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Mystery Lockerbie

The media impose on us the thesis that there is no more terrible thing than terrorism. Who will argue with the obvious? But even if it is “obvious” - I apologize for the expression - the trend. It is fully approved by the government, guaranteed to be in demand by the audience, providing ratings and views. Gold mine, Klondike sensations, daily flows of information ... The main question drowns in them: who makes the decisions that from now on this or that organization, this or that state - international terrorists and their accomplices, sponsors, harbingers? (Underline whatever applicable).

Is the policy of the notorious “world community” led by the United States in conferring the title of “international terrorist” so impeccable?

They say that the cherished dream of politics is the total amnesia of voters. There are too many knots in the recent past, pull over which - and an understanding of the events of today will come. One of these knots is the “Lockerbie Mystery” - a Scottish town where December 21 1988, as a result of an explosion aboard a Pan American airline, killed 270 passengers flying on this pre-Christmas day from London to New York.

Responsible for the explosion, two years after the tragedy, Washington and London called Muammar Gaddafi, and the direct performers - two employees of Libyan intelligence. Designating, thus, Libya and its leader "international terrorists." And - where do without it! - by imposing UN sanctions against the Jamahiriya. To cancel them, Muammar Gaddafi had to recognize the responsibility of his country for the terrorist attack, extradite those suspected of carrying it out, pay compensation to the relatives of the victims and “stop supporting international terrorism”.

For a long time, the very name "Lockerbie" was a symbol of the "terrorist nature of the Gaddafi regime." Well, what about it, because he himself acknowledged responsibility for the terrorist act, issued suspects, and paid compensation.
About what were the true reasons for this step of the Libyan leader - just below. Now - about the other. The fact that for 27 years since the tragedy has accumulated a sufficient amount of evidence that does not leave the official version of the involvement of Libya stone on stone. The fact that the case of the appointment of Gaddafi "international terrorist" was frankly fabricated. That in this stories it was not quite like that. More precisely - not at all, and out of the muddy intrigues that enveloped the Lockerbie catastrophe, the contours of such familiar subjects — the CIA and drugs, the outdated double agents, the elimination of “their own” and the violation of the law, are becoming more pronounced. Of course, all in the name of "political expediency" and guided by "supreme considerations of national security."

Actually, no “Libyan trace” was originally there. No matter what the Americans and the British asserted afterwards, the version about the involvement of Gaddafi and his special services was not considered at first at first. Although the colonel had a motive, and what else.

We wind off the film from the day of the tragedy over Lockerbie.

In December, 1985 exploded at the offices of Israeli airlines in Vienna and Rome. The organization of these shares of the United States accused Libya and froze its assets in American banks.

In March, 1986, the US-Libyan standoff peaked. The US Navy ships defiantly entered the Gulf of Sidra, violating the so-called "death line" established by Muammar Gaddafi. Libyan air defense weapons unsuccessfully fired on American aircraft. In response, attacks on anti-aircraft missile and radar bases were carried out, several military boats and a Libyan corvette were sunk.

On April 2, 1986, aboard a US airliner on a Rome-Athens flight, an explosion exploded over Greece, killing four US citizens.

Three days later, an explosion exploded at the La Belle disco in West Berlin. Three people died, 28 injured. Two of the dead were US citizens. The German authorities have not yet had time to start an investigation, and Washington has already placed all responsibility for the terrorist attack on Libya, proceeding from the unpretentious “Who else?”.

Then - the culmination. Ronald Reagan called the Libyan leader a "mad dog in the Middle East" and sanctioned Operation Canyon Eldorado: on the night from 14 to 15 in April of that same year, 1986 from British military bases and two aircraft carriers, American planes attacked Tripoli and Benghazi. As a result, about forty civilians died, including the adoptive daughter of Muammar Gaddafi, 15-month-old Hannah.

It would seem that everything is obvious: Lockerbie is the personal revenge of the Libyan leader. Only here the American sources themselves say that after this raid, Muammar Gaddafi ordered a reduction in funding for radical organizations. Among them - the words from the song can not be discarded - there were "Irish Republican Army", and the German radicals, and Muslims in the Philippines, and even the Japanese "left". Well, of course, the Palestinians and Lebanese.

