace Forces operation in Syria. Combat work is going on there. The base is protected. 500 ISIS facilities were destroyed (In Russia, the Ministry of Internal Affairs opened 447 cases against Russians fighting on the side of ISIS, and there are several thousand of them). In short, time will tell ...
  26. RomanS
    RomanS 15 October 2015 18: 09 New
    A little about the author: Sultan Akimbekov, a well-known Kazakh publicist and director of the Institute of Asian Studies. The International Institute for Asian Studies (IIAS) is a research and exchange platform based at Leiden University in the Netherlands. The institute's goal is to encourage multidisciplinary and comparative exploration of Asia and to foster national and international cooperation. It acts as an interface between academic and non-academic partners including cultural, strategic organizations and social.

    IIAS was jointly established in 1993 by the Royal Netherlands Academy of Arts and Sciences (KNAW), Leiden University, University of Van Amsterdam (UVA) and Vrajd University of Amsterdam (VU).
    Actually "talking head" voices ideas you know whose. And looking at the year the institute was founded, it becomes clear why it was created. And today I like the name for such non-AGENT!
  27. stas
    stas 15 October 2015 22: 57 New
    Daddy Piggy, daughter of a pig. Everything is logical!
  28. Awaz
    Awaz 16 October 2015 09: 59 New
    who is such a petty gaydarsha? A banal adventurer, at the right moment, appropriating the name of a person who is not even related to her. With all the mess and professionalism in the ranks of the top authorities in Russia, people like the Gaidar cannot even compete with them. I am a resident of the Kirov region and this young lady was once warmed by the local governor. All her work was to destroy the health care system, and all the biggest scandals in this industry in the Kirov region occurred: the infection of the newly built maternity hospital and the purchase of the most expensive tomography scanner seem to be in Russia, not to mention the fact that it was washed out of the region after the tragedy with the murder of a girl, presumably the car in which this person rode.
  29. Anatoly_1959
    Anatoly_1959 16 October 2015 13: 45 New
    I really don't care about Maria Gaidar, like all other citizens leaving Russia. If I don't care, then the Russian authorities all the more. They have nothing else to do than worry about obvious enemies. It's just that the liberal Putin is not thirsty for blood, and history will put everything in its place. Talking about "reforms" and "progress", in relation to Ukraine, is to Kashchenko ...
  30. Tanysh
    Tanysh 17 October 2015 09: 35 New
    "The difference is that Ukrainians have a program of action and a goal that they want to achieve. Another question: will they be able to do it? But behind them is the West, which also has its own goals, and there are considerable opportunities. Donetsk rebels and ideologists of last year's campaign to defend the 'Russian world' have largely exhausted their program. "
    In one paragraph, the author gave out all his "bitterness" Well it should be how people know how to dump from a sick head to a healthy one, and even blame everyone around !!!!!!!!!!
    Is it Nostradamus who has bothered him?
    Until then, the Ukrainians will not stop packing and do not take up work. But they know how to work .....