Our memory. Museum "Kaluga Garrison"


The second part of the story about the trip to Kaluga is devoted to the museum exposition. Let's start with the street.

Cancer-38, anti-tank gun, 50 mm.

Cancer-36, anti-tank gun, 37 mm.

BTR "Ganomag-250". Fully operational.

Kitchen. The most revered exhibit that day. Working

BA-64. On the run.

[center] 76,2-mm divisional gun ZIS-3.

Gas-xnumx. Capable and completely identical.

[/ Center]
GAZ-AA. The legendary "Lorry".

Inside the museum consists of two exhibitions: weapons and equipment of the Red Army and Germany. Present and some of weapons Allies, the part that came to us under the Lend-Lease.

Uniform samples.

This, dear connoisseurs stories, nothing more than "Photokor-1". The first mass Soviet camera.

Anti-tank guns Degtyarev and Simonov.

Flare gun with ammunition.

Mauser С96.

Thompson. Delivered to us.

Submachine gun Sudayev. By many estimates - the best PP World War II.

Cavalry carbine.

Manual siren.

Samples ammunition soldier of the Red Army.

Mosin rifle, sniper version


Machine gun Goryunova SG-43.


What is Lewis doing here is very difficult to say. Could, of course, be used at the beginning of the war.


Field telephone.




"Waltr" P38.

"Luger" P06.

"Walter" PP.

FN Browning M1922. Belgium.

Vis.35. Poland.

"Walter" PPK.

"Walter", model 4.

Mauser M1910.

FN model 27. Belgium.

Astra 600. Spain. Produced for Germany.

"Mauser" HSc.

Bayard m. 1908. Belgium.

FÉG 37M. Hungary.

Beretta M1934. Italy.

FN Model 1910. Belgium.

Sauer 38H. Germany.

Colt M1911. USA.

Colt Model 1903 Pocket Hammerless. USA.


Shop drum type for machine gun MG.

Machine gun ZB vz. 26. Czechoslovakia.



MG-81. Actually, this aviation a machine gun, but upon closer inspection it turned out that the bipods were not "pinned up". Accordingly, this is an infantry option.

Here is an exhibition. Very informative, especially in terms of pistols. By the way, the organizers did not have time to sign them, I had to figure it out myself. Therefore, lovers of pistols, if something does not match, please do not particularly get excited.
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  1. +16
    October 13 2015
    “It's very difficult to say what Lewis is doing here. It could, of course, have been used at the beginning of the war.” It is a well-known fact that these machine guns were delivered to the Red Army from storage depots and were actively used in battles near Moscow. But in general, the museum is wonderful, there is something to see and even touch!
  2. +5
    October 13 2015
    Nice collection.
  3. +3
    October 13 2015
    MPL 50 want "Comintern" can anyone have an extra one?
  4. +9
    October 13 2015
    I apologize to the author, but the photo is not a lorry and Zakhar is a Zis-5 car. In general, a very informative photo review. Thanks to the author for the work!
    1. 0
      October 18 2015
      Yes, and Hanomag somehow offended by the name ...
  5. +4
    October 13 2015
    "Kitchen. The most revered exhibit that day. Working."

    KP-48. smile
  6. +5
    October 13 2015
    Thank you to the author for the tour ...
  7. +10
    October 13 2015
    Thank you.
    MG-34 and MG-42 are interchanged.
    1. +6
      October 13 2015
      Quote: igordok
      MG-34 and MG-42 are interchanged.
      Plus, in the photo there is not a "DShK", but a 7,62 mm Degtyarev heavy machine gun, model 1939 (DS-39). This is so, minor quibbles, otherwise I join, thanks to the author for the review and numerous photos of the exhibits.
  8. Rjn
    October 13 2015
    Yes, except for pistols. BA-64 - front suspension from GAZ 69, GAZ 67 post-war release, wheels are not native, ZIS 5, but not a lorry, the machine gun is not DShK, these are DS 39, MG 34 and MG 42 are mixed together. This is so offhand. In general, a huge work has been done, I support.
  9. +1
    October 13 2015
    In the photo is not Lorry, but ZiS 5. Look at the front spring (at Lorry it is transversely located) and the windshield with a jumper.
  10. +4
    October 13 2015
    Ganomag has one rink missing, it is unlikely to be operational. Scary manikins are a little annoying, and the lieutenant is between the fire extinguisher and the trash. And so the exposure is even very good.
    1. +1
      October 13 2015
      Pf, the skating rink is not enough, I rode in a figure-eight cut in half in my youth. Technology is a tenacious thing, especially military.
  11. +1
    October 13 2015
    Just a great article. He learned a lot from her.
  12. +1
    October 13 2015
    On the truck on the radiator the inscription "ZIS")))
  13. +1
    October 13 2015
    I'll have to go. Look what is there and how.
  14. +1
    October 13 2015
    What kind of me, after all, several years ago in Kaluga I lived two months at work, I never visited this museum. Not even interested in local attractions. Although there was time to relax, I often walked there in the center, but I didn’t bother to go to museums, the beautiful town left only positive emotions.
  15. 0
    October 13 2015
    Quote: leks
    What kind of me, after all, several years ago in Kaluga I lived two months at work, I never visited this museum. Not even interested in local attractions. Although there was time to relax, I often walked there in the center, but I didn’t bother to go to museums, the beautiful town left only positive emotions.