These facts were so obvious that, I repeat, the investigators and Muammar Gaddafi and the Libyan intelligence were not initially considered as a defendant. Since the main version was different, "Iranian trace." Seemed to be more believable, since five months before Lockerbie, the “tragedy of the 655 flight” occurred.

3 July 1988, the US military cruiser Vincennes allegedly “by mistake” shot down an Iranian passenger plane over the Persian Gulf, carrying pilgrims to Mecca. All 290 people aboard were killed.
Immediately after the tragedy, George Bush Sr., then a presidential candidate, declared on this occasion: “I will never apologize for the United States. I don't care what the facts are. ” And after his arrival at the White House, he "roughly punished" the commander of the cruiser, Will Rogers and the officer in charge of air defense. In April, 1990, they were awarded the “For Military Merit” awards - with the wording “For exceptionally commendable actions when performing outstanding service”.

It was already a big policy. In the Iran-Iraq war, a turning point came, the Iranian army was advancing in the south of Iraq, and the key link of Saddam Hussein’s defense in the area, Ramallah, was about to fall. And Washington decided to save its "best enemy", demonstratively knocking down a passenger plane, thereby showing who is the boss in the Persian Gulf, and how this "owner" will act in the event of further advancement of the Iranians.

In those days, Mohsen Rezai, commander of the Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps, wrote to Ayatollah Khomeini: “To defeat Iraq, we must expel the Americans from the Persian Gulf, which of course we cannot do.” The demonstrative destruction by the Americans of a peace voyage played a role. And now the chairman of the Iranian parliament, Ali Akbar Hashemi Rafsanjani, states that the incident with the downed airliner led to a serious review of Tehran’s military policy. A few weeks later, the Iranian government accepted a UN proposal to end hostilities with Iraq, in the words of Ayatollah Khomeini, "drank a bowl of poison offered by the enemies of the Islamic Republic."

But it was a little later. And on July 4, the day after the tragedy of the 655 flight, Iran’s Ambassador Jaafar Mahallati spoke at the UN, saying: “We will use any legal means to exercise our right to defend ourselves. And, by virtue of the foregoing, we will use any legal means to punish this terrorist act. And not just for the accomplishment of punishment. Cara for punishment. But we will resort to punishment in order to prevent such unfortunate cases. "

At the same time in Tehran, Interior Minister Ali Akbar Mokhtashi swore that revenge for the murder of passengers of a peaceful flight on the organizers of the crime "from the sky will rain a bloody rain." Considering the fact that from 1982 to 1985 he was the Iranian ambassador in Damascus, he participated in the creation of Hezbollah and closely contacted representatives of Palestinian militant organizations, it was his words that were remembered after Lockerbie first.

Moreover, the 11 of May 1989 was published by the Washington Post newspaper report by the CIA, stating that the plane was detonated by Palestinian militants on Iran’s order.
According to the authors of the material, Palestinian organizations received “10 million dollars in cash and gold for the execution of the attacks. He (Mokhtashemi - IS) paid the same amount in order to carry out the terrorist attack on the PanAm flight 103 in revenge for the Iranian airbus shot down by the Americans. ” At the same time, journalists referred to sources in the National Security Agency.

It would seem that the case is closed, and the culprit is named. Nothing like this. At that time, Iran was not needed for either Washington or London as an “international terrorist No. XXUMX”. But Muammar Gaddafi, with his activity and independent policies that seriously interfered with the interests of the White House and Downing Street in the Middle East and Africa, is a completely different matter. And in March, 1, the president of Czechoslovakia, Vaclav Havel, suddenly discovered that in the late eighties, the communist regime of Prague set Libya a thousand tons of the same Semtex explosive that was used in the explosion of an airplane over Lockerbie. What and reported to the US and British authorities.

The rest was already a matter of technology, more precisely, the qualifications of falsifiers. A “Libyan trail” immediately appeared in the case: Jamahiriya intelligence officer Abdel Baset al-Megrahi and Lamin Khalif Fhima, general manager of the airline Libyan Arab Airlines in Malta.

The version proposed by the investigation now looked as follows: Abdel Baset al-Megrahi, the head of security of the airline, personally brought a suitcase with explosives to Malta and handed it to Lamin Khalifa Fhim. The latter was supposed to put him on the flight "Malta-Frankfurt". In Frankfurt, the deadly suitcase had to be moved to another flight to London Heathrow. Well, and then, already at Heathrow, unidentified persons had to “transfer” it a second time, at the final address — on flight No. XXUMX, heading to New York. Famously twisted, is not it?

The inconsistencies in this version were not just crawling, they were squealing with a squeal, which episode you could take. But - "the highest interests of national security", and, therefore, freedom of speech and independence of the court by the side. And while Lamin Khalif Fhima was acquitted, Abdel Baset al-Megrahi was sentenced to life imprisonment in 2001.

Having considered the matter closed, the authorities loosened control over the press and private investigators who studied the case. It was then that everything began to turn.
Scottish journalist Lusi Adams was able to get acquainted with the materials of a special commission that checked the course of the judicial investigation: “It turns out that the US Department of Justice paid a lot of money to the main prosecution witnesses, Paul and Tony Gauci. Anthony Gauci is the owner of a store in Malta, who said that it was Al-Megrahi who bought clothes from him, which he later found in the suitcase where the bomb was located. These were key evidence against al-Megrahi. And now we know that before the trial Anthony Gauci was in dire need of money, and after he gave his testimony, he received an impressive amount from the US Justice Department - about two million US dollars. ”

Think that's all? Here's another. Ulrich Lumpert, a Swiss engineer who was an “important witness,” admitted that he had lied about the origin of the clock switch. In a sworn statement for the Swiss court, he stated: “I stole the prototype of MTC 13 clockwork and handed it over to the person who was involved in the official Lockerbie case without permission from 22 June 1989.” In fact, as Lumpert now claims, “the clockwork switch used in the bomb was not one of those that his company sold to Libya.” That is, the allegedly “part of the fuse” found at the crash site, and featured in the process as one of the most important clues, is generally not.

There are still at least a dozen contradictions that the court and the investigation frankly ignored. But, if so, why did Muammar Gaddafi give out two of his citizens and pay 2,7 a billion dollars in compensation, almost 10 million dollars for every family of the dead? He expected that the "court will understand"? Recognized irrefutable evidence?

Moreover, the issuance of al-Megrahi was not an easy task for him. Received life imprisonment as the “organizer of the terrorist act,” Abdel Bassett belonged to one of the largest Libyan tribes, the Magarach, who enjoyed serious influence in the Jamahiriya and actively defended his fellow tribesman. And she conceded to Muammar Gaddafi only under the latter’s firm guarantees that he, al-Megrahi, would “pull” him out of prison by any means. Which, by the way, the colonel did. As soon as the opportunity for dialogue with London appeared, the Gaddafi International Charitable Foundation, headed by the Libyan leader’s son Saif al-Islam, began to seek release for a life prisoner.

Al-Megrahi “suddenly” showed prostate cancer, he lived, according to the doctors, no more than three months left - in fact, he died in May 2012 of the year - and therefore “Her Majesty's government, guided by considerations of humanity”, transferred it to Libyan authorities . So, 19 August 2009, al-Megrahi was released and returned to Libya. In the capital of Jamahiriya, he was given a solemn meeting: thousands of people with flags and banners greeted him like a hero. Folk festivities took place on the main square of Tripoli, and the amount of “compensation” for the release paid to London by Libyan representatives will probably remain unknown forever.

But why were these difficulties necessary? The answer to this was given by the Libyan authorities themselves back in 2004: our country is innocent, but was forced to make concessions as a “price for peace”. At the same time, by the way, he said that paying 2,7 a billion dollars to the families of the victims of the Lockerbie catastrophe would not be considered “Libya’s acknowledgment of guilt for the tragedy”.

And one more juicy detail - in May 2007, shortly before British Prime Minister Tony Blair went to Tripoli to meet with Muammar Gaddafi, the ambassador to Libya, Sir Vincent Fin, sent him a letter. The fact that "the agreement on the transfer of terrorist Abdel Basset Ali Al Megrahi is ready for signing." And the condition for its entry into force is the conclusion of a contract for the purchase of air defense systems from the UK.