    do not be afraid - the museum was opened on 09.10.2015/XNUMX/XNUMX ;-)
  16. 0
    October 13 2015
    Very interesting exposition! Cognitive. Just two questions. Why is there a dent from the bullets on the back of the machine gun shield? And yet - phone = this is TAP (maybe TAI). In those days, they were in wooden crates. And so - healthy!
    1. 0
      October 13 2015
      My uncle, he was a paratrooper in the war. He fought with, "Maxim," so he told me to make sure that the shield was put up against a tree and shot at it with a rifle. The result is penetration. The whole focus is in spring depreciation on the machine.
  17. +1
    October 13 2015
    Serious collection. And how many discoveries are ahead! The museum was just born. He will stand up, straighten his shoulders, another preliminary recording will appear ...
    Good luck to the museum staff! hi
  18. +1
    October 13 2015
    Apparently, there were no plates not only on the pistols, it is forgivable that the museum is quite young. The exposition is quite decent, there are quite rare examples: for example, a PPSh with a sector store or an MG-81 in infantry performance. Almost all of the exhibits are in very good condition and some are just in excellent condition. The author and the museum workers are a definite plus for their attitude to history, but they still need to know it better. For example, the light armored personnel carrier Sd. Kfz. 250/10 (though for some reason without the Pak 36 anti-tank gun, but probably in the museum it is only one and the one on a wheeled carriage) was produced not only by the "HANOMAG" company, although of all the others this is the most "pronounceable". Well, the first thing that almost all readers noticed: the "mess" with the classics MG-42 vs MG-34. It's like confusing the GAZ-24 and the GAZ-21: the MG-42 is easily recognizable by the characteristic cutout in the casing for changing the barrel; on the MG-34, to replace the barrel, you had to first remove the cooling casing itself. Further "Mauser" does not seem to be C96, but K96. We got a little confused with sweets too. "Bon-bon" is not the name of the candy, but the candy itself (sweet) in German - "Bonbons" (plural). The wrapper simply said "Bonbon" - (sweet) candy. Although it was unlikely there was real sugar, more likely some kind of sweetener.
  19. 0
    October 14 2015
    Submachine gun Sudayev. By many estimates - the best PP World War II.

    "The opinion of many", i.e. Roman Skomorokhov's opinion is wrong. The best PC of the Second World War in the photo is located slightly higher. And it is called PP Thompson. The unit was unique.
    Actually, it was this formally PP that was the ideological predecessor of the M16 (and AK-74) as a class of weapons. Paradoxical as it may seem, but with completely different performance characteristics, they have exactly the same "effective ballistics" in theory. Of course, PP Thompson has hemorrhoids (more theoretical than practical), at the beginning of the last century. But, nevertheless, it was possible to get something between the M16A1 and the M16A2 (the AK-74 has it a little worse than even the M16A1). Those. the same eggs, but from a different profile. An attempt to achieve correct results by other methods. Not to say that it is very successful. But not a failure either.
    And just like ordinary PP (weapons of a completely different class), Thompson was magnificent and had absolutely no competitors among the 2MB member countries. Even the Hungarian Danuvia P. Kirali, the best of all the rest, could not be compared with Thompson. And he could only compete with the American unsuccessful carbine-machine gun (another class of small arms) M2. Moreover, while remaining formally PP, according to its actual TTX, Thompson was a completely problem-free submachine gun (although he was on a pistol cartridge, i.e. formally PP). Not that the American M2, which was a carbine submachine gun only formally, because of the carbine cartridge. But in fact, by TTX more than advanced PP did not pull.
    Of course, no AK-47 and other assault guns (assault rifles, another separate class of small arms) were the ideological predecessors of the M16 and AK-74. But there are some external and constructive similarities between the AK-47 and AK-74. Which leads to conversations like "it's the same thing." No, it’s not the same thing, it’s a weapon of completely different classes.
    I can not help but note the Italian bolt Fucile di Fanteria Mo. 1938 (better known as Carcano) on a cartridge of 7,35 × 51 mm Carcano. And also a handbrake on the same cartridge. This is the third profile of the same “egg”. This option is completely different, not the same as Thompson, because it did not allow the creation of an individual automatic weapon. The maximum is a semi-automatic (self-loading) + handbrake. To some extent, after 2MV, partially (only partially) ALMOST Americans went this way with their weapons on a 7,62 × 51 mm NATO cartridge. Complementing the line by the Thompson.
    Well, then all this diversity was supplanted by the M16. And when Thompson left, it became possible to replace the cartridge of the army pistol as well. Replaced by the cartridge of steam.
    And Sudaev's submachine gun is just a dead end. Incomprehensible product. Typical for the pre-war "Soviet weapons school". And post-war, too. AK-47, PKK and SKS are examples of this. Yes, and "macaroni" with APS, too.

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