This transaction did not take place. Negotiations went on until the end of 2009, and then London, apparently, plans for Gaddafi changed dramatically. But the fact of negotiations is a proven matter.

Nearly 27 years passed after the Lockerbie tragedy. But there was no clear answer to the key questions of this case.

What made a large number of people - 165 people - hand over their 103 flight tickets at the last moment? And what kind of people! 80 reservations were canceled by percent of the staff members of the US embassy in Moscow.
The whole South African delegation, which was supposed to fly to the United States for the UN to sign agreements on the independence of Namibia, did the same thing. John McCarthy, then the US ambassador to Lebanon, Chris Revell, son of Oliver Revell, executive assistant to the director of the FBI, and Stephen Green, assistant chief of intelligence in the US anti-drug administration, refused to take off on this flight.

Why did the PanAm security service ignore the repeated warnings of a terrorist attack on one of its aircraft with a description of the device, which the Federal Service has been sending out since November 2 aviation US government?

Moreover, the 5 of December, the FAA issued a notice of security measures, which indicated: the US embassy in Helsinki received a phone call with a warning. The caller spoke with an Arabic accent and said that within the next two weeks, a PanAm plane flying from Frankfurt to the USA would be blown up. And 8-9 December, as a result of the raids by Israeli special forces on the Lebanese headquarters of the Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine, captured documents indicating the impending attack on the airliner of the company PanAm at the end of December. What the Israelis immediately reported in the United States and Germany.

A warning about a possible terrorist attack was posted on December 13 on a notice board at the US embassy in Moscow, and then distributed to the entire American community, including journalists and businessmen. Ambassador Assistant Karen Dekker recalled: “The embassy was very worried that everyone would be notified of the threat of a terrorist act, and that people who needed to fly on flights of Western airlines through Frankfurt would change their tickets”.

And - specifically, there is nowhere else - December 18, the criminal police of the Federal Republic of Germany receives secret information about the terrorist attack on the next 2-3 of the day on the 103 flight. This information is transmitted to the US Embassy in Bonn, which reports it to the State Department. That, in turn, sends a warning to other diplomatic missions.

To date, the involvement in the terrorist attack of the Palestinian militant group "Black September" under the leadership of Abu Nidal has been proven. But by this time he had already been recruited by Israeli intelligence "Mossad". "Throw" curators, or they "held the information"?

The explosive device was made by Jordanian Marwan Khreezat, who collaborated with the Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine. But here too the same picture: he worked for West German intelligence.

And finally, a few hours before the explosion, 21 of December 1988 of the year, the German Federal Criminal Police monitoring agent, who monitored the loading of baggage on the 103 flight, noted that the suitcase carrying the “special cargo” of the US Drug Enforcement Administration others, differing in appearance, shape, material and color. But very similar to the one that was specified in the orientations of the FAA. The federal criminal police reported on this to the CIA group in Wiesbaden, which in the instance transmitted information to its leadership and soon replied: “Do not worry about it. Do not stop the load. Skip "...

There are fewer doubts that the explosion over Lockerbie was the result of a showdown by the American special services because of the trade in opium and heroin in Lebanon.
In December 1988, military intelligence agents working in the country expressed a formal protest, exposing the CIA's complicity in the drug business. They decided to get to Washington, where there was a huge scandal, internal investigation and political fights, on flight 103 ...

Lockerbie is a reminder to all of us. Together with the saying “All is not gold that glitters,” its now rephrased version is quite fair: “Not everyone appointed by“ international terrorist No. XXUMX ”is“. The policy of approval by the “international community” of candidates for this role - with subsequent hysteria in the press - often has nothing to do with reality.
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  1. Finches
    Finches 15 October 2015 12: 50
    Behind all the large and high-profile terrorist attacks of our time are the special services of the capitalist states! Do not even go to the grandmother! Mostly Anglo-Saxons and Israelis!
    1. Slobber
      Slobber 15 October 2015 12: 56
      Behind all the large and loud terrorist attacks of our time

      Beslan, Dubrovka, Budennovsk ???
      1. avia1991
        avia1991 15 October 2015 13: 15
        Quote: razgildyay
        Beslan, Dubrovka, Budennovsk ???

        You don’t see the difference, slobber? lol
        In Russia, there was an active struggle against terrorists who were known, and whom BEATED! .. And in this case, the attack was committed for no apparent reason, away from open confrontations. We are talking about this ..
        By the way, considering where the legs of support for Basayev, Khattab and others "grew" from, it is quite possible to assume that the Americans have put their dirty hands to the events you listed. hi
  2. Bourgeois
    Bourgeois 15 October 2015 13: 02
    Terror and terrorists have simply become a very good tool for resolving issues of geopolitics, domestic politics, economics, etc. It seems that this is why all modern terrorist organizations are becoming more and more "media", advertising of their threats on the media is already set at the level of Hollywood special effects.
  3. avia1991
    avia1991 15 October 2015 13: 09
    Ikram Sabirov, THANKS! hi Very interesting and informative excursion! good
  4. voyaka uh
    voyaka uh 15 October 2015 13: 59
    "But by this time he had already been recruited by the Israeli intelligence" MOSSAD "" ////

    By your lips, the author, I would drink honey ... If Mossad could manage to recruit everyone in half ...
    From Wiki:
    "Robert Fisk, citing journalist Patrick Seal, claims that Abu Nidal worked for the Mossad,
    as well as the Iraqi, Libyan and Syrian special services [2]. "

    It worked for everyone right away, it turns out!
    Authoritative evidence, nothing to say laughing .
    1. Basil50
      Basil50 15 October 2015 15: 40
      And what? Such evidence will come down against the Jews, as well as against everyone else. You are * drained *. Preparing for something, maybe soon we will find out?
    2. avia1991
      avia1991 16 October 2015 00: 27
      Quote: voyaka uh
      It worked for everyone right away, it turns out!

      Well? .. What did not suit you? In the history of intelligence, there are enough cases of triple and even "quadruple" agents .. it all depends on the specifics of the work performed by the agent request
  5. APS
    APS 15 October 2015 14: 04
    The most interesting thing is that such details appear when the job is done, there are no more people. As a mockery or as a warning to posterity. Or as a reason for any action that will lead to some other provocation?
  6. Crimson cloud
    Crimson cloud 15 October 2015 15: 10
    Thank you very much to the author, very interesting and detailed!
    It would be even more interesting to delve as deeply into the terrorist attacks in Moscow - in the metro, on Guryanov, on Kashirka and on Dubrovka ... So many people were laid ...
  7. Basil50
    Basil50 15 October 2015 15: 27
    Lockerbie’s lesson is only in one, any person or even a country that deals with the Anglo-Saxons will certainly be betrayed, despite any assurances and state guarantees from the United States or England. It is very convenient to command the front and the PRs will raise such a howl and bark that the problem is solved in the right way. No wonder media empires were created, nominally private, but fulfilling any order of curators. That's how PR modes were created, the most famous PR was Goebels, also created by media magnates from the USA. Well, now supranational piarastic structures are being created to manage countries of not only Europe.
  8. Army soldier2
    Army soldier2 15 October 2015 16: 20
    Allow me to disagree with you, Vasily50. If a state follows US policy, nothing will happen to it, no matter how violent it perpetrates against its citizens or neighbors. Example: Saudi Arabia, Turkey, Qatar, Kosovo, Ukraine and a rather large number of countries. Now, if the state focuses on Russia, it is in danger. Example: Libya, Syria, Venezuela, Serbia. There are also quite a few such countries.
    The key words in the article, in my opinion, are "Immediately after the tragedy, George W. Bush - then still a presidential candidate - said in this regard:" I will never apologize for the United States. I don't care what the facts are. " ...
    By their impudence, unscrupulousness, the Americans themselves drove themselves into a situation where the next president should be more belligerent than the previous one. They won’t understand otherwise.
    Reagan about the evil empire was right. Only as always he lied - the evil empire is the United States. It is they who first create terrorist organizations to combat geostrategic opponents, and then lose control over them. That is why nuclear weapons are spreading slowly around the planet, as it is the only factor in deterring the aggression of North Americans. An example is North Korea.
  9. Riv
    Riv 16 October 2015 06: 36
    Well ... Another example of a deal with the devil is described. The result was predictable.